The Slaughterhouse Studio Sessions…


I’m glad that the Slaughterhouse collective of Royce da’ 5-9, Crooked I, Joe Budden and Joell Ortiz was not just a marketing gimmick. The works that these four artists might create collaboratively could be the best shit we have heard in a long time and I have heard some great shit all year long. I loved 808′s and the Renaissance. Rising Down was my shit as well as the Mixtape About Nothing. D.I.R.T. was, in a word, grimey. There is so much good music all around me when it comes to listening to rap, yet still and all, I want to hear that Slaughterhouse shit.

This is why I made my way to the studio in a blizzarded out NYC. I was offered food and drink by the host, but the real draw was to sit in a session with Joell Ortiz and Joe Budden. When artists are serious with their shit and dedicated to their craft it is a privilege to watch them work. It helps you focus as well. I know Joe Budden is dead serious because he got to the studio early. In the blizzard. A host of other folks came through as well. Statik Selektah dropped off some beats on his way to see the Rakim set at Knitting Factory. There was also a reporter there from some German smut mag posing as a Hip-Hop periodical. Some shit called HHNOISE.

You can’t tell me that German mag isn’t pr0n. Germans are the dudes who created the whole world of 2girls-1cup. Like everything else they do Germans get all serious about their shit.

Do you know how many wack beats that rappers have to listen to? Millions. Possibly billions. Maybe even trillions. Damn, I don’t know how these dudes maintain the motivations to rap after reviewing the soulless bullshit from a thousand wanna-be producers. The best still find a way to deliver that good shit. Joell Ortiz and Joe Budden are two of the best around. They are only half of Slaughterhouse but they are twice as good as any other two rappers holding the microphone right now. The track they laced that night has the title ‘Move On’.

It was an interesting night as I watched these dudes take a blank canvas and paint their very own portraits of their lives. I have a newfound respect for rappers now too. Anyone that can come to the studio and focus themselves to compose lyrics while everyone around them is staring at the pen and pad in their hand is not only a genius but hardbody as well. These are the types of dudes that want the ball in their hands for the forth quarter or the overtime session.

[ll] to any man wanting the ball in his hands.

Here are a few videos from the session…

pt.1 Slaughterhouse Studio Session

pt.2 ‘Joe Budden Real Talk’

pt.3 ‘Move On’

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  • hennycognac

    Slaughterhouse is taking hip hop back!!!…I.S. in the house bitches…

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Slaughterhouse = an example of unity in hip-hop

  • te noh

    Great post Billy. It’s interesting to see how rappers move in the studio. Two things though. It’s Budden, not Buddens. And, now I see why you like Joell Ortiz so much (besides his lyrical awesomeness). You two look like cousins or some shit.

  • Karl

    I like nigger pussy

  • Matt Herbz

    So, I’m confused for real. Billy, is you the mothafucka in the blog header photo, or is you the mothafucka in the video talking about Budden going in on some fucking Frank’s hot sauce? Either way. This was some good shit, I’m a have to cop that Slaughterhouse joint when it comes out.

    –Matt Herbz–

  • DV8

    cant wait for this shit

  • Crocker

    I really respect these cats. They just won’t die. Let that be a lesson to all you johnny come lately’s out here bullshitting. If you buck the trends, in favor of art, it ain’t gonna be a cake walk. Early.

  • midwest_ressurrection

    Good Post Billy, I always like to get a behind the scenes look at real emcees, no homo. I’m a big fan of both Joe and Joell and those Slaughterhouse records are marvelous. Can’t wait to hear more.

  • nation

    >> Two things though. It’s Budden, not Buddens.


    >> So, I’m confused for real. Billy, is you the mothafucka in the blog header photo, or is you the mothafucka in the video talking about Budden going in on some fucking Frank’s hot sauce?


  • Brahsef

    I still don’t know how this slaughterhouse thing will come about. They’re all ill MCs, even though I really only like Royce a lot….but just sticking a bunch of sick MCs together doesn’t seem like it’ll work.

    Groups usually grow up together…think the Wu…Tribe…Outkast…Mobb….they all became famous together and didn’t just lace nasty verse after nasty verse. They actually crafted really good songs.

    I just have a feeling slaughterhouse will be four (still sick) verses over an okay sampled beat. At least, basically that’s what I’ve heard so far. Great for a mixtape style session, but I don’t think it’ll make for a solid, diverse album.

    • Kaos

      ruff riders

  • $ykotic

    Joell making BK proud.


    If BXS is actually the guy in the banner then he’s the hardest ninja alive.

    That dude looks like he’ll leap onto the MTA subway tracks, grab a giant rodent by the stomach and bite that hoe’s head off–right before preaching that trillie Hip-Hop shit.

    “It’s the city where the skinny niggas ride…”

  • amar

    wha’ts with you fools thinking that cracked-out deflated dmx up there is actually billy sunday aka dallas penn (

    bloggers get shitty money, but come on, not THAT shitty. Give the guy some credit.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    At the X spot you should call me Billy X. Sunday, just like I call you Amar.

    Did Superman ever disrespect Batman in front of the Justice League by calling him Bruce?

    My pen name is Billy X. Sunday and that is all to it. Don’t be a shithead.

    You can call me Dallas over at where I do a different grind than this one.

    • amar

      lol will do

      i was merely trying to clear up that you are not a crackhead (or so i assume)

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Te Noh,
    Thank you for correcting my shit

    • te noh

      My bad, BXS. I didn’t get the “Buddens / internets” thing.

      “Did Superman ever disrespect Batman in front of the Justice League by calling him Bruce?”

      Now that’s some hilarious shit right there!

  • Kaos

    I can’t see the video.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    No doubt holmes you is good money.

    Merry hanukwanzmas