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I fucks with Charles Hamilton. Slightly. I fucks with Soulja Boy. Never. Soulja Boy will still be rapping in 2009. Charles Hamilton may not be in the game this time next year. Soulja Boy is bigger than the whole damn game. That is to say he might be the only other rapper other than Jay-Z or ‘Ye Tudda that can fill a stadium of fools. ‘Crank Dat’ is the new millenium ‘Electric Slide’. It will be the song at weddings that gets all the old people up and dancing. What is ironic to me is some old people’s disdain for Soulja Boy. He’s one of us.

Soulja Boy is damn near forty years old. I guarantee you son is thirty. You don’t get that business savvy in your teens because your brain still isn’t even fully developed. Soulja Boy probably tried all other different kinds of rap styles that southern rappers try. The smooth Andre 3K flow didn’t work for him. Neither did the dope boy pitching from the trap character. The lane that was open was the high school dropout. Soulja Boy slipped right in there with no problem.

There’s a long history of entertainers who present themselves as strictly fun loving partygoers. Soulja Boy is no different than say, a Britney Spears, or a Madonna. He makes music that is devoid from thought and strictly focused on making you shake your ass. People need that. Hip-Hop needs that. What is all this talk about lyrics and over-arching concepts? Who cares about that shit anyhoo? Obviously no one. That’s why the Roots albums sit on the shelves in Target ten deep, but when you go to a Roots concert and they cover ‘Crank Dat’ everyone gets hype. I bet you couldn’t name one track from the Roots last album. I know that Soulja Boy can’t. He’s too busy stacking money.

Soulja Boy’s music is recession proof also. I just came back from the ‘A’ and that song ‘Bird Walk’ is killing the radio down there. I don’t know why the NYC programmers aren’t jumping on that shit instead of all this Jadakiss shit they have been spinning lately. Lyrics are so last year. Next year I imagine we will be rocking out to Soulja Boy production on the Blueprint 3. Jay-Z better learn how to dance. Soulja Boy should do Charles Hamilton a solid and throw him a track. And if Charles Hamilton can’t do a dance and make a hit then he will have no one else to blame but himself.

Charles Hamilton’s mixtape release party was cool. There was a lot of young chicks in the party. I looked at these teenagers and I wondered what their mothers were up to. That’s what I think of when I see a sexy little 18 year old. Soulja Boy definitely got the game on smash. I’m not saying that ‘Bird Walk’ will do ‘Crank Dat’ numbers but I’m sure son will be platinum again with no problem. And the scary, scary shit is that Soulja Boy hasn’t even pulled out his ace card. A lot of rappers will have to retire when SB goes in on auto tune.

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  • Curtis75Black

    Dissing or “Blaming” Soulja Boy is either gonna make you look like a bitter old emcee who’s looking for attention or a New Jack who has to step their game up. Be real, if this was 50 around “Get Rich” or Jay-Z anytime, ya’ll would completely agree, and they talk about their “Hustle game” or “Past dealings” constantly. This isn’t the late 80′s or 90′s where you have to put out a diss 5 min diss track, YouTube does it all and it will reach the masses quicker.

    Instead of hating the boy, look at yourself and do something his fans are doing, support your favorite artist and buy their shit because, whomever they are, they’re buying ! Can you say the same ?

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    To CH:
    It’s Official:
    December 9th, 2008, Charles Hamilton,
    aka Sonic the Hedgehog, committed suicide. R.I.P.

    and to SB:
    “Fu6k you Soulja Boy, eat a Di6k!,
    and now Mother-F, you are eighteen.”


    Hamilton is going to take an L on this one. He doesn’t have a hit. Sure, he may care about Hip-Hop and all that cheesy shit, but he’s just not big like that. And that whole “take this Sonic thing dead serious” shit is just comedy.

    In a world of internet rappers and myspace A&Rs, the kid with the biggest ringtone is king.

    Yo BXS, I have no idea what Target you shop at, but I haven’t seen 10 Roots cds on any shelves except used music stores. You can’t even find them shits on display; you have to go to Amazon or something.

    Actually, I have no idea what a record store looks like anymore, so let me stop lying.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    For real, we all know that Soulja Boy is wack, wack and wack. But come on, he’s music is for dance, party, have fun and for sex. Like doing the “superman” or “super soaker” to your girl. That’s great!!! Thanks Soulja Boy!!!

    It’s like the “Macarena”, that shit is wack + wack but hey, we need that type of shit in a party or wedding or whatever.

    But that’s not mean that I support or like Soulja Boy music, but we need that shit!!!

  • Phil

    This blogger and half these fools are just one of a million DEPRESSING mofos who don’t even know what they want.

    Where is the confidence in good music? All you cats just GIVE UP AND GIVE IN TO EVERYTHING. This generation is SO PUSSY. Y’all can’t stand up for shit but money you DON’T EVEN EARN YOURSELVES. Y’all defend ANOTHER MAN–no, BOY’s–CORRUPT way of making money. What do y’all care about anymore? NOTHING, and you wonder why shit is the way it is. What sense does that make? Y’all the real joke.

  • Pierzy

    It’s already started. Go to any wedding (regardless of race) and Soulja Boy is right in the middle between the Chicken Dance, the Hokey Pokey and the Electric Slide.

  • Prince

    I’m sorry but your view on Soulja Boy is horrible and what is wrong with rap today. Sure Hamilton probably shouldn’t of solely blamed him for being looked at as a joke but seriously, this one hit wonder isn’t disliked because he makes money it’s because he sucks. So he went platinum, so what? When Britney Spears went 7x platinum where you in love with her saying “she getting her money fuck you” Sales don’t reflect the quality of an artist because in today’s world ANYONE can have your album for free in a click of a button. I doubt his next album will do close to his first and no I’m not hating I’m using my brain.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    I like Hip-Hop with message, lyrics, good flow, you know, but we need too Hip-Hop for party and dance.
    We know that Soulja Boy is a “mentally retarded person”, but shit we need that type of music:

    Soulja Boy with “Crank Dat”
    VIC with “Get Silly”
    Jim Jones with “Ballin”,
    Lil Wayne with “Lollipop”,
    Dj Unk with “Walk it out”,
    Andre 3000 with “Hey Ya”,
    the new Common “UMC”,
    the new B.O.B. “I’ll Be In The Sky”,
    even Kanye West with “Love Lockdown”,
    we need that shit.

    So please, no more excuses and do your thing for Hip-Hop music.

  • Enlightened


    You sound depressed man. Do you know how much “good music” was released this year – not even talking about underground – but mainstream? Plenty. (Nas, T.I., Ice Cube etc.)

    There are still more niggas on the charts with real lyrics than niggas making dance music. Soulja Boy is the only nigga who’s name we really know making that kind of music. We don’t know who the fuck that “Get Silly” nigga is and all that shit. They don’t sell.

    It’s one style. I’ll guarantee you, when “The Humpty Dance” was out, it was some older niggas who use to listen Grandmaster Caz or somebody sitting back mad as hell talking about “y’all listening to this clown ass shit! This nigga got a fake ass nose on. That nigga wack.”

    But “The Humpty Dance” was the shit. Did Big Daddy Kane get mad? Naw nigga, he just went to the lab and dropped some more RAW shit.

  • Curtis75Black

    I Co-sign homie above. My year with Hip Hop has been good with all the established artists I came up with still rocking the mic and putting out respectable music. I’m also giving alot of love to the Underground heads still on the grind blasting exclusive freestyles and mixtapes (Freeway, Royce, SkyZoo, Killer Mike,Crooked I Joe Budden etc) Niggas got to start to appreciate shit again and stop waiting for the “certain few” to come back like shit’s gonna change, especially if you’re not gonna buy the shit anyway !!

  • dopemayne101

    i’m 20 but i don’t like soulja boy music but i can respect his hustle. rap didn’t start with complex lyrics. rap started out with simple party anthems like rapper’s delight then it evolved into concisious music like the message then it evolved into complex lyricism with rakim. then it evovled into gangsta with the west coast and then it evolved into the shiny suit bling bling era in the late 1990′s- early 2000′s and then came the dopeboy, snap music from the south and now it’s metamorphing into the hipster era where pop meets rap. simply music has evolved so quit hatin on a young black male making millions of dollars. at least he’s being true to himself and not rapping about killing people and selling dope. he just want everybody have a good time even in this state of recession that we’re currently in.

  • Shawty J

    I’m not big on Charles Hamilton, I’ve only heard a few of his records and certain lines stuck out, but for the most part I’m not interested in him. I completely detest Soulja Boy’s rapping, primarily because it almost consist of no actual rapping.

    As someone who’ll never cop or even illegally download one of Soulja Boy’s special ed raps, I gotta say people gotta come with something better than blaming him. Charles Hamilton is on a more eclectic, eccentric style and that doesn’t appeal to the masses, I’d think he already knew that. Creative freedom a lot of the time scares of fans. Charles took a risk an he can’t blame Lil Minstrel because that risk wasn’t worth taking.

    “And the scary, scary shit is that Soulja Boy hasn’t even pulled out his ace card. A lot of rappers will have to retire when SB goes in on auto tune.”

    LOL, Genius!

  • Trigg

    It’s like Chris Rock said, “If the beat’s alright, she will dance all night!” That’s the statement of our times entirely.

    I was reading an article last week about how 13-16 year old girls are responsible for the majority of sales in the entertainment industry. Now I’m finding that it’s true. These girls will go totally out of their way to support and advertise for their favorite artists. Case in point: that crazy Soulja Girl bitch on the subway.

    Guys, on the other hand, don’t actually buy music because it’s cheaper and smarter to download it all. However, guys will tolerate any kind of music so long as some girl’s ass is shaking to it. For instance, I hate Weezy, but that hatred isn’t enough to keep me from grinding with some girl who seems to like it.

    I think teenage girls have finally recognized their power, and now they’re soaking everything with as much estrogen as they can get away with. Movies, television, and now rap.

    However, I’m not afraid of hip-hop dying because this stuff goes in cycles. In about 3 years, being a talentless sellout won’t be cool anymore. That’s when Soulja has to re-invent himself. I don’t think he can. Hatin on the kid is only going to prolong his career though.

    In his defense, an entertainer’s job is to sell out. All the lyrical shit and concepts from 90′s rap was popular back then and the artists knew it. They just didn’t look like sell-outs because that was also part of the cool image back then.

  • these posts are racist

    This was a funny drop…but very accurate.

  • Gooch

    “I don’t know why the NYC programmers aren’t jumping on that shit instead of all this Jadakiss shit they have been spinning lately.”


  • Incilin

    Haha! Good post. Why is it that SB brings the worst out of other rappers, but brings the best out of bloggers?

  • yoprince

    LMAO @ jay-z better learn to dance.. camel hump that hoe, now watch me..

  • Gerod

    lol @ callin soulja boy 40 years old

  • REAL TALK 08

    SB worse rapper of this past decade..hands down!

  • El Tico Loco

    I don’t know much about Charles Hamilton but he was lookin very stupid in his little bitching session he called an interview. He made Sonic sound like the hardest shit ever, like some hard street shit. What’s next someone gonna be talkin about ‘We sippin milk nigga, I’m on that floral arrangement shit nigga’, then he get practically ethered by the worst rapper of the new millenium without a single bar being spit. Corey Gunz is the young uns hope but of course he’s a 2nd generation rapper so he had his pops show him correctly.

  • amar

    i heard soulja boy and lil mama fathered bow wow together back in the 80′s when they were in college

  • DJ Daddy Mack


  • geico lizard

    Billy i hope solja isnt 30 because he sounds dumb as hell. I heard beyonce is 35 but her interviews sound like she is maybe 7 years old. If your blog is right they are pretending to be dumb so they can sound younger. solja boy should have tried the killa mike style because he is the best rapper in the south since Andre 3K retired and is trying to be the next morgan freeman.

  • DV8

    Roots song? Criminal…Rising Down was ill. Dropped the same day as the Carter 3 (which I refuse to listen to) and yet some how Wayne wins lyricist of the year awards when he wasnt the best lyricist to drop a album on his release date.

    I dig Charles Hamilton his music is good better then anything on the radio thats for sure.

    Fuck Soulja Boy….hes one and done, a flash in the pan.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    I can’t even hear you niggas ‘cuz I’m doing the Chicken Noodle Soup

    • tony grand$

      “I’m doin the chicken noodle soup dance!”
      Oh, the Tall Israelis over @ Campbells greasin ur pockets like that Sunday?! Show ‘em what ya got, juice, I am not mad……

      As far as this whole battle of the teen titans, I think I’ve come up with an analogy to kinda sum up the entire situation, from a hip hop heads POV.

      Let’s replace hip hop with paint. Follow my flow, trust me. Now, the mc’s r painters, in a sense. We need two basic kinds of painters in the world. Those that r strictly there for aesthetic purposes, like businesses, homes, any type of building that requires a coat or two for nothing more than basic decorative needs. And that need is only so specific, no matter the structure. Outside of different color schemes, its still a generic routine. Then, we have those painters who r not just painters, but artists. They may chose to paint an individuals house or condo, but its @ their convenience, and though it may be somewhat lucrative for them @ that time, its not their desire. Their heart lies within the limitless boundaries of a canvas (or wall, subway, tshirt back, what have you). The painter follows the specs given to him with little to no imagination, whereas the artists’ only blueprint is manufactured in his mind. As a society, we need both the painter & the artist, because one without the other could not exist. Everything would either be plain, mundane & monotonous, or way out, psychedelic and too complex for the general consensus. One is paint by numbers, the other is berets and smocks. Their purposes are completely different, yet exactly the same. I wouldn’t want Andy Warhol to paint my bathroom, and I also wouldn’t buy a painting from some grizzled old cat wearing filthy overalls and a “Sinclair” cap.

      We all have our preferences for these two dudes, hey, opinions are like yada yada yada, but my point is that we need Soulja Boy to provide us with that “let’s get this party crackin” type of vibe, something our teeny bopper kids can listen to without us as parents worrying that they’re gonna come home from a house party impregnated, just as much as we need Chuck Ham to set a certain tone of innovation for the creative movement of the artform. They both provide the neccessary color schemes to suit whatever our individual needs are as fans (or as haters, whtevr….). I don’t care for either, I’m a lil too old to be Crankin any thing, & I don’t like pink (or any color) lava lamps. Gimme some Nasty Nas circa 1992 & I’m good. But they are both good @ their jobs, respectively.

      This whole “battle” thing just gained both of these niggas a bunch of record sales either way u look @ it.

  • Mark_Man

    What is all this talk about lyrics and over-arching concepts? Who cares about that shit anyhoo? Obviously no one. That’s why the Roots albums sit on the shelves in Target ten deep,- Billy Bill

    LMFAO, straight comedy but so true

  • Crocker

    And don’t forget to check out Soulja Boy as the lovable Man-Tan, in a ode to his 8-Mile rise to top of the game, in the soon to be Spike Lee directed classic, “Bamboozled.”!!!!