Dem Franchize Boyz Gots Money to Burn

We should all be pleased to know that niggorance knows no holiday.

When Dem Franchize Boyz set that stack of $100,000 ablaze they slapped every struggling listener—er, umm—WSHH viewer in the face harder than Letisha at your favorite urban radio station’s Mindless Ghetto Violencefest.

–Even if the money was fake as fuck.

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. These jiblet-eatin, 9XL tee-wearing-ass niggas really had the balls to set 100 large on fire during the first holiday season of an economic depression. How desperate for attention must these niggas be to set fake money on fire for a YouTube audience they not only acknowledge, but pray exists? Regardless whether or not the stacks are real, please be advised that people with actual money don’t do shit like this. Actual rich niggas are giving up luxuries right now.

Those with Aye-rab money are pumping the brakes, so you know these walking birth control advertisements are doin like fo’, five much.

Even if these niggas had finished middle school and possessed the cognitive recognition necessary to understand the statement that one could make by burning money (see: The Dark Knight), I don’t think they’d have the heart to do anything more than set our people back father than Soul Plane did. While I’m pretty sure the shit’s either totally counterfeit or just their GED reader pages with Benjamins rubber-banded to the top, so much more could be said with the time, cameraphone and stizzack.

When I think “recent rap failures likely to be hurting for money” Dem Independently-Owned Subway Franchize Boyz appear toward the top of a long and painful list of names. I can’t be alone here. They might have been doomed from the start for having a member with the term “jizz” in his name. Seeing as how I only knew Parlae as “the Eddy Curry look-alike,” and that it’s been years since the last of their handful of hits have run their course, I’m as surprised as you are to witness these boys engaging in such ass-ignorant behavior.

I do love the toothless nigga talking trying to convince the cameras and passers-by that the money is real. A DJ soundtag would have done the trick, though.

On the way to purchasing the lighter fluid for this stunt, doesn’t Franchize Hanger-On #1 have the sense to stop halfway, call–er, umm–Franchize Manager and try to reason with him? I mean, it’s Hanger-On’s strip club money that’s going to incinerate first.

[Blogger’s Note: I almost called Franchize Hanger-On #1 a “weed carrier” until I realized that DFB is a collective of weed carriers. If they weren’t performing “Lean Wit It” somewhere, Michael Vick probably wouldn’t have tried to sneak his own dro resin onto an airplane himself that one time.]

After watching this utterly pathetic shit a couple times, Tyga almost deserves an apology.

Perhaps the greatest irony of all comes in that they’re keeping warm with the blaze. The fucked up part is that my energy bill really costs that fuckin much.

I mean, that’s why I be bloggin and shit. This is how I keeps the lights on… This and the snap energy I generate.

Questions? Comments? Requests? How much debt did you burn yourself into this holiday season?

P.S.: When these niggas is doin debt consolidation and bad credit auto-loan commercials with Soulja Boy, I won’t feel bad like how I do for Hammer.

P.P.S.: That won’t be until Popeye’s or Bojangles start consolidating debt.

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  • DV8

    dudes be jumping on the oppourtunity to do the dumbest shit on camera. Its almost like a competetion.

    Hey Mex!!! How about a DN (Dumb Nigga) tourney?
    Some of the SDN’s can even be in it.

    And why does Karrine continue to run her mouth like somebody really respects her or her opinion? I liked her better when she had her mouth full.

    • DV8

      speaking of SDN’s have you heard of King Dummy i mean Diddy’s latest bright idea? Giving I-pod’s to the homeless. WTF is that? What the fuck they gonna do with some I-pods? What about a job? or creating somekind of program to help them get they life back together?

      • Ron Mexico

        1. i like it. we’ll take the S off the next tournament!

        2. nah, i was dumbfounded by the diddy christmas blog. that is some serious niggorance right there. i’m gonna check that out tonight. might gotta double up on puff soon.

        • amar

          LOL what a mean present…the homeless are gonna be pissed when they find out they need a computer, an internet connection and itunes to put music on and recharge their ipods

  • Pierzy

    Happy Holla-days Mex!

    I would’ve been more impressed had they put the stacks of ones into a barrel and set that ablaze like the dudes selling (Christmas) trees on the corner do.

    Say it with me now:
    “In my white tee/In my white tee/In my white tee/Oh!/In my white tee”

    • Ron Mexico

      happy holla holla, p!

      i was amazed at how much trouble they had getting that fire going. kinda hilarious.

  • FlapJack

    Somebody brutally beat up and rob these bitches already.. They’re begging for it.

  • tony grand$

    Them dumb ass niggas wooda made a better social statement burnin Christmas trees, or even better, copies of their albums. I know they got an assload sittin around the house…..

    & somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t doin that kinda shit to legal tender illegal in the good ol’ US of A? If so, smh @ Americas Dumbest Criminals.

    • Ron Mexico

      very illegal, tone. but i mean… the song in the background was about chain-snatching. i don’t think they care about the repercussions of their actions… like eviction.

  • Shawty J

    DFB, please, please go away. Your relevance is done, it’s over. Nobody cares at all. You niggas had to do something like burn money to get attention, negative attention.

    Man, I’ve heard of niggas doing stupid stuff with their rent money, but come on. For their sake that money better not really, destroying money is illegal. Which is why I’ve been sweating in my sleep after accidentally tearing that dollar in half, but digress.

    These dudes ain’t making no money off rap, the only thing keeping them going is their individual businesses in the local Atlanta area. I’d wish them well, but since these niggas think burning money makes them look cool, they probably don’t deserve that success either.

    • Ron Mexico


      why burn that waffle house money?

  • booboo james

    why does everyone hate Soul Plane?

    • tony grand$

      I think its for the same reasons they hate “Tales from the Hood”, “Little Man”, & “A Low Down Dirty Shame”.

      Honorable mention:
      “White Chicks”, “Crossover”

      • Ron Mexico

        damn… i love ALDDS and TFTH… never saw little man, but i heard it was kinda funny.

        white chicks had me crackin up. granted i was faded as fuck when i saw it, but still… hilarious. i fucks with the wayans generally.

        crossover is ass.

        • tony grand$

          Ok, if I factor in doedie n seagrams consumption, those were all oscar winners! With the xception of “crossover”.

          Fuck that movie. & “Stomp the yard”.

    • BIGNAT

      nothing is wrong with soul plane it’s so terrible it’s good hahahahah

  • Seattle Slim

    FAIL FAIL FAIL!!! I knew this shit wasn’t real as soon as I saw who the fuck these negroes were… They tried to look like Daddy Warbucks (no Jay-Z) and FAILED.

  • macdatruest

    Yall crazy?! This is nigga baller street economics at it’s finest. Now when these niggas go all the way broke, they got 100,000 worth of Youtube Stunt Money officially vested in Coon Money Stories

    • macdatruest

      and those stories are Priceless hahaha

  • amar

    “After watching this utterly pathetic shit a couple times, Tyga almost deserves an apology.”

    i was actually thinking the same thing. I mean, first mayweather on cribs, then tyga eating omney and now this. How do you top this??

    At this point, you’d prolly have to feed a stack to a japanese kobe cow, then kill the cow, recover the stack from the stomach, encrust it in edible gold, marinate it in crystal, eat it and then light yourself on fire. Now THAT would be some baaaawwwwwwwlin’ type shit.

    • FlapJack

      I’d like to see someone else burning DFB’s money..

      • Ron Mexico

        hahahaa. i believe they’re called “skrippers.”

  • giantstepp

    Stomping out only the epotime of ignorance is your calling Ron, they’ve earned your wrath. If these ignorant coutry ass fools havent deserved it, no one has. Get’em 1 more time Mex, I’ve read you do it many times and know your capibilities. The people demand it!!

    Somebody please get G-Unot Killa to check these niggas. We need him now!

  • Worley

    Weren’t all 4 of them n*ggas livin’ in the same house on some Pretty Ricky type sh*t when they were on Cribs? JD got all their bread and he probably got that house too ’cause you know that sh*t belong to So So Def.

  • $ykotic

    Illegal 2 ways: burning large sums of cash AND possessing counterfeit notes.

    They definitely won the SDN crown for 2k8.

    Besides real cash burns in colors.

  • http://xxl ryan

    so they couldnt give that moeny 2 less fortunate families that jus lost their houses due 2 this recession. if obama presidency fails it will because of ignorant NIGGERS lik them.

  • Matt Herbz

    Man, what a lame ass video. No bitches bumpin ass or titty together, no weed smoking (in progress, anyway), and no mothafucking sense of humor. It would have been a better video if niggaz were tossing stacks into the stove and the zoom out revealed dude’s sitting on the leather couch trying to warm up next to the mothafucka…
    Damn, but Mex, you know what it is about this movie that made me feel good? –That it took them niggaz like 5 minutes to get a flame to them bills. I mean, how long does it take to light what is essentially paper and burn that shit? AND they had the lighter fluid! Check me:

    “Them niggaz is DUMB, yo, and you can tell em HERBZ said it. Herbz, nigga. Marietta. The White House, bitches. The Triple-White Escalade. I gets money, too, niggaz! And this is for all them hatin ass niggaz that think shit is a game out here…”

    *(Pulls out butane lighter; lifts it to face to light a Cohiba Esplendido. Takes a few starter puffs, then pulls a Visa Black Card out of his inside-breast pocket and proceeds to torch it until nothing remains but a crumpled wad of resin sizzling in Herbz’ palm…)

    “Well, uhhh…not quite the same thing…BUT YOU GET THE PICTURE. Fuck y’all.”

    –Matt Herbz–

    • Ron Mexico

      except when you burn your black card they send you another one, no questions asked.

      they burnt a whole lotta waffle house breakfasts for the hood.

      • BIGNAT

        plus letting that card sizzle in your hand equals you fucking up the card and your hand

  • tony grand$

    I can hear the convo now;

    *nextel chirp*

    Any one of them random nigs: wuddup doe?

    BabyMomma: Niggah, yo son needs some diapahs, I maxed out ma EBT cawd, an yo shawty needs some Jawdans, too! Niggah, u need ta gimme sumn!

    AOOTRN: Damn hoe, why’z you alwayz trippin fa, I told yo ass I gun take carra dat nex munf! I’m grindin outcherrr, I’m gun take carra dat lil ol’ niggah, get offa ma bumpa, bitch!

    BM: You alwayz tawk dat, niggah bumpin yo gumz, I seent dat derrr vidya on da intronet! Yall monkay azzez out derrr bunin up papaz, wherrrs mines niggah? You must gotta bitch fucked up!

    AOOTRN: Damn, I shooda neva hit dem skinz raw, tawkin bout sum papaz, hoe I still got dat rash you say you aint knowin nutn bout! Matta fack, dat shit wudnt even reyal, we jus did dat shit bacawz.

    BM: Bacawz yall niggahz broke deez dayz, dats why! Imma tell all deez hoez outcherrr, AND imma tell Pookie daddy yall niggahz bunin up money! Dat niggah do security at da skrip mall! He no all da pohlices! Matta fack niggah, I’m gun put dat shit on ma myspace, and yall niggahz gun look like da dummies yall is!

    *background voices*: Fuck dat hoe! Shut up trick! Ol’ chickenheaded ass heffa!

    AOOTRN: I’ll holla when um done recawdin ma verses for owa next hit single “XXXL tees (hang tuh ma kneez)”. Lata hoe!

    *hangs up. Nextel chirp*

    BM: Yall niggahz aint shit, yall aint got no moneyz! Yall niggahz can’t e’en rap, don’t nobody e’en wear dem big ass tshuts no moe, ol’ dress wearin ass mufuckaz, bunin up fake papaz, wut kinda bustah ass shit iz dat, niggah I’m tellin ery bod-

    *throws phone outta the car window*

    • ron mexico


      i love it. i bet for damn sure that conversation really happened for at least ONE of them niggas in that video.

      more like

      BM: that warn’t no REAL fuckin MONEY, right?


    “While I’m pretty sure the shit’s either totally counterfeit or just their GED reader pages with Benjamins rubber-banded to the top” tham that comment is cold as ice ron and these fools need to fade away back where they came from. when was there last hit back in what 2004 i don’t remember hearing them for more than one summer anyway. i would have rather they dropped some wack ass music video then this stupid shit. burning the rent money for shame dumb niggas did you really think about this. if that money was real you deserve to be slapped by every person in america who makes less than 100,000 dollars a year. I AM FIRST IN LINE WITH A SPIKED GLOVE IGNORANCE DESERVES PUNISHMENT

  • balaramesh

    the cost of living is maaad cheap in atlanta but not that damn cheap.

    these dudes acting like they got paper. they live about 16 deep in four bedroom house (maybe a rental).

    i doubt they getting money like that. besides, i know countless people that make 20k a day, week or month and they will drop to their knees to get a quater off the floor.

    in regards to their song, it is completley cring worthy. i am also going to rescind the comments i made recently about plies and ace hoods music.

    isnt palae the dude that said he was going to end wayne’s career a few months ago for saying that no one could listen to the DFB’s or mim’s song again after he rapped over it?!? anyone, let’s just say he be a bit better off with young buck since g-unit could help him.

  • yung gee