Brooklyn Go Old…

old jay old nas

I waited until my hangover subsided before I came into the X-Spot today. Not that most of y’all don’t mind my drunk ramblings, but today I want to be relatively clear headed as opposed to shit-faced.

I remember when I first came to this site there was a disdain for rappers who were older than 30y.o. Somehow, these older rappers had prevented younger talents from getting their shine. I never believe that shit. If a dude (or a chick) is talented they will get put out regardless. Look how many untalented and mediocre artists get placed on magazine covers. Repeatedly, some might say. It isn’t like the music industry wants to keep putting these old niggas like NaS and Jay-Z on the track, but who else do they have? Charles Hamilton? Asher Roth?

In my opinion you would be better off with an old rapper than some young nigga who never did shit anyhoo. Who would you rather perform open heart surgery on your ass? An older doctor or some nigga still in med school. BTW, if any doctor performed open heart surgery on your ASS that is language for you are getting fucked. There should be an age limit on rappers though. At least for putting out albums all by themselves. I wouldn’t want to hear no elderly dude rhyming about getting the Alzeheimers and other old nigga shit like shitting their pants and taking their teeth out their head.

Jay-Z’s ‘Brooklyn Go Hard’ is exactly the kind of song I expected from ‘Ye Tudda production. Dude is in a synth groove right now. Even before 808s. The question now is where is Timbo? He was on that goth rap synth shit way back. Sonn had his fingernails painted black and the whole nine. I think Missy made him do that. Dre had the synth shit on smash first though. But all Dre did was jack Parliament Funkadelic grooves. Those are some old heads that can rock the fuck out. If you have a chance to see George Clinton perform live you need to take advantage of that.

George Clinton > Roots performing Hip-Hop classics >> rappers using live bands >>> any rap show you will see.

I’m alright with old heads still holding the microphone so long as they don’t suck too bad. NaS keeps his shit funky. Jay-Z doesn’t do too bad either. You know what all this old head shit means don’t you? You can expect at least one more album from LL Cool J.

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  • Izza


  • Mark_Man

    LOL every thing that Jay drops has to be put in a blog or headline or have it’s own page somewhere?

    why i dont see a blog on that new Nas joint were he ripped that shit from start to finished, its called “something foul”

  • El Tico Loco

    The older cats set a standard, no one has met that standard and the one ones that have don’t get half the shine their inferior counterparts get. So if the Joell Ortizes, Joe Buddens, or whoever had half the push Lil Wayne or Plies get they wouldn’t have a problem puttin down the mic, Method Man at 37 is the youngest of the Wu but he puts on show to remember stage divin and shit, I saw Shawty Lo do a show also and the bar was fuller than the front of the stage and it was in Atlanta! Quantity over quality is todays motto sad to say, and it should be the other way around.

  • Curtis75Black

    Our elderstatemen always come with a different perspective you don’t hear from the younger generation. Plus listening to the younger cats is like hearing the same shit you heard 10 to 20 years ago anyway since there’s alot of lyric biting going on. I’d rather hear LL, Big Daddy or Rakim spit some shit I can relate to than getting blasted by some youngin’ raps 24/7 because he’s the new kid on the block.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Mark Man, ou ain’t lying. Something Foul is a banger. The spot I was in last nite got crazy hype when that shit came on.

  • Pierzy

    NaS & Jay are STILL better than every MC out. Yes, every single one of them.

  • Worley

    “I wouldn’t want to hear no elderly dude rhyming about getting the Alzeheimers and other old nigga shit like shitting their pants and taking their teeth out their head.”


  • yoprince

    something foul IS something serious… nas keeps it all the way real nowadays, he don’t give a fuck, dude said something in the song about wanting to be a tapdancer b4 rappin.. THAT’S REAL SHIT! not many of these rappers admit who they really are. all these niggas pretendin to be hard, when they’re all poets, artists, and entertainers… creative guys who like to play with words. nas is that nigga for growing up and being mature enough to admit shit like that.

  • geico lizard

    I saw parliament in nashville and cypress hill opened up for them. I have seen jay z perform twice.

  • DV8

    Nas is the greatest alive. Until someone in mainstream rap comes with some substance I will listen to that mans music as long as hes spittin. Other then that I fucks with the underground. Im one of those “backpacker kids” form the 90′s. Substance, creativity, and lyrics over all this corny mainstream shit all day.

  • Hate Hate and More Hate

    “Those are some old heads that can rock the fuck out. If you have a chance to see George Clinton perform live you need to take advantage of that.

    I’m sorry but if I wanted to see a crackhead perform on stage I’d go to a Flavor Flav/ DMX/ Bobby Brown show

  • JDizzel3000

    Why does anyone care how old you are in rap?? i mean it’s the only genre of music that people clown a nigga for still doing music when you get older…i don’t get it …that nigga Ozzy Osbourne is like what in his 60′s?? still rockin the fuck out and nobody questions it but let a rapper keep spittin past 32 or some shit and the niggas washed up?? just another reason hip hop is whack…

  • amar

    “I waited until my hangover subsided before I came into the X-Spot today”

    hey billy, do u wait for your hangover to subside before you come into the g-spot as well?


    LL releasing another album will be the end of mankind. The return of Satan. The seventh seal or some shit. How many comeback albums do you get that consecutively tank before it’s a wrap? He needs to get his own line of oils and male perfume. Yeah that’s right.

    I’m digging that BK Go Hard jaint though. Although you can def tell that Jay would rather be somewhere getting the dead skin on the bottom of his feet scraped off at the spa than be in the studio. That Nas x Jay x Luda jaint on Luda’s new LP is old man heavy. Even that Q-Tip album is on some mortgage paying Hip-Hop head ish.

    All the good rappers are at least 27, aside from Wayne.

    And that amar comment above me is sus. Just saying.

    • romil

      dude you need to go listen to return of the goat, plus Ill Bomb, yougotta be stupid to think he shouldnt still drop hits. who cares. especially nowadays time is going by faster, and niggas is aging quicker. Like Rakim said, age dont count in the booth especially when my flow stay submerged in tha fountain of youth.

    • amar

      lol i know i know

  • Romil

    thanx 4 this one, because im tired of cats tryna tell older niggaz they need to leave rap alone. thats crazy. Most of us remember the golden era of rap when it was you come out and ya first album better be a classic or its a wrap. I know some cats thats about 30 never got put on, and still want to get in but tha execs are saying youre too old. lol. Put it this way what if they said we dropping everyone over 32. that means. Eminem is gone, luda bout to go, T.I. got 3 more years, Dre wont drop detox. Outkast are gone. 50 cent is gone, Kanye got another year. Nas is through, Jay through. Scarface been through years ago I can go on and on. but rap is not a young mans game, its about skill and quality.if a nigga 75, can rap and make beats then im coping his album

  • NOLA2727

    Its amazing how people knock rappers for being over 30.I know some people feel thats over the hill,but look at rock & roll. Ti was was a music for the youth.Over time it changed.Now you have the Rolling Stones touring and their damn near in their 70′s and gaining some young fans in the process.Why does hip hop have to put in this short window as far as age and career is concern ( 19-30 years old and a 10 year career or shorter)?ITs we’re the only genre of music that shits on our vets after a certain period of time.This day in age,alot of people are mature enough to listen to Nas or a Talib.All the majority of our people wanna do is pop bottles and shit.They dont time to think nor do they have time to form an opinion on anything.We need those guys around.Because this hot garbage they got floating around npw this shit is horrible!Its to much COONING and BUFFOONARY going on.The bullshit aint nessary no more.Bring some of these great Mcs from the underground.Give a cat like Royce the 5’9” another chance.Im from New Orleans and I must say that alot of new southern acts are killing the hip hop game.About a 70% of these cats dont even desever a record deal.Dudes like Outkast,8Ball & MJG, and Scareface worked to hard to earn respect coming from the south to have these new dudes come and mess things up.Tell 30 and beyond keep doing thing fellas!

  • prophecy_projectz

    Hip Hop has been out for a long time now, that you know have artists who can develop and find there own lane and niche as they grow older and rap about subjects that speak to an older audience. Whereas in the past because the game was still developing, it made 10 year vets look old quick.
    But folks like Nas, Jay, Common Ghost and even Snoop and Cube to a lesser exent have found there lane and have secure fanbases that will allow them to rap for however long they choose.
    In the meantime these young cats need to step it up and keep developing and/or find there respective launch pads (labels, net etc) that will allow them to launch there albums. If Lupe can do it so can the rest of the freshmen 10.

  • Curtis75Black

    I feel more so Young fans need to step their game up and do a little research when it comes to our music and stop checkin on the present so much. If you was born in 85 or later, you basically don’t know shit about alot of artists. I mean can you say at age 9, you really understood what Nas was speaking about in Illmatic to call it a classic ? or are you just jumping on the Bandwagon to what older heads are saying ? Hey, I had to do the same thing with GrandMaster Flash, Run-DMC even LL’s Radio which dropped when I was 10. That’s why I still listen to the man today because he has his own lane and still has the same energy in his vocals.
    If you can still rhyme on beat and you sound like an adult, not talking the same shit the younger rappers are spittin’, do your thing, fuck the critics.

  • sb

    kudos to nola 2727 and romil!! you two hit the nail on the head…excellent perspectives…

  • http://google frank james

    i think its a shame that black people today dont have the brains to make rock and roll