old jay old nas

I waited until my hangover subsided before I came into the X-Spot today. Not that most of y'all don't mind my drunk ramblings, but today I want to be relatively clear headed as opposed to shit-faced.

I remember when I first came to this site there was a disdain for rappers who were older than 30y.o. Somehow, these older rappers had prevented younger talents from getting their shine. I never believe that shit. If a dude (or a chick) is talented they will get put out regardless. Look how many untalented and mediocre artists get placed on magazine covers. Repeatedly, some might say. It isn't like the music industry wants to keep putting these old niggas like NaS and Jay-Z on the track, but who else do they have? Charles Hamilton? Asher Roth?

In my opinion you would be better off with an old rapper than some young nigga who never did shit anyhoo. Who would you rather perform open heart surgery on your ass? An older doctor or some nigga still in med school. BTW, if any doctor performed open heart surgery on your ASS that is language for you are getting fucked. There should be an age limit on rappers though. At least for putting out albums all by themselves. I wouldn't want to hear no elderly dude rhyming about getting the Alzeheimers and other old nigga shit like shitting their pants and taking their teeth out their head.

Jay-Z's 'Brooklyn Go Hard' is exactly the kind of song I expected from 'Ye Tudda production. Dude is in a synth groove right now. Even before 808s. The question now is where is Timbo? He was on that goth rap synth shit way back. Sonn had his fingernails painted black and the whole nine. I think Missy made him do that. Dre had the synth shit on smash first though. But all Dre did was jack Parliament Funkadelic grooves. Those are some old heads that can rock the fuck out. If you have a chance to see George Clinton perform live you need to take advantage of that.

George Clinton > Roots performing Hip-Hop classics >> rappers using live bands >>> any rap show you will see.

I'm alright with old heads still holding the microphone so long as they don't suck too bad. NaS keeps his shit funky. Jay-Z doesn't do too bad either. You know what all this old head shit means don't you? You can expect at least one more album from LL Cool J.