Beyonce is Kanye’s Tina Turner

Maybe every week is gonna have to be Kanye week. :(

“Nobody really wants to recognize that Beyonce is a fucking living legend and that she is just as great, if not greater, than the artists that we had in the past…that she’s probably greater than Tina Turner.” -Kanye West in New Zealand, via Bossip

Does Kanye really think this shit or is he just doing his best to keep me busy? Here I am trying to get to this Busta shit and Kanyeezy gotta go and say some more old crazy shit.

Is this a new way to suck up to Jay Hova? I would have thought “Big Brother” earned Ye enough brownie points to last at least into 2010.

I know Kanye’s prouder than Mary, and that one day Beyonce very well may be someone’s Anna Mae–hopefully not Jay’s–but Bee will need a bout 40 more years of hitmaking under her belt to be Tina. At least this time around Mr. West’s parallels are more than “I make music. He make music.”

They’re both black womens with stems, right?

I mean, Beyonce’s cool. I fucks with Beyonce. Even if I don’t like the track I can still usually bring myself to watch the video. Holler if you hear me now. As her very own Ike would say, Bee’s voice set next to Tina’s is a candle in the sun. There’s no comparison there. For her sake we’ll talk overall entertainment value and star status. She’s been doin this for a little while–but she ain’t Anna Mae.

By the same virtue, Kanye ain’t shit yet. He’s done some great work, gotten some awards, but longevity is the lynchpin to the layers of legacy.

That’s alliteration, holmes.

As smart as Kanye thinks he is, how could he not know that the only way to cement oneself in history without longevity is to die? You wanna be Elvis? B.I.G.? Fuckin Ritchie Valens? If you at least want to get a La Bamba without having put in decades of top-notch work, you have got to die tragically or something. Otherwise, you run the risk of falling off and/or pulling a Robert Parrish.

By the way, Stephen Colbert–I’m gonna need you to make that check out to Ron Mexico City. I know you and your peoples be readin that XXL.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Practice Santeria?

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  • tony grand$


    • tony grand$

      Mex, leave the nigga be mayne. He’s obviously reachin for attn bcuz 808 isn’t gettin all the ooh’s & ahh’s he expected. I read today that a cuzn of his is bein investigated in the death of one of her patients or some shit. Go figga, the whole fam is bat shit. Poor guy, & I’m sure it doesn’t help that ur gettin such a kick outta exposin him for the arrogant, douche nozzle he is. I said it once, ill say it again, this oaf just makes shit up to make us talk bout his black ass. Guess its workin, huh?

      As far as Mrs. Carter goes, wow, this guy is more off than the too big yet still too small mohawk gumby taper afro he’s currently sportin. If Beyonce was ugly, I mean Cicely Tyson or Whoopi Goldberg status, niggas wouldn’t be lookin @ her titilatin ass videos, then where would she be. Mos def not with Jigga, bcuz I don’t know anybody who chooses to be with an ugly mufucka, not even another ugly mufucka. Her light is dwindling already, for lack of actual talent, truth be told, so she couldn’t possibly hold a candle to Ms. Turner’s PA, much less her celebrated celebrity.

      That’s alliteration, holmes.
      Once Beyonce becomes the first Beyonce, then she may have a shot @ even being considered the next (fill in the blank). Until then, show me some thigh & the get the hell off of my tv. & Kanye is soundin more & mor like Jim “dirt angel” Jones nowadays. Could it be that they’re the same person, like Janet & Michael Jackson?

  • Detroit P

    In this ADD Internet age, longevity has a different yes for the amount of time they’ve been doing it Beyonce and Jay-Z are living as for beyonce being better than tina…thats hard to judge..different times and different music….people can baely compare rappers today to Tupac and B.I.G. without letting nostalgia get in the

  • Jordan

    I don’t think this claim is that ridiculous. I mean, the Beatles only lasted 7 years or so, and they’re the standard by which popular music is judged. Al Green is considered one of the greatest singers of all time for work he did between 1969 and 1977. Otis Redding and Sam Cooke weren’t alive long enough to have decades-long careers, and I seriously doubt that anyone would care if Kanye had said that either of them was a greater artist than Tina Turner. Personally I’m not a huge fan of either Beyonce or Tina Turner, although they both have their moments, but what Kanye is getting at is a good point: we tend to hold artists of the past on a higher plane than those of the present. You can think Beyonce’s not very good, but that actually is a point worth thinking about.

  • Shawty J

    I can’t believe “The Voice of My Generation” just tried to put Beyonce up there with a legend. But then again Yeezy think he’s a legend. He’s only four albums deep, he’s not there yet, especially considering that he’s genre leap techincally means he’s starting over.

    Kanye should stop doing interviews, we all only want one answer to one question. That question being “When are you gonna shut down your auto-tune and start rapping again?”

    Oh yeah, Mex! Stephen Colbert most certainly bit you a few nights ago. I’m glad you called him out on that!

  • amar

    i’ve actually noticed kanye sucking up to beyonce for a while now

    i have a theory that he’s just planting the seeds so that the night when jay and bey have that terrible breakup, kanye can comfort her and get some of that angry breakup sex. Props to kanye on this one.

  • Stan, And?

    Ye rules because I think he means all the nutty shit he says. he’s like a cartoon.

    All that aside, niggas need to stop tryna front on Bey. please refer to her body of work. She’s dope. Most people can’t see past the fact that she’s sexy to realize that she’s one of the dopest in r&b to do it. She can’t be Tina… yet. thats true. But thats no reason to go in on her.

    And she’s DEFINITELY been doing it longer than Ye. She’s 12 yrs strong in the game.

  • Ace the Asshole

    Kanye’s about two interviews away from a nervous breakdown. Either that, or he’s gonna have a freudian slip in an interview soon, and reveal to us all that he prefers bananas to cream pies. I like cream pie myself, but I don’t have the incessant need to auto-tune my way into the hearts of millions. Also, I’m not a whiny crybaby rapper who fought so hard to gain fame and notoriety, only to assault helpless paparazzis and throw hissy fits at award shows. Nor do I think wearing a suit that’s 2 sizes to small and a mohawk that’s 2 sizes too big is a good look. If you’ve been following his career like I have, this transformation came so abrupt, shit, I’m waiting on the nigga to start talking with a European accent. Its like the hip hop commune is who he lost his virginity to. He tried so hard to get our attention, impressed us so much that we were willing to follow him, even fight with/for him if need be, then he sees how much pleasure he brought to us yet still, pissed in our cereal, spit in our sodas and walked away talkin on his cell phone while we lay there choking on our tears. Speaking as a professional Asshole, this dirtbag sets off my A-dar.
    Thanks you fucking jerk.

  • Pierzy

    What up Mexx…

    Maybe Kanye loves seeing his name in this blog every three days so he keeps saying wild shit. Anyway, this is my problem with our society in general – someone with 2 albums or 5 years of experience compares himself to someone with 20 albums and 40 years of experience. Let’s get some perspective…

  • Curtis75Black

    Beyonce knows she isn’t touching Tina’s stature. Kanye knows this also. Right now he’s just talking out of his ass. Maybe if Jay-Z starts whippin’ her ass and she still holds it down, in 10 or so years she can become the 2nd version, other than that she’s nothing but a Daughter of a manager and stylist who pushed her to the front of a group that had almost as many member changes as the Temptations (not even close I know but you get the point) just to keep her light shining.

  • Matt Herbz

    This is about as flippant a statement as T-Pain saying he throws hooks better than Nate Dogg. Never, my nigga…never that. 10 times out of 10, I will always pick Nate Dogg to hit up my chorus. Word up… Beyonce might have talent, she might not. I mean, does she write her own songs? Does she even have a say in what the music sounds like? Does she even pick her own outfits, or isn’t that her mother’s job? I’m not hating on her because sho nuff I’d pay about a 1/4 of my net worth to get some of that caramel chewy. And it’d be a fuckin match made in Heaven too–meaning, I’d take that bitch up in my Concorde supersonic and bounce her on my dick in the upper atmosphere. I’m still checking ol girl to see if she’s gonna get real thick like Tyra one of these days. That’ll be some shit right there.

    –Matt Herbz–

  • Enlightened

    Here is some food for thought-
    and I’m not trying to defend Kanye because I don’t like that gay ass dude and he get on my nerves and that shit he said was crazy but-

    Do you notice how short all of the “golden era” MCs that we love and are supposedly legendary careers really were?

    LL came out in 86-87 and all those niggas came out after him.
    Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, KRS-One, Slick Rick, EPMD and everybody else from that era.

    Those niggas came around ’88 and all them niggas was completely over with by ’92. Some of ‘em hung around and still dropped an album or two but THE CHRONIC bust everybody head and redefined what rap was supposed to sound like. Anything after that – that wasn’t sounding like G-Funk wasn’t getting no love.

    Think about it – all them niggas careers was really 3 or 4 years long.

    • El Tico Loco

      You got a point there as far as longevity. Is the MUSIC not the artist that determines your longevity, if you dropped something that stood out on your first go round and it was ahead of its time but no one realized it until years later (think 36 chambers)that’s what makes u a legend. Most of us weren’t born during Bob Marley’s prime but you still smoke to Bob even use him as punchline or metaphor if rhyme about weed. From 02 to now, no one at all has dropped an album or single that you will be able to play for your kids because the artists have become the followers. And what’s worse the next generation’s music is going to be considered garbage in our eyes, we started early with that.


    Primo, longevity is a major factor when talking about Tina’s legacy.
    Secundo, I don’t think people really give Bee – that’s aphaeresis, holmes – all the credits she deserve. Lest we forget, Tina was the first person in the room giving her a long standing ovation during that tribute concert. The only thing she’s lacking to be the next Tina is the longevity…..and the wife-beating-musical-genius-husband, maybe….


    As far as modern female artists, Beyonce is among the top of her class. Hell, she’s one of the greatest female R&B artists ever, but she’s an anthill compared to Tina’s mountain. Her swag is the daughter of Tina’s swag, much like Michael Jackson’s was admittedly based off of James Brown (whose swag was admittedly based off of Little Richard’s — one of his own contempararies…) She would have to compile more work to be compared fairly with Tina. Give her about ten more years [when she starts getting fat like her mom *LOL*]

    Just a thought, but wouldn’t it be funny if eventually, Solange ended up being the sexier and more revered artist of the Knowles sisters? Looks to me like that’s whass starting to happen….


    hell yeah tina been performing for decades her old ass is still putting in a 3 hour show. that includes dancing and singing maybe if jay puts his shoe on beyonce. she could change her songs up and maybe become a legend hahahahaha. get her own movie titled he cared more about the roc

  • Smel

    Since when do people not realize that Beyonce’s a living legend???

    Everybody realizes Beyonce’s greatness! Really. WTF is Ye talkin about???