Maybe every week is gonna have to be Kanye week. :(

“Nobody really wants to recognize that Beyonce is a fucking living legend and that she is just as great, if not greater, than the artists that we had in the past…that she’s probably greater than Tina Turner.” -Kanye West in New Zealand, via Bossip

Does Kanye really think this shit or is he just doing his best to keep me busy? Here I am trying to get to this Busta shit and Kanyeezy gotta go and say some more old crazy shit.

Is this a new way to suck up to Jay Hova? I would have thought "Big Brother" earned Ye enough brownie points to last at least into 2010.

I know Kanye's prouder than Mary, and that one day Beyonce very well may be someone's Anna Mae--hopefully not Jay's--but Bee will need a bout 40 more years of hitmaking under her belt to be Tina. At least this time around Mr. West's parallels are more than "I make music. He make music."

They're both black womens with stems, right?

I mean, Beyonce's cool. I fucks with Beyonce. Even if I don't like the track I can still usually bring myself to watch the video. Holler if you hear me now. As her very own Ike would say, Bee's voice set next to Tina's is a candle in the sun. There's no comparison there. For her sake we'll talk overall entertainment value and star status. She's been doin this for a little while--but she ain't Anna Mae.

By the same virtue, Kanye ain't shit yet. He's done some great work, gotten some awards, but longevity is the lynchpin to the layers of legacy.

That's alliteration, holmes.

As smart as Kanye thinks he is, how could he not know that the only way to cement oneself in history without longevity is to die? You wanna be Elvis? B.I.G.? Fuckin Ritchie Valens? If you at least want to get a La Bamba without having put in decades of top-notch work, you have got to die tragically or something. Otherwise, you run the risk of falling off and/or pulling a Robert Parrish.

By the way, Stephen Colbert--I'm gonna need you to make that check out to Ron Mexico City. I know you and your peoples be readin that XXL.

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