A Kinder, Gentler Marshall Mathers…


Eminem says that his new album will find him in a gayer mood than his previous CD’s. He didn’t say gay, but he did say happy which was always a synonym for gay which also could mean that Eminem is going ghey. Will a gay, er, happy Eminem be as compelling to listen to as the ex’d up, angry with his ex Slim Shady? Why won’t some fans allow artists to grow and evolve? Is it because some artists are so successful and relevant in that style we are familiar with that we the fans are scared of change?


So the idea of an artist becoming someone new scares us to death. I have to admit that I haven’t fucked with Mary J. Blige ever since she got off the crack. That was the real Mary that I fuxed with. This happily married Mary is boring as shit. She has resorted to making up words like ‘holleration’ and ‘dancery’ just to keep people’s minds off the fact that she doesn’t keep an 8-ball stashed in her Pro-Keds anymore.

Dallas Austin does though. He better not got to Dubai again with these shoes on. If he gets nabbed with drugs instead of having the book thrown at him it will be his shoes being tossed.

But getting back to Eminem who is finishing up Relapse…

I’m not gonna say that I want Eminem to keep taking LSD or whatever shit he was on for most of his career I just want him to maybe drink a little. To channel his angry alcoholic uncle who didn’t care for Black people too tough or anybody for that matter. Just his booze. That is the Eminem I want to jump back on the scene. Fuck this bullshit coming to peace with the death of Proof and the fact his ex-broad is a cocaine sieve. Fuck all this shit where people get perspective and maturity and a sense of community.

I just want sick beats and sicker rhymes. I want rhymes so sick that I have to wear surgical gloves to download the song onto my laptop. I want rhymes so sick that I can only hear them inside of a fucking hospital. I don’t like going to hospitals though so give those sick ass rhymes some Benadryl and send those fuckers home. If this guy Eminem thinks he can just grow up and leave behind the good ol’ Slim Shady I am not gonna let that happen.

If we start allowing artists to live like real people who have brains and opinions that change and develop we will lose this Hip-Hop shit to the Black people.

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  • babel

    nice crack infused post sunday. you the worst poster on this shiz. get a real job.

    • ryan garland

      if you homos would get off their jock and just listen to the music and what they say instead of always being a fucking critic. Em is dope no matter what any of you nobodies have to say. Em is on another level.

  • louie mo

    yo billy i kinda of agree with ya on this …….. if this cat ain’t spittin that ol slim shady type of shit…….. i ain’t even tryin to hear this album

    • BIGNAT

      yup i only both his first 2 albums the rest i didn’t even bother buying. also that shit billy said about mary had me dying.

  • louie mo

    by way ……….. FIRST and SECOND MUTHAFUCKAS………….. i always wanted to do that

  • john

    stop trying to be bol. its not a good look.

  • Lester Diamond

    Em has kinda lost his edge. It’s been downhill ever since that 3rd album.

    • jesus

      you mean since his 4th,because the eminem show was the shit

  • http://hiphoponmymind.blogspot.com/ DJ Daddy Mack


  • http://dronkmunk.com dmonk

    Someone at this site needs to spring for a fucking editor. Srsly.


    i feel u bruh… but about dem D. Austin kicks w/ da stash 4 yo nickel bag & condom. dat shit is pretty thoughtful, i want da first pair… although they dont look too hot style wise i’ll fux wit em. i’m tired of gettin my shit snatched by security n deez clubs

  • Matt Herbz

    I feel you Billy. No homo. My favorite Eminem shit was the crazy stuff. Encore was a flop, I’m sorry. The first (and only) time I played the album through its entirety, I was stuck thinking, “Is this dude for real?” That shit was a straight gimmick and the repititious jokes about Christopher Reeves? What the fuck was that? Anyway, I hope Em drops a bomb on niggaz. Some sick shit like ya moms ain’t safe up on the streets…make your enemies load the CD in the Jeep type shit… I know what you mean.

    –Matt Herbz–

    • amar

      em was making christopher reeves jokes even back when he as on the ex, on the slim shady lp. Those were good times man.

      anyway i think em should start with the ex again, kidnap dre and sell him to the mexicans (so that their leader ron can finally get that Negro Please rap album out)

    • Rex Banner

      Gimmicks? It was the same format as his others. So you think marshall mathers lp where he kept talking about faggots and shit wasnt a gimmick? Everybody hates on encore, you guys are retarded. He had his silly songs like the other albums, songs about his daughter like the other one and serious ones. Encore isnt his best but its still good.

  • Worley

    Rappers need to start understanding themselves as a “brand” or a commodity, etc. You can’t just switch sh*t up and expect everybody to be like yea that’s cool. For instance, LVMH stands for Louis Vutton, Moet and Hennessy. You don’t see Hennessy handbags or Hennessy champagne. There is one image for each product and that’s it. The new “happy” Eminem is not a good look.

  • Og Bobby J

    Not allowing or standing for groth and evolution of an artist…coming from the same mouth loaded with Kanye’s dick.

    Billy, your bitchmade….

    I dont care if Em’s shit is different, but it needs to be fire…bottomline.

    Go throw on some glittler gloves and beat off to robocop.

    • amar

      lol best comment ever.

    • tony grand$

      That was sarcasm….

    • FlapJack

      “Go throw on some glittler gloves and beat off to robocop”

      You know you aint shit for that one!

  • Kaos

    Hell yea

    hold him down, I’ll force feed him x and acid.

  • John Galt

    I think most of you missed the irony being utilized here. Just saying is all.

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/djremike DJ ReMike

    i’d welcome a change from em. his flow&devilery&lyricalness wont change, the subject matter will….i dont think he can go pop, but yeah i think he could make a happier album and make it work…

    hit up http://www.reverbnation.com/djremike to hear the hottest remixes, mashups and blends. including remixes of termanology’s watch how it go down, common’s universal mind control, swagga like us, drop it like its hot, + many more

  • PH

    this will be a great test of Em’s skills, the reason hee never got that GOAT respect is because of the boy band disses and angry mother stuff. But he is one of the few rappers who can create an actual “song”. He can stay on topic and be lyrical so I hope for the best.

    But this reminds me after 9/11 and a few rappers were invited to tribute concerts and their sets were VERY weak. Because the subject matter of their songs didn;t fit.How many times can you play “TROY”? But Em is talented enough and maybe the MOST talented to have a truly diverse library of music.

    Think about it: what rap song (and rap artist) could you play at a funeral, fund raiser, democratic convention or a presidential inaugeration?

  • El Tico Loco

    If Em is gonna be different for an album named ‘Relapse’ he must not know what that word means, and before these news I was looking forward to this album.

  • geico lizard

    Eminem is already gay. When i heard him on that song using the n-word and calling black women goldiggers i havent listened to any more of his music so fuck him and any black artist that works with him.

    • Simple like ABC, 123

      Eminem is a ni66a with white skin, like Brother Ali, Asher Roth, Atmosphere, Paul Wall, Bubba Sparks, ect.

      • FlapJack

        You’re both retarded

        Geico – who gives a shit
        Simple – what an incredibly ignorant thing to say

  • master cheef

    encore sucked cause he had already gotten clean. But, it is not the booze, e, or acid that he needs. Oh yes, it is the dro. him and dre need to fire up some of that sticky icky before each studio session. all rappers are better when they’re blazed out they mind.

    *fires up a blunt filled with purp*

    hey, hey, hey, smoke weed everyday

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    OG Bobby J you effin’ homo. You said “needs to be fire bottom”

    Ha. You got the fire bottom you fag.

  • Around and Around

    Who gives a shit about growth/change unless you’re a bootleg obama? I agree with OG Bobby J (No Homo) as long as it’s on point, that’s all that matters.

  • Natalie

    Yo i definitky agree, why do rappers always say they changing they style or “this albums got a whole new sound to it” i mean what tha fuck you sold a million albums with your old syle and you wanna change now What for? we like you the way you were. n im not just talking em im talking alot of these rappers,but in saying that i guess they have to switch it up a bit otherwise they start sounding the same on there songs BUT then again look at cube and Pac (rip) they never switched they flow and cube is still tha shit there will never be another ice cube the qualitys just not there anymore what happened to the way rap used to be. .im sick of hearin bout rappers having this car and fucking that bitch weNEED to bring back tha real rap not dis fake ass shit they tyna pass of for rap fo real