Eminem says that his new album will find him in a gayer mood than his previous CD's. He didn't say gay, but he did say happy which was always a synonym for gay which also could mean that Eminem is going ghey. Will a gay, er, happy Eminem be as compelling to listen to as the ex'd up, angry with his ex Slim Shady? Why won't some fans allow artists to grow and evolve? Is it because some artists are so successful and relevant in that style we are familiar with that we the fans are scared of change?


So the idea of an artist becoming someone new scares us to death. I have to admit that I haven't fucked with Mary J. Blige ever since she got off the crack. That was the real Mary that I fuxed with. This happily married Mary is boring as shit. She has resorted to making up words like 'holleration' and 'dancery' just to keep people's minds off the fact that she doesn't keep an 8-ball stashed in her Pro-Keds anymore.

Dallas Austin does though. He better not got to Dubai again with these shoes on. If he gets nabbed with drugs instead of having the book thrown at him it will be his shoes being tossed.

But getting back to Eminem who is finishing up Relapse...

I'm not gonna say that I want Eminem to keep taking LSD or whatever shit he was on for most of his career I just want him to maybe drink a little. To channel his angry alcoholic uncle who didn't care for Black people too tough or anybody for that matter. Just his booze. That is the Eminem I want to jump back on the scene. Fuck this bullshit coming to peace with the death of Proof and the fact his ex-broad is a cocaine sieve. Fuck all this shit where people get perspective and maturity and a sense of community.

I just want sick beats and sicker rhymes. I want rhymes so sick that I have to wear surgical gloves to download the song onto my laptop. I want rhymes so sick that I can only hear them inside of a fucking hospital. I don't like going to hospitals though so give those sick ass rhymes some Benadryl and send those fuckers home. If this guy Eminem thinks he can just grow up and leave behind the good ol' Slim Shady I am not gonna let that happen.

If we start allowing artists to live like real people who have brains and opinions that change and develop we will lose this Hip-Hop shit to the Black people.