Yes there is anti-Obama hip-hop

You know the social pressure to pretend as if you give a shit about Barack Obama is intense when even the mighty dead prez is being relatively mum about their political views.

They once did a song about how it’s alright to rob a white pizza guy, if you’re broke and you’ve got the munchies, but they’re not gonna go so far as to try to persuade someone not to vote for Barack Obama, if that’s what they wanna do.

I’d say their new song, “PolitricKKKs,” is definitely an anti-Obama song, in that they call him a sell-out, and suggest that it would be pointless to vote for Obama on the grounds that he’d be the first black president, since there already was a black president – that guy John Hanson, who was one of the few presidents before the US was officially a country, before George Washington. Though I know there’s a debate as to whether or not that’s really true. At any rate, you get the idea that “PolitricKKKs” wouldn’t have popped up on the Internets a week or so ago if it wasn’t for the election. The new dead prez album isn’t set to hit the streets until some time next year.

Still, if they’re gonna go all the way there with it, why not actually discourage people from voting for Barack Obama, or even offer an alternative? I mean, if they see the guy as being such a sell-out. It’s not like he’s the only liberal candidate in this election. On “PolitricKKKs,” raps, “I don’t want to discourage my folk. I believe in hope. I just want us to want more.” I don’t get it. Is it because they don’t want to be viewed as the rap group that tried to cockblock Obama?

Maybe it’s because they just don’t see there being much of an alternative. I’m pretty sure I saw M-1 in a video supporting Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente, around the time it was announced that McKinney had selected Clemente as her VP. But in “PolitricKKKs,” M-1 gives the two of them what I’d say amounts to a vote of no confidence. “McKinney, Clemente off in the Green Party. No disrespect, we need a red, black and green party.”

And who can blame him? Cynthia McKinney probably played herself in getting down with the Green Party. You don’t even see her name mentioned when they announce the results of national polls on TV, but something tells me that she probably could have gotten just as many votes on her own, running as an independent. The Green Party, for whatever reason (probably because they smoke too much weed) is just useless in national elections. I stay watching cable news, and I haven’t seen Cynthia McKinney on TV at all this year. Ralph Nader, meanwhile, stays on TV.

This group Rebel Diaz come off as similarly ambivalent in their song, “An Open Letter to Barack Obama from Rebel Diaz,” or whatever it’s called, an hilarious reworking of Eminem’s “Stan.” You get the idea that Rebel Diaz is on board with Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente, since the two of them are name-checked at the very beginning of the record. But later on it’s, “This is just a criticism, and I hope that you make it. Because if you don’t, we’re one heartbeat away from Sarah Palin.” With mixed messages like that, I wonder how many people they’re really gonna bend to their point of view.

The strongest part of the record, I thought, was the last verse, where they got specific re: their beef with Obama: “Mr. Barack, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama. Mr. corporate sell-out to the imperialist dollar. What about Sean Bell? What did you say after the verdict? I know it had to touch you that a black man was murdered.” [...] “What about the situation with the peeps in Palestine? You support Israel. They are not a friend of mine.” [...] “You had three different chances to address the bailout, but what I wanted to hear never came out your mouth.”

Finally, it’s too bad Rage Against the Machine haven’t been as active in this election as they were in, say, the 2000 election, when they were instrumental in aiding in the forming of my own views re: politics. It’s too bad kids today don’t have the same opportunity I had. I’m assuming Rage has been stymied by the fact that they’re hardly a real band anymore. They probably can’t get along well enough to do anything other than get that paper out on the ’90s nostalgia circuit.

I’ve seen them twice now in the last couple of years, and both times it was nucking futs. It’s obvious there’s an entire generation of kids waiting to hear something, anything from them since they broke up back in 2000, and everything that was once worthwhile seemed to fall to shit in pretty short order. At this year’s Lollapalooza, in particular, they kept having to stop the show just to get people to settle the fuck down. I kept waiting for them to address this year’s presidential election. When they finally did, it was something along the lines of, “If Obama wins this thing, and he doesn’t end the Iraq War, we’re gonna have to set the White House on fire.” The fuck?

Zach de la Rocha always did strike me as a little bit crazy. I’m pretty sure he was the main reason the group broke up in the first place. Later on, I read an interview Jeff Chang did with Tom Morello. Check Morello’s response to the question of whether or not he’s planning to endorse Obama.

No. I think that in my music and in my politics, I’d like to keep them completely uncompromised. If there’s a candidate that I see eye to eye with up and down the line, then I’ll endorse that candidate. With his saber rattling about Iran, with his determination to continue an imperialist war in Afghanistan, there’s a lot that’s iffy about that, but he’s certainly better than McCain. I’m not going to give either one of them a chance to breathe when they’re in office. It’s important to continue to put the pedal down when either one of them is in office.

Sweet, a guy who’s actually not willing to compromise. Is it any wonder he’s viewed as more of a rock artist than a hip-hop artist?

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  • Hey

    Damn dead prez, you’re so abstract. Give yourself a big pat on the back for always going against the grain.

    Anyways . . .



    • og bobby j



  • Marcus

    Have you ever at any point in your blogs said anything positive or anything that is benificiary to the reader or do you just say whatever ignorant hateful thing that pops in your mind because you have achieved nothing in your life?

  • amar

    shit ratm broke up 8 years ago? seems like only a short while back…i’m getting old…but i think they were ALL crazy. Remember when that one guitarist climbed that thing at the mtv vmas awards as some sorta retarded protest?

    but yeah “testify” beats out jeezy’s “my president” any day…but it’s cool to see all these new voters turning out partially because of hip hop’s influence. RATM never really got many young people to say “bush sucks”, whereas hip hop is really relentlessly pushing the message that obama pwns. The music is worse, but the movement is bigger.

  • capcobra

    the only reason i voted for obama is because he’s black….now whenever we get the next black presidential nominee then i’ll worry about his policies/affiliations/religion/opinions and all that kinda shit….til then….i’m riding with barack cause he black….any black person going against him is tripping…and to the white people that voted for him…THANK YOU..SINCERELY….and if any of y’all see soulja boy tell ‘em….PLEASE SMACK THE SHIT OUTTA HIM!!!…ASAP…thank you…”THIS PSA IS COURTESY OF KINGCAPCOBRA”…AND YES I APPROVED THIS MESSAGE…lol….gone

    • og bobby j

      your the epitomy of whats wrong with life….you should have been shot in a tube sock

      • capcobra

        and dumped in your mother mouth…but luckily i wasn’t….lmao

        • capcobra


  • Danny

    well you know how I give a fuck about dead prez’s opinion bol…

  • mr.martin

    man i used to be a HUGE dead prez fan. Their first two albums are classic, but they revealed themselves to be posers. what did obama do to be a sellout. He only excelled, make that mastered, the field that he chose. he didn’t sell nobody crack and didn’t rap about it. Did you go at MJ for excelling at bball and kids gettin killed for his kicks. Did you go at russell simmons for his diamond trade nonsense. You make songs with jay-z who spent a decade making selling drugs the shit. These dudes are cowards. Why not beef with your fellow rappers who sell ignorance to the black community. No you rather create a fake conscious/gangbanger hybrid to sell your music as revolutionary but gangsta (oxymoron) when your shows are filled with white boys. These dudes don’t live on black upliftment but on the premise that the black man is being kept down. the fact obama may be the first black president will mean that a lot of you sorry fucks will need a new excuse. There are plenty of concrete ways we are being kept down but that abstract shit over beats won’t fly since we got a chi-town brown in the white house. They’re whole schtick is to go against the grain no matter what the grain is and that’s the problem with people who talk revolution. Once they reach the goal, they continue the revolution even when they need to stabilize and fuck everything up. fuck dead prez. real black people stand up, fuck these incense selling lip professin phonies. when the truth come we see who’s who

    • BIGNAT

      tham homie you just took us to church on that one

    • shone jones

      @mr martin

      I’ve been saying this about dead prez for years.

      I’m glad that I’m not the only one who sees them as bookstore revolutionaries.

    • Michelle S.

      Check && mate. Thank you very much.

      >>These dudes don’t live on black upliftment but on the premise that the black man is being kept down.

      That, my friend, is just somebody who needs an excuse for their fuck-ups in life and feels the need to blame somebody or SOMETHING for everything that’s gone wrong. Ignorant? Yes. Revolutionary? Ah…nah.

      And the only people who’ll really be mad at Obama and trying to “pull his card” are the ones expecting a hand-out just b/c we got him in the White House. Either way, he’s gonna piss off a lot of people. If he tries to work with Republicans, Democrats will get mad; if he works with Democrats, Republicans will go, “See!? Told you!” If he doesn’t give the lazy bastards hand-outs, they’ll get mad. If he tries to help people who need it, people willget upset and say he’s “spreading the wealth” (bullshit).

      God, people, shut up. Get it together.

      And for those of you who got by pulling the race card all your life- gotta get a new one now! It’s no longer “it’s ’cause I’m black!” bullshit.

      At least it’s not McCain, I say.

  • mr.martin

    sorry for the long text but i hate these fake wolf in sheep’s clothing jeremiah wright ass niggaz. why don’t you make a song about mccain.


    i read alot of articles on Cynthia McKinney to me it’s basically saying she is full of bullshit. that she is hard to get a hold of and her future plans she holds to herself and doesn’t tell little to anyone else. even the people who work with her so how can you work with someone. where most of the time you don’t even know where they are.
    ralph nader i like him i wanted to vote for him this election but there was no way in hell he was going win. i went with osama i mean obama instead fuck mccain let his old ass try to stay around 4 more years to try again. he will only be 76 mwhahahhahaha grandpa might be in a rascal by then.


    You See Obama just won.

  • blackcaesar

    Actually, your post has several misnomers. For instance you are confusing two John Hansons. The first was a black politician instrumental in the creation of the African nation of Liberia. If you do not know the history of Liberia look it up. Second, was the President of the Continental Congress who was not actually considered president of all of the colonies as a whole. He was also a white man. Also RATM performed last year @ Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, and this year @ both the republican and democrat national conventions. That is why I choose to read stories by journalists as opposed to blogs written by novices. Good post just bad info. Peace.

  • Worley

    Bol, your post on the “suicide” went missing. You must have offended the TIs. Kudos. You are back on top of your game.

    As for Obama: we know one man will not change everything not just because he is one man but because there have always been renegade forces in the US government. They instigated the Civil War, created the Iran-Contra affair and cooked up that jive about WMDs in Iraq. White worked diligently to make things so f*cked the f*ck up and it will take twice as much effort to set things straight. So let’s celebrate what is hopefully a step in the right direction.

    Obama ’08. Take that, take that, take that.

  • Rob The Music Ed

    Dope piece Bol.
    Gives us a lot to think about. Ok Barack won, that’s wassup, we’ve made history.
    Now what? There is a ton of work to do. This shit is just the beginning.
    We gotta strive to be better ya’ll!

  • geico lizard

    i voted for obama and im glad he won. mckinney has those crazy eyes i bet she is good in bed.

  • Valdez

    I’m pretty sure I will get flamed for saying this, but who the fuck cares cause it’s true and real…

    1st off, knowing pretty much how the illuminati works, this really seems like a calculated, strategic move for them to allow Obama to be president. Obama was the clear choice between him and McCain, obviously, BUT…

    Look at the reaction in the black community and even in some white communities. People are full of so much hope now & I honestly believe this is a false hope and a set up for MAJOR dissapointment. Just as stated above, there and many critical topics left unaddressed by Obama.

    Also, I want to make sure that u ppl understand that there is little to no difference between republicans and democrats. They are simply 2 factions of THE SAME ENTITY!! Don’t think for one second that these ppl are not all frineds behind closed doors because they most certainly are. They are only minor surface differences as far as policies and other things, but there is NO REAL DIFFERENCE. At the end of the day, republicans and democrats are all working for the same ppl, for the SAME AGENDA. Tha agenda is called the New World Order. We are given the illusion that they are difference to create the illusion of choice, but the truth is that we don’t have a choice, PERIOD.

    The establishment creates problems, then offers the solutions, all of which are for their benifit and push towards their ultimate agenda. What do u think the EU, African Union, N. American Union and Asian Union are for?? Also, our constitution is already all but suspended. I often find myself wondering if ppl are really oblivious to these things or do we just not wanna deal with the dire reality of the situation.

    Also, on a side note, Obama is technically not black. U have to understand that we are the seeds of OUR FATHERS. If your mother is black and your father is white then u are WHITE, regardless of the actual color of your skin. The seed determines what the offspring will be, not the egg. Take a plant, for instance… The soil does not determine what kind of plant will grow, but the seed that is planted determines that . The earth is obviously instrumental, but we are the seeds of out fathers, ppl.

    Also, ppl must understand that u abolutely CANNOT even be in the position to become US president without showing your loyalty to the establishment far, far in advance. From my research, I discovered that Obama was recruited by the Skull & Bones (the illuminati) about 25 years ago at Columbia University by a man named Zbigniew Brzezinski (google that name). Brzezinski was a high ranking Russian member of the Skull & Bones and the illuminati.

    There is much more, but i’ll stop there for now to get reactions…

    • Smel

      You’re not getting “flamed” over here. It’s been obvious from the start that O was the anointed one.

      But what’s the alternative? Ain’t like we can infiltrate the illuminati and turn sh*t around….

      So yeah, I agree with you, minus the part about him not being black.
      I think your “Father’s seed” theory is bogus, but even if I was to follow that logic -his Father is African and Mom white so…….

  • Michelle S.

    >>Also, on a side note, Obama is technically not black. U have to understand that we are the seeds of OUR FATHERS. If your mother is black and your father is white then u are WHITE, regardless of the actual color of your skin. The seed determines what the offspring will be, not the egg. Take a plant, for instance… The soil does not determine what kind of plant will grow, but the seed that is planted determines that . The earth is obviously instrumental, but we are the seeds of out fathers, ppl.

    May I ask– What degrees do you have?

    I can’t say anything, but: please STFU. Jesus.

    • Michelle S.

      BTW (by the way), did you know that 75% of African-Americans are of mixed ancestry? So I’m pretty sure some of your “seeds” are not completely Black, if not at all. Have you researched your family history? If not, then you don’t even know whether you’re Black or not- whatever you consider to be Black. [insert scoff here]

      People kill me with that “he’s not Black” bullshit. [insert rolling of the eyes here]

      Also, you did you read what you typed before you hit “add comment”? You said–

      >>If your mother is black and your father is white then u are WHITE, regardless of the actual color of your skin.

      –His mama is WHITE and his father is BLACK and from Kenya, sweetheart. Therefore, by your “theory”, he IS BLACK.

      GOD, people. UGH. Did you vote for McCain? (Sarcasm at its finest)

  • Incilin

    Wait I thought they was anarchists? Isn’t that really why they won’t vote Obama?

  • Rizzop

    “the only reason i voted for obama is because he’s black”

    Hope everyone isnt an idiot like this….Fuck what color he is, is he going to help poor whites,blacks,latinos?…..That will be his legacy as far as im concerned.

    IF YOU VOTED FOR HIM JUST BECAUSE HE’S BLACK, YOU NEED TO GET WITH REALITY. Every black man aint a good one, that goes for every race color and creed

  • allnice

    It’s not Obama’s fault that niggaz don’t know shit about politics. He’s a distraction in my opinion. He has no experience for this kind of thing but they threw him in there. Or he threw himself in there because he is masterful at handling whites.

    What’s Obama’s game plan? To change things from the inside? Change what? Does anyone know how he is going to accomplish this “change” and even what it is?

    Obama can’t save all negroes like Dr. King. He’s no hero. He’s definitely not a sell out. He is just doing what any other lame that can manage whites would do. He’s putting himself in a position of power granted to him by whites. He’ll sacrifice all the negroes in America to stay there. And I bet you any amount of money that is just what he’s gonna do.

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