What Do You Guys Think Of Rik Cordero?

Is there any non-mainstream video not directed by Rik Cordero these days?

It seems like everytime I visit Nah Right, YouHeardThatNew, Miss Info or 2DopeBoyz, they have some Rik Cordero-directed clip posted. Just yesterday, I saw some behind-the-scenes footage of Busta Rhymes’ “Arab Money.” Guess who’s directing it? Cordero. This guy has the illest monopoly on video clips since Hype Williams became mandatory in the 90s.

Truth be told, though, I’m not sure how I feel about the man’s work. The first Cordero clip I ever saw so happens to be my favorite: Consequence’s “Uncle Raheim.” The clip wasn’t groundbreaking or anything, but he provided the perfect visuals to the song’s story line. Plus, DMC’s performance was a huge draw. He really made Raheim look like a scum bucket. I wish one of my uncles would act up like that. I got one in mind in particular I wouldn’t mind drop-kicking.

The thing is, that clip is nearly two years old. I can’t remember the last Cordero clip that really grabbed my attention. I kinda liked “Be A N*gga Too” but it must mean something that I haven’t bothered watching it after those first few viewings.  I’m not saying he’s wack by any  means. But similar to my Swizz post yesterday, I’m trying to figure out what made him the most sought after video director in the game today.

What is it? Are his treatments superior? What do you guys think about him? The jury is still out as far as I’m concerned. I’m bout to revisit his catalog to see if I can dig up something.

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    Hey anything to keep from seeing a Jordan Tower clip.

  • ri067953

    Yo, it’s the bandwagoneers that jump on after this guy direct’s one “hot” clip. To me, his videos aren’t anything special. I do like how DMC plays a burn-out in the Uncle Rahiem video tho’

  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    I love Codero videos. Truth be told, I aint like none of the joints he did with Nas from Nigger (Too much hype, not much to show for it afterwards) but his video for Ghost’s “Barrell Brothers” Joell Ortiz’s “Brooklyn Bullshit” and the new Jadakiss video for “Who Run This” are all crazy. The Jada one in particular reminds me Xzibit’s “What You See Is What You Get”, which is one of the best hip hop videos of all time.

    The thing I like most about Cordero is that he gives non-mainstream rappers like Jada, Ghost, and Ortiz a chance to compete with dudes like Kayne without having to pay the big bucks for guys like Hype Williams. He evens the playing field by providing professional looking videos for a fraction of the price. He uses the same kind of camera they use to make those bullshit ass videos you see of Max B on World Star Hip Hop but Cordero gives it an offical look. And since guys like Ghost are way better rappers than say…VIC, don’t their videos deserve a creative look too?

    You compared Cordero to Swiss (mostly becuase you just posted on him the other day) but I think the better comparasion is 9th Wonder (or maybe even Black Milk) because he’s one of the few “underground” producers that a lot of people know because they make crazy beats that can be given to Jay-Z, but usally go to acts like Sean Price.

  • http://www.djysmusic.com DJ YS

    He does good work and from what I hear at a low price. With money being tight these days it makes sense for him to get alot of work.

  • Mirza

    In all honesty, Rik Cordero does not make great videos.
    He’s done good things for the popularity of digital video, making it a lot cheaper and easier for artists to release videos, but none of them are very good.
    As far as his ideas, they’ve all been done. Hype was amazing because he was doing revolution things. He was highly skilled and artistic. He was a master of lighting. Rik Cordero is an amateur that’s gotten very popular.
    His skill as a director is far from impressive. Sometimes I watch his videos (like that one he did for Cons recently) and wonder if he’s ever seen a movie. Generally when people shoot conversations, they take it from two perspectives, to show each speaker as the talk. Cordero just did a single side shot of the whole conversation. No reaction shots or close ups, nothing. It looked like the films kids made in Highschool film class.

  • http://www.msn.com west philly’s finest

    He’s probably cheap as shit and dont kill your budjet compared to other video producers and it dont come out shitty looking.

  • the r

    the videso are ok…but the guy’s angle is genius..why waste money on a video that sure as hell would probably not be seen by BET or MTV, especially since they have stopped playing videos…Viva la youtube!



    • nick

      ^im pretty sure the rza used todd angaksuwan for his newest albu, not cordero…..


    The thing about Cordero is that doing the low budgets work great for the MUSIC artist but for the FILMMAKER, he’s like a cancer. The market of music video budgets are lowered because he’s setting the standard. That means that it’s gonna be hard to make the same amount of money you would’ve back in the Hype Williams days. It takes money to hire a complete creative crew to get exquisite visuals. Plus, since that standard of craft is lowered, our eyes are desensitized and we accept cheap cinematography, styling, shaky hand-held shots, etc. It’ll work out for him. He’ll probably get a feature deal eventually with the help of a publicity machine. But, what’ll be left is a bunch of sub-par, low-budget directors beefing over crumb budgets. Whether it’s Cordero or any lucky so-called visionary (J Tower), this was probably inevitable with digital being a standard at this point. And, the 9th wonder reference, slo down!

    Prime examples, the Q-tip video was boring. Anyone can put an artist against a cheap rented light. The Nas videos were forgetable which made the album forgetable. Most of the vids are forgoten within 20 minutes.

    It worked well for Duckdown and Joell Ortiz tho.

  • paychexx

    i like them, becuz you pay more attention to the music more, they aint all that flashy shit.

    and just real street,dont have a permit type shit.


  • john

    rik is definitely someone to watch for.. i like his blue magic vid, and the one with wale.. dope concepts.. some of his other videos are kind of cliche though.. but what director isnt? even hype fell off

  • aquma

    I think Cordero is successful because he’s not trying to be Hype Williams. He’s more of a mixtape type music video director, low budget, works with what he’s got, etc but does it with style.

    Emphasis on the street video, not be-all-end-all of music videos.

    People criticizing him from a film makers perspective need to recognize that homeboy didn’t go to film school. Yet maybe certain shots are stylistic choices and not lack of know-how.

  • http://www.prettypancakes.com amar

    i’m thinking it’s something to do with artists not really caring who directs and the label going with either who’s cheapest, who’s label-affiliated, who’s convinient or who’s mainstream?


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  • http://whatever.com richard cordero

    hes a midget