Hip-Hop Props for Prop 8?

Shortly after checking the mailbox for my Obama prize Thursday afternoon (and realizing it’s probably just coming on CPT), I came across the following music video/proponent of California’s hotly-contested Proposition 8.

As you likely already know, Prop 8 stipulates the unconstitutionality of same-sex unions within the state of California. Interestingly enough, Governator Schwarzenegger is already married to something quite “mannish,” as they say on the DJ Quik records. I wonder if he’ll face any criminal charges… or lose his green card. One could only wish.

[Blogger's Note: Seriously though. He married the creature from Predator, who I am sure is both a dude and "one ahhhg-lee maaaatherfaaaaahker."]

Before discovering the clip at the center of today’s rant, I’d long since pondered how, if at all, our beloved hip-hop affected the Prop 8 outcome. Pundits from every walk of media wasted no time in noting that 70% of black voters–let’s say 95% of which voted for Barack Obama, a proponent of gay rights en masse–voted “Yes” on Prop 8. According to the same media outlets, including this one, the terms “hip-hop,” “urban,” and “niggerdom” are synonymous.

While I understand hip-hop as an artform to be universal, culturally it’s dictated and defined by black and Latino inner-city lifestyle. Thus, to make a pro-Prop 8 appeal in rap form is to attempt engaging us in our own native tongue.

[Blogger's Note: Sadly enough, this Prop 8 song is far more lyrically sound than most contemporary mainstream rap.]

I mean, you don’t see Snoop Dogg brigning his Long Beach gangster drivel to country music do you? Heh.

Even if the aforementioned means of communication were effective, I grew up believing in hip-hop’s power as a catalyst for social progress, not regression. As quickly as we “urban” folk and “mobile quarterbacks” throw down at the slightest implication of racial injustice, I’d think we’d be a little more sensitive to the civil rights struggles of other groups.

Clearly, 70% of Californiggas disagree.

If you’re black and voted “Yes” on Prop 8, come forward and accept your “Negro, Please!” If you’re a man, it will come in the form of a personalized dick sandwich. If you’ve been misled by Mormons in your hood–who must be toting ironworks in their Jansports these days–or hardcore Christian right organizations, I’ll say this:

No one’s going to show gay porn to your first graders. I can assure you that’s not part of any sex education curriculum. Fuck what they told you. If anything, sex-ed (for children of age, as you were) would merely address the fact that homosexuals do exist… and in your own immediate family no less.

Your church will be allowed to discriminate as per usual. If anyone’s looking to encroach upon the limitations of church and state separation, it’s the person behind the pulpit. All these folks want is to be able to put the person they’ve lived with and loved for 25 years on their damn health insurance and file some joint tax returns.

Don’t take part in the denial of certain unalienable rights to folks because they are who they are. I’m sure your grandpappy can tell you a story or two about what it was like to fight for them.

Questions? Comments? Requests? I know… I know, children. Fear not. They don’t want to marry your ugly, ignorant ass anyway. ron@ronmexicocity.com

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  • Mex’s #1 Stan

    “[Blogger's Note: Sadly enough, this Prop 8 song is far more lyrically sound than most contemporary mainstream rap.]”


  • Jason

    Thank You Ron… this post said it all.

    I been trying to tell mofo’s this for the longest but they weren’t trying to here it. The black vote is probably why Prop 8 passed. There was even a group called African-American Pastors against Prop 8 that ran ads like 24/7. I mean come on grow up, people against Prop 8 are just as bigoted as anyone else.

    • http://www.ronmexicocity.com Ron Mexico

      i wouldn’t go as far as to say the black vote pushed it over the top. someone please get me the stats, but i don’t think blacks made up more than 15% of the cali vote.

      i’m just surprised at the sentiment involved and how people with one hand pull a lever for obama with social justice on their minds and then pull the other lever…

    • http://www.ronmexicocity.com Ron Mexico

      so, you’re in cali? please… more insight.

      • http://colby-sempek.com Ghost

        Unfortunately the proposition passed by just a few points, so who knows? Maybe the black vote could have pushed it over the top…

  • geico lizard

    most people feel like being gay is a choice/preference while being black is something you are born. if they find that gay gene then that will change some voters in their direction.

  • E

    You know what Mex, you’re fucking right. How can i not see that the discrimination the gay community faces is almost the same my people faced. Shame on a nigga.

  • Worley

    That Buttman stuff is nasty. I can stomach some carpet munching; I do my share. So if you and your Buttman/Carpet Muncher want to get married go right ahead. Do you.

  • ri067953

    Yo, you are insulting blacks and latinos by comparing the homos to the civil rights struggle. I have never seen a homosexual enslaved, denied access to this country or denied a job because of their sexual orintation so their fight for rights are not the same. Let’s face the facts, if marriage between two men or two women were natural, the would also be able to conceive a child without having to adopt. The key word here is NATURAL. Homosexuality is not intended by nature so why should we have to redefine the idea of marriage to accomodate their needs. I am a man of Christian faith who believes that marriage is between a man and woman only. My argument is since homosexuality is not a choice, should we allow men to abuse underage women? In their mind, child molestors are doing what comes natural to them. Should we allow a man to marry a 5 year old little girl? Of course not, so why let the gays do it? Next thing you know, some dude is gonna want to marry a dog because it is his “right”. I ain’t buying your argument Ron.

    • 619

      Co-sign. I don’t know anybody who voted No on 8. Throwing that little girl on the commercial for Yes on 8 was some funny shit too, when she came with that line about some shit like “my teacher said it’s o.k. for a princess to be with a princess”. HAHAHAHA! That shit had me rollin’. How can you front on the little girl with her puppy dog eyes? HAHAHAHA! Yeah, comparing Gay’s struggles to civil rights is a joke. That’s a slap in the face to everyone who fought for civil rights. Like ri0 said homosex is a choice not something you have to except by birth, like a skin color. I’ve talked to plenty of girls who wake up in the morning and decide wether they want pussy or dick. You can’t just wake up in the morning and say “I want to be a different color today”. Ron Mex takes another L, just like he did with his Obama bashing, just like Bol did with his Ralph Nader bull shit. You closet Republicans might as well have just voted for John McClaine and the hockey mom.

    • niggaplease

      Microwaves and cell phones aren’t natural but that still exists. So what the fuck is your point? Since when do human beings follow the course of nature?

      Try knowing something before you get a poundin’ on your space bar, dunny.

    • Omar

      I don’t think the civil rights era was about trying to secure equality for everyone ‘cept “them fags”. I thought it was for everyone.

      • 619

        For everyone’s different color or cultural background, not butt buddies.

  • Manny78d

    I agree w/geico lizard. Until I find out that homosexuality is not a choice but a genetic predisposition, I will always think its wrong and against god. If it is genetic then, I cant hate because there is nothing they can do about it.

  • common sense

    So if its a choice when did you choose to become straight? Thats right, you didn’t! You were just natually attracted to women. Same thing goes for gays. Why would someone choose to live a life where they face hatred and discrimination?

  • capcobra

    they should make up a new word instead of calling it a marriage…call it an union.bond.civil agreement or some shit like that….why it gotta be a marriage?…personally i think they just trying to push the line on some flamboyant in your face type shit by saying it’s a marriage…i think all this shit is the result of too much jerry springer….jerry.jerry.jerry

    • BIGNAT

      nah they are going with marriage because they want the same rights as married people. we talking tax breaks and shit like that.

      personally i think they don’t deserve it because they have bi sexual people. i have a friend from jr high to now she has been with girls only for a couple years then guys only a couple years. then she did both for a couple years fuck that pick a team. i personally think only a girl can be bisexual because once man gets with another man. i don’t care if he gets married after it happened and has 10 kids he is gay for life.

      • Dub Sac

        If you want to protect marriage, outlaw divorce.

        i personally think only a girl can be bisexual because once man gets with another man. i don’t care if he gets married after it happened and has 10 kids he is gay for life.

        That makes NO sense, grammatically or ideologically. “Gay” means attracted to men. If somebody is attracted to both genders, they are obviously not gay. If somebody has one homosexual experience, that doesn’t define them as gay.

        Why is it that people are incapable of having an nuanced view of sexuality? Why does everybody have to follow your god? Why does everybody have to “pick a team?” What if people just want freedom?

    • Rex Banner

      lmao on an episode of south park they were talking about gay marriage and all. The governor said instead of saying you guys are “married”, you can say “butt buddies”. I was dying of laughter haha

  • iLL

    Me personally can care less what the next man-wanna be woman or woman-wanna be man do with their sexuality but when its in the terms of raising my healthcare or taxes cause they just want to say that their married, its not enough for me.They feel like their being left out but in the end, them mf’s have more knock em out drag down fights then hetero couples. They dont want to be married they just wanna fit in, but not at the expense of my regular ass paycheck fuck that!

    • BIGNAT


    • Dub Sac

      Umm, where have you heard that allowing gay marriage is going to cost you more in taxes or in healthcare? In what way does it cost you more? I don’t understand this statement.

      If you’re worried about substantive, lasting marriages, let’s outlaw the 24 hour chapels in Nevada.

      • iLL

        Im thinking more on the lines of health coverage as far as spousal support etc etc etc. I may be wrong (correct me in that case..no real talk…correct me) but I know in lot of cases most people want to be covered by their spouse in case where they dont have health care and if your married or child of the person getting the insurance (in work places) you cant cover that person. My health insurance is high enough as is. Other than that. I could give a flying F*** whether a fruit wanna get tied in. Cause like i said before, they THINK they wanna get married and they will be just like any other hetero couple when they hiring a divorce lawyer to get out of their twice as crazy relationship.

  • http://www.prettypancakes.com amar

    the war, healthcare, the economy: barrack and mccain agree. But when it comes to the gays marrying one another, both the democrats, republicans, yuppies, rednecks, blacks and white supremesists can agree: fuck the gays.

    A sad truth that the one issue that brings together everone is an agreed-upon hatred of homosexuals for no real reason…aint that a bitch, mexico?

    btw in religulous, that new bill maher movie, i learned that mourmons believe the darker your skin, the more evil is in your body. Hence a black dude who has strong mourmon faith should theoretically turn white. I’m not even kidding you.


  • http://www.prettypancakes.com amar

    er i meant can’t agree

  • Pierzy

    On the real, I was really upset that Prop 8 passed. On the same day that America’s legacy of civil rights took a giant step forward, it took an almost equally giant step backwards. Homophobics are no different than bigots, racists or sexists.

  • j.calderon

    co-sign Pierzy and Ron


    It` Osama and Amina not Shaka and kunta

  • Dr Flav

    Obama prize? WTF is that about, where is your Dubya prize, you should have 2. Gay is not a race if anything its a disability, because something is wrong with a lispin, purse toting, perm pressin, pump wearing 6ft man in lip gloss. Phobia is fear, I dont fear gays, I have gay fam members, love em to death, but I dont agree with those acts. Btw, if it was such a civil rights issue, why was the white sissys calling the black sissys nigga? A big nigga please to the Negro Please guy. Ron I read all yal daily and this and the Obama blogs have sullied your run, IMO.

  • mr.martin

    man im now convinced about ron mexico. it started out with that jay-z picture he said were anal beads (pause on me googling and findin out what those are) and weird, overly graphic imagery in every post he made. He would talk about rappers with such an insane homoerotic diatribe, it’s like who thinks up this stuff. now he has an entire post about prop 8. he spends his time tryna pass off as some gully real cat but that’s the beauty of blogging, we can’t see you…or can we

  • internet thug slapper

    I am convinced that I have found the real definition of freedom. It seems people just want the right to fulfill all their hedonistic wants. They want to be able to enjoy drugs, alcohol, sexual pleasures, and whatever else they can imagine. Yet, if their was a propostion that said that we all had to give 10% of our income to charity who would vote for something like that? I am not judging I can’t assume to know everything or whether or not being gay is either; natural, unnatural, moral or immoral. I can however say, why should we be voting about something so personal as sexual orientation? Sex, IMO has always been a personal issue. Now, when it comes to marrying someone of the same sex. Who knows? If you can have sex behind close doors. Who is to say you can’t marry out in the open. I know it’s not up to me. Down south where I live, I don’t forsee us ever voting on such an issue. My suggestion is let people do what they want I guess. Legalize all the drugs, give people more guns, free healthcare, and let gay people marry, and sex offenders too. Since people just want to be “FREE” why not let everyone participate in the activity they enjoy the most?

  • Enlightened

    Get the fuck out of here with this post. Take this over there with the Gay Friend’s Favorite Friend Blogger of whatever he call himself.

    Look, don’t throw that family line out there like it’s supposed to mean something. Yeah, I got cousins that have come out of the closet and announced that they are gay. SO THE FUCK WHAT.

    I still love them, but that’s not about to make me go on some crusade for gay rights. Get the fuck out of here.

    Stop comparing that shit to the struggle for rights for Black people and other minority groups.

    All races have gay people. You can be a rich, white, gay man. Have you ever heard of a rich, white, Black man? No? Seriously. Of course not. Stop comparing that shit.

    If people want to go on a crusade for gay rights, I’m not knocking it. But don’t compare that shit to our struggle. You should slap yourself.

  • http://xxlmag.com Kane Corleone

    ^^^^^Real Talk my dude…… Not to knock nobody but whoever said gays have went through or going through the same things as black as far as discrimination has lost their muthafuccin mind.A gay dude/chick can hide in society with no one knowing,they get fucked with (no pun)because of who they like to screw,a black man cant hide no damn where ,we’ve been fucked with (again no pun) for 400 years and still getting fucked with from police brutality,job displacement,hell even from that white bitch og bobby “suckin on” johnsons, he even says some out of poccet shit.cant compare us to this bullshit

  • MikeD

    Good shit Ron Mex! This was definitely the low point of the election. Let people marry whoever they want, who really gives a fuck? Karma’s a bitch too, so y’all better stop hating before the gods give you a gay son or daughter so you can work out your bigotry.

  • BGZ

    No homo

  • DV8

    if the homosexual crowd want to have civil unions or whatever is court mandated, cool. But marraige is clearly defined in the bible as a union of man and woman.

    and this Prop 8 issue is nothing like the struggle of civil rights activist. The gay crowd still have jobs, buy homes, and etc.

    I voted yes on 8 and yes im a blackman.

  • Oneofthemyo’s

    Marriage is a religious union! Just about every religious holy book denounces gays y the fuck would a gay person want to be MARRIED.

    The taxes and the other marriage benefits i can c them pursuing if u live with each other for a long time fine but y call it marriage? I could never figure that shit i would think marriage because its based on religion(s)that hate them would be an insult to em.

    But anyway I’m black I dont appreciate them comparing there struggle to become butt-buddies and I would’ve voted against whatever them bols(fruits) were trying to get passed.Sorry but fuck em(no homo muahaha)