Diddy Sucks T-Pain’s Plastic Pipe

“I gave T-Pain one point on my [upcoming] album for using the Auto-Tune.” -Diddy, Total Finale Live

…and the ringmaster confirms.

“Diddy actually gave me royalties on this album just for using Auto-Tune. He signed the contract and everything. If I can do that with Diddy, somebody else better be signing something. It’s Diddy. He didn’t have to involve me at all… I’m writing and producing on his album, and he gave me extra royalties on top of that for using something I just brought back.” -T-Pain, XXLMag.com

Let me get this straight… The Lox had to pay market value, dance in shiny suits they could no longer fit and go get liters of Cambodian breast milk from Fordham Road for their royalties. Yet, today Puffy is handing T-Pain points on a package he hasn’t earned?

If that ain’t bout some fuck nigga shit, I don’t know what is.

[Blogger's Note: Sheek Louch is not a sugar cookie-getter!]

As we discussed the last time T-Pain threw a bitch fit over his precious, it’s not like Pizzle owns a patent on the Auto-Tune software and can sell tokes on the plastic dick like rides on the carousel. Hmmm. Maybe karaoke is a better example. Yeah. It’s not like T-Pain is charging like the Korean karaoke spot. While he and Khaled done made my new favorite video, I’ll be damned to see that old Gummyberry motherfucker actually think he could be checkin other artists for making Snap Hero Karaoke.

I don’t understand how these niggas really think they Stevie Wonder out here.

[Blogger's Note: I hear DJ Khaled and his people are the best.]

It had long-since been confirmed that no one on the corner jacks swagger like Puff. I just thought that when he eventually stopped–as he told us he wouldn’t–that he’d be leaving swagger unmolested, not paying for the shit.

T-Pain got a nigga succeptible to wantin to make an Auto-Tune track right now. I’ll reach out and grab me a handful of that vocoder… and dare him to say somethin. It got so bad around here that a vocoder *ceremonious pause* was more important than food. That’s right. A man’s voice was more important than drinking water.

Back in my prime when I’d hear a sound and it sounded good, just step up to a nigga like T-Pain and say somethin to the effect of, “Look here. I like your sound, and I wants it. Now, we can do this the easy way or the hard way.” And the answer was always “yes.” I ain’t never been turnt down for a collabo my whole time here.

And another thang, these young bucks coming around here with they Auto-Tune love songs like that’s the style. They don’t know that’s attractive to me. There’s no shame in my game. I’m a warrior too, so… let that be known. I’m a warrior. [Name that "warrior."]

Swagger Jacker Negro, please. If Puffy wants to show signs of good faith in his business dealings, he’s got an extensive back catalogue of niggas crying foul to this very day–i.e., every living Bad Boy artist from the 90s. Throw a few points their way before you put anymore of that Gummyberry juice on your cereal, my nigga.

If you’re really in a check writing mood you and Pain need to hit up Roger Troutman’s people.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Ready to get this money by sucking a vocoder ’til its hymen pops? ron@ronmexicocity.com

Alright… I’ll be nice. This is for those of you who got completely lost in the middle of this entry.

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  • Angry Radio DJ

    P Diddy in my mind is partly responsible for the fall of good hip hop(or least the demise of the golden era) dating back to 97 w his shiny suit wearing ass! AS mentioned yest as I blogged dissing T-Pain, ignorant music consumers stop supporting this no talent, karoake singing bullshit!!

    All I could think of when reading this was, “how bout giving Zapp & Roger some paper”..good looks Ron Mex…as a young Chicano growing up in SoulCal in the 80s, the homies on the block always had the Zapp & Roger thumpin out the trunk!! Before autotune was the Yamaha DX100 FM synthesizer!! Doowaditty biotches!!

  • young twilight

    man, fuck diddy, press play was good
    but you can tell he tryin to be cool, 808s
    is good though man, it’s real emotion
    listen to the first couple “bars” of welcome to heartbreak, or the song wit jeezy, and he actually made lil wayne step it up for prbly the second time this year (last of a dying breed) w/ludacris he blacked out, but if anyone were to use the vocoder i would trust kanye, cuz so far in his career he’s done everything tastefuly

    • Avenger XL

      Lil wayne did not step it up unless you are talking about incoherent freestyling while stans new jack swing on his nuts. Press play was only good if you like TRL/106 & Park R&B dribble.

  • Black&Mild

    Ron that was funny nice fleece johnson refrence. Puff is really paying niggas now for stealing their style. i know plenty niggas in harlem are gonna flip after they hear this one.Can’t stop won’t stop eh eh eh eh

  • chitchat

    Please tell me that MSNBC interview was fake…or at least doctored. That brotha looks like C-Murder. gadzooks!

  • http://www.prettypancakes.com amar

    might be a good move. For a little spare chump change, diddy got in good with t-pain (perhaps savings on guest apperanaces and such in the future)AND managed to make headlines (god knows his shitty-ass music needs all the promotion it can get).

    Diddy’s got one thing going for him: consistency. Throw whatever against him: souther snap music, soulja boy, dudes eating money on youtube and he STILL manages to prove that he’s the biggest SDN in the rap game. Youtube, music, clothing lines, whatever, no one in da mental institute got SDN like puff.


  • Lowedwn

    I just wanna know why no one has done a Roger and Zapp remake yet. WTF? That’s why these little nyukkas think Pizzle invented that shit. I mean if u can’t flip a Roger & Zapp song and make it a hit, u need to remove your lips from the auto-tune pole, “Computer Love”, “Slow & Easy” & “More Bounce” those are 3 gimmes waiting to be revitalized.

    • http://www.ronmexicocity.com Ron Mexico

      “i wanna be your man”

    • Burnout

      Check Ghostface’s flip of “Computer Love”…

      And it’s pretty damn good…

      Know why?


  • B

    “You know, it’s alot of us guys who ain’t heard a real singer in years… then you see that nice little auto-tune thang come in here… and well, it looks kinda good…”

  • tony grand$

    Aight, aight already. Puff officially thinks that for the right price he can get anything he wants. Of course, I must point out, the mans a Douche Deluxe, with extra asshole sauce. & he’s. Notoriously the “but u out to sell u out” king, so is it that T-pain’s sunglasses r for hiding his blindness, or does he really think that this alignment of powers is gonna propel his career into the stratosphere? (Read: it only worked for Biggie. Where’s 112, Total, Carl Thomas, Black Rob, etc…).
    T-Piddy does come off like the smarter of the two I’ll say, bcuz no matter how much Puss sells, that niggas gonna see some scratch. & the white folks love some Diddy! But, its all the obvious disrespect Sean Combs has for the musical foundation that’s been laid for the last 40 years. Countless artists used the vocoder, now all of the sudden this niggas treatin it like manna from the heavens. & given credit (& $) to TP for using it? FOH Doody.
    This mans apparently too slick for his own good, now the nightmare is ‘what if the albums sells like crack on MLK’? Then what the fuck we gon do? Kanye may be able to pull the wool over our eyes, but not Puff. He can’t even rap good enuff to fool me, how the fuck is soundin like a goddamned computer gonna help him?

  • Worley

    I am entirely disgusted with the auto-tune/vocoder thing. I never bought or downloaded a Bluff Daddy or T-Pain album and this latest round of circus tricks further strengthens my resolve.

  • geico lizard

    T-pain acts like he invented some technology for microsoft and apple stole it before he could copyright it. Roger troutmans family should be seeing points before nappy boy radio pain sees any diddy money. All t pain did was do something that hadnt been done in awhile because we were bored with it and wanted something new. The young kids hadnt heard it before so to them he is a musical genius.

  • G2

    It’s real crazy the negro most known for jerking artists, is actually coming out of his pocket for the most ridiculous reason! Like everybody said before, T-Pain should forward some points to the Troutman family.

    Ron, thanx for that link. I was lost like a m.f. You crazy as hell for incorporating that in the post! In the immortal words of Riley Freeman, “Jail nigga, you gay!”

  • Rob The Music Ed

    “We can do this the easy was or the hard way… and it was always Yes!”


    Dude you are all sorts of wrong for this shit! LMAO

  • anutha_level

    “If that ain’t bout some fuck nigga shit, I don’t know what is.”

    story of dude’s life mane…

  • DV8

    What Diddy needs to do is pay Pharoahe Monch to write some more songs for him. THE FUTURE is probably Diddy’s best song since BIG was alive.



    • http://www.prettypancakes.com amar

      i hope so

  • Oneofthemyo’s

    Man I seen that fleece johnson shit twice,holy shit…that whole documentary was like a chapelle skit its fucked up i lmao errtime. Anyway fuck puffy u got a point about him and the lox now he handing out royalties even though the lox turnt around and did the same shit 2 j-hood.

    T-pain is alright with the voice shit,but wtf he think he is,acting like he invented the shit when he really just gave RAPPERS WHO R OUT OF IDEAS OR COKED OUT OF THEIR FUCKING MINDS(insert rapper)SOME OTHER BULLSHIT TREND 2 FOLLOW.

  • mazemayhim

    So u don’t think Sheek Louch is a sugar cookie getter?

  • amfv

    there are alot of times when i dont agree with this dude ron mexico, but he’s right about this. this vocoder shit is outta control. not that i would listen to diddy anyways but goddamn is any one not going to jump on the band wagon.they trying to make this like its the new screw music, but guess what it aint even close. 90% of the time it sounds like shit and the other 10% is the GOOD songs from t-pain. please please please for the love of god please stop fucking using the vocoder.You aint in zap, youll never be in zap, TURN THE SHIT OFF

  • AMFV

    oh yeah and the title of this shit, diddy sucks t-pains plastic pipe is fucking priceless. and i bet sheek was a sugar cookie getter (<- also priceless)

  • BG

    Just about every time i love these posts but this rite here is just hatin i mean who cares really about diddy’s rapping and tpain. diddy is on his way out and pain is gonna do wat he wanna do so let em.

  • giantstepp

    D-Piddy….Yep D-Piddy sucks. His history is notorious for screrwing artist. Somehow, someway, this dude has swindled T-Pain into something that will manifest years later. We dont know where, when or how, but anything less would not be the D-Piddy way.

  • http://xxl ryan

    Fuck all yall wh think dat bullshit vocoder is ok 2 use. I dont mind tpain using it cuz he has no choice. but dam kanye n wayne get off his dick. n diddy nothin can help dat man voice.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    That nigga in jail was funny as fuck. I shit myself in fear, but still, funny as fuck. Damn, though, it’s hard to imagine Diddy giving up a point for the use of some shit that’s not even copyrighted or trademarked. Fuck that shit. I’d make a banger and make T-Pain’s bitch ass step to me about the shit so I could make him swallow his teeth. If T-Pain was halfway gangsta he would have said from the beginning that auto-tuning was HIS shit and that he was gonna step to any nigga riding his dick. But he didn’t. In fact, if I didn’t sing tenor and have a 6 octave voice range, then I might have just made a song with auto-tune for the fuck of it. Fuck T-Pain. Diddy’s stupid.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • grant ny

    “OG” matt herbz, youre a fucking idiot. diddy is an idiot and i hope shyne goes somewhere else when hes out, i heard he was doing some things with black wall street when he out, hope thats true, woi oiiiii.


    LMFAO HA HA…THE LINE ” Throw a few points their way before you put anymore of that Gummyberry juice on your cereal “… LOL… WHAT KINDA BUFFOONERY IS PUFFY UP TOO… FUCKING SUCKA USED TO MAKE HIS OWN LANE IN MUSIC NOW HE KNOB POLISHING THE RAPPA TURNT SANGA… FAG.

  • Kaos

    Wow. Could Diddy be any more of a prick?