Change we’re not supposed to know about

The other day, I received an email from some woman talking about how the Knux had talked shit about Rick Ross in an interview.

As it turns out, one of the guys in the Knux used to work as a prison guard himself. He explained that the reason he got into it is that it’s one of the few jobs a black man can get fresh out of high school that pays a decent salary (probably because you have to spend all day looking at other guys’ joints and having poop thrown at you), and that it’s hardly anything to be ashamed of.

Well, aside from having to spend all day in the presence of guys taking it up the coat.

He went on to discuss how rappers these days are so full of shit, and how he’s disappointed in the fact that Rick Ross continues to lie about the fact that he used to be cop, when everyone knows he did.

Aww dang!

At the time, I figured it was merely a matter of her trying to get the Knux mentioned on my site again, without having to pay for advertising. (I must have still been caught up in the false sense of accomplishment I felt when Barack Obama was elected president.)

Then it occurred to me: If all they were looking for is free advertising, they could have recorded a video of the Knux scratching their balls, or eating a bowl of cereal or some such and emailed it to Eskay. Ha!

Clearly, they were trying to get me to start some shit between the Knux and Rick Ross.

How else to explain the fact that an Intercope operative is emailing me unflattering information about Rick Ross, when, unless I’m mistaken, Interscope and Def Jam are ultimately owned by the same group of tall Israelis?

I’ve actually noticed for a while now that these labels will try to pit rappers against one another. Take for example the announcement, the other day, that the new Ludacris album will be released the same day as 808s and Heartbreak. The TIs have to know that anyone with tastes mediocre to cop a Ludacris album is also gonna want the new Kanye West. Why not just push one back a week?

I didn’t really buy the argument, last year, that, despite the fact that Fiddy Cent lost in his first week sales battle with Kanye West, he still benefited from having his album released the same day. But that was 2007. The economy is way more fucked the fuck up now. And it’s not like we’re about to get a check just because we’ve got a black president. Who can afford to buy two CDs in one day?

But I digress.

I realized what might be going on here when I read, in an interview with LAist, that the Knux received enough money in their deal with Interscope to cop a crib in the Hollywood Hills to record the album in, as if they were the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and throw wild house parties and shit.

The fuck?

Maybe I just lack a frame of reference with regard to the economics of the music business, but it seems insane to me that a label would spend that much money on the Knux, when none of these hipster rappers have actually sold very well yet. That Cool Kids album came out earlier this year and only sold something like 3,000 copies. Imagine the L Interscope would take if the Knux’ album only sells that much.

Or could it be that Interscope is not sweating how many albums the Knux sell their first week out, like we usually do in hip-hop? Maybe Interscope is planning to develop the Knux’ career more along the lines of a rock group.

That would explain a number of things, including the ridonkulous advance; them not appearing on the cover of this month’s XXL, along with their hipster rap brethren (you know that wouldn’t have taken more than a phone call); and the label purposely trying to drive a wedge between them and Rick Ross, and hence the LCD rap crowd in general.

Interscope probably figures the Knux can develop a substantial following as a touring act. You know how white people love the idea of a rap group that plays its own instruments. But they’re probably concerned about the Knux being tainted by association with too many black people. If the Knux come to be viewed as a black group, it could fuck up ticket sales.

Or am I reading too much into this? What do you fruits think? Is it a mere matter of coincidence that Interscope invested millions of dollars into the Knux, and yet, somehow, the Knux didn’t turn up on the cover of XXL’s hipster rap issue, which actually hit stands the same month the Knux’ album came out? Or is there some Obama-esque race strategy going on with the Knux’ marketing campaign? Speak on it.

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  • TheCo!!inB

    *puts down spicy italian $5 footlongs* (pause)
    *sips fanta orange soda and clicks ads*

  • amar

    interscope is gonna make money off the knux through product placement in their music videos. MAAAAAJOR money. Tall israeli money.


    the knux? who?

    does rick ross still bang foxy brown?

    beef sells records and creates interest moreso than being good at rapping ever could.

    people front like they like music, but what they really like is buying into the myth that their hero rappers are superhuman caricatures…

    i blame it on misguided goals.

    • Pierzy

      If Rick Ross doesn’t bang Fox anymore, I’m calling next!

  • DV8

    bored huh?

  • Trouble

    Who the fuck are the Knux ?? Rick Ross did finally admit to that C.O shit, but he is fake and phony n my book for lying to his fans and frontin.

    I was suprised to hear about the Kanye and Luda album dropping on the same day, thats a dumbass decision. They are both very commercial artist, no way will Luda out sell Kanye tho

  • anutha_level

    again i say….who gives a fuk?

    …….been a bad week for this blog shit.

  • giantstepp

    What a waste of space Bol! If you aint got shit to say, take a cue from BXS and dont say shit! He will take a week or so w/out a drop. Better than droppin any ol BS. I need my 5 minutes back.

  • FlapJack

    “If all they were looking for is free advertising, they could have recorded a video of the Knux scratching their balls, or eating a bowl of cereal or some such and emailed it to Eskay.”
    Dies. Classic!

    But what Knux album?

  • geico lizard

    the mighty roots crew live performance>dave matthews band live performance>the knux


    umm who is the knux’s is that the name for the duo or they both have there own names.

  • Ciera

    I think you are reading too far in to it!!! But then I just bought The Knux CD today…
    The Knux are in the “groups” section of XXL…the dudes you called “their hipster brethren” are all individual MCs. Shouldn’t you know that…?

    • Dub Sac

      Bol doesn’t actually listen to hip-hop, remember?

  • Kane Corleone

    who or what the fucc is a knux? Rick is that dude although his verses on other peoples shit doesnt stand out as much his albums are ok…7/10 aint bad. on another note this blonde bitch named og bobby “suckin on” johnsons keeps bring my name up ok look we now have a black president someone please relay this message to this hoe ” all white people must report to the cotton fields for orientation @ 7am sharp”.peckewwod

    • og bobby j

      Candy Kane….sweet ass nigga.

      All the power Obama might capture only stands to further point out the flaws of the lazy “brothas” like your gangbangin self. At least now when your ridin down on your rival 6 star g’s…you can do it with the knowledge that one of “yours” is in power.

      We all know Obama is not goin to ba able to fix the country…just nigger rig it.

      • Valdez

        ^^^It’s obvious that all the disrespectful, racist shit u say on this site would not do not get said to anyone’s face so why say it at all??

        • og bobby j

          gotta love how i say some racsit shit….after its thrown at me…but i get called out on it. I guess thats the double standard you live by huh….

          Your right…most of the racil shit i say on here…being that its in retaliation, doesnt get said in the real world. that because i dont associate with flunkies like yourself of Candy kane….

          you didnt have a problem with fruit loops comments on peckerwoods, so how can you come at me? Your blinded by your own stupidity…its probably genetic.

  • tony blair

    Man the Knux aint sellin shit!!! They aint even ship 10k copies… Niggaz doin more mixtapes than albums… Fuckouttahere

  • DJ Daddy Mack

    the cover of XXL’s hipster rap issue?


  • Enlightened

    I’m glad a lot of people on here had the same question as me?
    Who the fuck is the Knux?

    Stop posting shit about people that nobody knows without giving the background information. Muthafucka they ain’t famous. Give us the particulars first if you gon’ talk about they ass.


    Fuck yea your reading to much into this, no one gives a fuck who’s on the cover of XXL, the mag sucks

  • Kane Corleone

    now this pussy is talkin retaliation,man fucc you peckerwood.You’re scared thats y you live in cyberspace,muthafucca come outside up from under the stairs in yo moms basement you powder lookin fucc.Dude talks more shit then a little bit.look homie we both know you aint gonna do shit ,aint gonna call a black man a nigga to his face let alone say the shit in public why ? Cuz you’ll get the brakes beat off yo pasty ass.I’m gettin tire of the bullshit email me yo address pussy or put it out there on the comment log I’ll personally come c u and we’ll see who’s e-banging bitch.

    • og bobby j

      so you want my address….so you can figure out which buses run near me….then come here and throw ya sets up? Rep your hood? Nigga please….im along way from Kansas dorothy

      The last thing i need is the front of my place smelling like newports and Crown fried….plus…i’d be able to spot your ass from a mile away….5 foot npothing nigga rocking the 2pac bandana…throwin signs up to the mail man and shit…

      We’ve been down this road before….but i guess i ruffled you e-feathers…dont get mad.

      I would call your mother my slave to her face….fuck…to your face….

      Fuck what ya thought candy….i can travel the racist route with excellence….

      Go bursh your teeth and get to the carwash before enrique gets vacuum again and you get stuck on windows…bitch

  • Kane Corleone

    Ya know what whitebitch,I see you’re good at making jokes and racial ass comments ON THE NET.But lets be clear pussy i travel the fuck you up route,and yo pasty ass better switch lanes.Muthafucca scared now aint ya ,like I said before hoecake email the address…i mean you so tuff whitedude from queens or Queen the Rock group.Lets put it on the table pussy your address bitch no more games or going back and forth since you like saying nigga all the time here’s yo chance to say it in person…..the balls in your mou…i mean corner.

  • og bobby j

    You know what candy Kane…if i gave you my address…you wouldnt show up….you would continue to pollute the earth by existing….and thats it.

    The Ball wouldnt be in my’d be in my court….flunkie

    Your a failure….but its in your blood….i bet your parents are failures.

    id like to stick my finger in your girls ass and rub that shit under your lips….just because…

  • kane corleone

    Really so you’re not gonna give up the address huh.I figured you would be a coward just like all racist pussies . No worries those yo mama jokes played out a long time ago r scared,of me ,and of change.real talk what isit that a black man has done to you,did we fuck your moms,break up yo family,impregnate yo sister,take yo job.. What is it.stop being a coward and confront that bitch in the mirror and get yo shit together cuz u don’t wanna c me on your stoop hoe .I promise u dont

  • kane corleone

    In the words of bishop …..this nigga scared.

    • og bobby j

      listen man….no one is scared of your bitchass….in real life or on the web….

      you can barley cponstruct a sentence….you type like your father in a cell.

      And for the record, I love black people….I think everyone should own one.


    I think were a little dumber from reading these comments


    I think were all a little dumber from reading these comments

  • kane corleone

    This coming from a muthfucka who’s spell check don’t work. Eat a dick peckerwood