BLOG: Em and Asher

XXL’s Top 10 Freshman cover was an interesting one to say the least. While many questioned the somewhat unrecognizable faces that graced the cover, most praised the world’s greatest rap mag for showing love to underground favorites. Various blogsites debated over who did and didn’t belong on the historic cover, but in the end everyone had at least one cover guy that they were rooting for. Probably the most scrutinized out the bunch was Asher Paul Roth. The white boy on the front cover seemed to get tons of criticism and you guessed it, comparisons to Marshall.

The Asher Roth, Eminem comparisons got me to thinking on how we deal with race within hip-hop. Sure we embraced one white MC when he debuted almost a decade ago, but can Hip-hop handle the thought of two white rhyme spitters at the same time? Sure there is Paul Wall but when he was poppin Em was starting his retirement. We love to talk about how much Hip-hop has unified a generation, but yet still has trouble accepting white rappers (has anyone seen Shamrock?) Now with Mr. 8 Mile staging a comeback and Asher prepping his debut things will get real interesting. Will Em embrace Asher or dispose of him like he did Cage?

Then again can you even compare Asher Roth and Marshall? The new jack is a fun-loving, beer drinkin’, quirky rhyme animal. Em on the other hand was super angry, ultra aggressive and at times a little nuts. Does Asher sound like Em? Sure, you can hear the influence, but how many rappers out there sound like Jay-Z? Me personally, I’m not really sure of the answer, but I’m betting Asher wants Hip-hop respect based of his own merit and not because he shares the same skin color with one of rap’s GOATs. What do ya’ll think? – Rob the Music Ed

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  • Burnout

    Don’t know…

    Will have to wait and see how this one plays out…

  • Deezy2332

    It dosent matter white or black, eminem is just plain better then everyone

    • latinpistol07

      just had to cosign that.

  • Co

    asher is a spawn from em like kanye and 50 cent 1 is super angry crazed while the other is the total opposite

  • who?

    why is XXL creating a fabricated eminem with paul roth or whatever his name is? he is not hot in the underground and his music sucks. i’d take paul wall or lil wyte or slug any day over this nerd

    • Doobie42

      Slug? definitely. lil wyte? yes but Paul Wall? get the hell out of here.

  • Drew Taylor

    Hip-Hop needs to grow in it’s level of maturity..

    I can’t handle another Em’

    Give me something poetic,deep,and original..

    • dante

      xxl is the only site still pushing this dweeb because they’re trying to justify putting his bum ass on the cover. aint noone checking for this cracker

    • ILLFLUenCY

      Are you kidding me? Eminem has his crazy ass nut songs… but for real… he has just as many deep and original songs man… wtf u smoking on?

  • tony grand$

    I don’t think we, as the movement of the culture, r all that hard on the white cats, or as I affectionately call them “the black sheep” lol. Realistically speakin, when they kick down the barriers & disregard the blatant race cards played, it comes down to one basic concept.

    Can this mufucka rap?

    In Marshall’s case, hellzeah!, but statistically speakin, when he dropped (not mixtapes & freestyles) there was no real competition on his level. Hate to do it, but compare him to Vanilla Ice. Niggas was fuckin with Vanilla, dude was gettin major cosign across the USA, bcuz he seized opportunity, not to mention that white boy could boogie. The race card did play in his favor, even if some dismissed it as his gimmick. But sabes que, it worked. Both of those guys were in hip hop’s right place @ the right time. Cage got destroyed bcuz like my boy Capcobra (whaddup!) said, interscope knows that “beef” will not only work great for market, but also destroy any possible competition. & Cage wasn’t really ALL THAT BAD. Still Em tore ya boy a new one, royally!
    Now were entering this strange era of backpacks, guitars, auto-tunes, rock n rap revisted, thugged-out suburbanites (shout out to Matt Herbz lol), basically a free for all. If any time was a time to get noticed, its now. Asher no doubt has a shot. Contrary to popular belief, and I got on my flak jacket niggas, the Eminem we know, love, & yearn for doesn’t exist any longer. Its true, & yall know it. The more we, the original fans of a sociopathic white MC, pump up his return is gonna be the harder will be disappointed. Times change, ppl change & it aint the same game we know. Rap niggas right now r either too old for me to still be interested in them, or too young for me to take their shit serious. That leaves a lot of gray area to cover. There’s room for erybody right now. But again, it all boils down to a very simple, if not almost primitive thought.

    Can this mufucka rap?

  • OG Matt Herbz

    ‘Preciate the shout-out, Tony. It’s like this: My dude Asher is getting a lot of publicity right now, but there is one thing holding him back from international fame: endorsement by the White Nigga Movement, and more importantly, a personal endorsement from yours truly, Matt Muthafuckin Herbz.

    You see, the kid can rap, no doubt, but when I was done listening to his mixtape, I had no desire to run it back and let it bump again. And that song about fucking cartoons, mang? That shit was gay. That’s why I’m Matt Herbz and I do not support his message.

    Eminem is my nigga and I’ll ride for him if we’re talking about any album other than Encore, tracks 7-20. I look for the same thing in a rapper that any hip-hop head looks for: Originality, Genius, and Fierceness. I don’t wanna hear no stupid songs about getting up on cartoons man, put down the fucking bowl, nigga! Herbz iz out.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • Penelope Rodriguez

      “My dude Asher is getting a lot of publicity right now, but there is one thing holding him back from international fame: endorsement by the White Nigga Movement, and more importantly, a personal endorsement from yours truly, Matt Muthafuckin Herbz.”

      YOU SERIOUS?!?!?! LMAO!

      “Mockingbird” was between tracks 7-20. You ain’t like that joint? But I agree that everything else within that track range was pure trash lol


      You Matt, you say you want origanility, genius, and fierceness.

      Isnt a song about cartoons orginal? What about a song about going to college?

      Did someone ever do it before? Would you not call that genius?

      Did you hear the song he has with Charlie Hamiltion and B.O.B?

      “it seems so odd to me an odyssey how on honesty is honestly the rarest thing upon us its astonishing”

      Not fierce?

      He has everything you put on his list, but because you dont fuck with some of his subject matter, you dont cosign him. Why? What do you want him to talk about? Killing mofos, doin drugs, and growin up in the trailer park?

      Nothing wrong with those, if its done in the right way. But at the same time you cant complain about a dude being fake or unorigianl, if he just emulates our favorite white rapper. That is the pinacle of fakeness and unorginality.


      • Doobie42

        good quote pull. ya it was fierce. but that is one of the only three tracks by asher that anybody fucks with

  • louie mo

    on some real shit ………. paul wall has been around for a while ……….. i want to say around 99 or 2000 is when i heard him and chamillionaire album get your mind correct ………. ya’ll bloggers need to make sure you know what ya’ll talkin about before you post that shit………. by way asher roth is decent at best

    • Rob The Music Ed

      Yes Paul Wall and Chamillionaire have been around for a minute. Notice I said “Sure there is Paul Wall but when he was poppin Em was starting his retirement.”

      the key word in this sentence is “POPPIN’”

      So no Louie Mo you are the one who needs to get his mind correct and learn to read!

      What kind of name is Louie Mo anyway?!?

      • tony grand$

        Whoa Rob!!!!!
        Stall him out man!!!!
        U fierce this morn!
        “What kinda name is Louie Month anyway?”



  • marcus


  • El Tico Loco

    Paul Wall has been around for a minute but the operative word is ‘poppin’ in other words he did not have national exposure until Em started his retirement.

    But why ya’ll want to paint the picture like Em, and Asher Roth are the only white nice rappers in the planet. How long we gonna keep sleepin on Necro, Ill Bill, Apathy, Vinnie Paz, or R.A. the Rugged Man? There’s others but these know how to make you forget about race.

    • tony grand$

      Point made El Tico.

  • Mas

    Esoteric, Brother Ali, Slug, Aesop Rock, El-P, Apathy, Vinnie Paz, R.A. the Rugged Man, Ill Bill, and Necro all make better music then 97% of other rappers

    • Leatherface

      thats the shit on the real, these dudes been doin it for real, BIG co signed RA, so did havok, wu tang fucks with jedi mind and ra, and anyone doubting slug, check him on the wake up show with another white boy named Eyedea, possibly the best wake up show freestyle ever (next to one or two of chino xl)

  • amar

    “Then again can you even compare Asher Roth and Marshall? The new jack is a fun-loving, beer drinkin’, quirky rhyme animal.”

    right, but on the slim shady lp, eminem was a pill-poppin’, rave-going rhyme mummy. Sure he was angry as shit and talked about rape and murder, but i think it’s a youth thing more than anything. Asher Roth, if he catches on will prolly also change with age

    • tony grand$

      @ Amar,
      Ur right, I don’t think one can compare Ash to Em, per se, its more of comparing the phenomenon of the “new white rapper” hype. Damn, I hope that doesn’t sound racist. Sorry if it does yall. But that’s the breakdown, more of Roth stepping in where Mathers stepped out. Marcus said taking him under his wing would be smart. I think so too, but u gotta consider that whole ‘jealousy’ thing. What if Asher just blew, how would Em react to being in the same position he was when he introduced us to Curtis?

  • Victor

    People are forgetting Apathy, this dude blows asher roth off the map, he is seriously getting next to 0 shine, which is criminal for someone so talented.

    Asher roth is decent i aint even gonna front, i think he justified his place on the xxl cover….Ace Hood on the other hand, what the fuck man, dat breh’s swag.

    But yeah, ultimately, ability is what decides tings get me. If man dont have the talent then he aint gonna blow. And it has nothin to do with niggaz hating on him/her cos they are white. Em proved that a white mc can take the prejudice and use it as fuel and Asher is doing the same, just differently.

  • pause

    hold up hold up, asher is no where near Em’s level even at a beginner stage, hes straight i guess but he should never freestyle in public again, the xxl freshman verse was one of the weakest things i ever heard, me n boys were embarassed for dude, its not ill, stop gassin dude up, if sumthin dont sound fresh then dont make it out to be cuz he sounds different or hes on some new happy shit, that ‘roc boys’ shit was average man, dudes gettn mad hype w/o a hot song or 2, that mixtape was weak too…sorry my dude….lets jus hear sum rap

    • bitch please

      ^ amen

      he should have been thrown off the cover for that xxl freestyle. one of the worst ive ever heard seriously. someone is gassing this guy

  • Avenger XL

    The fact that he is white doesn’t matter. What will determine Ashers future is if he can seperate himself as much as possible from the Em thing. I know he sounds similar but can his perspective in the game be respected? I think so because he speaks to the suburban kids who grew up in this media soup we have with the internets today. So he will have audience of white kids that come out for him in force. The question is can he get the same ghetto pass Em got which makes a brand cool from top to bottom or will he just sell all of his records to his suburban audience. Either way if handled right he is rich but if he gets a ghetto pass he can actual get on EM’s level and have shot at passing it. If not he will be on the FLOBOTS, GYM CLASS HERO level and just stack big cheddar and become a media darling for being the new cool kid that sounds like EM goes to prep school.



  • FlapJack

    is it just me, or does asher seem kind of smug?

    and no matter the content, that is em’s flow..and voice..

  • capcobra

    em had dre.bubba had timbo.young black teenagers had bomb squad.3rd bass had russell.beastie boys had run-dmc.everlast had ice-t.justin had pharrell.teena marie had rick james.mariah had every rapper possible….who gon co-sign asher roth?….cause in order to sell music to the black community he gon need a co-sign or street anthem….leave it to wayne.plies.t.pain or some money hungry ass nigga to co-sign him and secure his spot in the halls of hip hop forever…sorta like when timbo and the neptunes turned justin to the new michael jackson….{fuck timbo and the neptunes!!}…anyhow the funny thing is if asher’s xxl cover crew co-sign him outta respect or pity..he’s gon skyrocket so far beyond them they gon be stuck in neutral like saigon…or pittsburgh slim….wasn’t he compared to eminem early this yr or last year too?..and didn’t the boy hov co-sign that dude?…..either way…it’s no way possible 2 white boys can shine at the same time unless they’re a group…that’s like having a black president and a black vp…..oh hell no…one at a time niguz…one at a time…tony grand$ what up?

    • El Tico Loco

      You know who got Asher Roth? THE APHILIATES YA BASTIDS!!! DJ Drama and Don Cannon I think is the whole Pa ATL thing. Kinda like myself but he still gotta earn his pass.

      • capcobra

        dj drama and the aphilliates is a non-factor right now…he can’t even sell his manz willie the kid and la the darkman to the people…not to mention his gangsta grillz series ain’t popping like it used to…and ya dude khaled already jacked him for his formula and then passed him wit it…i mean damn…ace hood got more spins than willie the kid…even with drama putting willie on songs with everybody possible…this ain’t 06…drama don’t control the streets no more…you listened to his joints in the banger section?….only reason he might get some love is off that weezy dedication mixtape…and he slid willie the kid and la on the end of as many freestyles as possible….and we both know weezy wouldn’t do a song or a freestyle with none of them dirtballs….lol..other than that…drama is finished…i hope asher ain’t counting on him for his hood connect…cause he definitely gon lose…mr.roth gon need a real hood nigga…not a dj from pa repping ga…by the way..atl is a “black” college town….and that ain’t asher story or crowd.


    This is funny to me. SOmeone said Asher’s mixtape was weak? hahaha. that shit was fire. People need to start just being happy for another man’s achievements. We have a Black President, we can have 2 hot white rappers. Whether you haterz like it or not Asher is a beast and prob Em knows it too. I bet Em fucks with dude

  • tina

    Asher is better than EM. He doesnt have to make up wierd stories to sound good. You old ass bitches on this site need to realize the youth is takin back hip hop. Old ass motherfuckers

  • chorizo

    what about klng of the burbs

  • BX Poster Child

    We need to stop it with this race crap. So what if their white, doesnt mean we can compare them and shit. I dont care if they white. Besides the thing i really like about Eminem is that he didnt try to pass off as a “white rapper”, he just was himself, which is a rapper who happens to be white.

    As for Asher Roth,im not to sold on him, i mean he is ok but we cant compare him to Eminem. Biggest thing is that Eminem put his heart and soul into rap. Sometimes i get the feeling that Asher is just rapping for fun like its just another hobby, and that he doesnt have his heart into the music, but thats just my opinion

  • pimpdaddyfresh

    Are you fucking kidding me? Asher’s a milli verse is crazy and his mixtape is fire. He has DJ Cannon and DJ Drama on the mixtape so he is getting respect so. Just because he is white u mufukas aren’t even giving him a chance. Don’t be mad cause a white boy is spittin better than half the other rappers out today

  • sthxdnn

    OMFG..ok for one White has nothing to do with it…we’ve had white rappers for years and there usually on the highest of levels…cuz of skill…yall need to get off of that racism ppl expect to have full non-racism not against them but black ppl can still b racist themselves…bullshit…AND PAUL WALL IS HAVE SPANISH DUMBASS

  • FaMe

    the only reason why they’re comparing Asher to Em is because he sounds JUST like him. Asher’s a loser. I hope Em blows his shit right out of the water. Actually, I hope Em directly addresses him and makes a diss track

  • Mr. 306

    When i first heard ashers mixtape i was hyped at the idea of anothe dope white MC. After hearing it, i couldnt shake the idea that it was parody rap. Gimme your box? come on. He needs to lay it down on some original beats. His lack of beats shows that hes not making friends among producers. I laughed at his shit, but i also laugh at wierd al.


    asher must start smoking backwoods or something to change his voice when i hear his shit i think em does it. he gotta get a saying when he starts rhyming it’s the asher hahhahaha

  • B Knife

    yo the only reason asher is compared 2 Em is bcuz hes white if not no1 would find any comparision shit aint about race now if a muthafucka can spit then let em spit

    • Shawty J

      That’s not entirely true, vocally Asher really does sound like Em. He doesn’t rap or talk like Em, but his voice is similar to Eminem’s voice circa 1999.

  • Mika

    “AND PAUL WALL IS HAVE SPANISH DUMBASS” ???? WTF !!!!! WTF !!!! you can’t spell H-A-L-F(singular) H-A-L-V-E-S (plural) ……Henceforth,HAVE SPANISH = Dumb !! Therefore sthxdnn is The Dumbass. Hence proved.

  • Pierzy

    What a joke. There is NO comparison. Asher sucks….

  • Nate

    Every city has at least one white dude that is average or above average. I have only heard one Asher song, but I’ve read his rhymes and he has some good lyrics. Let’s not try to compare him to Slim Shady however until he builds a solid track record. It isn’t the optiions of “he sucks”, or he is the best- Otherwise there wouldn’t be a thousand overrated black rappers out there getting play…

    Portland has Braille, Detroit has Slim, PA has Asher, the list goes on, I think each region has a above average white rapper that will get limited play, and only rise high if the label supports him. It’s the same old story. I say you check the street albums and mixtapes and don’t wait for mags or videos/songs to be played by stations, because right now nobody is investing in artists anyway…

  • amfv

    asher roth is bitch made

  • T.C.

    Cage actually murked eminem on quite a few occasions and ill bill is one of the best too people don’t know about bill for some reason!!

    • TEZZY

      Man if one more nigga say ILL BILL that dude is beyond wack

  • Rae Tha Great

    Yeah they do sound alike sometimes. But content wise hes like a white Kanye with the college stuff. But he cool with me he put “A Milli” in the casket. PEACE

    • ctown614

      His fuckn a-milli freestyle was some bogus bullshit,it was weak lines,good concept on tha song tho,but tha lines were juss weak as fuck.N he need’s 2 stop trying 2 sound like em

  • bbbones

    mc paul barman > asher roth

  • Shawty J

    I’ve only heard Asher rap twice, but I have to say the comparisons to Eminem stop at the voice. I wasn’t to impressed by him either time I heard him. His flow and delivery left much to be desired.

  • DV8

    Asher is cool. His subject matter is different from Em’s. Asher at times rhymes like Em used to back in the Slim Shady LP and before era. Not necessarily the lyrics but just having fun and enjoying his craft.

  • Mo

    Everyone loves to hate on Asher but for those who really enjoy listening to hip-hop and understand what hip-hop is at its core have to like or at least not hate ashers music. He raps about things he knows and keeps his stuff real. He isn’t out there trying to pretend he grew up shooting guns and dealing crack like most of the rappers people praise. His freestyle ability is way overrated though so that would be his weak point but at the end of the day he should do well and hes bringing intelegence back to the music and theres a few other cats that are too. So if you cant unerstand some of the larger words hes saying try to look it up in a dictionary instead of getting mad and hating

  • Ryan Newton

    i think its bullshit, he hardly sounds like eminem at all plus hes got one chill song and his freestyles n stuff are crap man, eminem is genius. 10years. asher has this college jam sayin a typical college party, it shoulda been more of a fucked up[ party


    Blog em and asher.. Reposted it :)

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    Blog em and asher.. Neat :)