Yung Berg’s Laptop Party

Happy Monday, sexy ladies and gentlemens.

Normally I’d give you a block quote or some shit like that, but I don’t know where to start. In the wake of Ne-Yo having told Big Boy that he’d deliver 2 snaps up, a twist and a wrist to Yung Berg‘s cold, wet snout, Lil Chris provides 8 minutes of fuckery in defense of his manhood. Were there a DDN tournament, this moron would most certainly be a DMX-like frontrunner.

Upon Berg’s presentation of his Sidekick to the camera claiming that one of Ne-Yo’s “hoes” is calling, my initial reaction was “Berg and Ne-Yo fuck with the same dudes?”

Of course, he’s interrupting a long day of “hitmaking” to show us that Ne-Yo’s jumpoff is blowing up his T-Mobile To Go. First, this nigga ain’t makin no damn hits. Second, I don’t think you pay your Ghetto Revival cronies enough to be working cameras and calling your cell phone simultaneously. That requires a tier of groupie nigga talent that exceeds YB’s current tax bracket.

Berg’s insistance that “it’s all 100″ every 20 seconds or so leads me to believe that he’s “all bitchmade” and really doesn’t want it with Mr. Independent at all. Why would he? Fresh off flaming a far superior opponent [in every regard] in Chris Brown, I couldn’t see Shaffer taking a physical or lyrical loss to Berg.

That’s right. I’d put a 5 on Ne-Yo in a scuffle. Berg has already proven himself the rap game’s Peter Schibetta. Bring Maino a couple of fresh Vanilla Dutches with no cracks in them and you can have your way with Yung Berg for an hour or so.

Negro, please. People wanna slap Berg because he’s a complete shithead. Nann nigga need ever have heard what he calls music to be offended enough to wanna slap the Autobot out of him. Sadder than anything is how he turned a lame session of MediaTakeOut show-and-tell into a commercial for his newest track no one’s going to listen to.

Berg, go run along and apologize to some more dark-skinned people.

“You’ll always just be one of Trick Trick’s bitches.” - Hon. Minister Kareem Said

Questions? Comments? Requests? Put the “evil eye” on anyone lately?

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  • Black&Mild

    Hilarious! That nigga Berg is just sad now, i seriously don’t even remember what he is even “famous” for.

    P.S. its hard as hell to find a bodega with fresh dutches them shits be stale like them scratch blogs

    • smashirony

      He’s famous for having Tom Cruise dance to his shit in a Youtube video. And that moment passed a looooong ass time ago.

  • west philly’s finest

    This nigga got played to many times to get on some fly shit wit anybody.

    Oh yeah its all about them blunt wraps right now two for the price of one plus they not just sitting in a box for a long ass time.

  • DV8

    Yung Herb would be a leading canidate for MSN (Most Sonned Nigga) of the year. Everybody wants to slap that guy. Anyway I cop my bluntz from smoke shops that have humidifiers in them so they always fresh.

  • amar

    Neyo’s gonna bust it baby all over that little hood thang’s lightly pigmented ass. It’s gonna be like a G Unit recording session.

    u should just be efficient and take all the Lil ___’s and Young ___’s in the rap industry and Negro Please the shit outta them collectively one time.

  • G2

    Why my man have a parachute on in the studio?

    • BIGNAT

      he carrying around medical supplies because he never know when a nigga is going slap his ass again. that backpack is huge that little clown is a ghostbuster hahhaha

      • Ron Mexico

        bwaaahahahaha @ both of y’all!

  • Ayre


  • anutha_level

    ya boy low key over at bet made a good point…about how quick herb came back at neyo, BUT ironically had nuthin to say back to trick or maino regarding their run-ins. life’s about choices…and that shows how bitch-made the little scab is.

  • geico lizard

    medical supplies on his back,lmfao. ill put 20 on neyo to beat down berg in under 15 seconds like kimbo slice got his beat down also from a gay dude like neyo,lol.

  • El Tico Loco

    Exibit A: when beefin for record sales goes wrong. smh

  • El Tico Loco

    what’s goin on you ain’t postin my joints

  • amar

    gotta say though, neyo really does look like a ninja turtle. hahahahaha shit

  • niggaplease

    +1000 for the Oz references.

    I need that shit on DVD. Chuuuch.

  • Pierzy

    “People wanna slap Berg because he’s a complete shithead.”

    Hahahah Co-sign!

    What’s good Mex??

  • Shawty J

    Upon Berg’s presentation of his Sidekick to the camera claiming that one of Ne-Yo’s “hoes” is calling, my initial reaction was “Berg and Ne-Yo fuck with the same dudes?”

    - Ron Mexico


    Just further proof rappers should stick to rapping and should stop trying to find new ways to embarrass themselves on Youtube.

  • kne81

    LMAO..I didn’t care for the video untill u put it up..Is that suppose to be a backpack???. Look more like he stole that shit from NASA or some shit.I would not feel threatin by some some retarded gumby lookin fucker with a NASA lookin pack on his back.What happen to his Transformer chain???..HHHMMM..oohh yeah Trick Trick got it.I don’t wanna to promote violence but Neyo should just slap this fool;or somebody else should ,and get it over with..LMAO..his career is goin down the shithole along with my blunt fillings.

  • EReal

    LMAO @ Bergie’s SNOUT

    Ne-Yo is slappin Berg, with his left with his left.

    Saeed > Omar, all day.

  • nellz

    was that John Brown in the background?