Was Jennifer Hudson being extorted?

I’ve been working like a Hebrew slave since the end of last week. Hence, I’ve been remiss in trying to get to the bottom of the killing Jennifer Hudson’s family in Chicago the other day.

Between getting snarled at by racist, old white women, and gorging myself on pain go bye bye juice, I’ve hardly had the time to flip open my laptop to marvel at the wonder that is Internets pr0n, let alone to email that one African guy that hipped me to the extent of the gang problem up there in the Chi.

Of course, when I heard that Jennifer Hudson’s mother and brother had been found killed, and that her nephew had gone missing, the first thing my mind went to is the rumor (or is it?) that pretty much all black athletes and entertainers from the Chi are being extorted by gangs like the BDs, the GDs, and the DLs.

One of these gangs must have tried to squeeze Jennifer Hudson for some Crisco some of that Dreamgirls money. Then, when she couldn’t pay, because you know good and well all of those people from American Idol are indentured to Simon Cowell, they had to do her family just like they allegedly did that pharmaceutical rep that went missing.

When I heard the little boy went missing, I figured they might be holding him for ransom. You know how these drug dealers like to do. There was a similar incident recently out in Las Vegas, where a little boy went missing, and then it turned out his grandpa owed somebody some money for some rocks.

Then once the media got involved, all of a sudden the kid randomly turned on a street corner somewhere, as if he’d been tossed from a moving van. With these Amber alerts and shit, they probably knew it was only a matter of time before he’d be found. And they probably weren’t gonna get any money anyway.

If that kid would have been black, the grandpa would have had the time to scrape together his nickels before anyone even gave a shit that the kid was missing.

Similarly, I was hoping that Jennifer Hudson’s nephew might still be alive, and that whichever one of these gangs was holding him would go ahead and let him go. Since, Jennifer Hudson did somehow manage to win that Oscar, and you know how the media love any story having to do with either a child in danger or a celebrity, let alone both a child in danger and a celebrity.

Never mind the election that’s about to take place in a little over a week, or the two wars still going on, or the economy teetering on the edge of another great depression. I can only imagine what it would have been like if Kelly Clarkson’s nephew would have gone missing. They might have had to postpone the election.

But I suppose I should have known Jennifer Hudson’s nephew was a goner. I mean, if they did the grandma and the uncle the way they did. I wonder if they were ever planning on his safe return in the first place, or if they just wanted people to think that. (They had to remove his body from the scene of the crime for some reason, right?)

It was announced just now (like, as I was sitting here typing this) that the kid was found dead in the uncle’s Chevy Suburban, which had been found parked on the streets somewhere. And I know that the main suspect in the case, the kid’s stepfather, who kinda looks like Sho Nuff, was brought in Saturday and is being held on warrants or some shit, though I don’t know if he aided in locating the boy.

The official story, as of right now, is that Sho Nuff, who was married to the boy’s mother, used to live with the grandma, and that she had to kick him to the curb, and that there may have also been a dispute having to do with a car.

What do you fruits think? Did this kid Sho Nuff kill three people, including his own stepson, over not being able to sleep in the kid’s grandmother’s basement, and also, possibly, a car? Or is the media purposely running with that story to cover organized crime in Chicago, and because they knew people wouldn’t have a hard time believing a 27 year-old black man lives in someone’s basement.

Of course, I’m gonna have to roll with the latter.

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  • the r

    look at michael jordan…hmmm…did his father really get killed over a car?

    • http://xxlmag.com Bol

      See? The conspiracy runs deep.

      Who *really* started the Chicago fire?

  • http://www.prettypancakes.com amar

    the dude looks REALLY fucked up from the pic they keep showing of him…but at the same time, u gotta be really crazy to do that to your stepson and shit. I’m thinking the media doesn’t know who to blame, so they blame someone convinient. But i don’t think it’s him that did it.

    I’m not sure it’s a whole gang thing either, I think maybe it’s not even that complex. It might’ve just been some crazy crak-addicted assholes who robbed the house, got into problems with the family and popped them all


  • LEO

    Leave his airness out of this…what if Sho Nuff is part of one of them gangs? two bird with a shoty…Chicago-gang-related-non-grandmothers-baby-sleeping-grudge-holding crime…I solved it!!!

    R.I.P to J Hudsons Mother, Brother, and Lil Nephew…

  • capcobra

    i knew the kid was gon be found dead….if you gonna catch 2 bodies then why not catch the 3rd?…shit sad champ….i hope niguz don’t get on here making jokes..it’s alot of shit people could say but at the end of day…it’s 3 generations of black people lost…my prayers go out thier family and friends….big brother bol scribble another blog real quick so we can have something to trip off and argue about for the day…not this one homie…it’s too soon and too serious…one

    • yoprince

      big brother??

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Same shit is happening all over the states, you just haven’t heard of it. Just the other day in the ATL, some faggot ass gang members ran up in some kids crib, popped him in the head as he was hiding in a closet and would have popped the mom if the gun hadn’t jammed. I encourage anyone who can to get a concealed-carry permit and pack heat the legal way gotdammit. God forbid I get stuck up in the streets for my watch by some dumb nigga that don’t know I’m the infamous muthafuckin Matt Herbz…

    Words of Wisdom for anybody: Never tell anybody your phone number, address, or your family business. It can and will be used against you by any dumbass with a gun and no morals.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • geico lizard

    what about j huds sister julia she married a guy who did a 7 year bid for attempted murder and she cheated on him while he was in prison so of course when he gets out he will resent seeing that little boy everyday knowing he isnt his. maybe julia had something to do with hit because they already stopped questioning sho nuff about it so somebody else had to know them to get in that house. julia brought this guy around the family even after the mom kicked him out so jennifer has to blame her sister for some of this even if she wasnt in on the murders she chose a shady guy to have around her son and family. her myspace has some crazy stuff on it too.

  • giantstepp

    I’ve read that Jennifers mother refused to move from the neighborhood which is supposed to be one of Chi-Towns toughest. If thats the case, thats mistake #1. As much as you might want to stay in the old Hood, people are broke and desperate and YOU WIL be a TARGET sooner or later. I obviously dont know the facts, but NEW MONEY 101 is to get out of the HOOD! Things can and do happen everywhere nowadays, but whatever you can do (move out the hood) to decrease the risk, just do it.

    I pray that whatever fool did this gets brought to justice. May the family and friends of J-Hud find peace in this difficult time.

  • geico lizard

    the first time they saw the suv was saturday and the husband has been locked up since friday so someone else had to drive it there so they are looking for at least one more person. the report also says it looks like the kid was tortured so that really makes this story crazy because what would a kid know for you to torture him unless you just like doing that either way you need to be taken off the streets for life and locked up.

  • these posts are racist


    To a great extent, the gang situation in Chicago is no longer organized. Once powerful gangs, like the GD’s and LK’s have been reduced to little clicks claiming different neighborhoods – with no central leadership.

    Moreover, they would never kidnap and kill a 7yr old kid for money, it would violate any moral code(which in their organized days, they adhered to) they swear allegiance to.

    This obviously looks like a domestic violence tragedy. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family. Chicago is especially cloudy today.

  • sealsaa

    Cosign on “these post are racist” statement about Chicago gangs no longer being organized. I’m from the Chi, and its not like it was in the late 80′s/early 90′s era. That sounds like a pretty elaborate story, and this is the first i’ve heard of a Chi-town celeb being extorted (except Jordan). And for anyone who doesn’t think that a stepfather would kill his own kids, crazy white people kill they’re own kids all the time, so is it really that unlikely? Its a terrible tragedy.

    • OG Matt Herbz

      You racist fuck. Yeah, I’m kidding, but still, blacks kill their own kids all the time, too.

      Google Clayton Jerrod Ellington and then Jeanette Hawes and see what you find…it ain’t a race thing.

      –OG Matt Herbz–

  • Izza


  • iLL

    To add insult to injury, their saying homey served some time, got out of jail met J Huds sister and they married within the same year, and seeded up some other broad the beginning of this year. Looks like a setup gone wrong to me.

  • OG Bobby J

    I blame Bush.

    on the real though….shits crazy. Why was J-huds family still living on some project shit? Everyone else is whatever…Killin the kid was bitchmade

  • b-ease

    I’ve seen enough First 48 to know that the average ninja breaks down in the interrogation room after roughly three and a half minutes.

    If Sho Nuff did it, he would have confessed by now. I think dude’s getting framed and/or railroaded.

  • b-ease

    this is the first i’ve heard of a Chi-town celeb being extorted

    My man (pause) from the Chi told me about Kanye getting his ass kicked in an extortion attempt almost two years before bol’s post on it. I dont know about the gang situation or even if extortion is the norm for black celebrities in the Chi, but Kanye def got his jaw broken by some ornery niggas and blamed it on a car crash.

  • these posts are racist

    Extortion in the Chi of celebreties is Common (no pun intended)…but not in the manner or by the people Byron characterizes. Indeed the GD’s and Blackstones protect certain celebs from being extorted.

  • $ykotic

    Funny that yesterday they had a History Channel “Gangland” episode on Satan’s Disiples”.

    My sympathies go out to the Hudson family.



    Did anyone see that Souljah Boy thread? How did dude know the Hudson case was extortion?

    America has a BIG problem that even Obama cannot fix.

  • TheCo!!inB

    that shit is beyond sad but it feels like there was some sort of extortion involved….the situation looks too crazy for domestic violence especially after killing that kid. some heartless mother fuckers did that shit.
    I thought about Jordan and Kanye too…and also thought about Common once being “affiliated” hence people not really tryin to fuck with him

  • Mama_Mia

    When I heard this story on FRIDAY, this made
    me think,,How could a muthaFker, do something
    this CRAZY, this insane, this TERRIBLE thing!
    My 1st instinct was was the late brother involved with a bad DRUG deal? Then this NiCCA, the sister’s estranged husband-WHO IS NOT THE FATHER OF THIS LIL BOY!
    WHAT The FuC?
    PEOPLE BE Careful of what MALE company you keep
    around your children…PEOPLE DO PLOT!
    RIP to the mama, son, and grandson !
    1 last thing..I’m sure Jennifer put the bug
    in her moms ear to LEAVE CHICAGO (but like
    most middle-aged women she chose to stay)
    it’s nobody’s fault,,,it perhaps could’ve been
    Keyshia COLE did right! Get ya peeps out da hood and FAST………………………

  • http://xxlmag.com Kane Corleone

    yea its real fucced up bout that lil boy,ol’girl Momma really didnt have to move out the hood…they know Jhud aint getting that type of hollyhood paper.this is some ol baccstab sucka type shit.Real Folks dont get down like that not atleast the ones i know

  • Vicious Seiger

    This is a sad turn in this case but not unexpected. Whether the stepfather did it or not… someone has to take a fall for the crime. The Chicago D.A. and Police Dept are not going to take the heat for not closing [notice I didn't use the word solving] this case. I send Jennifer and the whole Hudson Family my condolences. This will be a difficult time for them. Any family would be tried by such a violent tragedy.

  • Oneofthemyo’s

    First thing i thought of when I heard this story was ITALIANS….or some other kind’ve organised set of mofuckers. I dont usually speculate or assume…but stereotype or not niggas dont usually fuck with kids unless they’re high or straight crazy….Its reachinggggggggg but some deal might’ve gotten fucked in hollywood or some shit, only organised or 3rd world niggas fuck with people family no more….but i’m just hypothesizing…
    And Bol if i’m a fruit u a orchard nigga.

  • http://XXL gside

    The fuck up part is that it a 90% chance that it’s not a criminal conspiracy that it’s just some fool growing up that knowbody love alot of time that’s the promblem . No force enter someone they knew . I’m from detroit iv seen worse crime’s for know good reason I knew a guy who kill his whole family mom’s dad his brothers just lay in wait for them . It’s alot of fuck in the head people walking around that look like everyday people be careful who you trust .

  • Isee

    What people outside of the zone don’t know is that Chicago is in deep trouble. The hood is hell for real, before when weed and liquor ran the airwaves things were bad, but know pills and lean(sizzurp or whatever) runs the airwaves. The top rappers vice, is the teenny bopppers vice. These kids here are nutz, they will off you for a piece of food. This is a crime fueled by sadness turned rage, or money.
    We are the murder capital, we are police stated(with cameras everywhere) the head of our police comes from Philly who hads trhe murder capital title while he was there. The police kill at least one person a month, sometimes more. Pray for my city, pray for our children.