SDN Tournament – The Elite Hate + Kimbo Slice [Bonus]

Welcome to ESDN First Hate. I’m Ron Mexico.

Jemelle Hill and I will be yelling all kinds of foul shit at Skip Bayless later in the program. After Skip’s done crying, I’m taking Ms. Hill upstairs with Dana.

You know… to prepare for tomorow’s show.

Diddy, Weezy, Ya Woy Ply, Wondercheeks, L-Boogie, Earl Obama, Foofy & Kells all survive. You can get the complete breakdown/stats and updated brackets here.

With only seven contests remaining, tensions are beginning to flare around the ESDN offices.

The Elite Hate Division A Matchups

#8 Diddy vs. #4 Lil’ Wayne

Diddy’s stock has risen the highest throughout the course of the tournament. If he gets past Wayne, I don’t know if Plies or Superhead could stop him from getting to the Finals. Those wondering if the reading comments would hurt Mr. Carter can cast their worries aside. Weeziana saw a spike in SDN popularity and crushed The Game[show] last round.


#6 Plies vs. #10 Karrine “Superhead” Steffans

Superhead has made it to the Elite Hate, people! Either the voters are reeeeeally misogynistic, or they truly believe in the strange, idiot savant nature of Hip-Hop’s reigning Black Widow. Plies may want to offer her a ring or something to put this round in the bag for himself.


The Elite Hate Division B Matchups

#4 DMX vs. #9 Lauryn Hill

One of the dumbest SDNs faces one of the brightest in a matchup that will definitely test the limitations of our loose definition. I’d look to the results of this particular matchup as the barometer for whether voters are checking for the smart-dumb delta, intelligence ceiling or idiocy floor.


#7 Flavor Flav vs. R. Kelly

Yet another finals-worthy matchup comes entirely too soon. If only the computer could have thrown one of these niggas into Division A to take Puffy out. Dammit. I won’t tell you who I voted for yet, but damn. Can’t say it didn’t take me a full 20 minutes to decide.


Voting is open. Please perform your civic duty and get after it!

So… Who saw Deebo get knocked the fuck out this weekend?

If you didn’t think at some point a real MMA fighter wasn’t gonna beat the patches off the side of Kimbo Slice’s head, you’re crazy. He can beat up on the round-the-way bums on your block for a few grand at a time, but Kimbo’s a loooong way from competing in any contest of merit in the MMA world.

CBS was smart to make those ratings on Home Slice’s back though. Maybe it’s time for Kimbo to pick up a mic and ride the wave. If Ludacris put Mayweather on a track, maybe Shawty Lo or somebody could get Kimbo.

The nigga used to bust eye sockets out in backyards. Some tough talk on a rap song is a far easier $10,000.

Oh, yeah… Negro Please yourself if you thought Kimbo was going to earn a title in anything other than Bumfight. If you’re wondering what happened to the nigga who looked like he could beat your children with one hand, break your wife’s neck with the other, then step over her to come fuck YOU in the ass… I’m sure he’ll be back in a parking lot near you soon enough.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Can you kick MY ass?

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  • geico lizard

    i dont know what to say about kimbo and you are right about him making the transition to rap because he had trick daddy and the dunk riders as his entrance music so how hard could it be for him to do a hook for those bums. i cant believe laryn hill made it to the elite hate damn i wonder if superhead and laryn will end up face to face ina cat fight now. at least my tennessee titans won on sunday after kimbo let me down saturday night. you worked your way over to jemele hill finally she has some sexy eyes and i like that pro black side she has that comes out sometimes. sage steele kind of looks like big bird with that long ass neck and she said she marks the black and white box on job applications so if she is lookin in the mirror and thinks she is light enough to pass for white then she is crazy.

    • Ron Mexico

      yea, i’d take jemelle over sage any day. she look like she do that bird walk for real.

      if she think she passin… lawd.

      maybe she passin for tracee ellis rawss.

    • DV8

      doesnt that one chick Rachel Nicholls (red headed broad) look like she get it poppin in the locker room?

  • smashirony


    • Ron Mexico

      you gotta beat a nigga till he leave that wallet behind like mario.

      get that mario wallet!
      get that mario wallet!

  • amar

    hooooooooly crap diddy vs. wayne?! that’s like asking me to pick a favorite flavour of mrs. vickies. Jalapeno wins a lotta the time, but it depends on my mood. I might be feeling salt and pepper, or even that red pepper one. THIS IS HARD MAN…

    i’m gonna vote for diddy though…i feel that he needs that one last hate push to pull a martin lawrence or a mariah or a britney and go balistic nuts-o run naked down a street crazay. I’m wanting to see that go down.

  • yoprince

    no homo right amar??

  • Pierzy

    September Sadness turns into October Oh-No-They-Didnt’s… I got my L-boogie jersey on and the jersey number is of course 96. It’s time to settle The Score. “Bought Lauryn Hill’s tape so her kids could starve…”

    Get back at me, Mr. Mex!

    • LEO



      • Ron Mexico

        you go ahead and test that one out. make sure we get a link to that youtube.

        kimbo vs. leo. hahaha. oh, man.

        p, i’ll fuck with a “the score” jersey!

        • Pierzy

          Yeah I should hook that up. I still have 3 of my Final 4 alive but ODB killed me…

        • LEO


          EYO SET IT UP!!!

          SIKE NAH

  • amar


    lol indeed when i say i want diddy to go crazy and run down the street naked, i do so with an unblemished record of undeniable heterosexuality. No Doogie Howser. <–btw questionable proof that soulja boy is gay resides here

    • EReal

      Man, dont fucks with NPH man, I bet he could fuck your girl if he wanted to.

  • Worley

    “Ya Woy Ply.” Mex you know you a fool man.

    Flav vs. R. Kelly and DMX vs. Lauryn Hill. Damn, sh*t is getting tough. I’m gonna have to blaze for a few then vote.

  • DJ Daddy Mack



  • chad bro chill

    hahahah how can you not vote for flavor flav when you see his picture

    • squadwildin

      To me a smart dumb nigga is an oxymoron so to be one, your personality has to always be conflicting. Thats flavor flav all the way…

      you listen to a public enemy album then you watch the flavor of love, youre probly wondering like what the fuck happened. Flavor flav and plies are the definition of an SDN.

      Same thing wit plies. You watch an interview wit dis nigga then go out and copp his album the next day and its shocking…dont get me wrong, i like his albums, but most of his songs are ignorant as hell. tho.. he might be dumbing it down… Consider that!!

  • anutha_level

    seems like he should made a MUCH easier transition into the real MMA world…nigga’s been doing some real fight training, getting supervised by REAL MMA professionals…his suck-assedness doesn’t make any sense to me…hood skills mixed w/pro shyt should make this nigga a super-sayen-goku-ass nigga or somethin….

    • Ron Mexico

      you need a lot more time and experience.

      kimbo moved really quickly to capitalize on his youtube celebrity.

      i wasn’t thinking he was gonna get done in with the hands though. i was sure someone would break his arm or some shit.

      • KFrizzle

        Am I the only one that thinks that fight looked a little “Baby Bam-ish” [||] ie: fruity?? I mean a 235 pound former bare knuckle street fighter getting hit with a VERY short hook from a 200 lb dude wearing 4oz gloves and falling out like that is very suspect. Then when Kimbo was down, he barely even caught him clean but once maybe twice and Kimbo is getting up trying to take down the ref and shit acting all stunned. I call bullshit — even though I knew after Kimbo gassed out his last fight he wasn’t the real deal in MMA — that fight seemed hosed since Shamrock was out.

        • EReal

          Yo forreal tho, and the way he reacted. It just seemed like he decided he didnt wanna do the shit anymore, he already made some decent cash and he was like fuck it. Now the only way he even has any type of chance for a future is if he beats a contender, which we all know aint happenin.

  • anutha_level

    and for the record…i got my money on “what the fuck is a barack?” to take the crown…

  • Kane Corleone

    DMX VS KELLS is really how it should be thats like Hulk Hogan vs The Rock ….that shit would be epic.

  • TheCo!!inB

    X and Hill both smoke Crills

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Lil Wayne vs Diddy???
    Damn!!! That’s Hard!!! [||]

  • Omar


    And Kimbo is lucky, Shamrock would have made him tap in that same amount of time.

  • jojo

    As a boxing purist, I was glad to see Kimbo get what he got. MMA recieves way too much hype from the mainstream viewership than it truly deserves.

    At times there are some good fights, but usually the shit drags on, and the quality of fighters is pathetic. I dont understand how fighters can have records like 12-7 and be considered top tier fighting superstars. Kimbo got knocked down by a jab, Lidell got knocked by a clipping blow, and hopefully MMA gets the left put on it for good. OVERRATED!!!

    I know im a hater, but people shouldnt waste their time with that shit when the lightweight and welterweight divisions in boxing are as stacked as they are.

    P.S. Besides hating on MMA, i also hate on MMA fans, specifically douchebags who wear ed hardy, affliction and tapout. MMA fans are the ghey.

    • EReal

      YOU MAD! lolz