SCRATCH: Wanna Produce For Asher Roth?

So by now I’m sure you’ve all seen XXL’s new 10 Freshmen cover. As a companion to the issue, XXL is releasing a mixtape featuring all exclusive music from the 10 Freshmen artists. The first joint to be leaked is a track by Asher Roth called “The Reading,” produced by Nottz.

For you producers out there, we’re giving you a shot at coming up with a remix for the track and having it featured on, as well as an opportunity for it to be considered for inclusion on the mixtape. Honestly, it really depends on how hot the entries are that we get back.

So what you want to do now is download the acapella of “The Reading.” Then get to work. I expect to hear some magic from all you readers!

All MP3s should be emailed to and the deadline for entries is Friday 10/31

Let’s get it going.

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    This guy might have just gained a fan.

  • TheCo!!inB

    *knows better than to try to follow up behind Nottz*
    where’s the original at gooch so I can see what Nottz did first?

  • lookadeez

    WTF is he talking about? Can we get a hook in this shit or something? That was longwinded as helll, and it seems like he was tring to say something he could’ve said in the first 16. boo

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    • Rocky Radio

      Im def excited to send in a version of my remix I think Asher Roth def has lyrical content and Nottz is just a legend in his own right! I actually saw him showcase his work durring the Redbull Big Tunes Producer Battle here in D.C. at the 9:30 club he made joints I didnt even know he made! Anyway goodluck to the rest of the producers sending in their work! Pe@ce…

  • Bang

    Can’t we just let this cornball faggot leave hip hop and we move on to better things. Rapping about being lame, mocha lattes and new age bullshit is tired and should have been thrown out the window with Madonna’s career. If he’s really that important or necessary in hip hop, he could have been earning his stripes and making dope songs. If there’s one thing we don’t need, is industry execs pushing this lame on us. STOP THAT

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Before all of Ashers fan club and street team people come in here and post comments like. “He was just influenced by eminem”, “He has his own style and does not talk about the same things as em”, or the usual “Asher has his own lane, he’s on that college frat boy tip”… He is a faux Eminem clone. It has nothing to do with the fact that he’s white. Every syllable, every word inflection, the tone of his voice and the word play is nothing but Eminem Circa (Infinite and The Slim Shady LP). Why on earth does this dude get a pass? What brilliant label thought it was wise to rehash an old eminem style and try to pawn it off on the children as something new? And just like all of the clones before him, The Jay-z clones (Angeles, The Guy from Jim Jones crew, Bathgate, Sacario) The Biggie Clones (Gorilla Black, Syne), The Tupac Clones, ( C-Murder, Master P, The Realist, Jim Jones, Bigaveli, Lil Zane, etc), He will flop and never be heard from again .

    Fuck out of here : )


      C-Murder and Master P are Pac clones now? They helped put the south on the map. fuck out of here to you tool. Getcha mind right

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    Is this serious please stop drinking the kool aid. Asher is a clone of EM. He will fade soon enough. Probably sustain a nice indie buzz or something.

  • Chris Mac

    This guy is whack, if anyone says he aint bitin shadys style is hip hop retarded. This guy sounds like he jus takes a rhyming dictionary and put it all together. Im white and this flagerent mofucka is puttin us down as mc’s. I’ll say it again.”Would the real slim shady please stand up, and all the fake slim shadys please stand up”. Take it from your own rhyme roth, your not a hit ur a miss. One

  • Chris Mac

    Sorry would “all the fake slim shadys please shut up”

    • Bling D

      Co-sign. Eminem should return and shut these clowns the fuck up …

      • Ant mcQueen

        not gonna happen….Em likes Roth and that Chester Finch dude. But dude…they may sound alike…but the thing that Em was on and Roth is on are on to totally different subjects…Sounding the same doesn’t make a clone. So please make it look like you really listen to music and hear the lyrics!!

  • Dtowntke

    the kid is nice, yes he sounds like em, yes he’s white like em, but that dosn’t mean the kid can’t flow. i grew up in the 313 when em was coming up and yes yes he dose sound like em from the infinite album but em left his hip hop style for his gangsta rap persona, me personally like em better when he was underground hip hop with something to say but he tossed that aside for the dollar bill. so i guess what i am saying is if em didn’t want to rhyme like that anymore why can’t this kid pick up the ball and run with it. its not like he’s wack and if you think he is your a hater. we can start calling ashton an em copy if he starts rapping about killing his wife, or starts hangning with dre.

  • Diddy

    This cat may sound like EM in the voice, but is talking on other subjects. Fact of the matter is this dude can spit. I beleive everyone that is hating would love to be in his position, but know their skills aren’t up to his level. Leave this guy alone and see what happens.

    By the way he will sell more records than the average artist just because he is white. Sorry but that is the sad facts of life today.

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  • Lucky

    wow this guy is such a slim shady wanna be he even wants to sound like him. the real stand, he cant say he doesnt want to be like Shady but he knows he wants too.

    dude just go to school and be a doctor or something that will fit you.

    • Jolson

      Wait… Isn’t that racism? “Something that will fit you”… really? To say that just because some kid is white means he has to be a doctor and can’t be a hip hop artist is racism. Music is all about breaking down these stereotypes. Stop perpetuating them.

      The world of music is filled with people who are influenced by other people. This guy is influenced by EM, but that doesn’t mean he can’t write or rap. He can.

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  • jmill1224

    He look like one of them kids from my kid’s high school musical dvd! The flow is like em, the voice is like em, I THINK IMMA WAIT ON EM!

  • ayo


  • Sean

    What you dumb ass “Marco Polo” loving haters need to do is shut the fuck up, download the mixtape, he’s not hype, he has already delivered and I guarantee this coming summer ya girlfriends are gonna be bumping this shit and you’ll be the odd man out. Quit being punks, quit being haters, quit be bitches. Ya probably don’t even have girlfriends.
    Check out Track 3: Humans Irk Me and Track 12: The Lounge off the mixtape.
    P.S. oh and he topped Wayne on that Cannon Remix.

  • Bruce

    The link for the acapella is broken!!! If this competition is still ongoing, please let us know how to get the file.


  • diggsy

    Asher Roth is a tight MC, but he’s really gonna have to get away from sounding so much like Shady for people to really take him seriously. He has great rhymes but doesn’t make good songs. I think he should make more songs like “The Lounge”.

  • Rae Tha Great

    Yo I already got the perfect beat for Ash on some real shit I don’t know if I could use that acapella but, ever since I seen the freestyle with The Cool Kids I made the perfect beat. PEACE

  • Knowledge32

    damn there’s a lot of hate going on isn’t there? He sounds similiar to Em’s chill tone, but everyone knows the best Em is angry Em; that he will never be or have.

    This is more smooth and chill. I give respect to his overall message in this song too. Speak truth on basic observations…old school.

  • marcus

    You haterz are all prob some unsigned angry rappers. This kid is the truth and he is about to be that shit. The Reading is some classic hip hop shit. Fuck em Ash.

  • Dre

    this shit cranks I think he just gained a new fan

  • Chris Mac

    Asher I hope you choke to death on a bong toke while pump the shady lp.

  • marcus

    The haterz are funny, but no one can deny that ASHER ROTH is the shit!!! He got the hottest mixtape ever…THE GREENHOUSE EFFECT…check for it

  • Jenisis

    Yes he does sound like a Bizzaro cloned version of Eminem, I agree completely. That said tho, dude has potential to be a great MC, but a lot of yall are sittin here and giving him this huge obstacle course to overcome to get there. I was too young to care back then, but when Shady first came out and wasn’t workin with Dre, I bet this is the same level of hate and doubt that was said about him, and now look. The only difference here is that Asher Roth has a blueprint to follow that Em created, and the guy is actually trying NOT to follow that blueprint as much as possible. The fact is dude got skills, but the Em influence is too noticeable, he needs to get away from that before he can really shine and be taken seriously.

    P.S. Em is truly the “Great White Hope” in rap. I’m just curious, have yall ever heard the average wanna-be rapper white boy try and spit? 9/10 of them fuckers sound got that same style, just way more off beat and little or no wordplay. Or is it just me?

  • Trouble

    Asher Roth’s producers dont want to produce for Asher Roth LOL !!!

    And I aint about to put this blunt down to remix his whack as song. He cant rap, hes a clone, and a bad one at that. Atleast Shyne could flow, when he was bitting Biggies delivery. This guy owes Eminem alot of point of his publishing.

    • DANJA29

      “And I aint about to put this blunt down to remix his whack as song.”

      ^^^And that mentality right there is why he’s where he is, and you’re at home smokin’ your blunt and talkin’ shit. And in the same breath, you’ll prob’ly complain about why muhfukkas you think you’re better than are in the industry.


    What is the point of this track?

    Someone lay it down for me.


    A over-privileged cracka-ass-cracka, felt the urge to rap. So he listened to Eminem for a few months, and got his style and delivery down PAT. So his rich parents pay D.J Drama to host a gangsta grill, and the rest is history.

    His parents are going to go broke trying to promote him LOL !!!

    • fre$h

      im sick of all these stupid ass haters who dont kno what the fuck there talkin about. so here’s a quick bio dummies. first he just a chill white dude from the burbs who felt “the urge” to rap cuz its in his blood. all the wannabe rappers who blog on this shit are jus mad cuz they think they kno how to rap but are actually just wack retards an spend their time on here hatin wonderin why they aint done shit an theyre on here bloggin!! (GOOD rappers dont blog!!)…only WACK ones!! an his parents had nothin to do with where hes at. was makin an sellin cd’s in high school, freshmen yr college makin songs in his dorm room put em on the internet, scooter braun found him,got him signed an hooked him up w/drama… if you can spit 150 bars in front of Jay-z on the spot an jay says your nice…YOUR nice!!

  • Chris Mac

    Point of this track is to show the world he’s as whack as can be!soulja boi’s new song is lyrical compared to this dude.

  • a.lo

    anyone know the tempo on this joint? gimme a BPM so i can kut this up

    • Vex

      I think it’s 87.5 BPM that was the closest I got. Dudes alright you cats need to stop hating and get a life.

  • Rocky Radio

    First lemme say all the non-hip hop heads who keep saying Asher Roth raps like Emeinem clearly never sat down and listened to Em. They have two completely different styles… I will say tho that they do have the same voice but that’s where it stops… With practice and the right ppl behind him he has the potential for longevity.

  • Nefarious

    he might have gotten inspiration from em, kinda like nas got inspired by Rakim, or most hiphop artist were influenced by slick rick…ummm theres nothing wrong with that.I mean who influenced jordan, …Do we look at Kobe or LaBron and say…. He wont make it..hes trying to be like MJ? Yeah dude is influence by EM circa late 90′s…But EM dont spit like this no more! maybe on relapse(I hope) but Em aint hungry like this dude…

  • Animosity

    Who cares who he sounds like? Kanye got a bit of AZ in his voice…Guerilla Black sounds like BIG….blah, blah, blah. The only reason there’s hate going on here is because he’s caucasian. Plain and simple. Fuckin’ cornballs.

    All these replies for a track that really isn’t that good. Must be the tight pants.

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  • Rocky Radio

    Since the mixtape’s been leaked, whats going to happen to the Remix Contest?

  • mdb

    is a winner ever gonna be announced for this?

  • RemiRem

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. Anybody – any race – with half a brain, a pen and swagger can write a song like this cat. A joke that music is headed in these flip flopped – super fucked directions. Hip hop isn’t dead – it’s just dazed and confused. Big up to dudes like Illa J, Theophilus London, Guilty Simpson. Get out of the way of hip hop’s evoution Asher Roth. damn