So by now I'm sure you've all seen XXL's new 10 Freshmen cover. As a companion to the issue, XXL is releasing a mixtape featuring all exclusive music from the 10 Freshmen artists. The first joint to be leaked is a track by Asher Roth called "The Reading," produced by Nottz.

For you producers out there, we're giving you a shot at coming up with a remix for the track and having it featured on, as well as an opportunity for it to be considered for inclusion on the mixtape. Honestly, it really depends on how hot the entries are that we get back.

So what you want to do now is download the acapella of "The Reading." Then get to work. I expect to hear some magic from all you readers!

All MP3s should be emailed to and the deadline for entries is Friday 10/31

Let's get it going.