More Swagger Than Mick Jagger, But Regretfully Less Than Jimmy Swaggart…

Sometimes I have to talk retard to y’all so that you can understand what the fuck I am talking about. I told y’all that ius was way harder to release a studio album than it was a mixtape. This is why Jadakiss is the king of mixtapes along with Wang and Fisty. I’m glad that some of y’all realize this shit now.

Today’s drop however is about swagger. It’s overused, but not proportionately overstood. What the fuck is swagger? Let’s see if we can clearly define it so that generations to come will appreciate just how valuable it is to have swagger. It shouldn’t be a situation where swaggers value can be altered like the stock market. Swagger must have a constant value. But to get the value you first have to know the formula (shout to Buckshot back on his feet)

Sw = 3+x(y)

If a rapper has swagger then he/she should be releasing slang into the culture that is adopted as the paradigm for expressing that idea. Wu-Tang brought the phrase ‘iced out’ into the lexicon. B.G. gave the world ‘Bling’. That is swagger when motherfuckers put your shit in a dictionary. I don’t consider a rapper’s fashion to be swagger because all these niggas have a fucking t-shirt company. Rappers never dressed me. I dress myself.

The only thing that matters for swagger is whether or not you got rhymes. I’m not talking about being lyrical either. I’m just talking about walking down the street and hearing people do your song or talk your talk. A nigga like E-40 gots hell’a swagger. Some niggas got swagger for the wrong reason though. Jay-Z got everyone thing that a blueprint is the most official shit ever. Ha! A blueprint is like a Xerox copy you dumb motherfuckers. Yes, a blueprint holds information, but why not fuck with the original? I always miss some lines or measurements on a blueprint.

I wish niggas would stop crediting T-Pain for jacking Stevie Wonder’s robot voice swagger. That is my problem with swagger. Fools don’t know who to give the proper swag credit to. People might say that Lil’ Wang swagjacked the phrase ‘Ya Deeeg?’ from DipSet, but Cam and them copped that from Jimmy Walker. I will send five PayPal dollars to the person that pulls down the first rap song with the word swagger in a verse.

Fuck it, ten, ten PayPal dollars. Hahahaaaaa.
*uses The Count voice from Sesame Street*

Or you could go the route that has the word swagger buried for all eternity. I would comfortably return to using F.R.E.S.H. if I had to. Just don’t fuck with hardbody.

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  • OG Matt Herbz

    Documented: In the year 1988, Matt Herbz was in the first grade. He walked into class on the first day of school pimp-limping like a muthafucka cause the boys in his class to laugh at him mockingly. The girls, however, noticed something special in the way that he walked. Even the teacher saw it and remarked on the situation: “That’s boy’s swaggering around like some kind of PIMP!”

    Herbz, having never heard the word “swagger” before, quickly through out a 2 bar freestyle:

    “No one is this bitch got swagger like Herbz.
    I’m from uptown baby, y’all nerdz just from the burbz…”

    He was sent to the Principal’s office for his foul mouth, but noted in the Principal’s logbook was the first ever instance of using the word “swagger” in a rhyme.

    –OG Matt Herbz–
    Rap Historian

    • yoprince


  • Pierzy

    I think Jay was using the term “Blueprint” in the architectural sense of the word. Hence, he’s the blueprint and everyone builds their careers (music, “swagger,” whatever) upon his plans. Without the blueprint, you really can’t build anything, so you need that blueprint to use as a guide for how to create your structure (or career in this case).

  • damion

    stop spreading dumb shyt. Jay was not referring to a blueprint as a copy.

    From – blueprint: a detailed outline or plan of action

    swagger: ostentatious display of arrogance and conceit

    Billy Sunday, you’ve just been swagged on baby. Don’t feel bad; it happens to the best of us.

    • master cheef

      cosign to the fullest

      like billy has ever really had to read a blueprint. ha. can you picture his fat ass doin any actual work? that dude is months away from standing on the corner beggin.

  • capcobra

    i think niguz got that word swagger from jay off that blueprint song “the rulers back”…even though kris is the ultimate blueprint for an emcee…jay is the real blueprint for a street cat turn hot emcee turn successful businessman…so for me swagger is more about being in your zone..i think niguz just using the word wrong and all outta place…it’s like ghostface saying “if i was’d be spotted like spud mckenzie”….jiggy meant jake but then the lox and will smith made it mean fly…and that’s just people misinterpreting some shit they know nothing about.

  • JeffDaChef

    What exactly was the point of this article? And another thing, by your definition, it seems that only rappers can have swagger. I mean, can’t I be swagtastic as well.


    @OG Matt Herbz
    Take your wigger wiggity swagger out out this site!!

  • amar

    it is not he who coined a phrase who has the swagger, but he who used it and got people to listen and mimick it.

    ie snoop dogg didn’t invent the whole izzle thing, but gets the credit

  • amar

    and yeah, i think u fucked up on the blueprint thing lol

  • master cheef

    billy “x.tra fudge” sunday,

    i am so glad we have have you to kick knowledge to all of us poor ol simpletons. i really dont understand how anybody would know anything if it wasnt for you. you provide an invaluable service to everyone who even slightly liked hip hop.

    wait, i take that back. you dont know shit about shit. heres some new terms for you. you are pseudohiphop and softbody as a muhfucka

  • Dr Flav

    I want to say Kool G or Kane and I think it was on Symphony. Swagger is some old John Wayne cowboy movie shit. Blueprint was Chris Parker album bite which begat E40 Charlie Hustle Blueprint of a self made…, which begat Camel Carter’s copy. Still reading daily, Sunday, happy belated Wayne, I mean birthday. I hope this posts…

    • capcobra

      nobody on the symphony said anything about swagger….lol….quote the line then.

  • DV8

    This swagger shit is getting out of hand. Who really gives a fuck? Niggaz like Jenny Jones comparing his swag to others dudes is suspect (thats a females job when she talking with her home girls at the beauty salon). Thats like the 2 girls in the club/party who are rocking the same outfit and then hate on each other the whole night. Dudes dont act like that. Fuck a swag….and those who really have swag dont have to talk about it because it can be seen, its obvious because you notice.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Dr.Flav!?! You still in the building? XXL owes you a check fam.

    As for all of you meatballs the blueprint is created when you place your original plan (or elevation, or section, or isometric, or axometric drawing) with the copy paper through a light x amonia machine.

    Like I told you da-dunn da-dunts before, the blueprint is actually a copy. If you are an architect then you give a blueprint away for people to review and make comments. Niggas can’t make changes to the original plan by marking up a blueprint.

    If some nigger calls himself the blueprint then all he is saying is that he is a facsimile of an original.

  • Dr Flav

    For example Jay Z followed Biggie’s ugly rapper blueprint. Yeah Sunday I stay posted on the block, I heard them checks be bouncing though bruh. Lol!


    i always thought the word came for that preacher dude jimmy swagger. cause he use to dress all fly and take them old people money.

  • master cheef

    dumbass, nobody said a blueprint is the original original. everybody agreed it is a guideline for how things are to be done.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    The blueprint is a copy, the original is the master plan. If you knew anything about reproducing plans then you woujld know that the copy can never be as detailed as the original.

  • Dr Flav

    I said I was not sure about Symphony, but Im pretty sure it was G Rap. R.I.F. nigga damn.

    • capcobra

      r.i.definitely f…now tell me the song doc………?

  • master cheef

    ok, ok, i’ve officially been ethered

  • squadwildin

    Swagger is about comfort, being in your comfort zone… Knowin who you are and puttin some confidence behind it. Some ppl swagger jack up the ass, like Lil Wayne, and although ppl say he has swagger, thats clearly an illusion cuz thats not his.

    Its true, the cats wit the most swag are innovators. Lil Wayne is all hype…hype kills; swag sells, so sooner or later, he’ll be exposed. He’s on his way down.

    Pimp C had swag, coined wood grain wheel. T.I has swag, Pac had swag, Andre 3k has swag, Biggie had major swag…Jay z has way too much swag…. Fabolous has swag…all these boys are also trendsetters(fabolous mixin the yellow and white chains together)you gotta know yourself first before you can lead a cultural movement. Lil Wayne doesnt know who the fuck he is yet….[but he's learning]

    And i think i heard swagger on reasonable doubt so i’d say Jay Z.

    It is being overused,true, mainly by niggas who have no swag at all; mainly cuz they dont have they own personality.

    And you can gain and lose swagger. If you not comfortable in a new place or different environment, of course yo swag is gone be off.

    A nigga from the hood might have a lot of swag on the block but if he were to go to a gala or some shit that takes class, that same swag is not gone be there.

    The key is versatility…that’s what seperates the men from the boys

  • Incilin

    Billy X Sunday’s got swagger cuz he put the word “hardbody” on smash for the internets. But at the same time, Bol invented “Ethered” as a term and lota niggas use it so I guess he got more swagger than half there rappers. Lol


    redman’s 1st album on supermanlover is when i 1st heard it

  • Jerz!

    Aw man this shit is so dumb,

    Jay-Z creates the master plan, distributes the blueprint to you mf’s.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    No you are wrong Jay-Z is still the Blurprint.

    Sonn wasn’t even thinking of a master plan.

    That was left up to another rapper more greater than Jay.