Sometimes I have to talk retard to y'all so that you can understand what the fuck I am talking about. I told y'all that ius was way harder to release a studio album than it was a mixtape. This is why Jadakiss is the king of mixtapes along with Wang and Fisty. I'm glad that some of y'all realize this shit now.

Today's drop however is about swagger. It's overused, but not proportionately overstood. What the fuck is swagger? Let's see if we can clearly define it so that generations to come will appreciate just how valuable it is to have swagger. It shouldn't be a situation where swaggers value can be altered like the stock market. Swagger must have a constant value. But to get the value you first have to know the formula (shout to Buckshot back on his feet)

Sw = 3+x(y)

If a rapper has swagger then he/she should be releasing slang into the culture that is adopted as the paradigm for expressing that idea. Wu-Tang brought the phrase 'iced out' into the lexicon. B.G. gave the world 'Bling'. That is swagger when motherfuckers put your shit in a dictionary. I don't consider a rapper's fashion to be swagger because all these niggas have a fucking t-shirt company. Rappers never dressed me. I dress myself.

The only thing that matters for swagger is whether or not you got rhymes. I'm not talking about being lyrical either. I'm just talking about walking down the street and hearing people do your song or talk your talk. A nigga like E-40 gots hell'a swagger. Some niggas got swagger for the wrong reason though. Jay-Z got everyone thing that a blueprint is the most official shit ever. Ha! A blueprint is like a Xerox copy you dumb motherfuckers. Yes, a blueprint holds information, but why not fuck with the original? I always miss some lines or measurements on a blueprint.

I wish niggas would stop crediting T-Pain for jacking Stevie Wonder's robot voice swagger. That is my problem with swagger. Fools don't know who to give the proper swag credit to. People might say that Lil' Wang swagjacked the phrase 'Ya Deeeg?' from DipSet, but Cam and them copped that from Jimmy Walker. I will send five PayPal dollars to the person that pulls down the first rap song with the word swagger in a verse.

Fuck it, ten, ten PayPal dollars. Hahahaaaaa.
*uses The Count voice from Sesame Street*

Or you could go the route that has the word swagger buried for all eternity. I would comfortably return to using F.R.E.S.H. if I had to. Just don't fuck with hardbody.