God Made D.I.R.T.

Do I have to tell y’all that ‘Da Incredible Rap Team’ hit stores yesterday? Shout to all the internets that actually bought the retail. All none of you. This is one of the reasons that the t.I.’s that run Harris don’t give this site any respect. The know that the constituency doesn’t come up off that money for retail entertainment consumption.

Niggas go to multiplexes and sit through three pictures. Niggas is even sending the new movies via torrent so no one has to actually leave the house anymore. That shit makes me mad too because Heltah Skeltah’s new album is like the third best album of 2008.

  • ‘Rising Down – The Roots
  • ’808′s & Heartbreak – ‘Ye Tudda
  • ‘D.I.R.T. – Heltah Skeltah
  • ‘Untitled’* – NaS
  • ‘L.A.X.’ – The Game
  • *Wale’s CD would have been above NaS’ lbum but mixtapes don’t count, only studio albums.

    Did you buy ANY of those albums? By you not buying a single one of those albums you have prevented me from buying them as well. Without your support of that god music the t.I.’s at Harris will not give me any of the money I need for my various habits. One of which is music appreciation, and another of which is alcohol.

    What mental hangup do you fools have with buying yourself a fucking CD once every quarter? You dudes are pitiful. At least you have CD’s now. I came up in the game with cassettes. The best you coul hope for was to go over your mans-n-’ems crib with the twin cassette player and you would have one of those shiny new metal cassettes.

    Times change, the future comes around and you can buy a motherfuckers music on iTunes.

    So with all of this new technology ahead of us you would think that maybe the music industry would do the right thing and start releasing new CD’s on an illuminati chip. That’s the national RFID card being implanted into people’s brains. I like that shit because I don’t need any headphones anymore to hear my shit. I stayed losing those little foam covers that went over the earbuds.

    I’m not saying that buying CD’s now will save your ass because it won’t. Jermaine Dupri told me that all you downloaders are the reason why the global mortgage crisis jumped off. Speaking of DL’ers… Would someone get me a “press review copy” of L.A.X.

    You know where to find me.

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    • from Finland


    • Matt Herbz

      Everyone excuse the gay nigga above shoutin “1st”. He doesn’t understand, he’s from Finland of all places.

      Now, I’m only dropping bills on a CD if it’s not a conflict of interest. I mean, I’m rich, but I can’t be just picking up any old CD, nahmean?! How would it look if Mariah were to come over and wanna get sexed slow and when she goes to the BOSE system, she finds a Janet Jackson CD. Nigga’d be out of a lay at that point and Mariah still get them goodies, you betta know that. I still haven’t had a chance to hear that Nas CD yet, but then again, when Kelis comes over and she’s milk-shaking them titties in my face, I can’t have a Street’s Disciple track pop up on the random and kill the vibe.

      You niggaz smellin’ me?!

      –OG Matt Herbz–

      • EReal

        No, we feel bad for retards around here.

    • EReal

      Pre-Ordered from Amazon, lame.

      If those are your top 5 albums of 08, you should really think about killing yourself, BCC had other drops this year that were wayyyyyyyyyy better than L.A.X. Plus how are you listing albums you haven’t even heard? Be-Ya-Yitch!

    • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

      I’m listing L.A.X. because that nigga Game is the shit you fuckin’ hump. You the same nigger that live in Florida and don’t even know that hurricane season is over? STFU and sit down you ho ass nigger.

      • EReal

        Go look at a weather map, right now. One of the most destructive hurricanes in HISTORY hit texas in DECEMBER, you ignorant fag.

        And how you go from BCC to Game is beyond me.

        Stop with the drugs BXS, you’re falling off HARD.

    • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

      Ahh, 808s and Heartbreaks didn’t even come out, lol. Or maybe you heard a copy while cursing in your spaceship. And if that’s the case, why isn’t Detox on this list? Dam, I guess it was wack.

      To tell you the truth I really want to buy a CD, but there’s no reason for that shit. I mean, if I had a CD how would I listen to it on the train? If I bought a CD I’d put it in my PC, rip the songs, load them into my MP3 player, and would never ever need the CD again. In some cases, it would be faster for me dl the album than it would be to rip it.

      • EReal

        Right Inci?

        Im sayin, why would you wanna lug around a cd case and player n shit? 80 gig Ipod mang, thats where its at. Plus who, in this economy, wants to drive to the store, pay sales taxes, ect. Just to get the liner notes?

        Its like people who get all pissy cause cd players have replaced vinyl. Its all Old Head stuck in the 90s Dj Premier “Not Talent Required” ass dudes like BXS still rockin Rugby Polos like they’re hot. LMAO!

    • Og Bobby J

      the best albums of this year havent evendropped yet…and no, not gey tudda

      statik selektah – stick to the script
      jadakiss (hopefully) – kiss my ass
      Blueprint 3
      50′s new shit
      Em’s new shit

      Anyone heard the termanology shit that dropped yesterday? Im thinkin bout coppin it….

    • Capital G

      Billy X. – I personally bought all the albums with the exception of Kanye because well, that’s fuckin impossible at this date. The D.I.R.T. album is a banga if you’re into the BCC. If an artist is gonna take the time to craft an album I might want to listen to, the least I could do is spend a couple bucks on the physical product. The only thing I download is mixtapes, studio albums should be purchased. Support the artists you love, don’t fuckin steal from them. You don’t go to your peoples’ house and steal from them when they ain’t lookin, shouldn’t call yourself a fan and then steal off the artist. Or do I have shit twisted?

    • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

      I stays with a crispy ‘Lo rugby because that shit is classic you effin waterhead.

      • EReal

        If by “classic” you mean played out!

        Yo, we’re 12 years outta 96, big dawg, we all know you wear polos cause yous a fat dude. No matter what Raekwon told you, that shit dont make you look slimmer homie.

        It just makes you look old.

        Tryina help out man, you gotta keep a FRESH swag. Walkin round lookin like a damn Retro Kid, bahahahaa!

    • http://www.prettypancakes.com amar

      lol these bxs insult comments are better than the actual post hahahahaha loving it


    • DV8

      Bought The Roots joint and the Nas joint. I go out and support hiphop by buying albums. The culture has its own economy and record sales are a big part of that. So if you bootleggin and downloading you are contributing to the financial woes of the hiphop industry (which helps create jobs and opportunities) which is why hiphop is being “downsized” by these major labels. Thats why nobody is getting these big multi million dollar deals anymore. Look around, you dont really hear of albums by pop, country, and rock artist being bootlegged and leaked. In order for any business/industry to survive the has to be a flow of revenue. These greedy, selfish, leeches are fucking things up for everybody.

      • Capital G


    • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

      shut your Amazon-ordering ass up.

      niggers like you rock the shit that bird ass niggers like because you are a fucking shut in.

      get out of your crib and say hello to a pretty broad, then tell me what the fuck to wear you half-a-homo.

    • Neven

      I have the roots album (physical album) I also bought NaS album and the pain single off of Games album I went out and bought DJ Muggs vs Plant Asia Pain language via I-Tunes. I have also bought GZA album Ice Cubes album, Ill Bills Album, Everlast Album (good for the women) Royce 5 9 bar exam and Terminology when I get off of work,I went back and bought Swollen Members first album BALANCE I also bought some old singles that I liked. I spend roughly 20 dollars a week on I tunes buying music and the only reason I use I tunes is that I’m to far North to have a decent CD store the last CD I physical bought was Tom Petty’s (original rhyme sayer) greatest hits.

    • master cheef

      occasionally, i shoot these daisies for being fugazi
      where do you come up w this shit
      you so dim witted
      i put a hole thru your fitted
      fuck you in your ass and cumon ur titis
      oh shit my dick so shitty
      hoes be like fiddy you so witty
      on da nets i go straight for p billy
      you got fat and then you got fatter
      all in a matter of mere seconds, b
      too bad you’re not funny on here
      like youare on inanet celebrities
      your gut could tear a tee
      but you could never scare a g
      u can barely keep a job. see?
      so solly, you not gone be he much
      longer. prA’li

      • master cheef

        be here much longer

    • master cheef

      ereal, i feel you dawg, you be tryin to put some of these niggas up on game, but they so stubborn with it. especiall those old motherfuckers. they really sensitive about that shit. plus, you know billy “x.tra fudge”sunday just turned like 43 the other day. he’s feeling extra emotional right now.

      • EReal

        billy “x.tra fudge”sunday


    • EReal

      LOL! Post go poof huh BXS?

      Bitchmade coward, lmao!

    • te noh

      “Did you buy ANY of those albums? By you not buying a single one of those albums you have prevented me from buying them as well.”

      Then go get a paper route.

      “Without your support of that god music the t.I.’s at Harris will not give me any of the money I need for my various habits. One of which is music appreciation, and another of which is alcohol.”

      So what. Judging from your videos, you aren’t missing many meals.

    • te noh

      Also, “Rising Down” was pretty much “not good,” not even “Game Theory” good. “L.A.X.” was mediocre. Give it some spins and it begins to wither. Kanye’s shit hasn’t even dropped, so you are a moron who has listened to “Love Lockdown” one too many times. “Untitled” was uneven, neutered version of an excellent mixtape. Of course, Heltah Skeltah killed that shit. So did Johnson & Jonson. . The new GZA, the new Murs. Little Brother’s studio version of that one mixtape. That Crac album. There are plenty of non-mainstream, non-radio albums that were great that people could buy that wouldn’t line your pockets.

      It’s obvious that your T.I. Overlords at Harris have a specific agenda for pushing certain labels’ music. That agenda is motivated by money. Which is fine or whatever. I bought the Roots album, as well as Nas’ and Heltah Skeltah’s. And, with the exception of the Heltah Skeltah album, I wish I hadn’t dropped any money. Just because you give a list of albums by respected or mainstream rappers doesn’t mean that these particular albums are worth a shit. For example, Nas is a living legend, but HHID>Untitled. It’s only entertainment! And these shits weren’t, for the most part, that entertaining.

      Annnnnd, we live in the age of the mixtape. Your mixtape / studio album distinction is pretty much bullshit to anyone under the age of 30. There are a couple of mixtapes that are out that are better than ANY of the albums you listed, like Rhymefest’s “Man in the Mirror,” Wale’s “Mixtape About Nothing,” Bishop Lamont’s “The Confessional,” and Budden’s “Mood Muzik 3.”

    • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

      I don’t include mixtapes because they don’t go through the same politricks that studio albums have to be scrutinized under.

      Anybody can put out a mixtape. Hardly anyone can release a studio album. The reason you celebrate the mixtape over the studio album is because you think cubic zirconium is a reasonable facsimile for a diamond. The diamond goes through a process that makes it nearly indestructible.

      Be happy that no one here knows what you do to keep your lights on because I will bet a dollar to a dime your ass is mediocre like a motherfucker.

    • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

      So you sayin’ that XXL aint the shit?

      4th Best @ XXLmag >>> your life

      • te noh

        If you are going to respond to a comment of mine, at least have the mansacks to post it.

    • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

      I already indicated how I felt about the mixtape about nothing, but that was a mixtape and not an album so it doesn’t get to be on the 2008 best album list. Deal with it. Learn from it. Move on.

    • BIGNAT


    • louie mo

      yo billy x., you never answer tha question about the 808′s & heartbreaks…….. if you got that shit then hook a nigga up with that

    • capcobra

      most people got obligations and responsibilities…so all these grown ass rappers should know that and not expect to go gold or platinum…cause a 30+ might buy the cd out the store only if wifey and the kids can listen to it…other than that..wifey and the kids gonna get it out the store themselves…which means a rapper really gotta be simple.safe or sexy just to sell a cd…now if the rappers rapped for BLACK MEN instead of REAL NIGUZ…then maybe just maybe we’d go back to copping like we used to….either way…nobody copping d.i.r.t cuz it’s too b.k.n.y….20.000 and done!

    • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

      Te Ghey,
      I tell all the simpleton shitbags like yourself that I DO NOT MODERATE THESE THREADS. Do you understand that? If your comment doesn’t appear type it again, or not. Y’all think I care one way or the other but I don’t. I dialogue with you based on what I read in my queue. I can’t approve comments so I choose not to delete them either.


      Everybody thinks they leave a comment that is so Earth shattering that everyone must read their peabrain thought thoughts. Type the comment again humposaurus or eat shit and die slow.

    • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

      ^ I can’t even edit my typos

      • EReal

        Thats bullshit and you and I both know it BXShitbag.

        Then why did every other comment appear, besides the ethering one? Huh?

        Bro, I been on this site for YEARS and seen you say the same ass shit every time someone metions your “alter ego”, so dont BS, homie.

        Fact is, you’re weak son. Your drops been fallin off, you’re all over the map with your shiet cause half the time you write it you’re hammered. You call everyone that disagrees with you some kidna name, and feel like just because you write a fucking blog, (LMAO), you can tell people “where hiphop lives”.

        Forreal, GTFOH with all that. You’re ass, so your opinion follows suit, and until you get your shit straight, I’ll be here every drop with the truth. So go ahead with your same ass insults (bitchmade, dickrider, ect.) Imma be here with new ones, making people laugh, because there isnt much else use for your colomn. On the realness.

        Quarter water drinkin, ghetto big mac eatin, hangin wit whiteboys on the safe streets fake fruity shoe wearin soulja boi ass man child. Grow up.

    • giantstepp

      “I came up in the game with cassettes. The best you coul hope for was to go over your mans-n-’ems crib with the twin cassette player and you would have one of those shiny new metal cassettes” Classic LMAO!

      Yo Billy, you took me back with that one! Stop showing your age BXS (and mines)…LMAO!

    • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

      Yeah homey I am old, but I’m still ice cold.

    • master cheef

      more like worn, but still luke warm