BLOG: SDN Tournament Senseless 16 – Division B Voting + Freekey Zeekey No More [Bonus]

*taps index cards on desk*

ESDN First Hate. Ron Mexico, here. Dana Jacobsen’s thick, Amazon ass is still knocked out.
She left this message on a napkin on the nightstand:

“Fuck Alphabet Jesus. Fuck Jesus for that matter. Mexico got that mean soupbone.”

I’m not so sure what all that means, but here’s a quick reminder of the Division B matchups:

#16 50 Cent vs. #9 Lauryn Hill

#4 DMX vs. #5 Shaquille O’Neal

#11 Lil’ Jon vs. #14 R. Kelly

#7 Flavor Flav vs. #15 Papoose


In the meantime, lest we get into some unmistakably, unimpeachable ignorant nigga shit.

The DDN legend and Dipset cocaine mule you know as Freekey Zeekey is no more.

According to local Atlanta news coverage, Freekey Zeekey is now Ezekiel Jiles: Concerned Atlanta Motorist.

I’m just trying to imagine the look on his face when after the fourth and finally profanity-free take he learned CBS wasn’t going to pay him for his analysis.

“I don’t get no ASCAP love for this or nothin, dick?”

Damn, what happened to the bol teeth? Zeekey lookin more like #9 O.D.B. every day.

This Nigga Moment has been brough to you by The Ghetto’s Finest News Source.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Just saved a bunch of money on your car insurance?

CLICK HERE for a complete and updated SDN bracket if yeen’t already got one.

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  • booboo james

    i always wanted to say this……… FOR’SHIZZLE!

  • geico lizard

    is freeky zeeky camrons cousin or brother? they have the same last name. “milkbone” ha ha you are wild ron. goodbye fried rice hello fried chicken.

    • DV8

      Cameron Giles
      Ezekiel Jiles

  • geico lizard

    you said soupbone not milkbone my bad ron.

  • nellz

    and wtf does backing me off mean?

  • Pierzy

    The DipSet “Movement” is marching in reverse…

  • EReal

    Get Zeekey’s fuckin pool in the back!!!

  • mr.martin

    eh why was erykah badu not included in this

  • DV8

    aside from all the display of supreme ignorance and the massive embarrasement of “Flavor of Love” and all of its offspring, you all do realize that Flavor Flav was hustlin to feed his umpteen children right?

  • El Tico Loco

    a sn tournament would be nice but the sad thing I can’t think of anybody relevant off the top but if so who could be nominated for that for sake of balance?

    A dn tournament wouldn’t be enough. a whole season and league would be necessary.


      “A dn tournament wouldn’t be enough. a whole season and league would be necessary.”


  • “The Party Killa”

    Who MILKBONE the rapper from the early 90′s???

  • John Brown


    Can’t you just cancel Division A. I mean honestly, the strongest competitiors are in Division B. Actually the King & Queen are in Division B. If things go as predicted R. Kelly will face Lauryn Hill in the Foolish 4, but with all due respect to Diddy that should be the Championship match. If there would be a power ranking of the left competitors the top 3 are from Division B (R. Kelly, Lauryn Hill, DMX) and DIDDY is a far 4th. Again its a shame that R. Kelly and Lauryn Hill wont face each other in the FINALS.

  • GMan

    freeky is cams cousin one of them changed it to a g not sure what one tho

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