*taps index cards on desk*

ESDN First Hate. Ron Mexico, here. Dana Jacobsen’s thick, Amazon ass is still knocked out.
She left this message on a napkin on the nightstand:

"Fuck Alphabet Jesus. Fuck Jesus for that matter. Mexico got that mean soupbone."

I'm not so sure what all that means, but here’s a quick reminder of the Division B matchups:

#16 50 Cent vs. #9 Lauryn Hill

#4 DMX vs. #5 Shaquille O'Neal

#11 Lil' Jon vs. #14 R. Kelly

#7 Flavor Flav vs. #15 Papoose


In the meantime, lest we get into some unmistakably, unimpeachable ignorant nigga shit.

The DDN legend and Dipset cocaine mule you know as Freekey Zeekey is no more.

According to local Atlanta news coverage, Freekey Zeekey is now Ezekiel Jiles: Concerned Atlanta Motorist.

I'm just trying to imagine the look on his face when after the fourth and finally profanity-free take he learned CBS wasn't going to pay him for his analysis.

"I don't get no ASCAP love for this or nothin, dick?"

Damn, what happened to the bol teeth? Zeekey lookin more like #9 O.D.B. every day.

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