Weezy F. Rock Band…

Did you Lil’ Wayne stains peep his appearance on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live? It was laughable at best. Wayne’s stage show is dipping to the level of his lyrics. My favorite part was his performance of ‘Lollipop’. I have heard this song in so many effin’ places this summer I can’t even remember. Wayne was using a live band to back him up on SNL instead of simply having a deejay and one or two hype men. Wayne was also wearing a guitar like a backpack.

I had to laugh a little at the sight of Wang envisioning himself as rock god. I wondered how retarded Jay-Z, NaS, or Biggie would have looked with a guitar on thir back. Even 2Pac, who sucked as a rapper, but was Hip-Hop’s best actor never walked around with a guitar on his back. That’s some shit that Wyclef does because he imagines himself to be a wandering rastafarian. Here’s the another thing about Wyclef that we should note. That motherfucker knows how to play a fucking guitar.

I’m tired of motherfuckers walking around with guitars like they can play them just like I’m annoyed with kids who walk around with skateboards but never get on them. We have become a culture of poseurs and wannabes with no motivation or courage to actually be that shit we pose off as. I don’t want to see Lil’ Wayne play the guitar until he learns HOW to play the guitar. What is so difficult in actually learning something. This is the same guy that supposedly is enrolled in the University of Houston. Let’s hope Hurricane Ike hasn’t washed away the transcript.

I understand that rap music is not tethered to reality in the same way that music like the blues is/was. It’s a big pile of steaming fantasy dogshit coming from the mainstream artists. I still want to be entertained though. So if that means only Autotune from now on so be it. I can listen to KanYe West on that shit for way longer than I can fucks with most of these other rappers ternt sangers. I definitely don’t want to see some rapper pretending to be playing Activision’s Guitar Hero during a performance. Didn’t some of you humps declare that guitars weren’t even Hip-Hop?


Wayne stains! Now you fegs can finally lick the rapper.

Lil’ Wayne Chocolate Bars.

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  • ri067953

    Yo, didn’t you see BET’s spring bling where Wayne had a showcase where he played guitar for half of the show. It was horrible, that fool really thought he was on some rockstar shit. This fool acts like all the shit he does in incredible but his guitar playing is just like his rhyming…really awful.

  • og bobby j

    son…did you see the jeans this quiff had on? them jeans look madd tight…on some girl New York and co. type jeans…straight fagman

  • these posts are racist

    Tupac is the best rapper, ever, period.
    Lil Wayne can rap very well – the hottest rapper out right now.

  • Pierzy

    Wayne is the epitome of garbage

  • these posts are racist

    Bobby J,

    Why do you have to make a bigoted statement, “fagman.” Its not cool to be a bigot.


    What is it with this new trend, that Wayne appears to be leading though, tight pants that sag. In the early 90′s, when I was a shorty, we wore baggy pants…and sagged. Now Wayne wears tight pants and sags. I don’t get it.

    He’s still an amazing rapper though.

    • og bobby j

      TPAR….are you aware that gay men lean towards tightness when it comes to jean selection (nhjic)? Are you also aware that straight people who are not excessivley liberal (see: TPAR) sometimes refer to gays as fags? Hence, the tightness of a man wearing what apears to be girls jeans is Fagman in nature.

      To be clear…I have no problem with gays or how they choose to live there lives. My problem is that I am force-feed the notion that is has to be openly accepted, despite being the vast minority in society. I dont care if chicks eat box or dudes play tummy sticks, I just wish it was more of a do it at home thing. I dont want to turn on MTV or someshit and see some dudes making out…that shit is unacceptable to me.

      I say that to say this….Lil waynes performance and whole image is gayer then a pink tank top….and he is not a good rapper anymore….hasnt been since dedication 2 dropped.

      • DETROIT

        “My problem is that I am force-feed the notion that is has to be openly accepted”

        “I just wish it was more of a do it at home thing. I dont want to turn on MTV or someshit and see some dudes making out…that shit is unacceptable to me.”


      • these posts are racist


        Do you not realize that “fag” is a derogatory statement? It is the same as using the “n” word towards a black person. So you have no problem with turning on MTV and seeing a male and female kiss, but think a man kissling a man or woman kissing a woman should be banned?

        So you’re only for a free society when it doesn’t contradict your bigotry? What else should homosexuals be prohibited from doing? How do you justify your proposal for differential treatment?

        • og bobby j

          son, you cang be serious.

          I am all for a free society that does not force the overwhelming majority to openly accept the values of the minorty. I do not care if you wanna be gay…have gay clubs or gay parades….I just dont think we need to be labeled homophobe or bigot if we do not agree with the lifestyle…

          stop being a fag…

          Gay people should not be permitted to marry….fyi
          fyi – lil wayne has been an ill rapper since

  • iLL G

    yea i caught that shit. thats what i thought too, as i was watching the episode, and its wow wayne really wants to be a rockstar. u gotta give him credit, he did whip the guitar around and play 3 notes over and over again till the end lmao

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Them three chords Wayne played were horrible. It was so bad I thought he was joking around. I never saw the BET show with him playing the guitar because I haven’t watched that network since they canceled Uncut.

    The new fashion trend Wayne started from SNL is the adult onesie. I think the crotch has snaps too [ll].

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Lil Wang sucks………..period.

  • shawtii

    stop hatin on a nigga..

    jus kuz u aint got it lik him.

    lil wayne iz da shit. no doubt.
    && all yall hataz kan suck a dick. :)

  • TheCo!!inB

    that tight pants shit has been a major trend in the emo cracker world of rock music….niggas just took and (according to themselves) made it flyER (SMFH)…..the main objective with the cracker rockers was to be able to wear female sizes, hence the reason why the pants look crazier cause the inseam is made to work with vaginers…..and while most of these clowns that rock those pants and supreeme douche bags with extra vinegar, they clearly don’t have vaginers…..tight pants = autoFAIL

    • squadwildin

      Actually, what about the 80′s? rappers wore fit pants back then. NOt fuckin that tight like lil wang is wearin…which is another thing i have to address… If yo pants tight enough to look like they came out of Miss Sixty, you need to take em back plus its a clear give away that you got a small dick. I’m just sayin… i got some “straight legged” jeans you could say, but when they start cuffin the shit out of my cock, they go back on the clothes rack…real talk

      And death to all fags!!!! You can argue minority but drug dealers and rapists and crack heads are minorites too. If the life style you livin is foul, keep that shit in the dark. I don’t wanna hear bout it.Stay in the closet…please


    “Even 2Pac, who sucked as a rapper, but was Hip-Hop’s best actor never walked around with a guitar on his back.”

    come on my nigga, be serious! pac was the shit. a rapper who sucks could never make a song as vivid as “Brenda’s got a baby”. you should leave those type of statements for bol!

    but on another note, i know this chick that walks around with a guitar on her back, BUT CAN’T PLAY THE SHIT. i was wondering where she got that idea from, but thanks to this blog i now know that shit like that is fashonable.

  • LEO

    He did that shit at HOT 97 SummerJam…me and shorty sat down for that part of the show…lol shit was retarted…Lil Wayne is to a guitar what Bow Wow is to a Microphone…you do the math…








    • og bobby j

      OKAY..if you say so stanely

  • grant ny

    agree with everthing you say about wayne, and yes tupac was an actor in the gangsta hard sense becuase he wasnt, but sucked as a rapper? up thier with dumbest things ive heard people say on this site. number 1 dead or alive period.


    TUPAC SUCKED AS A RAPPER! where the fuck are u from? cuz u couldnt have came up on any hip hop. i’ll never read one of dese ignorant ass blog again.

  • NATIBOY513


  • 619

    Billy can’t do a blog without hating on Pac. Hating on dead folks on top of that. Get over it, it’s been 12 years already. Your gonna hop on Kanye’s dick for that Love Lockdown, but say Tupac sucked? You got your shit all confused. Pac made two classic albums. You can’t tell me one rapper out right now besides Nas, Jay, or Cube that made two classic albums.

  • rawshad

    This stupid ass nigga said tupac sucked as a rapper… smh

  • these posts are racist

    Bobby J,

    Using the term “fag” is bigoted, it has nothing to do with wanting you to agree with a certain lifestyle. Why do you call someone a “fag”? It is the same thing as using the “N” word.

    “Gay people should not be permitted to marry”

    –So who is forcing whose values upon whom? When has a gay person ever said you have to marry a man, or you should be able to marry? Think about it.

    Finally, your majority argument doesn’t stand. There was a time when the majority of Americans believed blacks should be able to marry whites…it was law. Google “Loving vs. Virginia.”

    A poll a couple years back showed the majority of Americans, black and white, believed that Arab and Muslims should be incarcerated during Bush’s “war on terror.”

  • Og Bobby J

    The majority argument does work, at least in this situation. I feel like gay marriage should not be allowed. I am not saying that gays should not be given similar rights (seeing loved ones in hospitals), but they should just not call it marriage. A large majority of the population feels this type of relationship is wrong and unnatural….and i agree. Would it be acceptable for me to marry my cousin? why not my mother? When is it acceptable for the majority view to step in?

    The relationship between blacks and whites is a racial issue, not an issue about social norms

    “A poll a couple years back showed the majority of Americans, black and white, believed that Arab and Muslims should be incarcerated during Bush’s “war on terror.””

    I cannot say I fully disagreed with that idea. It was used during WWII after the Japanese attacks. They say desperate times call for desperate measures….and why would a Arab american protest to being interviewed if they had nothing to hide? I understand the civil liberties and the rights of americans, but as I said, desperate times. If there would have been multiple subsequent attacks, I too would have voted for that.

    as for the term fag…your “above all that” persona is tired…act like you never yelled at someone for cutting you off…..I bet your Arab tendencies conflict with you liberal stance when you see some jews eating bagels with lox and what not…dont front

  • these posts are racist

    “I feel like gay marriage should not
    be allowed.”

    >>>Again, do you see who is forcing whose values upon others? Think.

    “Would it be acceptable for me to marry my…mother?”

    >>>The slippery slope argument meant as a diversion only works on simpletons. Bobby, this is not an issue. There is a real issue with real people, millions of gay people are demanding the right to marry – and there is no argument which justifies not giving them the right to marry. Give me one reason gays should not be allowed to marry. Is your reason simply because you “feel it is unnatural?”

    “The relationship between blacks and whites is a racial issue, not an issue about social norms.”


    “I cannot say I fully disagreed with that idea.”

    >>>So should all whites be locked up because of abortion clinic bombers? Skinheads? KKK attacks? Timothy McVeigh?

    “It was used during WWII after the Japanese attacks.”

    >>>And you agree that was the right thing to do?

    “Why would a Arab american protest to being interviewed if they had nothing to hide?”

    –So now you equate being locked up with being interviewed? So you think the US govt. should be able to detain a person and “interview” them without due process? Or only if you are Arab?

    “I bet your Arab tendencies…see some jews eating bagels with lox…”

    Wow. First of all, you have no clue what I am. My race, religion, etc. has nothing to do with the ideas i put forth. In any event, your last statement is absurd in so many ways, and I think you know it.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    I can’t even understand why a thinking man discusses talking points with a coward like OG Bobby J.

    OG Bobby J should go into the military, and then go overseas, and then step on a landmine.

    I’ve rarely come across someone who can recite talking points verbatim yet still speak with NO substance. Shit is laughable.

    You on the other hand only like to argue the minutae of subjects because you lack the perspective of the bigger picture. Come to think of it you and OG Bobby J are perfect for one another since your brain power cuts off at a certain level.

    You two clowns are both why America is getting pwned right now.

    • Og bobby J

      taking time out of your busy schedule….of bloggin and knocking that love lockdown trash to speak on me…i must be moving up in the world.

      who’s a coward? ….your father? Dont lump me into your cat fights with tbag…the only coward is you

      what is laughable is your opinion on rap, given the site you slave for.

      2pac was trash but Kanye is ill….you have no say or respect from 90 % of this site…as it pertains to what you value as good music.

      As far as speakin on gay rights…you may know better then me.

      why should I step on a landmine? Cause I have an opinion that differs from yours? how about you stay in your lane and stop latching on my nuts…fag

  • these posts are racist


    Enlighten me. How am I arguing “minuate of subjects” and where do I miss the big picture?

  • these posts are racist

    That’s what I thought Billy. You’re guilty of exactly what you rightly accuse Bobby of – blanket cliches without any susbtsance.

    My arguments towards Bobby were principled and sound – he hasn’t rebutted any of them and you haven’t, even attempted to, point out where I miss the big picture…you simply say it is the case.

    Engage me in a discussion rather than resorting to insults.

    • og bobby j

      just an fyi…i am done arguing with you. As far as I can tell…we will never see eye to eye on any issue….you are far to liberal in your analysis of the world…and I am not. I think it would be best to leave it there…rather then argue and resort to calling you inventive and entertaining names….

      we share no opinions or perceptions of the issues we face as a nation or as individuals….

      “Until then – I ain’t even speakin your name, Just keep my name outta yo’ mouth and we can keep it the same” Dre

  • these posts are racist


    What are you talking about? Gay marriage is an “issue facing our nation”?

    • og bobby j

      gay marriage…not necessarily…although it is effecting the residents of Mass and Cali….but just in general…we share no common ground….and im tired of having to explain everything I comment here….

    • styles11

      man hold up you see this is why i like Africa (besides south Africa and west Africa of course). you go there and people don’t tolerate being gay not because they are backward like most of the dumb fucks in the world think, but because they wont substitute their culture, values and norms for a few votes at the ballots. its simple logic but some people forget that no man can have babies and no woman can make herself pregnant. that’s what i think about gays. gays are people, i have nothing against the as people, otherwise screw the cult culture they are starting.

      TPAR sure you have some good and educated points but from my point of view you have no respect for your culture which means your like all the dick heads who brought calamities to the world who put their own selfish logic first before thinking about the waves that would occur afterwards(unless of course you have been brought up with a homosexual culture, then your views are correct because its not your fault)


    man wyclef ripped it on green laterns on da spot freestyle live from invasion radio cd playing the guitar rapping then singing. RUNNER BECOMES THE GUNNER/ THE GUNNER BECOMES HUNTER/ THE HUNTER BECOMES THE HUNTED ON AMERICAS MOST WANTED/ what go listen to that joint track 4

  • master cheef

    tupac identified will all kinds of different types. he really cared about helping others and letting them know that things arent always what they seem, and that even those “on top” suffer from many of the same problems as the rest of us.

    as a rapper, tupac’s flow and beat selection are second to none. not every single one of his rhymes are complex. they dont all have to be. sometimes, it is easier to get your point across by putting it simply.

    billy, i know you need your favorite rapper to be effeminate, so you can relate. tupac tried to peep game, you try to piss people off on the internet by spouting off shit so rediculous that even you don’t beleive it.

  • anutha_level

    stopped reading after: “Even 2Pac, who sucked as a rapper…”

    *sounds of tires screeching on pavement*

    …wow homie. if u say so. prolly won’t be reading your shyt from here out.

  • Avenger XL

    OG Bobby J are you secretly John MCCain?

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    OG Bobby Ghey says thta he and TPAR share no common ground except they are both two dewshes on an internets blog thread. Go back to fisting your sister meatbag.

    Simpletons that call themselves conservative(or liberal) are still simpletons. You’re just a pig wearing lipstick, dipstick.

    While you worry about the arab or african american boogiemen the people you voted into office are allowing the american public to be robbed blindly. The same conservative dewshbags that bitch and moan about some unemployed lady in Detroit receiving $300 a month to feed her family are giving trillions to banks and insurers who didn’t do the right thing with their fortunes in the first place.

    Can you wrap your head around corporate welfare simpleton Bobby Ghey? I’m old enough to remember when the senior Bush raided the Social Security fund to bail out the banks that had screwed up the people’s money in the savings and loan scandal from 1989. Google ‘Silverado Neil Bush’ and do the knowledge.

    Neil Bush is the eldest of the Bush sons for those of you too lazy or too stupid to find out who has been condemning your children to a life of slavery. You can keep your opinion Bobby Ghey because it is obviously well connected to your asshole.

    Conservatives talk all kinds of shit about gheys and immigrants and protectionism but know jack shit about the most important issue here in America – fiscal integrity. Why is this? Because they have none.

    Sit down Bobby Ghey and shut the fuck up.

    • og bobby J

      I hope your proud of yourself….but I’m not convinced. You represent the perfect combination of education and ignorance. You read a few articles on wikipedia and think you know shit…throw in some insults (cant front on the fisting meat line) and your all set.

      Yes, I have a problme with the women in detroit getting the 300 dollars for her family….not becuase I dont think we should assist those in need, i just think the first response should be for them to help themselves. Maybe acquire a marketable skill and get a job…or stop takin loads and having kids….right now, 1 out of 6 americans does not even pay taxes…and are being carried by those of us who do….

      the problem with this country is people like you…think you know shit and are given a voice…..when the only thing you should be doing it washing my car…feast on a porksword

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Fuck off bitch, your brain synapses are too short to box with the god.

  • DV8

    LOL,Guitar Hero Wayne? Shit I know of 5 year olds that will son that nigga on GH versus his actual guitar playing. Lets see its been about what 3 years now since he debuted his guitar playin “skills” (Leather So Soft Video) and he hasnt progressed yet. At least Andre 3000 can play his guitar. This nigga Wayne running around posing with his like the Honky Tonk Man.

  • KQ

    I heard Hershey are coming out with new chocolates soon called “Lil Wayne Baby Kisses”

  • squadwildin

    Well its about got damn time you interceded Billy X and stood up for yourself. They was bullying you on your own blog…..breakin out the ether and pourin it on heavy. ALL they needed was one spark to light yo ass on FIE!!! And you a bitch if its true that all you do is say random shit just to start controversy..

    THat would make you a fuckin HYPE BEAST
    Kill that shit.

  • these posts are racist

    Billy is blocking my substantive response.

  • these posts are racist

    Billy Sunday is a coward. A straight coward. He keeps blocking my substantive responses.

  • these posts are racist


    Its easy to call someone a bi*tch over the internet isn’t it? It’s sort of like Bobby J using the “N” word on this blog. Neither of you would do it in real life.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    HAHAHAHAHA! Yo TPAR you is a bitchmade nigger. Son is stalking me on the internets.

  • ayeah

    did this dude just say 2pac sucks at rappin? this dudes a joke i cant even read the rest of the article fuckin tard you must of suck some dick to write this article!!

  • ayeah

    i hate this motherfucker straight ignorant has no clue about hiphop dudes in love with wyclef though bahahahaha fuckin LMAO!!!!!

  • Nitty

    Fuck off bitch, your brain synapses are too short to box with the god.”