Did you Lil' Wayne stains peep his appearance on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live? It was laughable at best. Wayne's stage show is dipping to the level of his lyrics. My favorite part was his performance of 'Lollipop'. I have heard this song in so many effin' places this summer I can't even remember. Wayne was using a live band to back him up on SNL instead of simply having a deejay and one or two hype men. Wayne was also wearing a guitar like a backpack.

I had to laugh a little at the sight of Wang envisioning himself as rock god. I wondered how retarded Jay-Z, NaS, or Biggie would have looked with a guitar on thir back. Even 2Pac, who sucked as a rapper, but was Hip-Hop's best actor never walked around with a guitar on his back. That's some shit that Wyclef does because he imagines himself to be a wandering rastafarian. Here's the another thing about Wyclef that we should note. That motherfucker knows how to play a fucking guitar.

I'm tired of motherfuckers walking around with guitars like they can play them just like I'm annoyed with kids who walk around with skateboards but never get on them. We have become a culture of poseurs and wannabes with no motivation or courage to actually be that shit we pose off as. I don't want to see Lil' Wayne play the guitar until he learns HOW to play the guitar. What is so difficult in actually learning something. This is the same guy that supposedly is enrolled in the University of Houston. Let's hope Hurricane Ike hasn't washed away the transcript.

I understand that rap music is not tethered to reality in the same way that music like the blues is/was. It's a big pile of steaming fantasy dogshit coming from the mainstream artists. I still want to be entertained though. So if that means only Autotune from now on so be it. I can listen to KanYe West on that shit for way longer than I can fucks with most of these other rappers ternt sangers. I definitely don't want to see some rapper pretending to be playing Activision's Guitar Hero during a performance. Didn't some of you humps declare that guitars weren't even Hip-Hop?


Wayne stains! Now you fegs can finally lick the rapper.

Lil' Wayne Chocolate Bars.