The Biggest Problem In Rap Music Right Now Are The Rappers Themselves

I mix with a lot of different crowds and have a wide variety of friends- executives, producers, journalists, web designers, publicists, engineers, etc- and the one thing I gather from almost all people is this: They HATE rappers. They HATE doing just about anything with rappers, period. They hate talking to them, hate working with them in the studio, hate interviewing them, hate promoting their records, hate publicizing them as clients, hate just about everything having to do with the artists themselves.

You might even wanna add me to that list. I gotta confess, there are times where I gotta go work with an artist or I gotta interview someone, and I literally want to kill myself. Like, if I had a gun, I would put it to my head and pull the trigger, because that’s how painful it is dealing with these dudes. Not that they’re not good peeps, and that they don’t appreciate talking, it’s just that their whole mentality is some fucking DJ Khaled shit, where they’re ramming rhetoric down your fuckin throat (pause) until it’s overkill.

Journalists have it the worst. I can’t count on two hands how many times some of the senior-level media folks in the game have used this line- “It beats interviewing rappers”- to describe their current line of work, whatever it may be. Shit it could be sitting at a desk doing nothing, but it beats interviewing rappers. Anything to get them away from dealing with the artists.

And I think that’s one of the main reasons why you’ve seen a lot of producers go on to do R&B and pop music over the past few years. Aside from the fact that there’s more money in it, it’s also because there is no creative impulse to making rap records anymore. Producers HATE dealing with these dudes. “Yo, can you give me something like ‘Flashing Lights?’ Or can you give me something like ‘Lollipop?’” Shit is ridiculous. Sometimes you don’t even wanna be in the studio for the recording of the track unless you absolutely know 100% that a check is getting cut. It’s better if the artist just 2tracks the shit and if they use the beat, cool, pay up.

It’s just so cookie cutter, the way these rappers are built. From what they say, to how they dress, to the music they try to make. It’s canned and boring. And most people in this business, underneath their breath, away from their boss, when a paycheck is not on the line, are whispering the same thing- “Yo, this shit sucks. I hate it.”

Perhaps they’ve been saying that since the mid-90s. Maybe since the 80s. I don’t know.

I do know that years ago I never felt or heard so much negative shit about rappers from within the industry. There are moments where people’s eyes are rolling literally right behind an artist’s back while they’re talking, it’s that blatant and out in the open the corniness of this whole game right now.

This isn’t a salty person talking either. I’m just putting it out there that on some level, the gatekeepers of hip-hop know this shit is in the toilet for real. Don’t be fooled.


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    I am a small time producer myself and I must say you are correct there lack of creativity has driven me to downtempo and punk productions kicking and screaming rappers all think they are the best and rather than finishing a thought in a song format they waist time talking about B.S. Now every now in then this is cool but on the real this is lame. I think part of it is the fact this is a youth culture that doesn’t know how to grow up, filled with people looking to cash in rather than to express anything. As a writer myself and shade tree poet I find it very hard to excercise the creative demons at times but I avoid talking gibberish to get there nor do I try and convience you that my movement is hot. But yeah these rappers are worst cat mow a days

  • P-Matik

    What? There’s gatekeepers left in hiphop??? I thought the digital age and Pro Tools killed all of them off.

    Everyone just uses hip-hop as a vehicle to get money instead of a way to display their talents like they used to. When it’s about money, then you have the corporate attitude of “doing less for more” and we all know what the result of that is.

    It’s also a shame that folks would rather “grind” trying to get some garbage music off than go get a higher education or do something that makes real money.

    You have better chances in the NBA/NFL draft than you do making it to a level like a Kanye or a 50 Cent these days.

  • g-zeus

    beats having to deal with upcoming bad rappers with a 2pac or jay-z or dipset or south edge to them…

    “i am the next tupac”

    yeah you and the 1000 others i dealt with.

  • Bang

    Hell yeah, rappers are bitch made today. I listen to MOP, WC, and Crooked I, the rest are too fake and make music that’s by the numbers

  • Bang


  • Phil

    I have to agree. I’ve been producing Hip-Hop for almost 18 years, and am still at it. In fact, I still, very selectively, work with a couple of true blue MCs. But this is out of 30 or 40 I hear horrror stories about all the time. There are pure artists out there dedicated to lyricism and songwriting and performing, but they’re very, very hard to find. I’m tired as hell, but I can’t give up either. For every 10 or 20 Jay-z/Pac clones…there’s always one kid in the back that has it in his heart for real.

  • ri067953

    Yo, it’s that nigga mentality that has these artist acting like idiots. If they didn’t worry so much about what the next man thought about them, then they would be free to be creative and what not.

    Also, since this artform become profitable in the 90′s it has flooded the market with these so called “hustlers” that are trying to force-feed their shit to the masses to flip a profit.

    I am glad that the record industry is currently in the shitter. It will wash out those that are only in it for the money and will force the industry and audience to be more open to something that is more creative.

  • Benicio Del Thoro

    Co-Sign Avenger XL and the almighty Gooch!

    I’m going to city college right now to study how to get in the music business. It’s kind of a weird transition because when I was a sport, I never heard half of the bitching and moaning in sports than I hear from rappers.

    I would love to be able to quit my job tomorrow, and get in the studio with my crew. But posts like these make you wonder. I haven’t even gotten a dose yet of all this nonsense. If one of my friends got their chain snatched and the shit ended up on you tube? This shit is crazy! I don’t even wear jewels at all. 110.

  • capcobra

    it’s always been and it always will be about the art…not the artist…the quicker artists do their research..they better off we will be.

  • anutha_level

    sounds like you COULDN’T WAIT to get this shit off your chest, lol. nice drop tho, i agree w/you 1000%. hip hop (if you can still call it that) has become so…so…redundant/un-inspiring over the past few years. gone are the days of the multi-multi-platinum artists….noone gives a shit anymore cuz it all sux.

  • Vincent

    I agree. I was talking to my woman about this earlier today. We also discussed how up and coming artists know very little about music history. Earlier thsi year, I had to give my 21 year old cousin (a burgeoning producer) the first Wu-Tang album, first Raekwon album, first GZA album and a few Gangstarr albums. It shocked me that he had never heard them before.

  • Justice4All

    All I can say is “Brown Suger” with Mos Def.

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  • TheCo!!inB

    DEL THORO…..don’t even put energy into it fam, becuase as of now if you’re not doing out of purw love then you’re acting as a hinderance to what hip hop could become again. all urban pop music has become is a check….and a piss poor check unless your doing shows every day. THERE IS NO MONEY IN RAPPING ANYMORE, AS AN ARTIST OR BEATMAKER/PRODUCER. Rappers don’t get budgets from labels anymore (search for a youtube video of Busta schooling Bishop Lamont on that, shit was genius what Bus was saying) and making beats has become to accessible for the common man so even if you are dope it won’t matter.
    Learn how to make arrangements, learn how to write and start getting some of this live music based money. Learn how to mix and put sound together for shows and get paid.
    make beats if that’s really what you love but don’t expect much from it.

  • Angel

    The colour of music is fading.

    So many artists today are failing to break free from the stagnicity that is plaguing not only the rap scene, but all genres of music.

    Lyrics saturated with materialization, synonymicity and consistently recycled themes based on moralities that are constantly hyper-used, are currently in abundance.

    The light from the once shining stars has dissipated behind the cold dark clouds of greed and exploitation and all that we once loved and knew so well, has almost disappeared….