Ha! Just last Friday, I wrote a blog entitled, "How Long Before 50 Clowns Kanye For 'Love Lockdown?'"

The post was close to completion, but I got caught up doing other things, so I had to can it.  What do you know, a clip featuring 50 mocking Ye surfaced over the weekend. I guess the answer is, less than a week. The clip shows Fif doing some fruity-like movements while lip synchin' to West' new single. Later in the clip, Tony Yayo,mocks Ye's LAX incident by shoving the camera away from his face.

But here's what's really interesting. 50's Before I Self Destruct is scheduled to hit stores December 9th, one week before Ye's  808's & Heartbreaks. I'm a longtime Fif supporter. I'm talking about "How To Rob" Fif when he used to tell me about his projects when he came by my old job.  I've always been rooting for the kid, but at this point I've lost interest in his music. That G-Unit album was tough, but Fif still has a lot to prove as a solo artist. Not that I don't enjoy the comedy, but he should be worried about putting some good material rather than clown Ye. Then again, maybe Fif wants a rematch. Maybe he's just baiting Kanye.

Still, if I'm Kanye, I push my release date up to the 9th for Round 2. But this time, no Mr. Nice Guy. No kissing up to Fif. No saying, "I Get Money" is your favorite track. No saying I know I'm gonna lose anyway. Just go hard (pause) at dude. I think Fif would be the underdog this time around, so it would be interesting to see how things play out.

I was just talking to my boy Cash over at SOHH and he said Ye should go up against Jay-Z: Big Brother Vs. Little Brother. Cool, but I think the hype would be minimal. What made the 50 and Ye duel so ill last year, is how different the two artists were. Also, whether you rooted for Fif or Kanye, there was always a doubt that the other could emerge victorious. I doubt anybody thinks Jay-Z can outsell Ye in a head-to-head contest. Sure, Hard Knock Life sold 5 million copies, but that was 10 years ago.

What do you guys think? Should Ye not bother? Should he try to go up against Big Brother, or should he go at 50?