From Flavorpill,

"If you're looking for something rare, out of print, or just plain new for your DJ set or personal collection, today's your lucky day. Pale-faced record collectors and trivia-spewing vendors convene in Greenpoint to hock their technologically outmoded wares, debate the merits of '80s-era Bowie, and suck down Polish sausage. Even if your entire music library is on your hard drive, you can still browse the massive selection of CDs and DVDs. Like any good gathering of nerds, the Record Riot features cosplay, but not the kind you might expect — be on the lookout for guys dressed as Pavement."

Price: $3
When: Sunday Sep 28 (11am–6pm)
Where: Warsaw (261 Driggs Ave)

Now I'm sure if you're in New York and are familiar with the area where this fair is taking place, you know it has serious potential of becoming a hipster fest (most likely). But still, if you can stomach their vinyl elitism, I'm sure you can find some dope shit at this fair. And that's what it's all about at the end of the day anyway.

I'll probably check it out.