Could it be that Kanye West really did read my posts about how "Love Lockdown" is gayer than a bag full of rainbows, and that's why he's rerecording it?

Of course, I joked about that the other day, when Ye threw his little temper tantrum at the airport out in LA. But the truth of the matter is that I didn't have any idea what was going on in his head at the time.

I know he's also been going through what you might call a transition in his personal life. It could have just as easily been that his girlfriend was moving back in, and so he had to get rid of all of his interracial pr0n videos. And hence he was suffering from withdrawal.

Though if I was the breadwinner in a situation, which I obviously couldn't be, there's no way I'd be getting rid of my suitcase full of interracial pr0n. Fuck that shit!

But I digress.

Anyhoo, it was announced yesterday that Kanye West has gone back into the studio to rerecord "Love Lockdown." And you have to think that he didn't come to this decision of his own volition, given that, when he first posted the song to the Internets, he called it one of the favorite things he's ever recorded, and bragged about how quickly he put it together.

You wonder if Kanye himself read blog after blog of people talking about what an abortion "Love Lockdown" is, and realized this just wasn't gonna work, or if someone in the Def Jam building pulled him aside and explained to him that there's no way radio is gonna play "Love Lockdown" the way it is, even though radio will generally play anything - even the sounds of deafening screams emanating from the furnaces of Auschwitz - provided it's got a Def Jam logo on it.

It's hard to tell based on the brief post re: the new "Love Lockdown" on Kanye's blog. (You can tell it's one of the few he's written himself, because it's barely legible. It's no wonder he dropped out of college.)

The title of the post consists of the following:

Your prayers have been answered!! There's a new version of love Love Lockdown coming. We used new taiko drums and I re-sung it... it's being Mastered now....

And then in the body of the post, there this:

Here's the newer artwork with perfected type 4 all design snobs  lol...

Sidebar... if you don't like autotune... too bad cause I love it and have been using it since the College Dropout!!!

It reminds me of when the RZA used to brag about how he'd been using sped-up vocal samples, back around the time when Kanye and a bunch of other dudes were using them ad nauseum. In retrospect, I should have taken this as a sign that the RZA had finally lost the plot. I wonder if that's also the case with Kanye. Probably, right?

Oddly enough, I was about to speculate as to whether the new version of "Love Lockdown" was gonna any more or less of a tragedy than the original, and I see the new version has popped up for your listening pleasure. It should be posted to XXL shortly, if it already isn't by the time I post this. Damn, these Internets are fast!

So, how is it? Well, it's remarkably similar to the original. Which is a disappointment. I was hoping it might bear more of a relation to the version he performed live at the VMAs. On the brightside, they almost fixed the parts where singing is so ridonkulously out of tune that even AutoTune is at a loss for how it might be able to help. Almost. Now it sounds less like an obvious glitch, but it still doesn't sound right.