Was anybody else surprised by Game's first week numbers?

The Compton MC sold 238, 382 copies according to Nielsen's Soundscan. As previously reported, reports initially had him in the top spot until an adjustment put him no.2 behind rock outfit Slipknot. Well, there probably won't be any mix up with Young Jeezy. Dude will most likely take the no.1 spot and most XXL staffers are willing to bet on it. No, really! We took turns placing bets on The Recession's first week numbers. See for yourself.

Nessa: Hey guys! Lots of talk about this week's Game sales and next week's Jeezy sales. Wanna make some bets? How much is Jeezy gonna sell next week? And what do we bet? $1 each. Is that cheap? Is this legal?

Light: Ha ha ha! I'ma say 210K.

Trav: Ok that's it guys. Datwon sets the bet at $210,000.

Rob The Music Ed: I'ma say 300k. I think people are into Jeezy way more than the Game.

Mike D: I'm in on that! 380K (that includes all the albums Def Jam buys)

Light: "Fuck talking about the Recession/shit's depressin'"- Jay-Z

Rob The Music Ed: I wanted to give Jay a Step Ya Rap Game Up so bad for that one!

SuperFunkalicious Andrea: Who cares if it's legal, unless someone is an undercover cop. Is anyone?! I say Jeezy wins with 444,000 copies.

Nessa: $1 is the bet not $210,000. Gimme a number.

Gangstarr Girl: Jeezy, 600.

Nessa: When u see me, make it rain, or just hand me ur dollar. We gotta have the winners get something!

Béchamel: Yeah, I was thinking something similar. Jeezy (600K). Jeezy + Game = Lil Wayne

Nessa: Béchamel, want 601k since Starr took 600k?

Chope: I'll say 550,000.

Trav: I got 555K on Jeezy. "She wants me to get the room, man this bitch cheap (what?)But she role the weed good and she a big freak."

J-Rod: I'm down for 420,000.

Jackpot: Put me down for 415k.

Here's a complete list of staff projections.
Rob:  300,000
Light:  210,000
Mike D: 380,000
SuperFunkalicious Andrea: 444,000
Gang Starr Girl: 600,000
Béchamel: 601,000
Chope: 550,000
Trav: 555,000
Nessa: 289,000
Nakedwithsockson.com (PAUSE²): 283,000
Davina: 350,000
Red: 385,000
ME: 400,000
J-Rod: 420,000
Jackpot: 415,000

What do you guys think?  How many units will The Recession move in its first week. Who's gonna win? Place your bets.