Diamond D’s Got A New Album Dropping October 14th

So basically, Diamond D has signed a multi-album deal with Babygrande Records. On the 14th of October, he’ll be releasing The Huge Hefner Chronicles. The first single, D-I-A-M-O-N-D, which I’m posting below, is produced by Nottz. The beat is pretty hot. As a producer, Diamond is widely regarded as one of the best that ever did it, but on this new LP he’ll be mostly in artist mode, and sharing the production workload with cats like DJ Scratch, Illmind, and 45 King, among others.

As I posited with my post about Large Professor dropping his new album, are heads still checking for Diamond D, or are we more interested in what the Polow The Don’s and Timbalands of the world are up to? And if the interest is still there, what are your expectations for this new album? How do you feel about the 1st single?

Diamond D- “D-I-A-M-O-N-D” (produced by Nottz)

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  • TheCo!!inB

    this nigga Nottz man……i’m extremely happy for my fellow VA rep, his sound is genuine and unique……ass kissin aside though i’ll def check for this one. I don’t know about other beat makers but you grow tired of preset productions and you just wanna hear something that reminds you of years past but doesn’t sound dated (if that makes sense) Diamond is a good nigga for that. plus Dj Scratch has always been that nigga, and 45 King too.


    i check 4 diamond d but i’drather here him on his own tracks. and polo the don iz not that hot. c.mon name me 1 hot beat bsides throw some d’s. dude is overated. personally alchemist is hotter but i listen to hiphop not establishment rap. and he gave Nas a week single 2. and this diamond song iz o.k. but doesnt make me interested in coppin his new shit. Sorry diamond..try again.

  • http://kirk-francosmodernlife.blogspot.com/ Kirk

    Prolly not checking for this to be honest. Nothing against Diamond d or his legacy. Not interested in his rhymes though. I just don’t care and this is what’s wrong with music now people have to care before they listen. WTF? that’s wack. I’m wack for that too. but it’s the reality we’re in. Keep working Diamond D the beat is vicious and the song is not bad. I am without no INVI. I think that’s how it went. Peace. I mean MLK Jr.

  • http://www.austinsurreal.com MattSonzala

    FUCK YES I WANT TO HEAR THIS WHOLE RECORD I AM NOT EVEN TRIPPIN’. Dude can still do it. Not killing it lyrically but he still has that voice and dude is the man. Please produce more Diamond! Dude was the man to me, needs to keep coming with it.

  • hotbox

    Probably won’t be checking for it. I’m an old school cat, and Blunts Stunts was my shit for a good year, but its been eons since a Diamond track moved me. It’s his production that I checked for in the past anyway, not his boring rapping. It’s like checking for a Pete Rock album with different producers. . .why bother?

  • FLIP

    Didn’t read your post, but to answer your question, sure don’t!

  • Justice4All


    Excruciatingly Boring-.

  • Bang

    Gotta peep the joint on youtube first to really know

  • Bang

    Damn that joint you put sounds like he’s sleepy. The love aint there as much

  • mr.martin

    you’re the problem. The media always does this shit. Always bringing the relevance and care factor into it. Some of the listeners, believe it or not, might have never heard of Diamond D and would just like to hear some good music. You throwing that loaded question already makes the average consumer think he is about to listen to subpar material out of pity from someone who, even if he doesn’t know him, may be washed up. Method Man scolded journalist for doing that same shit with age. always asking “does he still got it?” damn if it’s hot it’s hot. You journalists and elitists have to stop playing both sides of the fence and act like ya’ll so dear to this shit and then when a proven artist releases new material, act like his hiatus or his age, which some of us don’t know about or don’t care about, as he may be viewed as a new artist, is a reason to discard him

  • Moi

    STUNTS BLUNTS and HIP-HOP is a contender for most underrated hip-hop album ever. maybe that’s arguable but i think this is a good opportunity to shout out that album and give it its proper respect.

    check out “i’m outta here” and “best kept secret” if you never have.

  • anutha_level

    D.I.T.C. baby!

  • miles archer

    “It’s his production that I checked for in the past anyway, not his boring rapping. It’s like checking for a Pete Rock album with different producers. . .”

    couldn’t have said it any better


  • capcobra

    diamond d ruined a helluva nottz track wit a boring voice.a early 90′s flow.and a weak ass hook….and that was all in the first 4 bars…WTF!

  • http://xxlmag.com J-RIDDICK

    this shit rite here is alright i will be at the store to get the cd thats the day before my birthday Oct. 15

  • Arcey

    Gooch, excuse my ignorance but I get that you’re a producer, right? Where can I hear some of your prodcution (be it online, Major label, indie, myspace, etc.) Not trying to shit on you, just curious.

    BTW Mr. Martin is right.
    those who know Diamond will check it out, maybe buy, probably download it but for everybody else why don’t THE HIP-HOP MEDIA let them forge their own opinion


    Ill def b checkin for the album although Im I heard 2 other tracks on his myspace page and they’re jus ok. MOI recognizes Stunts Blunts album, man I had that on tape! Hatred, Passions and Infidelity was ill. “5 Fingaz of Death” w the DITC fam, come on that was the sickest!!

    Still top 3 producer/MC are

    1. Large Professor
    2. J Dilla
    3. Pete Rock