As I posted last week, Large Professor's got an album dropping in September called Main Source. The comments were sort of a mixed bag, some of you thought Large Pro wasn't relevant anymore, while other were happy to see one of the greats stepping back out into the world.

For whatever reason, my browser's giving me trouble posting vids on this blog. So go HERE to check out some footage of Large Pro talking about the album.

I'm guessing it's his EPK for the project. Anyway, it's kinda cool to hear him talk about his hiatus, how with being in the music industry you still have to have a real life outside of it. Sometimes I think there's such an onus put on being in the industry and being successful, and if you're a producer, always having records out there. That's a killer grind right there, and when you're involved in hip-hop for the art of it, you work on your own time table. So kudos to him for recognizing that.

Him covering the record up to keep the "main source" a secret is kinda funny to me.... especially in this information age we live in, where everything is so overexposed.

Also, there's a review of the LP over at Unkut, and it seems like it's not that favorable. I'm guessing the album leaked already, so you guys be the judge either now or when the project drops.