I was enjoying my stay in the 'A' like a motherfucker. That city is beautiful as fuck. It's clean as hell, and I haven't seen prettier women on American soil in a long time. What ever kind of chick you ever wanted to cut is living down there. The only problem is that mad chicks in the 'A' and the rest of the south is coming down with that monster.

Now check this shit out XXL family...

I don't believe in AIDS. I don't believe that shit exists. Yeah, the last thirty years have had people supoosedly dying of this shit and I even have had family and friends get merc'ked by the shit but in my heart of hearts this shit ain't real. AIDS is no more real than a nigga walking on the moon for the first time, but somehow the television camera is already there waiting for him to exit the spaceship. AIDS is no more real than racial divisions. People choose to believe that bullshit and then they frame their lives around those lies.

What if people weren't dying from a disease, but they were dying from the lethal combination of toxic drugs, and so-called medicines? You know how many fools die from the chemical therapy they are given to combat cancer? At the end of the day we hear that cancer killed these folks but it was really the chemotherapy. That chemo shit stripped them of their dignity and their will to live. It removed the hair from atop their scalp and it disallowed them to hold down one morsel of food. Not even a motherfuckin' cracker or a sip of soup.

The other reason I don't believe in AIDS is because of how disproportionately it seems to affect Black women. Are all these bitches fucking the same ten faggots? Black chicks are susceptible to sharing a motherfucker since they love pretty ass niggas but come the fuck on and check those stats. This shit is so contrived it has virgins coming down with the disease. Poor folks are getting hit the hardest too. If this shit were infecting rich folks like Down's Syndrome does then I might believe that AIDS was really real. Sheeeeeit, Magic Johnson became a billionaire AFTER he announced he had AIDS. How the fuck does someone get wealthier on AIDS?

I don't tell y'all faggots this shit as a warning to wear condoms. The majority of you last seen't the pussy in the delivery room when y'all was being born't. I tell y'all homos this so you can open your third fucking eye. I spent my time in Atlanta listening to the terrestrial radio stations and all I heard was the same damn inane bullshit several times during the same hour. Mass media is helping to make you fucks our dumbest generation. I'm not sure why. It could be a preparation for a return to slavery. It could be a preparation to put your asses in jail. Whatever it is you need to be wide awake like right now.

Listening to rap music shouldn't mean that we can't have fun. It doesn't mean that we shouldn't put on for where we live and how we live. But if you aren't learning about this world, and economics, and motherfucking politics then you are dooming yourself to be a negative statistic. At the end of the day that ain't Hip-Hop.

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