The South Stays Losing…

I was enjoying my stay in the ‘A’ like a motherfucker. That city is beautiful as fuck. It’s clean as hell, and I haven’t seen prettier women on American soil in a long time. What ever kind of chick you ever wanted to cut is living down there. The only problem is that mad chicks in the ‘A’ and the rest of the south is coming down with that monster.

Report warns of AIDS ‘crisis’ across South

Now check this shit out XXL family…

I don’t believe in AIDS. I don’t believe that shit exists. Yeah, the last thirty years have had people supoosedly dying of this shit and I even have had family and friends get merc’ked by the shit but in my heart of hearts this shit ain’t real. AIDS is no more real than a nigga walking on the moon for the first time, but somehow the television camera is already there waiting for him to exit the spaceship. AIDS is no more real than racial divisions. People choose to believe that bullshit and then they frame their lives around those lies.

What if people weren’t dying from a disease, but they were dying from the lethal combination of toxic drugs, and so-called medicines? You know how many fools die from the chemical therapy they are given to combat cancer? At the end of the day we hear that cancer killed these folks but it was really the chemotherapy. That chemo shit stripped them of their dignity and their will to live. It removed the hair from atop their scalp and it disallowed them to hold down one morsel of food. Not even a motherfuckin’ cracker or a sip of soup.

The other reason I don’t believe in AIDS is because of how disproportionately it seems to affect Black women. Are all these bitches fucking the same ten faggots? Black chicks are susceptible to sharing a motherfucker since they love pretty ass niggas but come the fuck on and check those stats. This shit is so contrived it has virgins coming down with the disease. Poor folks are getting hit the hardest too. If this shit were infecting rich folks like Down’s Syndrome does then I might believe that AIDS was really real. Sheeeeeit, Magic Johnson became a billionaire AFTER he announced he had AIDS. How the fuck does someone get wealthier on AIDS?

I don’t tell y’all faggots this shit as a warning to wear condoms. The majority of you last seen’t the pussy in the delivery room when y’all was being born’t. I tell y’all homos this so you can open your third fucking eye. I spent my time in Atlanta listening to the terrestrial radio stations and all I heard was the same damn inane bullshit several times during the same hour. Mass media is helping to make you fucks our dumbest generation. I’m not sure why. It could be a preparation for a return to slavery. It could be a preparation to put your asses in jail. Whatever it is you need to be wide awake like right now.

Listening to rap music shouldn’t mean that we can’t have fun. It doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t put on for where we live and how we live. But if you aren’t learning about this world, and economics, and motherfucking politics then you are dooming yourself to be a negative statistic. At the end of the day that ain’t Hip-Hop.

*BXS Required Reading*

Out of control: AIDS and the corruption of medical science

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  • Pierzy

    I don’t know if I can get down with the whole AIDS doesn’t exist thing since I have friends that are trying to find a cure but I feel you on the terrestrial radio tip. If I don’t have my Sirius close by, then it’s my iPod. There’s no way I would ever listen to an FM station again in my life!

  • ThaRealBoiWonder

    MuthaFcukin Billy, couldn’t have said it best myself my brother. Yes the ATL IS probably the little New York of the South, only the women are 5 times as beautiful. But yes the mass media is trying to dumb down generations for the takeover the government is planning in the near future. Don’t believe me? Look at the Zeitgeist movie, very inquisitive… AIDS was created by the government too…

  • Victor

    Yo, AIDS DOES exist, it is the natural order of our population to get merkd by disease. Disease occurs in all populations as a method for nature to keep the species population in check, its cos we are developed enough to reduce the impact of disease. ALL DRUGS HAVE SIDE EFFECTS and generally the more serious the illness the greater the side effects the treatments have. But teh governement creating AIDS, me saying this as a black man, if anyone is to blame for the specific disease it might just be the gay community….

    • ThaRealBoiWonder

      Although being gay is a abomination to man, homosexuals were the scapegoat to what the real reasons AIDS was created.The government used AIDS for two reasons or two theories I feel make sense in my opinion. First the world population is growing at a rapid pace, a pace in which resources wouldn’t be able to sustain the human race therfore AIDS was created as some sort of way to keep the World Population sustained. My next reason AIDS were created were to oppress all blacks. This may sound cliche’ but do your research, i.e the Tuskeegee Expirement and so forth.. Also did you ever think to ask yourself why does a continent of Africa, the most wealthy continent of the world (resource wise)continue to struggle and not capitalize on their on wealth??? Africa also a country mostly populated by blacks, has the most AIDS related cases in the world? Hmm, I wonder why that is??? Lastly Africa is torn with civil war in some areas. I forgot whose stated this quote but they stated, the best way to eradicate a group of people is to turn them on themselves… WAKE UP PEOPLE! The truth is out there…

      • Pierzy

        “…being gay is a abomination to man…”

        You’re obviously a progressive, forward-thinking man.

        • ThaRealBoiWonder

          That was a biblical statement, but it is pretty much true.

        • Pierzy

          So…do you follow all biblical statements or just the ones that support your close-mindedness? The Bible says to stone women who commit adultery…should we do that too?

        • Victor

          Fam, you do not know me so do not base my opinions and general intelligence on a single statement. You may be seen by others as closed minded as you do not accept polar views.

          Some ppl dont mind homosexuals practicing in public whilst others do and these two groups of ppl may find nothing wrong with homosexuality. I personally disagree with it but hey peeps can do wtf they want!

          And what kind of statement was that about stoning women? What the hell did Jesus do when the Pharisees wanted to stone the woman “He who has not sinned cast the first stone” Im sorry blud but that wasnt the most intelligent statement and could be seen as close-minded.

          But Yo we Blacks need to STOP blaming white ppl for issues! The amount of ppl i know who fuck around without a jimmy and get chicks pregnant or get STDs is nuts, that statement doesnt hold water because large quantities of white ppl are afflicted. It would make more sense to claim that POOR ppl are the USA governments target.

      • EReal

        Because in Africa, the profits from the natural resources aren’t used to create an efficient infastructure, or industry to provide jobs. The major companies pay the employees shit, and the governments take kick backs so they dont complain. If this isnt the situation then the funds are generally used for civil war and genocide.

      • te noh

        AIDS was obviously created by the U.S. government to stop Freddy Mercury.

        • 239allday



    Billy, its called Natural Selection.

    If it wasn’t AIDS it’d be some other damn abbreviation serving us up daily.

    we’re lucky enough as it is to have almost wiped out things in this country like Polio, Diptheria and TB.

  • Q

    Shit is real son like the blood diamonds we put on & shine on ‘em. Soldier kids shooting up the whole village with toys bigger than ‘em.

  • zino

    another conspiracy theorist?…c’mon billy…i think u’ve finally smoked one spliff too many…get bk to wat u do best fam…dissin lil wayne…

  • te noh

    WOWWWW. Look Peter Duesberg and his ilk have been totally discredited, but your argument is even worse than theirs. So, you don’t believe in AIDS because chemo kills some cancer patients and because black women are disproportionately affected. The first reason is a non-sequitur, and the second is a sad but true statistic. Then, you (unironically) use your “arguments” against the reality of AIDS to tell people that the mass media is making them dumb and that unless people find out the truth they will become a negative statistic. Posts like this make people dumb. AIDS is a mothafuckin fact. Oh, TheRealBoiWonder — part of the problem of AIDS in Africa was the US and other countries sending faulty condoms to people (FACT). Another part is a myth among some Africans that AIDS can be combatted by having unprotected sex with virgins (FACT). If you don’t believe AIDS is real, look up the AIDS epidemic in South Africa and the harm done by Duesberg and Mbeki. And, BXS, look up the Durban Declaration. You are either wrong and sincere or wrong and trying to be controversial. Either way, you’re wrong, and I hope YOU get educated before you become a negative statistic.

    • ThaRealBoiWonder

      I know and believe that AIDS is real. I’m just saying there are factors behind the scene which amplify the problem even more.

      • te noh

        Right, and I’m saying that the government (I presume you mean U.S., maybe the industrialized West) did not create AIDS for global population control or to oppress Africans. Your claims do not uncover the “factors behind the scenes which amplify the problem.”

        • ThaRealBoiWonder

          So you really believe AIDS, is a disease created through the enviroment which has no cure???

        • te noh

          Yes, I believe that AIDS is an environmental disease that currently has no cure, and I believe that because it is true. Scientists have a couple of different hypotheses as to the origin of AIDS, but the most accepted is that humans began contracting HIV from SIV-infected primates in sub-Saharan Africa near the end of French imperialism. A combination of interaction with chimpanzees (bush meat), shared needles, and poor labor conditions set the stage for the cross species viral jump. There are two kinds of HIV, 1 and 2. HIV-2 infections occur mostly in western Africa. HIV-1, the most common retrovirus that causes AIDS, is thought to have come to the western hemisphere by a Haitian immigrant with ties to the Congo. This is not a historical study: this is a genetic study, and genes do not lie. This is all available for you to look up. You are obviously not knowledgeable about this subject. Do you really believe that AIDS is a massive international conspiracy? Maybe you do, but you’re wrong. The government could have killed a bunch of people with traditional weapons if the point was population control, or they could have given people condoms that work. Second, the U.S. and the West was doing a fine job of oppressing blacks without AIDS; why would the government need AIDS to do WHAT THEY WERE ALREADY DOING (and that’s not considering the obvious drawback that being a white politician does not prevent HIV infection). Look, I’m done talking with you. Good luck.

        • ThaRealBoiWonder

          LMAO^^^^ Clearly the guy above me is one of the people who have been brainwashed with information that although sounds intelligent it’s simply not the TRUTH. Nowhere I said AIDS oppressed blacks but it is KILLING blacks… But you believe what you want, I’ll believe what I want.

        • te noh

          “My next reason AIDS were created were to oppress all blacks.”

          And this is why you shouldn’t be allowed outside.

  • Ryan

    “Although being gay is a abomination to man, homosexuals were the scapegoat to what the real reasons AIDS was created.”

    Ok guy with “boi” in his username.

    This reminds me of that movie kids, when that stoned raver/sk8r d00d was talking about how “AIDS isn’t real, I don’t know anyone with that shit!!! If I’m gonna die, I’m goin out fuckin!!!”

    • 239allday

      Yo the movie “KIDS” was the shit homie!!!

      • EReal

        Kids is my shit.

        I watched that shit and I was like damn, thats like me and my homies (no AIDS) but in NYC!

  • 239allday

    I may smoke a lot of crippie but I think AIDS has got to be a government created disease. You know some muhfucker has the cure to this shit. I bet you anything if I had a cure to this shit and I announced it to all, you would never hear from me agian. Don’t believe that bullshit they spouting in the news. Real niggas know what’s going on.

  • render

    lol damn, I have no fuckin clue what you’re talking about with that aids nonsense. That shit is scientific fact. The reason magic and other rich folks aint all droppin cause of it is cause they can afford the best retroviral treatments and medications out there…plenty of rich gay folk did die of that shit when it came out tho

    or was that shit a metaphor? fuck reading between the lines

  • b-ease

    Are all these bitches fucking the same ten faggots?

    Yes.And thats precisely the problem. Chris Rock’s theory, “90%of the women are fucking 10% of the men” confirms this.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Te Noh,
    You must be teh ghey. AIDS is the ONLY virus with no genetic fingerprint. Why is that? Flu has one, TB has one, Ebola has one. All AIDS has is symptoms. That is bullshit.

    AIDS makes way too much money for people to admit to the sham of it. Billions and billions of government dollars used to test the effects that toxic “medication” has on the human immune system is being spent.

    You are STILL talking that monkey shit? GTFOH that any virus makes an interspecies leap and leaves no trail of its path(ogens).

    I don’t believe the hype.

    • te noh

      Dear BXS,

      Of course all AIDS “has” is symptons. That is because AIDS is not a virus but a syndrome. The lentivirus HIV-1, a slow moving retrovirus, causes AIDS when CD4+T cells are depleted to a critical level, thus passing a point of no return and destroying cell-mediated immunity, whereupon a person develops the AIDS syndrome. There is a great wealth of literature on the epidemiology of HIV. HIV is a vector, BXS, and AIDS is the result. HIV works through a process called reverse transcriptase.

      Some companies may make money doing AIDS research, but that does not mean that AIDS is a man-made fabrication (either in the sense of man creating the disease or in the sense of AIDS being an outright lie). I agree with you that some of the medications are toxic and that some of the pharma companies are corrupt. This does not mean that AIDS is not a reality, just that scummy people will do a lot for a buck. And, a lot of that “toxic medication” has helped people live longer, just as it has hurt others. All medication is a double-edged sword.

      As for the monkey shit, again you are wrong. Please see “The Molecular Population Genetics of HIV-1 Group O” by the Genetics Society of America. Recent advances in population genetic modeling show you to be incredibly misguided.

      I generally respect you, BXS, and like many of your hip-hop related posts. There is no reason to call me “teh ghey.” That’s some bitch shit. You have your conspiracy theories and your article from Harper’s. I have my scientific claims based upon studies from Science and from Nature. I tried to respond to you intelligently with some links of my own, but apparently I’m not allowed to do that. Don’t believe the hype, BXS. Believe the science. And, if you are not knowledgeable about a subject, stick to your lane.

  • ThaRealBoiWonder

    Usually don’t do this but…


  • henry

    that article is a long ass read, ill save it for later, we need to keep track of those two guys who said they where close to find the cure for HIV, before they get “reassigned”

  • Ghost

    Regardless of whether or not BXS thinks this shit real, (which it is) what this comes down to is taking responsibility for your own actions. If muthafuckas want to fuck like there’s no tomorrow while unprotected, don’t blame it on some ignorant shit like women having sex with gay men. Be healthy and practice your lifestyle in a healthy manner and you wont have shit to complain about or spend your life looking for scape goats. GTFOH with all of this shit…

  • grp03

    If you want your AIDS to go away just sleep in a room full of money. Idiots.

  • Mr. 306

    I’m a bit apprehensive to accept your theory Billy but i do appreciate it. You raise valid points but its still hard to deny its existence. The one thing though is that it totally makes sense that the poor are affected more. For one odds are more of them are fucking eachother and the chris rock theory/

  • grp03

    AIDS is fake?! Let me guess, Bush blew up the twin towers too.

    What the fuck is going on in this world. It’s about intelligence, not race. Wear a condom, and guess what?! NO AIDS.

    Preparation to bring back slavery?

    Motherfuckers disgust me.

    • ThaRealBoiWonder

      Question then, who did blow up the twin towers then???

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Teh Ghey,
    If science were simply the addition of 1 + 1 to equal 2 then I would have no problem accepting its absolute universatility (my word bitches)

    Dr. James Watson, the honoured and revered geneticist uses science to claim that Blacks are genetically better athletes and that there is such a thing as race. A scientist who has won a Nobel award claims that there is such a tangible construct as race?!?

    That is weird science.

    I know all about reverse transcriptase and RNA becoming replicated and so on. Whatever dude. The symptomology that pregnant women experience that blows up their T-cell count is exactly similar to what doctors diagnose as HIV+. Many women here in America(all poor, and mostly Black) have been receiving false positives.

    Read that Harper’s article posted above and don’t be afraid to have your own mind.

    Being enlightened is being hip and the first part to being Hip-Hop Teh Ghey.

    You must learn that EVERYTHING I write is Hip-Hop related because I am Hip-Hop.

    • te noh

      Bitch Ass Sunday or KRS-One,

      Watson has been summarily dismissed in the scientific community other than by quacks like Charles Murray. Your argument is bullshit. That would be like saying, “Well, Euclid’s geometry says this about space.” That shit is outdated, and the majority of the scientific community agrees. Also, the whole idea of “race” was demolished by advances in the Human Genome Project, showing racial differences to be negligible beyond phenotype. So, you are just picking and choosing science to fit your own ideology, no different than Watson or the intelligent design crowd.

      False positives — some chicks who pee on sticks get false positives. This does not mean other people are not pregnant. If people are being mistreated by the medical community, then that is terrible, and the situation ought to be rectified. This does not mean that AIDS is fake.

      You are one salty ass mothafucka. Get enlightened to science. And, you are not hip-hop, anymore that anyone is. So you smoked crack in the 80s — BFD. If enlightenment is the first step toward being hip-hop, then you’re fucking polka. Read a scientific study. Also, the phrase “exactly similar” makes zero sense. I read your article. Now, you read the scientific study I provided for you. I must warn you that it’s not written at an 8th grade level like Harper’s or USA Today.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Teh Fugazy,
    I thought you were done speaking several comments ago? You keep coming back here to try to convince me that African monkeys and a Haitian are the causes for AIDS.

    Do you know how stupid you sound? Seriously? I come from a place called reality. You live in a place called lunacy. We can both cite science and scientists to bolster our points of view.

    What reinforces my argument is the fact that I know of a global political actor that has been active in the research and development of biochemical agents that will kill people. I know of a global political actor that has used STD’s as a clandestine tool to experiment on their effects on people.

    You can choose to look the other way since that is what cowards typically do anyhoo. I speak on supremacism when I see it manifest itself. I don’t have to cower behind monkeys, Haitians or science in order to speak my mind.

    • te noh


      I said I was done talking with your reach-around partner ThaRealBoiWonder. I’m not done with airing you out yet.

      What reinforces your argument is your own ignorance. I see that you will not read the article I provided because it is not from the bastion of science that is Harper’s and because it does not reinforce your nonsense. This is typical Fox News shit. The argument goes like this, “Well, they have experts that say this, but our experts say that; therefore, it is a wash between competing experts, and I will argue from the gut.” Look, I’m sure you can find douchebags who support a hypothesis that AIDS isn’t real, but the majority scientific community says otherwise. You won’t find ANY experts (discounting Dr. West) who would argue with some compelling evidence that the US purposefully put out AIDS as some tool in a campaign of supremacy. I know of a couple of global political actors that have developed biochemical weapons. I am also aware of the Tuskegee Experiment. This does not change anything I’ve said, nor does it change the science of AIDS. The Germans did a lot of shit with chemical weapons in WWI, and they are not responsible for AIDS either. Period.

      Look, you are the coward and the bitch hiding behind e-thuggism and your own prejudices. You didn’t know the epidemiology of AIDS, so I tried to inform you. I took apart your arguments point-by-point, to which you responded by calling me “teh ghey” (nice theft of Bol) and by calling me a coward in the face of “supremacism.” I’m calling you willfully ignorant. Do you know how stupid you sound? Seriously? Each and every one of your arguments is weak. And, rather than seriously discussing this, you choose to resort to name calling and switching topics of discussion. You have given up trying to talk about the scientific aspects of this because you have realized you don’t know what you are talking about. Instead, you reveal yourself to be a small mind influenced by conspiratorial barbershop talk. You admit that your AIDS denialism is based upon hostility toward the U.S. government. It’s okay to be hostile to the U.S. government; it is not okay to deny the reality of AIDS. Keep digging, BXS.

  • te noh

    Also, I never said some monkeys and a Haitian “caused” AIDS. They are part of the causal chain that led to the pandemic. You know that diseases come from environmental stressors and mutation.

  • render

    shit niggas droppin mad knowledge up in here

    I gotta get the fuck outta here and listen to some lil wayne before I actually learn something

  • Bang

    Its in the weed, dumb fuckz

  • Maddolies

    Well This Was A Hot Pile Of Garbage


    well you where right in a sense that aids does not kill you. aids just kills your immune system and then just about everything else kills you.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Teh Lady,
    You are part of the mechanism that NEEDS something like AIDS to be real. There are millions of folks in Africa dying from famine, and dirty fucking industrialized water. Not AIDS.

    Saying that people are dying from AIDS lets the supremacists off the fucking hook as they continue to rape amd poison the land. The supremacists use the World Health Org to give people “medicine” that is unregulated and toxic.

    The fact remains that AIDS has no genetic fingerprint. Only symptoms. So a motherfucker from Benin with a wicked cough is banned from entering this country, but someone from Belgrade with the same strep throat gets a Chloraseptic tablet.

    If AIDS is so real to you why don’t you drink some from your mother’s high heels ans kill yourself?

    • te noh

      Okay BXS,

      I don’t *need* AIDS to be real. You’re a fucking idiot. What the fuck does that even mean? I could just as easily say you are part of the mechanism that needs AIDS to be fake . . . but that doesn’t affect the actual SCIENCE of the matter, does it Billy Boy?

      The fact that people in Africa are suffering from famine, genocide and dirty water does not mean people don’t have AIDS. The fact that some of the cocktails have been dangerous does not mean AIDS is real. The more toxic the disease, more than likely the more toxic the medication. Again, there should be better oversight, but AIDS is still real.

      HIV had a genetic imprint. You said you knew all about this. AIDS is a mothafuckin SYNDROME not a VIRUS. Who gets let into the country on what conditions has nothing to do with the reality of AIDS.

      That last comment is way the fuck out of line. Don’t get out of pocket, BXS. If you really had friends or family who died of this shit (which I bet you made up to create some fake pathos), you wouldn’t say shit like that. Obviously, you’re an idiot and a liar.

      Look, I annihilated you. It was so fucking bad you had to post about Juelz to hide this shit. That was either a smart move on your part (unlikely) or your editor’s part. Why don’t you put this shit back up on the front so everyone can see what a fucking assclown you are. You don’t give a fuck about the science. You don’t give a fuck about the people who contract this disease. You don’t give a fuck about your supposed friends and fam who died of this shit. Otherwise, you would admit that you were wrong, and kept it moving. You stay losing.

  • te noh

    And Bitch-Ass Sunday,

    Posting at 12:40 AM EDT . . . damn, I must have gotten under your skin like the AIDS.

  • te noh

    And William,

    Posting at twenty til one, eastern time. . . damn, I must have gotten under your skin like the AIDS. This kids is why you should not drink and drive on the information superhighway.

  • te noh

    Please dear God let Sunday’s weak-ass, intellectually dishonest musings become the subject of “Negro, Please.”

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Teh Stalker,
    I still don’t believe in AIDS, but I do believe you are a faygo stalker.

    I write my comments when I have a chance to sit by a computer. I’m not online all day like you are. Come from outside your momma’s basement with your little junior lab kit.

    I had a cousin who was claimed by so-called AIDS. He deteriorated so quickly that I couldn’t believe my eyes. I am sure it was because of the drugs he was prescribed. Dude was a first class athlete and there is no way in hell that his body could be savaged by a disease that fast.

    Fags were being targeted for experimentation. Perod. Point blank. If you choose not to accept this reality I don’t give a fuck. People like you are the reason why these myths get perpetuated for so many years.

    Did you do the microbiology experiments yourself that you claim are fact? Hell no! I use my own empirical knowledge and my third fucking eye.

    • te noh


      Oh, ok, you got me . . . I’m a faygo stalker. I can’t help myself; I will be stalking crusty-ass AIDS denialists for a long time. Listen, I can post on here just like you can. Just give it up, or re-post this where the world can see what a douchebag you are. Dog, your editors pulled your shit and made you double post because it is obvious you are uninformed and hateful.

      I don’t live with my mother. I ain’t a blogger for XXL. I have a job and a college education, including (gasp) a biology or two.

      Sorry to hear about your cousin. Seriously. But, you should take that experience to get informed rather than wallowing in your pain and grief, raging against some strawman who doesn’t exist (AIDS=U.S. supremacy tactic). And, your cousin probably didn’t have enough money to get the Magic treatment, which is unjust and unfortunate. And, depending upon when your cousin developed the disease, it could have been a combination of the drugs and the disease.

      Gay people being experimented on does not mean that AIDS is not real. You have made this argument over and over, just replacing the actor. Experimentation, right or wrong, has nothing to do with the science of AIDS.

      No, I don’t do experiments myself. But my friends do, in graduate programs at MIT and Duke. They’re trying to help people, people like your cousin and people all over the world. You don’t know what you are talking about. You are obviously third eye blind.

      If you think I’m a stalker, don’t respond. Just STFU, and keep it moving. You are just trying to use ad hominem attacks to deflect. And, it’s not stalking for me to notice when you post; it’s called reading, and supposedly it’s fundamental. Read a fucking study. You are dismissing them without understanding or trying to get enlightened. How un-hip-hop.

  • Clever


    I don’t sign agreements or set down and talk/
    I attack to see if your bite is louder than your bark/
    No apology’s , and None accepted/
    I would rather toy with you and, leave you dissected/
    No hand shakes or white flags of peace/
    Just Beats that Hit Deep/
    As I Cleverly speak/
    Quotes Ocean Deep/
    Cuts Like ah Sharks Teeth/
    I don’t reason you see, I let death resolve my Beefs/
    Warn your Favorite Emcee/
    Before your staring at his Tombstone in disbelief/
    Mumbling Crying about how he tasted defeat/
    Complaining that,” You Thought M.T.V “/
    Gave him hands down the best M. C./
    Until he slipped at the Lip and Claimed he wanted it with me/
    D-Boy’s and Thugs they just hot in these Streets/
    I got Aliens asking me in my mind, When is your next Release?/
    You can reason with a Soldier but, not a Warrior like me/
    Cause its War til the Death til one of Us don’t Breathe/
    Guarantee That One, Is Definitely Not me.



  • master cheef

    i’ve never in my life seen someone get sonned as bad as bxs. you should go crawl in a hole and die.

    i’m sure after all the gay sex you have had, you would love to beleive aids isnt real. that, my friend, is called denial.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    I don’t imagine your so-called friends at M.I.T. or Duke sanction your dickriding, but in any case I imagine that Marilee Jones is one of your friends.

    You lost by returning here to continue the comment thread.

  • khalil amani

    Khalil Amani (Ya gay friend’s favorite straight friend)

    As for hip-hop, perhaps the most damaging word a person can be called is the “F-Bomb.” “F-Bomb” is the politically correct word for calling someone a faggot.

    Case in point: XXL’s Billy X Sunday, who recently blogged about AIDS being a hoax (The South Stay Losing…) (This Negro doesn’t believe that HIV is some real shit! I guess he’s stickin’ his meat in these broads raw like he’s living in the 70’s!) The minute someone RESPECTFULLY disagreed with him by giving a very scientific response for the case for HIV, what did Billy X Sunday call him? He posted, “You must be ‘teh ghey’,” sucking the grammatical dick of Byron Crawford’s (Bol’s) ignorant word for faggot. The commenter retorted, “I generally respect you, BXS, and like many of your hip-hop related posts. There is no reason to call me ‘teh ghey.’ That’s some bitch shit.” And guess what? Mr. Billy called him teh ghey again! Why William X why?!

    Dropping the motherfucking F-Bomb to nullify this man’s argument! That’s all it takes! You must be gay! Negro please! Grow some damned freethinking balls and get off Bol’s nut-sack! (As we heteros like to say) And I’m not calling you gay either ‘cause I don’t know you like that!

  • khalil amani

    Internet Gangsterism: Hip-Hop’s New Millennium drive-by!
    Khalil Amani is Ya favorite gay friend’s favorite straight friend!

    The “hateration” and “bitchassness” in hip-hop is unparalleled on the Internet! Sometimes I wish I could jump through my computer screen, right into a dude’s bedroom and slap fire out a cat’s ass (Beam me up Scotty!)—put my foot so far up a dude’s ass that his breath will smell like shoe polish—hit him so hard that it’ll jar his kinfolk in Africa—punch him with a left until he begs me for a right! Goddamned Internet thugs!

    The Destruction of Khalil…” ( “Khalil is an Aids-Ridden DL Brother.” ( “He’s Straight…At Least That’s What He Says.” ( These are the kinds of malicious blogs written about ya boy, intended to put me in a blogger’s coffin, but I’m still here blogging about that gay hip-hop shyt and any other subject that I feel like

    The Internet is the new Witness Protection Program! Niggas write dirt and then hide behind screen names and shyt!—Change their names to ATL, Mr. Man, Swahili-Wannabe, GunActor! Blogging hard with fake-ass pictures of white actors or old pictures—when they were young and physically fit. This allows the shyt-talking blogger to indiscriminately go in on his victim, with no accountability for their words. They fight like terrorists—undercover, hiding among the hip-hop populace, waiting to throw a rock and hide their hand! And then they freely walk the streets of Harlem and St. Louis, having no thought of being confronted because they are INCOGNEGRO! No one suspects that the fat cat with the limp is that guy who blogs for XXL! No one would guess that an Iowa-bred white boy is the foster-child of a black Harlem family, whose writing style is so overtly racist… I said, “Whose writing style is so overtly racist… so overtly racist” by ebonically over-accentuating how he thinks black people write to feign black, while hiding behind his moniker—Glock DeNegro! This is the strategy of a coward.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Shut your spoken word incense poetry faggoty ass up.

    I don’t call you a faggot because I think you are ghey. I call you a faggot because you sound ghey.

  • te noh

    I destroyed you so bad that even Fruit Loopz is coming in here to kick you while your down. Mr. Loopz, I already got this one. And, if you want to be upset about something, be upset about the fact BXS is an AIDS denialist, not the fact that he called me “teh ghey.” Just go back to your squabble with the blogging Mike Jones, and leave me out of your shit with BXS.

    Now, BXS, you’re still a moron. Your link is stupid. So the MIT admissions officer falsified a resume three decades ago . . . ZING, you got me. AIDS is still real.

    And, if you were so concerned about fighting “supremacism” instead of always being right (no matter how wrong you are), then you would know that Marilee Jones did a lot of shit from the inside to make elite places like MIT more accessible to traditionally underserved people, like women and minorities. From the NY Times article about her firing, quote:

    “Ms. Jones was hired by the admissions office in 1979 to recruit young women, who at the time made up only 17 percent of the institute’s undergraduates, compared with nearly half today.

    Since she entered the field, admissions to M.I.T. and other elite institutions have become increasingly competitive, and she made her mark with her efforts to turn down the flame of competition.

    Among other things, she told students that they did not need perfect SAT scores to get into M.I.T. She also redesigned the institute’s application form, leaving less space for students to list their extracurricular activities, so as not to imply that every student needed 10 activities to fill the 10 lines that used to be there.”

    So, there you have it. Flame a women fighting the system from the inside to win an internet war that no one reads except you, me, and Fruit Loopz. You lost BXS, with another non-sequitur. You lame. Your editors pulled your shit. No one cares. Why are you even responding to me? You lost the argument, and, after all, I am a faygo stalker, a nobody. Just delete this whole post and save some face, man.

  • te noh

    I’m not going to post to this article anymore. You can make another bitchy comment after I’m gone so that you can feel like you beat me, or you’re so hardbody like Diddy, or whatever. I almost feel sorry for you at this point. You lost, and everyone knows it. No one is riding with you on this one. But, you got some tenacity, and I would kind of respect that if it didn’t manifest itself this way. It’s okay BXS. No one is looking. Just walk away, and get back to posting about Juelz and how much you now heart Lupe Fiasco.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Teh Ghey,
    And I’m back, and you aren’t just a faygo internets stalker, but an angry faygo stalker.

    Part of the method for dismantling supremacy is dismantling the institutions that breed the supremacists. Of course MIT and other supremacist institutions will have a dearth of people of color attending these places.

    The damage was done to the people of color as children in substandard public schools learning about how Columbus discovered America and how the injuns sold the Dutch Manhattan for a quart of pork fried rice and a teapot from iKea.

    I challenge you to step outside of everything that you think you know and you think you believe. Are you a believer in God? Despite the obvious fact that humans are an incredible biomechanical system do you think that the human is the BEST thing that God has created?

    Your belief in AIDS and its existence is really a disbelief in God. You lack a universe soul Teh Ghey and the understanding that a universe soul brings. Your belief in AIDS is similar to the people that believe if they separate the plastic and glass from the regular trash they have somehow become better people. The truth is they haven’t. And neither will you.

    Pin the pink ribbon to your lapel if you have to. AIDS isn’t killing people. People are killing people.