Thank God For DMX…


If I had a high school diploma I might be able to wrap my head around the statistics that detail the incarceration rates for African American males. it’s some confusing shit like…

In twelve states, between 10 and 15 percent of adult black men are incarcerated.

In ten states, between 5 and 10 percent of black adults are incarcerated.

In twelve states, black men are incarcerated at rates between twelve and sixteen times greater than those of white men.

In fifteen states, black women are incarcerated at rates between ten and thirty-five times greater than those of white women.

In six states, black youth under age eighteen are incarcerated in adult facilities at rates between twelve and twenty-five times greater than those of white youth.

The gist of all this is that Black niggers stay getting locked up while white niggers don’t get broken off with bids as often.

I’m not here to debate the causes of this shit. America is a racist country. Period. Point blank. White is shook to get on some equality shit because then they might have to get the proverbial shoe put on them as often as the Blacks catch it. White knows that shit ain’t no fun. White knows when to get the fuck outta Dodge. These are the same dudes that jetted from the Black plague, the potato famine and that faggy New Wave music from Soft Cell.

*reminds self to play extended version of Tainted Love*

Being Black sucks, yada, yada, yada. I didn’t have to watch CNN’s Black In America to know this. What is scaring the fuck out of me though is how much the list of people who are have-nots is increasing. It’s as if poverty were having an expansion draft. I’m not worried about being the first pick, but in the later rounds I might get selected.

Being poor AND Black is just about the pits. You see how the poor were shot in the back in New Orleans? People were hungry and sick and BlackWater USA was allowed to shoot to kill if you were outside of your home after dark. If the rate of economic disenfranchisement continues at the rate of social disenfranchisement my ass will be getting arrested pretty soon.

*note to XXL managers: send me that check*

My one saving grace that is keeping me and several other African American males from being incarcerated is the fact that DMX tries his damnedest to get arrested every single day.

A few weeks ago Dark Man X was arrested four(4) times in one day. Once in Miami. Then in Arizona. He was extradited to New Mexico on a bench wartrant, and then he was arrested in his sleep while returning to Arizona.

How many motherfuckers can get a warrant while they are asleep? That is how bad ass DMX is. This fool is possibly the most hardbody rapper of all time and I want to personally thank him for being that gully.

Every day the police are out arresting DMX that means that some lucky Black man gets a reprieve from brutality somewhere. That anonymous Black man is free to buy fried chicken wings from his favorite supermarket or chinese kitchen. He is free to enjoy Crystal light Mango Iced Tea from his favorite sippy cup while searching for downloadable video clips of his favorite adult actress(Lauren Phoenix) from his computer station in his parent’s basement. All because DMX carries the burden of others on his back.

Not that I’m wishing any ill will on DMX, but at some point the authorities will incarcerate him which will mean that the arrests of regular semi-law abiding Blacks will have to increase again. I know my white understand how statistics and averages work. When that shit happens that DMX is put under the jail I am staying my ass in the fucking house until Mike Tyson shows his face.

iron mike

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  • 239allday

    Those are some of the most unflattering pictures of these one-time icons. You got my man X looking like Chris Rock in New Jack City, and you got Mike lookin like a straight Sambo lookin boy. But that shit is besides the point, I’m glad you touched on the shit because Amerikkka is indeed a rascist counrty. If you think all these trumped up ass charges against X are all legit, then you, sir, are on some other shit.

  • Yayza

    I really wish you wouldn’t refer to white people as if they’re some fucking hive mind or something. They all don’t think alike, and believe it or not, they aren’t all racists.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    I don’t believe that white be racist at all. I calls them ‘supremacist apologists’ instead. People like the white know right from wrong but they also know that supremacists run this rap shit. Supremacists put the ball in play. They own the court too. So if you want to be in the game you have to play by the rules.

    Trust me, I did the knowledge. There were plenty of immigrants that came from Europe and REFUSED to put the whip in their hands. Those folks were forced to go settle out west. They knew the government was merc’king the injuns, but these immigrants had no choice. They were running from poverty, famine and disease in Europe.

    Supremacy is a fucked up game. None of the players are ever winners. Only the people that own the game board the pawns are placed on.


    Yeah, we get locked up a lot. Disproportionately. Did I spell that right? I’m throwed. What the fuck is up with this website? Shit’s looking weird. Is somebody hacking this shit? Who is John Galt?

  • Pierzy

    I think the most important point of this is also the same truth that is being ignored by most of this country – the split between rich & poor is getting wider and wider and the idea of a middle class is dying. The old cliche – haves & have-nots – is becoming the reality. Either you got shit or you don’t…

    • Tony Grand$

      Word up pierzy! The rich get richer, and the poor got shot dead in the street.

  • From Finland

    those pictures were funny. on top theres DMX looking pissed off because getting arrested all the time. and below is that “lucky anynomous man” laughing at him while eating some fried chicken.

  • cahd bro chill

    community service is no joke i got 40 hours of it (damn) i hope they just send dmx to jail hed lik it better than picking up shit.
    didnt he do a video from jail anyway yea ruff ryders anthem he should be right at home

  • RisingSon

    lol..D looks mad Tyrone Biggums-ish in that pic. Truth in so much you’ve said…only problem is we’re all sittin’ here goin’ thru evidence of ethnic/economic cleansing by government hired private armies and everybody see’s is as the norm, all those figures and no one bats an eye lid…white has perfected oppression.

  • My Effin’ Opinion


    They are now reporting that by 2050 the minorities will be the majority. At least you have something to look forward to.

    … but believe me, this ain’t gonna change shit, cuz alot of minorities are like a 15 year old kid pissed because he doesn’t want his parents to keep him in check, but what does he do when given the freedom? Act all niggerish and fuck shit up.

    I just hope to God that the ‘souljah boy generation’ doesn’t turn this country into the national ministry of minstrel.

  • Yayza

    “white has perfected oppression.”

    No, you people don’t get it. Just because the oppressors happen to be white, doesn’t mean that white people as a whole are the ones behind this shit. White people’s shit is fucked up too. You don’t think there aren’t poor white people? Understand the logic son. Their race is nothing more than a coincidence, and making a blanket statement like that is racist.

  • Tony Grand$

    Amerikkka is no doubt a racist country. It was built, and still operates on the blood and sweat (and tears) of others. This is the same country that will turn and condemn “us” for actions that were manifested out of pure desparation. If a nigga robs you, because he’s a felon unable to find a way to feed his family, what necessarily seperates him from your average crackhead? He’s imprisoned with the same passion as an axe murderer, or child molester. Do you sympathize with dude becuz you’re bout 5 mins from doing the same thing? Minority on minority crime isn’t so much a part of our cultures, per say, but what the fuck does any other animal (mammals are animals by definition) do when its caged. Attack! Could be fear, retaliation, desperation, maybe just the instinct of pure survival. But, why is that aniaml in a cage anyway? Amerikkka has the world thinkin that if you’re white, its all right. And sadly enough, this statement rings true, loud as the sounds of the Liberty Bell itself (liberty my dick!). Whether or not DMX does it to himself is irrelevant, simply becuz when the “man” is done with him they’ll move on to the next nigger they think is out of line. Never once ,it seems to me, do they ponder the question “why?”. You know shit is fuckd the fuck up when “you” have to watch out for the po po’s. Kinda bullshit is that? I gotta teach my son to watch out for cops, then niggas. You got tv shows perpetuating such an obvious stereotype for all minorities, how can we even feel safe anymore? The brainwashing is so intense, that, as a ppl, we are beginning to believe this bogus ass propaganda campaign. I used to tell mufuckas, fuck this place, I’m movin to the moon! Hell, ill prolly have to sit @ the back of the gottdamn space shuttle! Ppl, my ppl, ppl of color, we gotta do whatever it takes to survive, its mos def a state of emergency! Cold part bout that is that 911 is a joke. Damn.

    • BIGNAT

      you bring up some good points especially 911 being a joke.

  • murph

    maybe its because niggers commit all the crimes


    whats funny was me and my friends was saying the same thing. also i need his lawyer after all the shit he did in 2 years he is finally going to jail. he impersonated a f.b.i agent had drugs. going crazy at the airport busting baricades and shit and he is walking the streets. to do more dumb shit to get locked up for. after all the shit he did you think he would be thinking tham a nigga got lucky last year better settle down. nah acting a fool seems to be his new job because he sure has not been making any good music