No, really, kill Bill O’Reilly

The East Coast Avengers’ “Kill Bill O’Reilly” was all poised to be the biggest hip-hop media scandal since the last big hip-hop media scandal, and then… nothing.

The other day, I turned on the Factor, which I haven’t watched on a regular basis since before you knew what the factor was (seriously, Clinton was still in office), and I thought for certain Bill-O was gonna have to go in re: “Kill Bill.” You know how Bill-O is about hip-hop. It’s the reason he can’t have regular sex anymore.

Aside for 2Pac stans: I remember, back in the mid ’90s, C. Delores Tucker (may she rot in pieces), had something similar happen, after ‘Pac mentioned her in a song. She even tried to sue to him for it, though the judge threw the case out. I wouldn’t be surprised, though, if she wasn’t making that shit out.

But come to find out, Bill-O hasn’t been on the factor all this week. Since it’s getting towards the end of the summer, and right before the election starts to get interesting again, I’m assuming Bill-O decided to take a week-long vacation. Crazy-ass Laura Ingraham has been filling in until Papa Bear gets back.

Damn it.

As we speak, Bill-O is probably off somewhere in a swank resort, in a shower, going at his wife’s vagine with a loofah, just like Flava Flav used to.

I’ll admit, I’m a little bit jealous of both of them. Maureen McPhilmy (really?) is kind of a cougar. Er, if she’s not actually fucking anyone under the age of 60 at present (though who knows?), I guess that would make her more of a MILF. At any rate, you catch my drift.

Unfortunately, there’s reason to believe that Bill-O isn’t gonna give the East Coast Avengers the time of day once he gets back stateside. Earlier this week, the TIs at Newscorp, owners of both Fox News and MySpace, had the Avengers’ tribute to the Fox News host, “Kill Bill O’Reilly,” disappeared from their MySpace, on some straight communist China shit.

Crap, there went our moral authority to criticize them for half of the shit they pull!

And as I mentioned on my own site just now, how is Bill O’Reilly gonna look dissing the East Coast Avengers for writing a song about him that you can’t even hear, because his TI benefactors had the shit censored from MySpace?

He can’t very well claim, say, that the East Coast Avengers, or their song, are insignificant, if his bosses went so far as to have the song removed from MySpace, lest people actually hear it. And I doubt the TIs are gonna want the word to get out, in general, that MySpace will have your shit censored, if you offend the TIs that own it.

The kids might start to get the idea that MySpace fucking sucks balls.

So that’s probably not gonna happen for them. Still, I’d say there’s plenty of opportunity for “Kill Bill O’Reilly” to go viral, as it should, and as I’m hoping it does, both as a fan of the group and as a fan of a motherfucking train wreck.

Lest we forget, “Kill Bill O’Reilly” hasn’t even officially been released as a single, though you can find an MP3 of it posted in some of the less reputable parts of the Internets. It’s slated to be made available for sale September 2nd, along with a corresponding video.

Which I’m sure will be that much more likely to go “viral” than the song itself – which, after all, you can’t even see! Let’s just hope they don’t botch the video as badly as Nas and Rik Cordero (please, tell me that guy is not involved with this) did the video for “Sly Fox.”

And in the meantime, they’ve got a new song up on their MySpace, going at Michelle Malkin, who had the sheer balls to respond to “Kill Bill O’Reilly,” last week. It’s called “Dear Michelle,” and holy crap is it scathing.

Sample lyric: “Michelle Malkin, where the fuck should I start? You no-heart-having, half-tranny, drag-queen looking manly.”


Also mentioned in the song are a number of other 2nd and 3rd-rate right wing blowhards, including the aforementioned Laura Ingraham, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Micheal Savage. If Bill O’Reilly doesn’t have the balls to have the East Coat Avengers on his show, maybe one of them will.

Or are they too chickenshit? In “Dear Michelle,” Esoteric warns that, if he’s ever on television, he’s gonna pull a Jeremy Glick, i.e. pwn Bill O’Reilly (or whoever) so bad they have to cut his mic.

I’d like to see one of these d-bags call his bluff.

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  • Pierzy

    Michelle Malkin is the fucking devil. Seriously.

  • these posts are racist

    It’s unreal how Michelle Malkin/Bill O’Rielly, etc. get away with their anti-Muslim/Anti-Arab, blatant racist statements, almost weekly.

    • The Spaniard

      They are closer to being bigots than racist.

      What’s really amazing is that the education standards are so low in this country that they even have an audience for their half-fact basis out of context distortions.

    • Bol

      It’s probably because Muslims killed 3,000 people by flying planes into the World Trade Center.

      Otherwise, I’m sure America would be far too tolerant to countenance such bigotry.

      (Sorry, TPAR. I had to. For old times sake. No Freddie Jackson.)

      • These posts are racist

        What up Byron. I’ve been out of the loop for a while, busy, etc.

        Anyway, “It’s probably because Muslims killed 3,000 people by flying planes into the World Trade Center.”

        Wow. Muslims died in the Trade Center too. How many people died at the hands of “Christians”, see Holocaust, Slavery, etc.

        So you judge an entire religion and all of its adherents by the acts of any individual who claims to also be an adherent? Oh, bigotry.

        • Og bobby J

          “Wow. Muslims died in the Trade Center too. ”

          Yea, the ones flying the plane.

          And just because the root of the statement is bigotry, that doesnt mean the statements are false…..

          Its obvious the real problem here is the white man…..and if not, you can always blame them, right?

        • these posts are racist

          OG Bobby J,

          Who blamed anyone for anything? Anyway, how’s your son’s health? Hope he’s doing well.

        • Og bobby j

          my son is good…thanks for asking. Just give him a few years, and he’ll be signing your fathers checks for cleaning his carpets.

          And how about you? You were gone for a while….busy with your “america is the devil” campaign?

        • these posts are racist

          I’m fine OGBJ, and glad to hear BG is doing well. (No HMO) I’ve been working on the “Get OG’s Health Insurance Campaign.” Did you get our newsletter? You were featured on the front page.

          I see you still hate Muslims/people of color.

        • Og bobby j

          I actually have not received anything…you have my email correct?

          Tell your father there are crumbs in the hallway…

      • these posts are racist

        PS, I know you’re benig sarcastice re: the I’m sure America would be far too tolerant…comment, but still claiming “muslims did x” in such a context is absurd, and you know it.

      • The Spaniard

        {Muslim|Christian|Jew|sun worshipper}

        …all the same nonsense.


        Some sect of Muslims want to take over the world with their devotion to Allah.

        Old news.

        I would be worried of most “Muslims” wanted to. Or if they were setting off bombs in random areas of the US.

        O’Reilly and Malkin are scumbags purposely lying or distoring various issues for their financial gain.

        • these posts are racist

          Spaniard, btw, how you been man, long time no debate…

        • Yaw

          Hey these posts are racist (u not goin by TPAR atm?), I wanted to reply to your comment that u made before about “How many people died at the hands of “Christians”, see Holocaust, Slavery, etc.”

          These weren’t based on religious fanaticism to the degree that the attacks on the World Trade centre were, or at least made out to be. The holocaust wasn’t based too much on a sort religious premise, and slavery had a lot more to do with racial supremacy. Although admittedly, Christianity was used as a justification of colonisation, a lot other religions have done so too.

          Btw I’m not agreeing with Bol on his comment either, or saying that Islam or Christianity caused any of these events to happen, I ffel it was more due to individuals.

        • yaw

          p.s. I meant to say “… hoever, a lot of other religions have done so too” lol

        • The Spaniard

          “These weren’t based on religious fanaticism…”

          Sure they were. If you annouce you have a god given right to whatever land or people you are taking/enslaving that is the very definition of “based on”.

          It seems you simply like Christianity slightly better than Mohamadism.

          “I ffel it was more due to individuals.”

          Just like these nutty bombers.

          See how easily that fit the narrative? That was the point.

        • these posts are racist


          Pretty ignorant Spaniard. Muslims don’t worship Muhammed – he is not God in Islam.

          Weasal, what up man. Just been busy…Hope all is well.

        • The Spaniard

          -ism = worship now?

          Wow! I learn something new everyday!

          I’m I to believe you have NEVER heard this term and at the same time am I to believe you think that is meant to imply Muhhamed is allah?

          You’re a real card.

        • these posts are racist

          Yes Spaniard, I have heard the term, it is an anti-Muslim (the moral equivalent of a racist term. It is also meant to equate Muhammed in Islam to Jesus in Christianity. The fallacy lies in the fact that both Jesus and Muhammed are considered prophets in Islam.

        • The Spaniard

          “It is also meant to equate Muhammed in Islam to Jesus in Christianity.”

          Is it really? I’ve looked at quite a few sources and in none of them does it make this wild inference.

          ism (zm)
          n. Informal
          A distinctive doctrine, system, or theory:

          …in other words, the doctrine of MUHAMMED.

          MUHAMMED did deliver the word of Allah, including how to live your life, didn’t he?

          For the record, I’m not “racist” (can you be racist towards something that’s not a race?) toward muslims.

          They are just as delusioned as any other religous follower. Selectively picking and choosing what to follow based on current situations.

          That is the only “respectable” aspect of fanatics. They typically toe the line always.

        • these posts are racist

          I never called you a racist. I also never said it was “racist” to use the term Muhammadism, but was the “moral equivalent of a racist term”. And Islam is not Muhammed’s doctrine. As far as the history behind the term “Muhammadism”, do some more research.

        • The Spaniard

          “I never called you a racist. ”

          Hence the quotes.

          “And Islam is not Muhammed’s doctrine.”

          MUHAMMED did deliver the word of Allah, including how to live your life, didn’t he?

          That’s a question, not a statement…but we both know the answer.

          To prempt your next line of argument, of course the doctrine come from the great sky wizard, however, since we have seen the tooth fairy as many times as we have seen Allah, I, and the users of the descriptive term “Muhammadism” assume he either made it up or had some sort of psychotic episode.


          ism (zm)
          n. Informal
          A distinctive doctrine, system, or theory:

          The point of me even referencing your “moral equivilency” comment in the first place was to disavow any wrongly percieved insult.

          You may indeed be insulted but that wasn’t my goal. So, your moral judgement was hyperbolic to say the least.

      • iLL G

        youtube the movie “Loose Change” and “Terror Storm” then tell me who flew the planes into the towers

  • giantstepp

    Bol, keep 2pacs name out your fat face!

  • chad bro chill


    • Pierzy

      More like 7th. Or, as you would write, “Sevunth”

      • og bobby J

        LMAO @ Sevunth

  • 239allday

    Sean Hannity is the worst one out of all them. If you’ve been watching the sitcom known as Hannity and Colmes then you’ve noticed the plot twist where Alan Colmes has suddenly grown a pair of balls over the last couple of weeks. Glenn Beck is a pretty close second for racist of the year, but his reasoning is just laughable.

    As for the females like Ingraham and Coulter, the main problem I have with those bitches is that I would fuck every single one of them. Damn! Does that mean that the republicans have one?

  • mister adam

    Haha, I know that dude Trademarc. I’ve never even heard of the East Coast Avengers before this, but it’s pretty funny to me if they get some national shine behind this shit. Just because I know this dude, and I’ve also met Esoteric’s dad before. The dude carries a little dog around.

  • Avenger XL

    The first question I would have to ask is what good does a song called Kill Bill ORiley do. Even though Billy boy is a racist D bag who pretty much makes money off saying what other racist D bags wish they could. But that song was a blatant attempt to jump on the sly foxx band wagon and get media coverage off a infalmmatory song without any true purpose but doing what Bill does to his idiot audience to the hip-hop audience who hates Bill. If you really wanna give fox, BET, VIAcom or whoever the finger control your viewing and buying habits. If you really want to exact change.

    1. Each one teach one. work in your community to help someone up.
    2. organize some youth league activities.
    3. Be an example
    4. Slow up on the crab in a barrell mentality and make change in our community. There is no such thing as a unified black community and we need to fix that. Hiphop can’t save you.

  • geico lizard

    you are right about them taking it down being on some communist china type shit but it happened here in the land of the free. all these people want the olympic basketball team to speak out about china and stuff but they didnt want to hear the black atheletes talk about bush and hurricane katrina or the sean bell verdict. these people act like china is so evil and america is perfect but america has a lot of problems but they dont want to hear blacks talk about that.

  • me

    nothing funny just another garbage article!

  • Weasel F.

    Welcome back TPAR…Bol needs you (nullus), where have you been?

  • Siege

    Plain and simple Fuk Fox 5 racist white mothafuckas ain’t got the balls to address the strong black community always gotta pull they racist punches then pull the plug on a black person who about to rip them a new ass i wish black people would come up with some kind of a show or communicative way to dis all those mothafuckas the way they dis us

  • jonjon23

    Bill O’Reilly is a professional manipulator. He claims to be fair and balanced, but he specializes in rhetorical, racially biased commentary. I hate him, but still listen to him regularly to figure out what his type is thinking… Some comments they make about us Negroes are true though; prison bound, buying big cars and jewelry without having a cent in the bank, welfare queens steadily having babies, black men not raising there kids–black women not raising their kids right. I could go on and on….

  • Maddolies

    Michelle Malkin is an evil whore with no soul. Id Still Hit It Tho

  • me

    siege sounds racist to me!

  • me

    they don’t deserve to be on the show or even mentioned.

  • Che

    if 3 christian men rape a woman (no Bol) and they say they did it for god. should all christians be treated like rapists? just because the 3 men claimed it was in the name of christianity?

  • BGZ

    I thought Papa Bear got the falafel up his ass, he a closet maso prolly gettin off to watchin himself on YouTube.
    BTW Rupert Murdoch is not a Jew, Bol get your facts right. Also, the ‘Dear Michelle’ song has a better beat.
    I have no problems with Muslims but why do they try to forcefully convert/take over the whole fuckin world?
    Leave me the fuck alone with it, not interested.
    You can argue that the media scrutiny on them is artificially created, but why isn’t all the violence around the world comes from where, say the Buddhists/ Hindus/ Sikhs/ Bahaa’i/ Sintoists/ Jains/ Taoists/ Konfucianists/ Zoroastrians live?

  • sthxdnn

    no realy stop blogging..i’ve heard so much bout this dude its fuckin annoying.JUST STFU

  • DJ Daddy Mack

    oh man. from what you wrote, this might be worth peeping.

  • KingTime

    главное не париться, и тогда все получится хорошо! Успехов Вам!

  • Uzintour


  • 32 weeks pregnant pics

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  • God

    Kill the palin hag along with all who support thus sayeth the lord thy god…