There's an awkward video up over on World Star Hip Hop that takes place at the 30th birthday party of Karrine "Superhead" Steffans, down in Atlanta.

In it, the lady of the evening (pun intended) climbs up on a table and makes an announcement: While people though they were there to celebrate her birthday, they were really there to celebrate her retirement. She's been in this game since she was 15 years old, and it's time to give her lips some rest. (Note that I'm paraphrasing.)

Which was just weird, since she didn't bother to mention what she was retiring from. I guess she just figured it was understood that this was mean to be a public announcement that her days of making a living by sucking a man's dick are coming to an end. I took it to mean that her career as a writer has been lucrative enough that she figures she can finally stop blowing people.

Has she really made that much money from the sales of her two books that she figures she's not gonna have to do anything again ever? I mean, it's not like she knows how to do anything other than suck dicks and write books. And it's not like they'll let even a legit hip-hop journalist (well, for what it's worth) write a book that doesn't have anything to do with giving fellatio.

I know, due to the success of her books, Superhead's been given her own vanity imprint. So maybe she figures she can just send other girls out to suck people's dicks and write a book about. If that's the case, though, I don't know if you can say she's retired from ho-ing. It's more like she's the old ho that's become the madam in a brothel.

But a ho none the less.

And, of course, the brothel is really owned by a guy.

Elsewhere, I've read that, as part of this next phase in her career, she's trying to retire the name Superhead. Like, she doesn't want anyone to call her that anymore. Already, she hadn't been using that as the name under which she published her books. It's just one of those things that stuck with her, as if it was herpes, from her days on the set of many a rap video.

I remember, for example, a couple of years ago when she was on Jamie Foxx's program on satellite radio, and she kept getting pissed off when he'd refer to her as Superhead. As if her entire public identity isn't based on her blowjob exploits.

I'm not even necessarily trying to knock Superhead for what she did. Say what you will about her chosen career path, but the woman put in work. And if she decided to give me an hour-long blowjob and write a book about, you wouldn't see me complaining. I'm just saying. I don't think you should be able to do shit like that and then turn around demand the same respect as any other woman.

There was a similar incident recently having to do with the latest Superhead figure to hit the hip-hop community, former Source editor in chief Kim Osorio. The other day, after Fiddy Cent revealed that Kim Osorio had licked his balls, back before they were worth very much, Miss Info, in a courageous show of ho solidarity, went on the radio and condemned this as being sexist. (There's also video of this over at WSHH.)


So wait, Kim Osorio can write, in a book, about how she's been with Fiddy Cent, but, if Fiddy Cent expands on her claims in an interview, that makes him a sexist? Are these hoes serious? Or am I sexist as well? What is it that I don't get? As far as I'm concerned, if a woman makes money from sucking someone's dick, directly or indirectly, she pretty much sacrifices her right to be taken seriously.