Happy Labor Day Weekend

Thought you wasn’t gonna see me, huh? I’m the Osirus of this shit.

Well, it’s the Friday before Labor Day, pretty sure everyone is out of the office by now. As for myself, I’m chilling at home at the moment, trying to nurse back to recovery from this summer cold I got last week.

Summer went by rather quick. But my vacation is officially over. That’s right, vacation. I been just chilling for like the past 3 months- reading, writing (blogs and other more creative shit), studying, listening to some great music, working out and just enjoying life away from the industry bullshizit. Because let’s keep it real, working in this business, in this day and age, is a pretty depressing experience (depending on what you’re doing, of course). But you need some time away every now and then to unfry your brain, and that’s what I feel like I’ve done. We’ll see how unfried it is as I ease my back in the game.

But yeah, I just want everyone to enjoy their last weekend of summer. Hit the beach, hit up a barbecue, or a block party, or whatever it is that you do to relax. You only live once.

Any new york shit going on this weekend, hit me on the email goochtmi@Gmail.com

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  • capcobra

    fuck hip hop….let’s go panthers……lol.

  • Michael

    And I feel fine.

  • Tony Grand$

    Man, I’ve been waitin for Labor Day weekend for a couple months! It’s on! Time to hang out with my folks, throw some meat up on the grill (yes hetero), blaze a lil sumn, sip a lotta sumn, yall niggs nahmean, just a day to do nada. Then again, I aint got no job, I do that shit daily, sun! @ least today it won’t be considered loitering, and if I buy @ least one tall boy, the china man can’t say shit to me! Or the po’s (fuck one time!). This itself is a job though, straight up, niggas always askin me to roll the blunts, I’m the only one with a cel so niggas keep borrowin my shit, I’m constantly lookin back and forth, up and down the block for haters, pigs, enemies, my girl (but I’m good on that though, I kno what time she get off work), hoodchickens (they kno what time she get off too), and my parole officer. Whew. Ya boy gettin tired just speakin on it. I’m bout to start my own business though. Niggas tell me what you think. Ima call it, “Loosies”, and ima sell single Newports for like 20 cents apiece. Yo, I’m gon clean up like Spic n Span, fa real! I mean, the homies, underage kids, pregnant bitches, whoever need that broke nigga, just-hit-the-basehead that be @ the sto all day smoke, come check “Loosies”. Our mottos gon be, “I aint got no change, nigga”. Hella marketing scheme too, ima have them bum cats that sit outside the liquor store all day sport some airbrushed t-shirts and hats, and one of them niggas told me if I buy him a $20 hit, hell tattoo the name on his left cheek! Damn, business is gon be what’s up!
    Damn, wtf was that^^^^I gotta stop drinkin so much……