Stop it. Just stop it already, will ya?

Kwame Kilpatrick AKA the mayor of Detroit and by some fool's admission AKA the "Hip-Hop Mayor" was put in jail today for a probation violation.

Why do we care? Well, we don't.

But some hip-hop sites continue to cover this dude like they're Keith Olberman or Brit Hume. All because Uncle Russell decided to nickname him the "Hip-Hop Mayor."

Listen, that's fine and dandy, but Obeezy admitted to having some Hov on his iPod and Ludacris thinks they're buddies. We don't call him the "Hip-Hop Prez."

Has Kilpatrick released a 12 inch? Has he gone Gold? Collaborated with D-12? Put out a mixtape? Been hit in the head with a BlackBerry by Foxy Brown? (Word to Tracy Morgan on that last.)


He's a fake, a phony, a Stan.

But he's the "Hip-Hop Mayor?" Please.

All that tag does is attach some stereotype to Kilpatrick and cause people who are less informed to shake their heads and go, "Hip-hop mayor, huh. Goes to show you about that rap stuff."

It's the type of association we're always trying to fight against.

The dude is dirty. He's been dirty. And he's been fuggin' up since he took office.

Jacking police motorcycles for your own joyrides? Personal parties in the mansion the taxpayer's money supports? Text messages to ya slide on the government cell?

And it don't stop.

Really, though, there's nothing hip-hop about that.

That stupid tag just gives dummies who think they are some kind of news editor an opportunity to post a third-rate story about a third-rate politician. Shame on y'all and shame on him. And the higher ups should know better, too.

Thankfully the New York Times didn't pick up on his ridiculous nickname. They wrote about dude. And that was that.

I'm a fan of hip-hop just as much as the next man (woman, or child), but not everything we do, are, or become, needs to have the word "hip-hop" preceding it.

Burt Padell ain't the "hip-hop" accountant.

Stanley Harris was never the "hip-hop" publisher.

Dude who delivers my newspaper every morning with his demo included definitely is not the "hip-hop" delivery guy.

I'm SOHH over it.