Can We Stop Calling Kwame Kilpatrick The “Hip-Hop” Mayor?

Stop it. Just stop it already, will ya?

Kwame Kilpatrick AKA the mayor of Detroit and by some fool’s admission AKA the “Hip-Hop Mayor” was put in jail today for a probation violation.

Why do we care? Well, we don’t.

But some hip-hop sites continue to cover this dude like they’re Keith Olberman or Brit Hume. All because Uncle Russell decided to nickname him the “Hip-Hop Mayor.”

Listen, that’s fine and dandy, but Obeezy admitted to having some Hov on his iPod and Ludacris thinks they’re buddies. We don’t call him the “Hip-Hop Prez.”

Has Kilpatrick released a 12 inch? Has he gone Gold? Collaborated with D-12? Put out a mixtape? Been hit in the head with a BlackBerry by Foxy Brown? (Word to Tracy Morgan on that last.)


He’s a fake, a phony, a Stan.

But he’s the “Hip-Hop Mayor?” Please.

All that tag does is attach some stereotype to Kilpatrick and cause people who are less informed to shake their heads and go, “Hip-hop mayor, huh. Goes to show you about that rap stuff.”

It’s the type of association we’re always trying to fight against.

The dude is dirty. He’s been dirty. And he’s been fuggin’ up since he took office.

Jacking police motorcycles for your own joyrides? Personal parties in the mansion the taxpayer’s money supports? Text messages to ya slide on the government cell?

And it don’t stop.

Really, though, there’s nothing hip-hop about that.

That stupid tag just gives dummies who think they are some kind of news editor an opportunity to post a third-rate story about a third-rate politician. Shame on y’all and shame on him. And the higher ups should know better, too.

Thankfully the New York Times didn’t pick up on his ridiculous nickname. They wrote about dude. And that was that.

I’m a fan of hip-hop just as much as the next man (woman, or child), but not everything we do, are, or become, needs to have the word “hip-hop” preceding it.

Burt Padell ain’t the “hip-hop” accountant.

Stanley Harris was never the “hip-hop” publisher.

Dude who delivers my newspaper every morning with his demo included definitely is not the “hip-hop” delivery guy.

I’m SOHH over it.

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  • John Brown


    I’m SOHH over it. >>> anything on SOHH.COM

    • real talk

      give a blckman an inch and he takes a foot.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    For reals…

    Hip-Hop Mayor? Like somebody gave this fat nigga a G-pass to ride around hip hop with his head out the window? Naw, nigga…you ain’t gangsta. Take it from Herbz (The Hip-Hop White Nigga), that you won’t make it in this game. You a greazy cat. You dress like you’ve seen Hoodlum 8 times too many. We cruel to fat niggaz over here…don’t come here.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • Ron Mexico

    wait… “hip-hop” and “niggerish” aren’t synonyms?

    • Pierzy

      I’m half-expecting someone on Fox News to say, “It was ‘hip-hop-rigged’”

    • Tony Grand$

      RonRon, can I pose a question to ya? If its wrong to embrace the title “hip hop mayor” for the implications that go along with it, isn’t it just as bad to openly refer to one’s self as “the hip hop white nigga”? I understand, as do you, that everything ill-advised can’t be prefaced with the term ‘hip hop’, especially under certain circumstances, so wouldn’t it be just as contrite to be a washd up never-was has-been MC freely saying “nigga this, nigga that”, with no actual relation to the word (in other words, a self admitted white suburbanite from AZ)? I’m just askn, bcuz that kid above you sure is a bit suspicious to me….

  • Worley

    “Personal parties in the mansion the taxpayer’s money supports?”

    What you think Giuliani was doing? I know you don’t think he was taking that cockeyed broad to the hot sheet. Let Kwame live.

  • marz


  • Don’tBelieveTheHype

    This is kind of off-topic and I don’t really care one way or the other what comes of this dude but one thing bothers me:
    It seems Hip-Hop heads always try to have it both ways when ever there is criticism. We say it is “more than just music” and it is indeed “a culture” with it’s own distinct language, arts, and political subtext– BUT when Hip-Hop or one of it’s cultural-adherents is attacked for misogyny, ,ignorance ,violence or whatever we fall back on it just being music.
    Like “a song didn’t make him shoot that guy”, or “he’s just a fan”, or “it’s just entertainment–lighten up.”
    Which is it? A culture with it’s own customs, belief systems, AND music?
    Or is it just some beats and rhymes not to be taken too seriously?

    • Bang

      The people who misinterpret it are stupid and the ones who get on and lie to the kids are ignorant. Or vice versa either way Hip Hop needs to clean up and keep the fakes out of it


    he was actually dubbed the hip hop mayor, because of his lifestyle, before all of the bullshit. the pimp suits, earrings, city wide bar hops, stripper parties, etc. and he also empowered a lot of hip hop artists in the d. not to mention, he’s from our generation. If hip hop is a lifestlye, like people say it is, then he coulda been considered hip-hop. lil wayne says “i am hip hop” not “i perform hiphop”.

    it’s his fault for embracing that dumb shit tho! he got that name like 6 years ago.

  • lil_Tijuana


  • osharp7

    ok i will admit he shouldn’t be called the hip hop mayor. but he does represent the hip hop generations struggle. he’s the same age as some of your favorite legends. he might relate to some of the same things you and i relate to as imspiration from that golden era of rap. another thing when your favorite mc does something totally ignorant they become bigger than the music the create. why are so may of us ready to condem this dude?



      • DETROIT


  • jollyrench

    Pour some out for Kwame, he was doing some great things for our city. He brought the Super Bowl, Peter Karmanos, Penske, and March Madness downtown after he inherited a mess.

  • ri067953

    Yo, this is a bullshit post. This fool is just a hip-hop as these white politicans. Kwame ain’t the only one wasting taxpayers money and using gov. vehicles for private use. It just so happens that this fool is black and they love to expose his mistakes.

    Let’s not forget about that white senator who had an oil company remodel his apartment in exchange for favorably legislation. Now that’s some shit to talk about.

  • niggafrommemphis

    Just cuz he in his 30′s don’t have anything to do with hip hop,other than the fact that he might be crack baby with his lying ass.

  • mr615

    No…….. that nigga has been trip’n that’s why he’s going to jail! He’s out of fuckn pocket!

  • KF UK


  • 313Dawg

    Well what ever you call him…I hope he calls it a day!!! To much damage has been done and its starting to affect his ability to do business for real!!! He had a nice run…got paid(lost it all up in court)..Now its time to say goodbye!!! Maybe Hip-Hop is really…naahh I aint gonna go there!!! peace

  • Detroit Gem

    WOW! I can only speak from a Detroiters point of view. Its pretty sick when people form an opinion from the news papers and magazines. There’s a high power in Detroit that didn’t want the nigga in office in the 1st place but the city voted him in. IM ONE OF THOSE VOTERS!
    I’ll stick with my vote. One thing I hate is a sellout and it looks like we have a city full of them. Sellouts and killers…bad combination. You hating ass faggots, give it up smooth! City Council some hoes too.

  • Ryan

    He’s not the second best Kwame in town now that the Pistons have signed Kwame Brown. Wow, that rhymed, maybe I can be the “hip hop” version of what I do at my job.

  • Vicious Seiger

    I don’t know what to say about Kwame? Is he a dirtbag, too immature, was it too much too soon or is he just plain stupid. Temptation is a hell of thing and the power of such a high office could easily bring out the best and worst in all of us but for Kwame he might have started to think he was the king and not servant of the people who elected him. To rule and to serve are two very different things that often confuses people who are given power [Police, Politicians, Celebrities & Etc.] and in Kwame’s case he became too comfortable and soon dug his ass a hole he can’t climb out of. Yes, the Hip Hop Mayor title does put a black eye on our culture due to his actions but it’s a phrase the media can’t get enough using like Billy O [O'reilly] can’t get enough of calling every single rapper a Gangsta Rapper. Kwame might have been a glimmering ray of light if he had really seen the awesome scope & importance of his election and what it could have meant to his generation and the youth of his city. Maybe he can redeem himself – hey anything’s possible if Marion Berry could get reelected after smoking crack rock on tape.

  • LOL

    Rest In Jail, Kwame.