Young Jeezy is not a Republican

It’s one thing to have seemingly every song you’ve ever wrote be about moving weight for the Black Mafia Family, but Young Jeezy can’t have people thinking he’s gonna be voting for John McCain this November. Shit might fuck with his album sales!

This week, his handlers have got him issuing press releases, recording web videos, and even walking around in a shirt that says, “I’m with the black guy,” lest people think he’s some kind of a Republican.

The controversy stems from some comments he made in the new issue of Vibe. He’s on the cover of what Vibe is calling their “real rap” issue, or something along those lines. I remember seeing it the other day and thinking, “Holy crap, that guy’s ugly!” He’s lost some weight and is dressing a bit more metro than when he first came out, but it’s only had the effect of making him look more like a Ninja Turtle.

I know… Who am I to talk?

In the new issue, I guess they ask Young Jeezy who he’s planning on supporting in the election (I know I’d be interested!), and he suggest he might be considering voting for John McCain. The exact quote goes, “No disrespect to Barack, but I fuck with John McCain.” And lest you think this was just a matter of Young Jeezy thinking John McCain is a cool guy, he adds, “I like Barack, but at the same time I wanted to see what McCain was talking about.”

The thing is, Young Jeezy has met John McCain, and apparently the two of them established some sort of rapport. I didn’t see it myself, because I’d rather have something bad happen to my junk than watch Saturday Night Live, but supposedly, Young Jeezy was a musical performer on an episode of Saturday Night Live hosted by John McCain (an inspired bit of casting, I must say), and as Young Jeezy was exiting the stage, he was seen shaking hands and having some sort of chit chat with the senator.

I don’t know that it’s been revealed what was actually said, but I remember reading at the time that Young Jeezy was suggesting John McCain was a big fan of his work. Which would of course be fucking hilarious. Maybe John McCain only saw that one particular performance, but thought it was really good. If he wasn’t in the middle of running for president, maybe he’d even run out and cop Thug Motivation. But with the scrutiny he’s under, he probably couldn’t even comment on their meeting one way or another.

In a story today over at MTV News, Young Jeezy explains that, while he was quoted as saying he fucks with John McCain, what he meant to say was the exact opposite. “No disrespect to John McCain, but I fuck with Barack Obama.” Somehow, it just came out twisted. But what about the part where he goes on to say how he had been interested in hearing what John McCain was talking about? And I wonder what’s the likelihood that whoever interviewed him for Vibe let him sit there and say he fucks with John McCain and didn’t request that he clarify. Vibe, lest we forget, is a classy magazine.

Indeed, there seems to be some confusion as to what Jeezy’s bullshit explanation is supposed to be. While Jeezy himself makes it seem as if he was misquoted, or, more likely, he mispoke (maybe all of that cocaine he handles seeped in through his pores – that was the excuse Fiddy once used when he tested positive for crack cocaine and had to do time in a court-ordered rehab), his handlers make it seem as if he was just confused at the time. They say the quote came from “moments” after the two of them met on the set of SNL. Also, he’s a rapper. What do you expect? He probably can’t even read.

Anyhoo, I’m glad he got that straightened out. It’s one thing to constantly rap about your (apparently real life) experience as a cocaine dealer, but I don’t know if I could support a rapper who voted for a Republican. Barack Obama, meanwhile, is clearly the figure that’s gonna lead black people to the promised land. In the story at MTV, Jeezy explains how he’s having to pay out of his own pocket for his mother to have this operation, because she doesn’t have health insurance, and that’s one of the reasons he supports Barack Obama.

He doesn’t go into how John McCain and Barack Obama are actually very similar, in that neither one of them supports a single payer health program, which is actually favored by a majority of the people in this country. But that’s beside the point. Obviously, policies like single payer health care aren’t what’s finally gonna bring black people to the promised land. It’s the emotional comfort of knowing that, while our ancestors were brought to this country’s shores in shackles and forced to work as slaves for hundreds of years, we’ve now arrived at the point where we can elect a president who’s sorta kinda black.

Like I said, I’m glad we got that straightened out.

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  • Hey

    Jeezy is what people refer to as “a real nigga”.

    • Hey

      Wow, this is the first comment in like 20 tries that actually showed up. You should’ve seen my other ones!

    • Bol

      Young Jeezy is what Grandma Hall would call a real Jew.

      • Hold Tight The UK Garage And Grime… UK I Rep Thats Me When I Rhyme!




    • infinite_styles

      First of all the man can fuck with whomever he choses. Just because he said it would be interesting to see what J.Mac had to say don’t mean shit! I’m all for Obama but, when Mitt Romney was still running I liked him. Jeezy is an ok rapper and a real nigga for speaking his mind. I guess because he’s black he should naturally go for Obama and hate everything about McCain? We need more people like him that are not afraid to speak their minds. Oh yeah by the way Byron Crawford when I see you I’m still fuckin you up something proper for that blog you made last veteran day. You remember the one where you say that U.S. service members are douche bags and whatever happens to us in iraq is good. Oh bitch like the G-UNIT general say T.O.S. TERMINATE ON SIGHT.

  • Oneofthemyo’s

    Obama plans to raise taxes a little for the richer folks (like ole billy did) so I would’nt be surprised if a lot of these rappers go the Mccain route in the voting booth but in public shout out Obama cause I dont know maybe its the hip hop thing to do.
    I get what your implying in the last paragraph but can u really blame people for that, they still have differences(the candidates) and Obama just the better candidate Mccain looks like he might pull a cheney and sleep through or possibly die in the coming 4 years. So people might really be voting for his vice president.

  • 239allday

    I’m goin with Obama because I’m an elitist.

    • Pierzy

      They say people that are more educated and make more money are voting Democrat (Obama) in record numbers. That’s a group I’m proud to be a part of…

  • iLL

    If people really want Obama to win; the likes of Nas, Jeezy and (insert whatever other rap artist) need to keep their mouths shut. Because they’re making a mockery of his campaign. I can see it now. CNBC or whatever network quoting one of their ignorant statements, and white people in the corner like ” Oh hell to da naw we aint puttin no colored in office” (shit, they probably already hired the sniper anyway)I suggest lay in the cut like Jesse and Al Sharp doin. Unless they (the rappers) trying to stay rich cause you know them Republicans keep the rich richer.

  • Big Willie

    Jeezy need to step up and get a Vote or Die campaign goin, or somethin.Nigga need to do somethin to influence and educate those that would never cast they vote.See how he do. YA ALREADY KNOW……..DETROIT PLAYAS…313 ALL DAY

    • Dub Sac

      With all due respect to the point you’re trying to make about responsibility and power, I think we’ve learned from this article, if nothing else, that Jeezy should shut the fuck up about politics and stick to rapping about coke.

      People that are interested in politics and political rap aren’t going to listen to Jeezy either way, while people who don’t give a fuck about politics and listen to Jeezy are just going to end up even more confused. It’s a lose/lose situation.

  • northern california bay area

    i was gonna vote for edwards,

    since hes out maybey barrack if he gets edwards to be his running mate

    prolly barrack anyway tho…

  • gerald n. the birdman

    Maybe Jeezy would like to make fucks with both McCain and Obama.

    • Pierzy


  • yoprince

    yea.. jeezy deserved this one.. if you’re a complete idiot when it comes to politics, just admit it, none of your listeners care anyway..

    and really.. how smart do you have to be to say “i’m riding with obama.”… the first time.

  • Matt

    McCain can spit better than K-West!

  • Stan

    “Oh Hell to the Naw”…. lol

    (I kno Id b interested)….. NOT!

  • Nina

    ” (rappers) are making a mockery of his campaign. ”

    Pretty much.

  • Teditor

    Whoever Jeezy ends up supporting he needs to go do some ad-libs over their speeches in public


  • allnice

    Bol you know niggaz on this site don’t care about health care plans. They too gully for that!

  • Chaka

    @At Bol,
    You spoke about “our ancestors” being “brought to this country’s shores in shackles and forced to work as slaves for hundreds of years”.So you are aware that you have ancestors that are from the Dark Continent.Yet you keep insulting us(the people living in the Dark Continent) in your post(remember one of your post in which you called us ‘smelly …’).The fact is that you and Jeeezy are both suffering from what we out here call ‘mental slavery’.It makes an individual to think low of himself,his kind,his people history,achievement and locality.It is worse than ‘forced slavery’which our people suffered hundreds of years ago.Peace an hip hop head in Africa wrote this.

    • Bol

      They don’t call it the Dark Continent for nothin’.

      • Chaka

        Your English dictionary gives the following for meaning for the name dark Continent:”A former name for Africa, so used because its hinterland was largely unknown and therefore mysterious to Europeans until the 19th century. Henry M. Stanley was probably the first to use the term in his 1878 account Through the Dark Continent”.[The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2003. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved]
        So you see why I like using the name Dark Continent for the Africa continent.Because there are still many people like you out there who know little or nothing about us here in Africa.You know nothing about our infastructures,level of education and level of civilization.You guys are completely in the dark about us.The ‘Dark’ in the ‘Dark Continent’ has nothing to do with the people living in Africa but applies to people like you living out side Africa who know little about us.Peace my brother

  • Queens Boy

    first of all young jeezy is stupid whether or not he talks about politics. him being affiliated with bmf just makes his life that much worse; scrutiny. im out yo

    P.S. Yes We Can/Change The World!!!!

  • grp03

    I hope Obama wins so for the remainder of my lifetime anytime a black dude tries to pull some counter-racism shit, continue to blame white people for their “oppression”, or act like slavery was 20 years ago, i can simply point to Obama and tell them to shut the fuck up. That being said, are you black people sure you’re willing to give that up for someone who most likely won’t change a whole lot for the black community? I could care a less who wins, i just find this to be something interesting that I’m sure a lot of blacks haven’t thought about it. However, who am i kidding to think they won’t find something else to bitch about.

    • Big Nick Digga

      Obama might not can fix the problems we face in America but give him a chance, maybe he can nigga-rig it.

  • Hotte Peng

    “…but it’s only had the effect of making him look more like a Ninja Turtle.”

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  • Ginny Gefroh

    I am constantly looking online for posts that can facilitate me. Thank you!