Will the Game kill himself already?

Earlier this year, there was this site called 90 Day Jane, where this slutty, emo white chick claimed she was gonna kill herself in 90 days, and she was gonna use her blog to document the process.

I guess she was gonna use the blog to solicit tips from readers about how to go through with the process, what she should wear, and what she was gonna spend the last 90 days of her life doing. Like, maybe she’d finally have sex with a black dude, just to see if it’s as awesome as she imagined it would be.

You could see the potential for Internets magic in some shit like this.

Unfortunately, it only lasted for a few days before her identity was revealed and she was forced to admit it was just a bunch of bullshit. She wasn’t really gonna kill herself. She was just looking for some attention.

Her parents didn’t coddle her enough when she was a baby, and now posting pictures of herself in her underwear to the Internets was no longer cutting it as an adult. Most likely, all she needed was a stiff rod up in her. Nhjic.

Of course, I couldn’t help but feel gypped.

I wonder if the Game isn’t trying to pull something similar in order to help promote his upcoming album, LAX. Every time you see the Game these days, he’s crying or he’s got a gun in his mouth, and I’d say it’s high time he either shit or get off the pot.

The Game’s little suicide charade was brought to my attention just now in an email I received from someone working for Lizzie Grubman, the trustfund baby publicist who ran over a bunch of people in an SUV in the Hamptons a few years back. I guess the Game has enlisted her services to help promote this new album, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was her idea.

In fact, there was another controversy recently involving a former member of G-Unit, Lizzie Grubman, and suicide, and now I’m starting to wonder about that. Supposedly, the other day, Young Buck tried to kill himself by swallowing a bottle of pills, only to be saved by Lizzie Grubman, of all people. I read about it on This Is Fiddy, so I figured it was probably just some bullshit someone made up. But now I’m wondering if she didn’t sell Buck the same feigned suicide PR package she sold the Game, on some Alchemist-type shit. If so, they might both want to see about getting their money back.

In the email I received just now, I was informed that there have now been three magazines in which the Game has been pictured in some sort of suicide pose. You’re probably already familiar with the dramatic cover of the current issue of the Source, where the Game is picutured with a gun pressed under his chin. But it hadn’t occurred to me until just now that he was featured in a similar pose on the cover of a recent issue of XXL, except he had his fingers in the shape of a gun instead of an actual gun. Now that we know that the Game has been pulling this shit all over town, I wonder if he presented XXL with the idea of pointing a gun at his face, but XXL didn’t want to take the risk. Hmm… There’s also a picture of the Game with two guns pressed against either side of his face – like what the XXL cover would have been, if there were actual guns – in a new issue of some shit called YRB (not to be confused with URB?), which I hadn’t heard of until fairly recently.

So obviously this is all part of some grand scheme to make it seem as if the Game might actually be considering taking the easy way out. My bad if I’m way late to the game on this. I can be oblivious about these things. It wasn’t until a while after it hit the Internets that I realized that the sambo figure on the cover of the Roots’ Rising Down was supposed to be Barack Obama.

The email from one of Lizzie Grubman’s minions goes on to ask me if I won’t post the three pictures on my own site (which I think was the real key here), and suggests the following questions I might ask my readers.

-Which of the three pictures is the best?

-Should Game use the chrome-plated .38 or the two glocks?

No, really. That’s what it said. Of course, it struck me as being in bad taste. Not so much to me personally (like I give a shit), but you know it’s just a matter of time before some cracka-ass cracka whose kid got upset and shot himself in the face finds out about this shit and raises a huge stink. Or maybe that was the point?

Either way, I’m gonna have to call shenanigans on this whole endeavor. Suggesting that the Game might kill himself could have been a brilliant PR move, if we thought there was any possibility he might actually go through with it. But I think it’s obvious he’s not, for a few reasons. First of all, despite his weird tattoos and his overall emo nature, the Game is black, and as we know, black people don’t really kill themselves like that. The few who do are probably gay, or have some other problem. Also, the PR aspect of this shit just hasn’t been very well-played. If the Game really wanted people to think he was suicidal, he shouldn’t have hinted at it beforehand by doing all of those magazine covers. He should have played it straight, then done something silly, like slitting his wrists sideways, the way 8th graders do it. Sure, it would have been painful, but I bet way more people would have bought into it. And that’s what this is about, right?

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  • JE

    im done with this fuckin magazine, the week before the carter III drops, XXL is dickridin lil wayne giving him his own tab and featuring every one of his fucking promo videos… but the NAS album is droppin and theres not a single word said about the truest most talented rapper droppin the most controversial album rap has seen in a decade

    and yall wonder why hip hop is dying….

    • Nigger…..There I Said It


    • http://xxlmag.com Bol

      Don’t let the door hit you.

      • og bobby j

        Bol…that shit is funny.

        fucking whiney bitches on these threads

    • ATL = All Trannies Live

      You 38 and you still rapping ugh!

  • jonathan

    if the italians or whoever the fuck pulled a switch arroo with nikkis daughter who i seen with my own eyes in vegas! then thats on them! i know for a fact that nikkis daughter is the original girl who was in the house in san francisco that was getting molested since the age of 9 years old! you reported it and it was being reported to me 2 years ago before all this started! wouldnt suprise me none that they would try to pull a switch aroo! being as though they murdered nikki and maybee even murdered my daughter to cover up all the molestation and rape that was going on! thats why everyone got so excited when I SAID IT YESTERDAY! not that it is untrue but how did he know that! so if they pulled a switch aroo thats on them! thats not on me! i know whats good! i know what they were doing out there! thats why they are trying so hard to cover it up! so if they murdered nikkis daughter my daughter who looks like a brown skin hannah montana than thats on them! they have the camera footage of old men and rappers and everyone else raping her! so whatever you believe! the italians have done that kidnapped people and replaced them with there sit ins to steal shit! ask around! remember you reported it! the great hope who had the 9 year old engaged in prostitution! they just did what they do best kidnapp and replace with a person they can steal with! point blank period! ask around what was happening in that house in san francisco! NIGGAS KNOW! SERIOUSLY!

  • dubbzz

    I read about it on This Is Fiddy, so I figured it was probably just some bullshit someone made up<—-LoL aint that the mothafuckin truth!

  • Stuey

    I hope he does, then i wont have to hear people talking about his lame ass music.

  • Silly Willy

    Seriously, the fuck is wrong wit you?????

    • chad bro chill

      i hope the game doesnt kill himself 50 will make an RIP song and u all will love him

  • grp03

    Wait, didn’t 2pac do the same thing? Oh yeah, he did, so that explains why Game is doing it. Pac being his idol and all along with every other good mid 90s rapper. Of course he’s not gonna kill himself, you act like this is the first time someones done this shit.

    Bol, maybe you should try this, you might get your declining readership back up. Although, you should try something radical like saying you’ll only eat KFC until you have a heart attack, because shooting yourself just isn’t that cool anymore.

    Personally, i prefer the whole im-gonna-blow-my-head off PR move much better than naming your album something ridiculous and then changing it to Untitled which is what you were planning on doing all along. Mainly because the chances of Game killing himself are much higher than any record company actually allowing an album to be named “Nigger”.

  • http://myspace.com/marko4aoc Marko-V

    Game has to be one of the most confused rappers in the history of Hip-Hop. I’m not gone lie, when he first appeared on the scene I felt his rhymes, energy, and movement. I even sided with him when he left G-Unit. Now it just seems like he’s lost his gangsta a lil and is in limbo in the musical direction he wishes to go in. I wish he would just make straight gangsta music and stop with all the extra stuff.
    Get @ me: myspace.com/marko4aoc

  • giantstepp

    Damn! That fool Jonathan is back talking gibberish again. Speaking of killing ones self, I may do just that now that he’s back!

    Oh, and Bol, this was a wack as drop!

  • EReal

    But Bol, Game is gay.

  • LOL

    lol @ all the homotional game stans commenting in here…y’all is as pathetic as your idol…follow the footsteps of your ledaer and kill yourselves lames

    • Dub Sac

      What’s really pathetic is everyone who’s posted so far has talked shit on The Game or side-stepped the issue, while not one person has posted something supportive (go back and reread) and you’re still complaining about his “stans.”

      Nice one.

  • http://www.asdf.com Hey

    Who gives a shit?

    Game’s a horrible rapper. Isn’t that what counts here?

    • The Spaniard

      “Game’s a horrible rapper. Isn’t that what counts here

      Unfortunately, no.

      Your “swag” is a 1000 times important.

      To my music collection’s detriment.

  • grp03

    >lol @ all the homotional game stans commenting in here…y’all is as pathetic as your idol…follow the footsteps of your ledaer and kill yourselves lames

    what game stans? every comment i read before yours made fun of him.

    not that game isnt retarded or anything, but at least his album didnt sell a terrible 100k the first week, and then 2 members of his group wanna box each other on ppv or some shit.

    • EReal

      Wait, Game has a group?


  • Combat Jack

    To answer your question, the two glocks way out would be most incredibly effin the coolest shit ever! EVAH!

  • grp03


    now that you mention it, i guess black wallstreet did disappear years ago.

    however, the point i was trying to make is that g-unit is a fucking mess as well.

    • EReal

      Well LiL Wayne sold a million first week. Id say hiphop is a fucking mess period. lol.

  • http://thankgodimfamous.com Sickamore

    “Supposedly, the other day, Young Buck tried to kill himself by swallowing a bottle of pills”

    When did this happen?!

    • http://xxlmag.com Bol

      This happened the other day.

      You might try consulting Google.

    • EReal

      Yung Lip Gloss in the house!

  • Shawty J

    Game isn’t gonna kill himself, he was just trying to get media attention.

  • Tony Grand$

    Niggas who play with suicide are just babies crying out for attention. The more they’re ignored, the louder and more sporadic the behavior becomes. Once said baby realizes that such behavior garners the wanted response, it becomes a pattern and the baby makes the correlation between hissy fits and mommy running to its rescue. As long as there is a savior in close proximity, catastrophe is always averted. Now, remove the element of rescue and eventually the baby matures to the next stage of “damn this aint workin no more” or baby’s action elevates to wherever its mind is capable of going. Thank God I’ve never seen a baby leap from its high chair to certain doom, or construct a noose from its swaddling blanket. All that said, I’ve been there b4. Playn with folks emotions until they call ur bluff. I used to cut myself deep enuff to bleed damn good n front of ppl to get attention. But I knew it was a couple inches above my wrist and it was mostly an illusion. It did hurt like fuck though. But I aint wanna die. Niggas act like suicide aint murder in Gods eyes. It workd for awhile then niggas startd callin me on it. The jig was up. I got that momentary satisfaction of aww poor baby and all, but I wasn’t man enuff to end all. Didn’t want to. But if I didn’t graduate to “this shit aint workin no more”, no tellin how far I wouldve took it. I still got very visible scars up and down my right fore arm and that shit was “cute” to me 5-6 yrs ago. Now it just looks like somebody shouldve called them niggas with nets on my silly ass. I’da been flyin right like a mufucka then! 5150 is as real as life itself. Playin with death is as dumb as ya baby moms. Its a world full of niggas who will gladly help u die, most for free, so y give them a reason to think it would be okay to kill u? U don’t care bout ur life, so y should they? Str8 animals who will fa sholy eat ya meal for u wit no ?’S asked. No thank u. In my life I’ve learned that Death is a nigga who will answer the phone quick if u keep callin his ass. So, God bless u Game, but u might wanna leave a message and let him call u when He’s ready dog! Word to Jesus Christ! Much luck and much love (no homo, yes hetero niggas!).

  • Maddolies

    EReals Still Sucking 50′s Cum From The Rug. Seriously U G-Unit Stans Are Homo. Get Off Ur Boys Nuts.

    • EReal

      Hello there homo minded commenter dickrider.

      Why dont you show me an example in this thread where I even mentioned dude? All I did was mention Game. Then you went on a ghey rant.

      Quit Projecting homie.

      P.S. You’re not funny. I know you’re fat and think as well as look as though you should be, but you’re not. Do like ur hero Game and off yourself, faggot.

  • http://www.yahoo.com Dra$t-iQ Alkoholik

    yo man fuck this shit it’s sad the way you niggas is dick rydas aint there better shit to talk about i mean damn

  • Mika

    tony grands , hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………… dawg u not a regular in here ….. is you tony yayo ?NEWAY………… if u dont like game just dont click on nothing tagged game..stop being somebodys bitch by calling a game fan a dickrider………. arent u being a dickrider yourself by takng all ths pain to comment get outta here. game recgnize game.

    fuck you im the one thts doing YOU the favor


  • vonnievonn65

    BOI…is the biggest Game hater….Publicity stunt or not…we dont know what he might be thinking, apparently he has quite a bit of turmoil in his life especially coming from greedy family members trying to bleed him dry and growing up without consistent family involvement…but to tell someone to get on the pot or off the pot…is a sad statement even for you to try to sell your silly azz blog to someone…

    Since when is a life so unimportant…besides from all the songs Ive heard…The Game has been speaking out about suicidal thoughts…why dont you offer him some help….oh dats right…you get more readers to come read ur worthless blogs by down grading artist…who are actually making money instead sitting in ur mommas dark wet dirty roach infested basement on you ole azz computer trying to create a buzz for your worthless useless blog…

    Since you consider this man’s life worthless why dont I do the same for your stoopid fuggin life…why dont you off yourself so that you can gain more attention to your stoopid fuggin blog…..dayum fat slob!

  • Tony Grand$

    ^hey MIKA! I knew a girl named that. I assume ur male but hey, never know with u thirteen year old bloggers. She was really bitchy and not too bright. Rode the small bus ya know….ARE U THAT SHIM?….NE way… I’m as regular as ya boyfriends ass periods after u guys hit the techno scene on tuesday afternoons. And dog is spelled with an ‘o’ as in ur a hom’o’. If u aint understand the point of my post, grab a dick-tionary (“already got one Tony….Let me get it from under my pillow!”), no fag a dictionary and try a little harder grasshopper. I put ya mom in ya dads taxi bout an hour ago so they should be arriving in west bubblefuck soon. Tell ur uncle come outta the closet and take off mommys friday night undies. Have a nice evening because I’m sure u gotta long day of tea-bagging tommorow. Oh yeah, I told ya dad that you’ll catch the bill bitch. Holla! Damn, @ least I know u aint from the Golden State (“uhhhh, is that like Nevada?)! Hahahahaha. U prolly just got out a golden shower. Time for night night and let me know if u need help wigger.

  • Mika

    lmao u got me man ! went all the way describing each lil painful detail did ya ?!
    neway, its all good man i mean i dont know u and im never gonna be seeing you , even if i did i wouldnt know it be you cuz u be hiding beneath ur second skin.me a wigger? no sir im no wigger for sure, and even if i am , dawg thts so slim shady way back. n no i lost my pops in 98 to cancer im 22 , been on this shit for quite some time now ,dont do golden showers , damn sure dont need no dictionary, damn sure not a blogger. hold the fuck up …..u got a mirror in front of u ? fuckboy get outta here ! and yeah i just might be the first SHIM tht be beating the fuck out of a black big mouthd motherfucker.
    there……. i dont need to give u wht u already got … a lotta bitch in you boy.stop tht bitching.

  • Tony Grand$

    Mika, I knew u’d return, u fuckin idiot ( as in moron, nincompoop, imbecile, shit-for-brains, retard, dumb ass, waste of sperm, accidental pregnancy). R u serious? That’s the best u can do? Tellin me how old u are and ur families personal business (real spit, if that’s true bout ya pops, no disrespect….)? Come on. 22? I got boxers older than that. In fact, tell ur sis to hurry up with the laundry! She uses too much starch, but we both know she likes things REAL hard….speaking of real hard, how’s that GED thing workin for ya? They say third times the charm. Keep tryin, youngster. U may not be able to do anything about that maxi-pad face of urs, but u can’t stay that stupid forever. I know learning how to read and stalkin seventh grade boys @ the same time can be tiresome but don’t give up sir. Remember, no matter what, there is always room for u in the special olympics. Oh shit, I forgot they said ur a worthless pile of camel shit. Ah good times my hump backed amigo. Do I have a mirror? Yessir. Do u? Oh I’m jumpin the gun. Do u have a house? Not the kind that attaches goes on vacation right along with you to another parking lot and the basement doesn’t count either Eric Foreskin. Speakin of skin, please refrain from slappin ya meat while u read my blog. And tell ya boyfriend the same. U don’t take golden showers, huh? U lie. I just know ur matress is like a slip and slide of man juice. Ur blogs even smell like piss.
    “Stop wettin the bed TaMika! Ma, I told u I didn’t. The guys were just playing around…” Hahaha. U talk like a butt pirate of the carribean, with ur “under your second skin” and what nots. What the hell does that even mean? Ur little brother can’t help u with ur jokes brainfart. Try losing ur virginity, to a female this time Ryan Seacrest, and maybe you’ll be able to make a joke. And btw, ull never have to worry about beatin the fuck outta me my menstrual cycle having muse. Too much HBO after dark has u thinkin ur a tough guy. Funny how u let those computer muscles just bulge from under ur turtle neck. Amazing! I truly thought God stopped making ur kind of faggot. Guess not. Ill b damned. And u be shitted on. So get back to ur fellatio delivery service and holla back when u can grow a moustache. Got that dictionary yet? Probably not. Steal one from another wanna be saltine (prolly won’t get the ‘saltine reference…sorry) and look this up. Fuck you twice. Now take ur adolescent ass indoors. The sreet lights r coming on and ur moms bout to drive the house away. Don’t play with grown ups, u might get hurt. Gasface nerdling! PS. Step ur slang game up a notch, slim shady baby. Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Hey I’m on this bitch daily. Find me if u can read (doubt it though). I know ur dog read this to u! Woof woof rose petal