What up to the big homey K.C. who was in Cuba or some Caribbean country hanging out with Fisty Scent and your boy Tupac.

Fuck G-Unit. Them niggas been washed the fuck up. Way back when Fisty threatened to cut niggas allowances from the clothing line I knew that shit was a wrap. Fisty told niggas if they keep walking around in public wearing Sean John he was gonna clip they wings. Did Young Buck listen? Apparently not. It's hard to run a label filled with your homies. Especially with niggas that remember when you didn't have any paper. These are the types of cats to think that they MADE you and not the vice versa.

That's why Fisty is about to splash off on all you haters with a new supergroup of rappers that shuts down the entire game. Shuts down the Game too. These niggas will go platinum in twenty different countries. Abu Dhabi, Turkmenistan, Puerto Rico, the Galapogos, Easter Island. Fuck it niggas, Antartica too. The penguins will be buying this shit. Picture this...

Fisty Scent
Tupac Shakur

and Bobby Brown on the auto-tune hooks

These niggas is calling themselves ThugPazzion, because you know how niggas love to use 'Z's instead of 'S's. Actually, that was TuPac's idea. That fool been away too long. Tupac is gonna shit himself. He don't even believe that niggas ain't wearing bandanas no more. Motherfuckers in the game now are running around with the grandmother's scarves on and motherfucking eyeliner. Ha.

ThugPazzion sonn.

Go copp that shit right now sonn!

How crazy would that be? This is the shit that Dre has been waiting for to start making beats again. That's where the passion comes from. When fifty year old niggas is excited to make pop music again. Look how productive Quincy Jones was in his fifties and sixties. Quincy Jones started Vibe magazine in his eighties. No niggas not the 1980's. Quincy Jones was fucking 80 years old.

I'm laughing that Eminem is gonna be the fat guy in the group. That nigga is still the sickest white dude to ever hold a microphone, other than George Carlin. But George Carlin didn't hardly ever really rap too much. Not really. So Eminem is sicker. This album is already shaping up to be the best Hip-Hop pop music record evar. It's gonna make 'Illmatic' and 'Only Built For Cuban Links' sound like that last Clipse album.

I wonder who will feature on the album? Maybe Diddy. And definitely Jermaine Dupri. Those are the two greatest rapping producers of all time. And Timbaland. Thank God they left off all them bum azz niggaz from D-12, G-Unit and the Outlawz. Nobody wants to hear those azzholes anyhoo. Niggaz want to hear that real pop music rap. That gangster lollipop rap. You already know that Lil' Wang will feature on this album. How you not gonna feature the hottest rapper, with the whitest rapper, along with the gheyest rapper and the rapper that people thought was dead for the longest?

I think we gotta get Hu$tle Simmons to A & R this project. Shit is too big for the industry right now.

Yo sonn, this album is crazy. I'm ordering my joint on Amazon today.