[Editor's Note: "Blogger's Note" has been taken over by Ron Mexico until further notice] 

Lil' Wayne has made his hoarde of fans wait months for an official “A Milli” video. They've waded through remix after remix and every so-called rapper, R&B sanger, skripper and middle schooler making their own respective Maserati pussy pop on some bridge.

Head down...

After watching the video and its making I guess all the appreciation Weezy Nation was gonna get is in that freestyle.

I mean, damn. No menstrual bleed? I'd even settle for a venereal disease.

The video boasts nothing more than a league-leading concentration of hanger-on-type niggas. I sure as hell hope Cash Money isn't paying all them dudes salaries for--absolutely nothing. If so, they might as well have actually taken care of the Hot Boyz.

Note to Weezy: Don’t be the next nigga cryin on the phone talkin’ bout you sold all these records and you still live in Baby’s poolhouse. I understand your cousin Lawanda had to be there to spray your nuts, but I can recall offhand there being 3 bitches on fried chicken patrol, a Samoan bodyguard to follow you around set, a trailer to dress in, a trailer to shit in (and not wash your hands) and a nigga carrying the lean cup while you walk.

For a nigga who just walked a total of 7.5 miles to assemble every detail of his wardrobe like a fucked-up episode of Double Dare, Wayne still looks a hot damn mess.

Yet, for some reason this jackassery is "TO BE CONTINUED?"

Nigga--I mean negro, please.

I know all of this is supposed to lead into the “[Got] Money” Shot but I don’t even want to see the rest. Based on the way dude's dressed, I'm assuming Wayne & Pain (Thelma & Louise?) are going Set It Off with the rest of this.

I'll change my mind if I find out the tandem goes out in a blaze of glory. Show us some effort, Young Moolah! You've got your own fucking tab on XXL!

Take two sips of lean, give some dude a kiss and punch the gas!

Tell the coppers "Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!" as you sail over the cliff!

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