NEGRO PLEASE: Lil’ Wayne’s “A Milli” Video Not Worth Wait

[Editor's Note: "Blogger's Note" has been taken over by Ron Mexico until further notice] 

Lil’ Wayne has made his hoarde of fans wait months for an official “A Milli” video. They’ve waded through remix after remix and every so-called rapper, R&B sanger, skripper and middle schooler making their own respective Maserati pussy pop on some bridge.

Head down

After watching the video and its making I guess all the appreciation Weezy Nation was gonna get is in that freestyle.

I mean, damn. No menstrual bleed? I’d even settle for a venereal disease.

The video boasts nothing more than a league-leading concentration of hanger-on-type niggas. I sure as hell hope Cash Money isn’t paying all them dudes salaries for–absolutely nothing. If so, they might as well have actually taken care of the Hot Boyz.

Note to Weezy: Don’t be the next nigga cryin on the phone talkin’ bout you sold all these records and you still live in Baby’s poolhouse. I understand your cousin Lawanda had to be there to spray your nuts, but I can recall offhand there being 3 bitches on fried chicken patrol, a Samoan bodyguard to follow you around set, a trailer to dress in, a trailer to shit in (and not wash your hands) and a nigga carrying the lean cup while you walk.

For a nigga who just walked a total of 7.5 miles to assemble every detail of his wardrobe like a fucked-up episode of Double Dare, Wayne still looks a hot damn mess.

Yet, for some reason this jackassery is “TO BE CONTINUED?”

Nigga–I mean negro, please.

I know all of this is supposed to lead into the “[Got] Money” Shot but I don’t even want to see the rest. Based on the way dude’s dressed, I’m assuming Wayne & Pain (Thelma & Louise?) are going Set It Off with the rest of this.

I’ll change my mind if I find out the tandem goes out in a blaze of glory. Show us some effort, Young Moolah! You’ve got your own fucking tab on XXL!

Take two sips of lean, give some dude a kiss and punch the gas!

Tell the coppers “Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!” as you sail over the cliff!

Questions? Comments? Requests? Haven’t heard my “A Milli” drop yet?

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  • Penelope Rodriguez

    That beat is fucking played out.

    Therefore, I have no intention of seeing the video.

    Besides, I haven’t watched a video in…God knows how long…? Despite the fact that I have tv & the innanet?

    • Pierzy

      Co-Sign. I didn’t even CONSIDER watching the video. I turn on that MTV Jams channel every so often and it’s all a pile of shit…

  • B

    I actually hated that song UNTIL I saw the video… not so much because the video’s great but because it’s so bad I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I feel bad that he actually dresses like that and I feel worse that some poor kid will try to actually dress like that… (Don’t Tread on Me)

    • Ron Mexico

      the “don’t tread on me” cap is the only part of that milli vanilli-ass getup i didn’t mind.

      i wonder if he knows what it means, of if he just saw it in some boutique and thought it was “hawt.”

      • iLL G

        omy gawd Ron u killed it wit this post…i rarely read something and laugh out loud, yet ur post had my coworkers “shusshing” me… lmao ….

        “Based on the way dude’s dressed, I’m assuming Wayne & Pain (Thelma & Louise?) are going Set It Off with the rest of this”


  • Real Nigga Status

    You’s a Fuckin Hater, Man Get a life la boy ! This fuckin man eatin n u drove… Go Suck a lemon and that goes fa all u lame ass niggaz on hea every day to knock this man u really think he give a fuck bout any off yall opinions!!!!!! Be real man get ur fuckin money up dats what U do…..N.O. standup Westbank Nigga

    • iLL G

      u should take ya own advice then… make money and who gives a fuck if we like or dislike sumone…get ya money…lol and how u gonna say he needs to get a life when u the one sneakin into ur boss’s office to jump on here and risk gettin fired, just to post a comment. lmaooo Ron’s doin his job, what u doin? lmaoo

    • Dickrider Hater

      Yo, Real NIGGER status,

      Weezy just called me and told me he needs to take a piss, so if you could take his johnson outcha mouff, it’d be helpfull.

      Suck on a pistol, dickrider.

  • Bang

    Why’s there always to be continued for all the Hip Hop videos. No one cares stop with that lame shit

  • 239allday

    I’m a wayne fan but the nigga has not impressed with anything since mid 2007. Wayne stay of the sizzurp, matter of fact give it to T-pain so it can loosen up the nigga vocal cords.

  • henry

    even this website took off that lil wayne tab

  • henry

    nvm…..i think

  • 123

    I agree.
    Whack video… with all the money and fame he’s getting with C3 he could have at least put some effort into a half-decent video.

  • northern california bay area

    i juss burned my finger liteweight makin these grilledcheese samaches….

  • Rob The Music Ed

    I think these is just a segue into the “Got Money” video with T-Pain. At the end Wayne walks into what looks like a bank.

    So the vid to A Milli was Wayne gettin ready for “Got Money.” In essence the freestlye-type song got a freestyle-type video.

    Not the greatest vid, but it makes sense.

  • Shawty J

    A Milli didn’t need a video in the first place. At least the video didn’t require a budget, so it’s not like Universal wasted any money funding the video.



    I completey co-sign Shawty-J. If you heard the mixtape before Tha Carter III, you knew that Wayne was pushing for “A Milli” to be the single, but Universal was sitting on the work. Since he actually sold a milli, none of our commentary even matters. He’s super rich now.

    Now, as we look back, everybody and their auntie, grand-ma-ma and uncle has jumped on that beat like it’s a free-for-all. And they all did it with the intention of getting more shine that Wayne did – as if that were possible without putting in the work. But let’s be clear: the Curtis era of mixtape marketing is dead. So you can’t expect to garner more shine than the original artist by making a bootlegged version of his/her song. You’re just setting yourself up to be a dewshbag.

    I don’t watch B.E.T. enough to have seen “A Milli” on television, but I do know that enough white teenagers are so infatuated with Wayne that they are still bumping Tha Carter III like it just came out an hour ago. I can’t explain that, but I do know that a million black folks didn’t buy the album.

    Man, I’m almost tired of debating this topic. Can’t you NY and tri-state area cats just agree that the game has changed? Do we really have to read my opinion?

  • geico lizard

    i disagree with underwriter i dont think wayne is rich i think birdman is making all the money because birdmans garbage album had 3 expensive videos(pop bottles,100 million dollarsand i run this) and weezy has only had one video that looked like it cost money so i think wayne will be on tv and the internet talking about birdman took his royalties and got him to sign a bad contract when he was high.

  • KF

    Rom Mexicos NEGRO PLEASE BLOGS >>> than anything else i read all day..

    Keep them coming dude, shit is FUNNY and TRUE.

    I mean i cant get over the fact this dude KISSED another DUDE on the MOUTH. STRAIGHT HOMO.

    and i mean cummon he looks like whoppy goldberg if shed taken the DMX route in life you know?

    Fuck lil Wayne, Keep taking him down a peg or too Ron. He’ll hopefully shut the fuck up real soon.

  • Lex305

    “Take two sips of lean, give some dude a kiss and punch the gas!”

    Man ur on point with dis, shit iz classic, no homo trough

  • “The Party Killa”

    For a nigga who just walked a total of 7.5 miles to assemble every detail of his wardrobe like a fucked-up episode of Double Dare


  • Benicio Del Thoro

    This video is actually aight. I can’t believe it. I think some of that shit he had on was fly. A man who worries about what he wears isn’t necessarily a gay man. He could be a grown up.

    However, they shouldn’t make that t-pain joint the next single. I would have made either La-La, david banner is hardbody, the next single, or misunderstood, obviously cause of the climate…

  • Baron Laudermilk

    So Lil Wayne has waited a long time to drop the A Millie video, whats the problem? The last time he added suspense with the Carter III helped him sell 1.5 million albums. The long suspense has never damaged his carrier and probably never will. There are obviously millions of people waiting on there feet for a new song/verse/video by Wayne. He knows exactly what he is doing, Cash money goes through Universal records, and the record label will determine when the right time is to drop the video. Just with one song, Lolipop, sold the album, wait till the next video drops. Everybody should wait on there feet, the numbers don’t lie, he has sold more in a week than any hip hop artist alive.

    And to Carl Jackpot. Making fun of how Lil Wayne dresses just shows your ignorance. What was the point of making fun of his wardrobe and who carries his cups? That was a pointless and just ruthless attack on somebody that you are just jeoulous off. If you had the ability to have people serve you left and right, chances are you probably would. And these stupid Blogs you are posting are not helping your reputation at all. So instead of bashing truly amazing hip hop artist, you should consider a different route, because it’s not working. I have been reading your blogs for a while, and you fall in one category, a hater. Most of the logic you use does not even add up and you throw stupid attacks that don’t need to be said. Go to school, learn how to write, and maybe, just maybe, somebody will read what you have to say.

  • Nina

    “the “don’t tread on me” cap is the only part of that milli vanilli-ass getup i didn’t mind.

    i wonder if he knows what it means, of if he just saw it in some boutique and thought it was “hawt.”

    I was wondering the exact same shit. Its part of a Nike campaign so he might just know it from that..not sure. Hopefully someone around him broke it down.

    • Sol Fraze

      Ne-gro please. That’s not a Nike hat, it’s part of the fall line from Fresh Jive. Get your street wear game together. Who wears Nike anymore?

  • Dub Sac

    My favorite part is when the chick sprays deodorant on his nuts right after he puts on his wife-beater. Maybe he can get an endorsement with Tag body spray or something?

  • Dub Sac

    The video boasts nothing more than a league-leading concentration of hanger-on-type niggas. I sure as hell hope Cash Money isn’t paying all them dudes salaries for–absolutely nothing.

    If he was in fact paying those dudes, he shoulda just done some fan promotion shit – “be in a video with Lil Wayne!” – and got all those “hanger-on-type niggas” for free. I’m sure there’s tons of Wayne fans out there who’d be geeked to spray his nuts, serve him fried chicken and … uh … hold his lean.

  • Hold Tight The UK Garage And Grime… UK I Rep Thats Me When I Rhyme!

    Video = Wack
    Song = Wack

  • chad bro chill

    i sincerely hope wayne neveer gets murdered bc his gay fans will convince the media he really was the best rapper alive and ill hav to explain to my mother why my favorite genre of music is led by a man tht looks like a chipmunk

  • ito

    hmm, hottest song out.. and I didn’t like the video at first.. but it’s okay I guess since it’s suppose to continue on to Got Money.. not a bad idea if you think about it..

  • Teditor

    I usually hate most rap videos now (and i used to edit them!- check out ric jilla’s on the what) but I didn’t mind the video so much. I think the minimalism of Weezy walking around with his swagger complimented is laid back personality and it was almost like it conveyed he was just an mc rocking over and ill beat, not trying to be larger than life like EVERY fucking video tries to be. I mean doesn’t anybody else get tired of flashy ass videos with rappers getting mad hyped up for a song thats just pretty okay?

    Weezy sipping syrup in a mainstream video kinda condones some bad shit that is really becoming kind of an epidemic that is leaving people dead- yet part of me was like, damn thats pretty badass

    PS Don’t tread on Weezy!

  • B Shrop

    I love the “A Milli” joint and it definitely deserved a better video. Jacki-O must feel played, she got slapped for trying to make a cameo in this crazy ass video. Wayne could’ve just used his BET performance or his performace at the Cajun Dome!

  • Nina

    “Ne-gro please. That’s not a Nike hat, it’s part of the fall line from Fresh Jive. Get your street wear game together. Who wears Nike anymore?”

    ^I googled it cause I figured he knew it from a clothing line and he wasnt personally familiar with the American Revolution era flag and Nike came up so I made a quick assumption that was the connection but thanx for letting me know it was Fresh Jive.

    Glad I checked back to see if anyone knew the clothing line. Would have been sweet if Wayne was being patriotic round july 4th and had that shit printed up himself but I was doubtful that was the

  • jamal

    wayne was doing his grind during this time before he got locked up. nigga be smart really. knock out a video while getting ready to make another video. killed two birds with one stone. maybe it aint the best but its something. he made that money behind bars