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“As you may have heard that guy [Nas] is accusing Fox News of being a racist organization. This from a person who makes a living peddling the ‘N’-word and violent lyrics to his target audience of children and young adults. He is a real champ. The good news is that only very few media has given him any attention. And those who did do not deserve your attention. They are corrupt. That’s because Naaaaahhhsss had an obvious agenda in this case. His new album is a bomb. A disaster. A catastrophe. And he desperately wants attention. Two years ago his last album sold 355,000 copies in its first week. This one has sold 187,000 copies. Not good. I hope I’m not a racist for pointing that out. ”Bill O’Reilly, The O’Reilly Factor

Don’t worry. You definitely are a racist for pointing that out.

Bill dropped that horse shit on the Fox viewership like “Booyah! I got something! He’s ummm… trying to boost his sales.”

Championing a cause such as the cessation of Fox News' racist propaganda is definitely not the route a rapper takes when he wants to boost his sales. For sales augmentation rappers tell everyone they’re cocaine kingpins.

Suburbia seems to eat that right the fuck up.

“Everyone” includes the precious white American children O’Reilly uses as pawns to spin his fear tactics off of. Those concerned American parents don’t know shit about shit when it comes to hip-hop.

Not that O’Reilly knows anything about hip-hop, popular music, black people or anything else for that matter. He just opens his mouth and lets the bigotry fly. That's his job. That's Sean Hannity's job. That’s one part of the Fox bigotry machine.

The other part is that Fox magnate and supreme ruler Rupert Murdoch capitalizes off of whatever adversary he cannot immediately destroy. They recycle, if you will. For a company that hates rappers so much, they sure know how to maintain an medium in which they may annoy the fuck out of people thrive.

I’m surprised Nas’ Myspace page is still up. Put a pin in that. We’ll come back to it.

So Bill thinks that the #1 album in the country this week is a "disaster," that Nas is a "gangster rapper," and that all of this is to boost sales? I guess that’s why Papa Bear refuses to engage Nas in debate. I know Murdoch won’t take the risk of giving the spotlight to a rapper that might actually express himself intelligently, or worse still, prove Billy Ocean wrong.

No. That seat is reserved for Cam’ron, who I’m sure can come back to "The Factor" any time. In fact, they should let him co-host sometime.

I know how much Billy O’Really would love being referred to as such, so I take great pleasure in issuing the following edict:

Negro, please.

Lest we forget where the beef became personal. Bill O’Reilly, the great decider regarding what’s detrimental to American children, deemed Nas isn’t fit to play Virginia Tech in the wake of last year's on-campus shooting. Michael and Marcus Vick were fit to play there. Nas is also unsuitable to be played in any of the over 30,000 iPods on campus.

Neither is Ludacris, who’s unfit to peddle Pepsi because he likes his skrippers head down, pussy—pussy poppin on a handstand.

Big Bill likes to pop his interns with a “falafel.” You know--the American way.

In denouncing O’Reilly’s words (as per usual) I’m not necessarily saying that Nas is by any means the spokesman of our generation. His appearance on The Colbert Report is evidence enough as to why I’d rather Lupe or somebody field the tough questions. As per his SDN nomination, Nas is only coherent when rapping. His interview game here is shaky at best. “Sly Fox” says everything he’d like to in a way he’d never be able to via conventional speech.

[Sidenote: Shouts to my "Ns" at Bossip for the link assembly.]

Also, the Myspace thing is a huge oversight. If we’re boycotting Fox, we’re boycotting The New York Post, Myspace and Family Guy. Giggity. I guess we all have a price, huh? We’ll walk to Downtown Birmingham until our feets hurt only so much.

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P.S.: I’m skeptical to send any document with my signature on it to an organization named “Color of Change.” Ugh. Vomit.

P.P.S.: Watch what you watchin, my niggas. That's the reason we do what we do here.