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“What makes you feel like there’s a line to a rapper [in “You So Tough”]?… We use real-life situations to create something that’s entertaining without being specific. That’s entertainment to me. When I have an issue when have you known me to be indirect?... People think that [T.I. snitched], but they’re not saying it because they’re cowardly.” -50 Cent, MTV.com

What makes us feel like there’s a line to a rapper? I don’t know, 50. Maybe the part about your having 10 weapons in the car likely getting you 10 years in prison despite having the 10 best attorneys from Goldstein, Rosenberg & Levy siphoning your checking account working around the clock for you affected our read on the play.

It’s not like homie said 10 bricks or something generic like that. We all know what rapper/several-time felon just got popped and came off with a sentence softer than baby shit.

[Blogger's Note: That radio version of “You So Tough” might as well be an instrumental. I felt like filling in the damn lyrics myself.]

To answer Mr. Quarter Water's question, it makes sense a ton of sense to fire indirectly when one could be kicked right the fuck into the stew pot for even commenting on the matter.

I’m amazed that bumbaclots the likes of Curtis "Affidavit" Jackson and Akon (of "notorious car-theft ring" fame) have even pursed their lips to speak on Tippy’s legal matters.

Reeeeeally, 50 Cent? We're accusing rappers of snitching?

What you know about that? What you know about that? What you know about that?

Probably all about that. 

Wow. That's gotta be like Michael Jackson poppin up on the next SMACK DVD getting at R. Kelly for fuckin with minors. Actually, it's like Mike doing so with a 10 year-old boy on his lap finishing his sentences like a hypeman. My initial reaction to the "You So Tough" verse was "I can’t believe 50 came out from behind his 6 million dollar teeth to record this shit."

Curt Flirt even went so far as to cite Grand Hustle cush mule recording artist B.G.’s “Don’t Talk To Me,” a renouncement of snitch tactics and underworld bitchassness.

"Oooh, they got these niggas. Be gettin busted with like 5, 10 bricks. Go to the feds lookin at life, be home in like three years. You know something ain’t right with that." -B.G., "Don't Talk To Me" Life After Cash Money

With accusations of snitching and homosexuality being the greatest possible affronts in hip-hop, 50 took his stab to one of the few places you normally can’t without expecting the beef to transcend mere rapstering.--You know, getting to that Biggie/Tupac level.

Niggas must got Frisbees and coasters hittin store shelves soon because I don’t see T.I. and 50 Cent in a Castor Troy/Sean Archer standoff. Both of these niggas are alleged snitches. The timing for a potential mudfight, however, is impeccable.

I totally see the marketing possibilities. We could have ourselves an action flick in 2009 and everything. Snitch Off starring 50 Cent, T.I. & Val Kilmer.

In principle what 50 says in the video is absolutely correct. Snitching is a very relevant issue. Shit, everyone’s doing it. As I’ve come to say, “snitchin is the new not snitchin.”

I repeat. Not snitchin. 

But what-the fuck-ever, nigga. We know you tombout Tippy. Everyone's doing it… You know, like snitching. I bet that verse was a real good idea when Curtis Jackson and the Pips passed that blunt around in the studio. What's the problem now? Feeling a little shy? Not quite ready for the shit storm to begin?

Negro, please.

So--which is it then, Fif? Did you just come up with the line out of thin air and it just so happened to find its way to a Tippy connection? Or are people agreeing with your thinly-veiled claim designed to kickstart a much-needed rapster beef?

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P.S.: I like 239allday’s “Tellin’ On Soldiers” quip. Hilarious.

P.S.S.: I hope it rain on you and you get shocked by that wire.