I am on my way to stay with my mom for a week in Atlanta. She is one of the jigs that relocated to the new South because the lifestyle was slower and reportedly cheaper. Shit always looks greener on the outside. Yeah the purchase price was cheaper, but there are all these hidden fees in the game of life now that niggers didn't have in place before. Just like the surcharge American Airlines charges you for your luggage is $15 when you fly domestically, but FREE when you fly internationally. I try to stay getting stamps in my passport just like your favorite rapper does.

I like visiting the 'A' since I have more folks down there than just my moms. I have a gang of cousins and even some real good friends that I met on the 'nets. Even though Atlanta is smack dab in the center of Georgia it doesn't feel like the south to me. Maybe that's because hardly no one that lives in Atlanta is from Atlanta. Sheeeeit, Atlanta's second best rapper is from Chicago, or Champaigne or some shit. Atlanta's best rapper don't even reside there anymore. Sonn is all about Hollywood now.

I hate leaving my hometown though, even if only for a minute. That is when all kinds of sick shit pops off that I wish I was at. Free liquor and merchandise giveaways, other shit for free like movies and concerts. All because I decided to leave for a week. I'm gonna have to get over my New York City-centricity for a minute. I am going to get into some slick shit in the 'A'. There is a Jill Scott concert that mom dukes copped us some tickets for.

My mom keeps it funky with me. Last year she came with me to the Sneaker Pimps event in the 'A'. Dudes weren't even trippin' on who brought the senior citizen. If I had to move to the south I could definitely fucks with Atlanta. Anywhere else would be out of the question. Especially motherfucking Louisiana. They stay on some supremacist shit in regards to taking the lives of Black people.

There were the BlackWater USA mercenaries that patroled New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and were allowed to shhot to kill anyone outdoors after the state of emergency posted curfew hours.

There was that incident with the New Orleans police beating an elderly Black man to a pulp on a Bourbon Street sidewalk one evening because he wasn't walking fast enough.


Damn. The old man caught a bad one.

Who can forget the Jena 6?

And now this story comes out on some Sean Bell shit, except this dude was killed by a police way back in January. How fucked the fuck up is the supremacist suppression in Louisiana that we can't learn about these stories for six months? At least you knew about Sean Bell's murder the following day. Louisiana is letting the police and paid mercenaries merc'k Black folks on the regulack with no repercussions.

**Smart Dumb Moment: F.Y.I. - The slang term merc'k gets its meaning from the shit that mercenaries (guns for hire) do to other people.**

So peep the newsreel about this 21yr old homey named Baron "Scooter" Pikes who was tasered to death by one of the klansmen's grandsons. The reason that I think this story wasn't circulated earlier is because Black folks in Louisiana have grown to accept their position in the supremacist machinery. They would rather sip that Lean and snap their fingers then challenge the system.

The white that I know from the south are also the same way. If they aren't virulent racists themselves they are not the kind of people that would openly challenge the terrorism of the Ku Klux Klan and other affiliated groups. I try not to blame white too much for the tacit and complicit endorsement of supremacy. Most white are shook ones when it comes to social justice. They think that their level in the social stratification will be undermined if they allow Blacks to be treated fairly. White is also more scared than a motherfucker after seeing their homey JFK and his ba'ybro get they wigs clapped on.

Still and all, I am concerned that even the righteous, faithful people from this town were afraid to broadcast this story. When you examine the details it is evident that this was a murder. The police officer has a record of abuse and this is the incident where he finally took a life. The example of justice has forever been denied to African American males when their oppressor has been the police. As long as good people are afraid of the terrorists no one will be allowed to have justice.

Do any rappers from Louisiana ever rap about this shit?