Kidz in the jail

Who would have thought that, of all the people who could fuck up the Rock the Bells tour by getting in a wild drunken brawl, getting arrested, and not being able to make it to the next city, it would be hipster rappers Kidz in the Hall?

Not that Rock the Bells would necessarily be fucked up if Kidz in the Hall don’t show up. After all, Santogold’s still gonna be there! I’m just saying.

I’m especially sensitive to rappers not being able to make the show because they got arrested, because I had something similar happen to me when I was a kid, and I was going to see the Wu-Tang Clan. Er, I thought I was.

They ended up getting arrested or some shit and couldn’t continue their tour with Rage Against the Machine. Then they kinda ended up falling to shit after that anyway, and, as far as I know, they never have played St. Louis as a group.

It ended up being something like 10 years to the date later when I finally saw them, last summer, when they headlined Rock the Bells (with Rage Against the Machine, oddly enough) out in NY.

I suppose it’s a good thing I caught them when I did, what with what ended up happening with 8 Diagrams. That may have been my last shot. Evar.

I can’t imagine this incident with Kidz in the Hall will be nearly as catastrophic for their career. But I’m surprised some shit like this even happened in the first place. As it turns out, Kidz in the Hall are way gullier than they look. Or are they?

You’d be forgiven, if you have no idea what in the world I’m talking about. So far, the main place this shit is being reported is the rumors section over at AllHipHop. Then I saw, yesterday, that there was some shit at HipHopDX about how the Kidz had to miss a date of Rock the Bells, because Double O had to have surgery and Naledge had been arrested.

Supposedly, Naledge and Double O were at this bar down in Tempe, Arizona, home of the Gin Blossoms, I believe called the Peach Pit (or was that the name of the diner from Beverly Hills 90210?), where Double O ended up getting his ass beat by a bunch of bouncers, and Naledge ended up getting arrested, because he was standing there taking pictures of it.


How this shit got started in the first place, I’m not sure. The reports I’ve read of it haven’t been very detailed, and so far we’ve yet to hear anything from the Kidz themselves. It could be the case that Double O’s typing hand got fucked up, and that Naledge is still in the joint. (God forbid.) But my guess is that they’re hoping this shit just blows over, so they can go on with their lives.

If that’s the case, my bad, Kidz in the Hall, for having to bring it up here. I consider those guys my boys, even though I have to occasionally remark on how I don’t find their music to be very good.

Double O will occasionally comment on my own site, and he’s usually got a pretty salty attitude, and I’m wondering if that may have played a part in his catching a beatdown. (See also: The video where, seemingly out of nowhere, he calls Timbaland a douche.) While he looks like a mixed black dude, I believe his background is actually hispanic. And you know how those dudes get all excited about shit.

So I’m assuming what happened was, he found himself in a situation where a bouncer had to check him, Double O flipped on the bouncer, and the rest, as they say, is history. Maybe Double O was sweating some broad who wasn’t really feeling him, because his pants were too tight. (Lupe Fiasco once had something similar happen to him.) And you know those bouncers get mad testy when you start to piss off the female patrons in a place.

Don’t even assault a broad in a strip club. You could fuck around and lose an arm. Or worse!

As far as Naledge standing by taking pictures while his boy got the shit beat out of him (for his Facebook?)… well, it’s hard to say. Obviously, some shit like that is not gonna sound very good on the Internets (hence the coverup?), but let’s keep it real. It’s not like Naledge would have been of much use in that instance. The guy’s an MC who calls himself Naledge, fer chrissakes!

Of course, if one of my boys was getting fucked up like that, I would have jumped in, regardless of my chances of winning or whatever. But maybe that’s just a sign of my own ignorance. After all, the college I went to wasn’t part of the Ivy League. It was out in the middle of a corn field, and almost everyone there was white and deeply religious. What do you fruits think?

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  • 239allday

    I think that is exactly what I would expect from a “hipster” rapper. Just regular homothug antics. Nothing here stood out to me except the part about Naledge lettin bouncers whoop his butt bud…excuse me, his patna, and taking fuckin pictures at that.

    If I ever want to be an asshole and fight at a club(which is a common occurrance for me), it would definitely be with an asshole bouncer. I would just hope my so-called homies would jump in.

    • Max Profit

      These guys did a little interview with xxl takin bout how folks think they some nerds.
      Next thing you know one is getting arrested and the other is in the Hospital?

      I hope this wasn’t a case of soft niggas tryin’ to act hard.

  • thizzin

    Sherrif Arpio better not get a hold of this, these dudes will be in pink jump suits and living in tents.

  • Pierzy

    “The Peach Pit” was the diner owned by Nat on 90210. Kidz In The Hall are aight but I’m feelin’ the Cool Kids a lot more than them…

  • Billy X. Sunday

    best. headline. evar.

    • Hey

      Looks like you and Ron Mexico take turns being Bol’s athletic supporter.

  • getalife

    I like how this is already fact for 239… what a ef-ay double.

    • 239allday

      On the contrary, you are the ef-ay doub…fuck that I’m blatant with mines. You’re a fag, most likely another hipster, tight jeans, tight shirt rockin homothug.

      Do you think people pull stories like this out of their asses. Why don’t you take Naledge’s bumpy, in-grown haired dick out of your mouth. It’s clouding your judgement.

      • og bobby j

        no homo on that dick description son….or cats start thinkin you stuff that balloon knot (no homo).

        • 239allday

          I don’t feel like it warranted a no homo because it was not ambiguous, it’s straight up. Just clarifying.

          Just in case though… No Homo

          Plus we appreciate taking off those fuck ass math problems.

  • rob The Music Ed

    “Of course, if one of my boys was getting fucked up like that, I would have jumped in, regardless of my chances of winning or whatever.”

    Where is the proof? I looked on youtube and found none! lol

    • DJ Daddy Mack


  • jackpot

    Man, something is fishy. What reason could Double-O possibly have given the bouncers for whooping his ass?

  • geico lizard

    dont worry Bol you didnt miss anything when wu tang didnt show up because i went to that tour when it came to nashville. it was outdoors and rage did a good job but wu tang clan was late drunk and all of them didnt show up.

  • Moi

    Of course, if one of my boys was getting fucked up like that, I would have jumped in, regardless of my chances of winning or whatever


  • ri067953

    Yo, you’d be suprised about these so called hipster rappers. Just cuz they wear tight pants doesn’t mean they can’t kick some ass. However, their pants might split while giving roundhouse kicks to the head.

    Remember all that shit about De La Soul and how they would kick some ass if they had too? Maybe the Kids are taking tae-bo lessons during their downtime

  • Rizob

    “Thou shalt jumpeth in when thy partner is engaged in battle” ~~~The eleventh commandment….

    I mean this is an unwritten rule, if ya boy is in a fight, and if it aint one on one, then you gotta jump in. thats just how it goes in the Black community, but i don’t really know what community the Kidz come from. Hell, they prolly dont even kno…

  • TheCo!!inB

    don’t all hipster rappers know a martial art or something? I thought that’s the type of shit they did when they weren’t forcing syllables together….eh.

  • Lefty

    While he looks like a mixed black dude, I believe his background is actually hispanic. And you know how those dudes get all excited about shit.

    ^^^ fucking roffffffle

  • OG Matt Herbz

    With these “hipster” nut-hugger wearers, it’s actually not a fair fight unless 2 of them are fighting one normal person. But one on one with a cameraman is just gay. Gay. Nigga…

  • EReal

    (My) Kids in ya mammy’s mouff.

  • Smel

    If you whoop somebody’s ass (or get your ass whooped), but nobody posts the pic on Facebook, it never happened.

  • Double-0

    ahh Bol.. gotta love ya… but yea Bol… a nigga is alright.. thanx for asking.. I look like houston right now… but I’ll be back soon enuff…


    bol you know you lying you would jump and run your ass in the other direction hahahhaa

  • Tristan Wolhok

    Is blogengine as good as wp somehow? Should be since it is more and more popluar nowadays.