Is Will Smith The Box Office G.O.A.T?

So Hancock (pause?) opened last week and it has already generated over $107 million.

The movie was damn good by the way. Sure, that much debated plot twist took away from the flick a bit, but not enough to earn Will Smith his first dud in years. At this point, Hancock, marks Will’s seventh consecutive blockbuster ($100 mill+) -tying Tom Cruise for the longest blockbuster streak in Hollywood history. The man can do no freakin’ wrong. It doesn’t matter what he tackles, sci-fi thrillers, romantic comedies, or drama. He’s the freakin’ man.

I remember when Eddie Murphy was the man. Not by Box Office standards, but being the most famous black actor and arguably the biggest star on the planet. Back then I asked my big brother, who was as big of an Eddie fan as I am a Will fan today, if he thought any black actor could ever top what Eddie was doing at the time. “Never,” he undoubtedly replied. Pffttt! It turns out that Eddie didn’t do half what Will has done numbers-wise. Actually, very few cats have comparable resumes. I couldn’t find the exact statistic, but word is Smith has the highest opening weekend average in movie history. In my opinion, Big Willie is the Box Office G.O.A.T. There isn’t a star as bankable now, there arguably has never been one in the past and it’s gonna be tough finding one in the future. Still, guys like Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks and Harrison Ford have put up digits monstrous enough that G.O.A.T rights are up for debate.

So, here’s how we’ll crown the G.O.A.T. First off, the actors must have played a main role in at least 10 blockbusters ($100+) to enter the ballot. We’ll then tally blockbuster percentage rates (how many of your films are blockbusters), number of blockbusters and overall blockbuster total gross. Interestingly, a little research revealed that Mel Gibson, Kevin Costner, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger fall way short of the ballot. Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon, Adam Sandler and Will Ferrell barely missed the entry. Here we go.

Tom Hanks

# of Blockbusters: 12
Blockbusters rate: 38% of Hanks’ movies have been blockbusters
Total Blockbuster Gross: $2, 033,710,801
AVG Gross Blockbuster: $169, 475, 900

(2006) The Da Vinci Code: $217,536,138
(2002) Catch Me If You Can: $164,435,221
(2002) Road To Perdition : $104,054,514
(2000) Cast Away: $233,630,478
(1999) The Green Mile: $136,801,374
(1998) Saving Private Ryan: $216,119,491
(1998) You’ve Got Mail: $115,731,542
(1995) Apollo 13: $172,036,360
(1994) Forrest Gump: $329,168,011
(1993) Sleepless In Seattle: $125,636,987
(1992) A League Of Their Own: $105,087,837
(1988) Big: $113,472,848

Will Smith

# of Blockbusters: 11
Blockbusters rate: 69% of Smith’s movies have been blockbusters
Total Blockbuster Gross: $1,864,555, 510
AVG Blockbuster Gross: $169,505, 046

(2008) Hancock: $107,321,000
(2007) I Am Legend: $256,393,010
(2006) The Pursuit of Happyness: $162,586,036
(2005) Hitch: $177,575,142
(2004) I Robot: $144,801,023
(2003) Bad Boys II: $138,396,624
(2002) Men In Black II: $192,404,579
(1999) Wild Wild West: 113,805,681
(1998) Enemy Of The State: $111,544,445
(1997) Men In Black: $250,147,615
(1996) Independence Day: $306,169,255

Harrisson Ford

# of Blockbusters: 11
Blockbusters rate: 31% of Ford’s movies have been blockbusters
Total Blockbuster Gross: $2,620,163, 371
AVG Blockbuster Gross: $238, 196, 670

(2008) Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: $306,428,521
(2005) What Lies Beneath: $155,370,362
(1997) Air Force One: $172,650,002
(1994) Clear and Present Danger: $121,491,591
(1993) The Fugitive: $183,752,965
(1989) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: $195,078,838
(1984) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom: $179,880,271
(1983) Return Of The Jedi: $309,206,384
(1981) Raiders of the Lost Ark: $245,034,358
(1979) The Empire Strikes Back: $290,272,072
(1977) Star Wars: $460,998,007

Julia Roberts

# of Blockbusters: 10
Blockbusters rate: 30% of Roberts’ movies have been blockbusters
Total Blockbuster Gross: $1, 325, 220, 349
AVG Blockbuster Gross: $132, 522, 034.9

(2004) Ocean’s Twelve: $125,531,634
(2001) Ocean’s Eleven: 183, 405, 771
(2000) Erin Brockovich: $125,548,685
(1999) Nothing Hill: $116,089,678
(1999) Runaway Bride: $152,149,590
(1997) My Best Friend’s Wedding: $126,805,112
(1993) Pelican Brief: $100,650,595
(1991) Hook: $116,347,538
(1991) Sleeping With The Enemy: 100,294,830
(1990) Pretty Woman: $178,396,916

Tom Cruise

# of Blockbusters: 15
Blockbusters rate: 52% of Cruise’s movies have been blockbusters
Total Blockbuster Gross: $2, 175,275, 134
AVG Blockbuster Gross: $145, 018, 342

(2006) Mission Impossible 3: $133,382,309
(2005) War of the Worlds: 234,277,056
(2004) Collateral: 100,003,492
(2003) The Last Samurai: $111,110,575
(2002) Minority Report: $132,014,112
(2001) Vanilla Sky: $100,614,858
(2000) Mission impossible II: $215,397,307
(1996) Jerry Maguire: $153,620,822
(1996) Mission Impossible: $180,943,675
(1994) Interview With A Vampire: $156,976,509
(1993) The Firm: $156,976,509
(1992) A Few Good Men: $141,340,178
(1988) Cocktail: 107,786,000
(1998) Rain Man: $171,188,895
(1986) Top Gun: 176,650,237

So, after reviewing the numbers. It may seem like Harrison Ford is the G.O.A.T. at first glance. I mean, $238, 196, 670 per blockbuster? Insane! The thing is he kinda cheats with the Star Wars franchise. Sure, Ian Solo was as cool as they come, but neither he, Mark Hamill, nor Chewbacca was the draw in that movie, so it should count when trying to establish how bankable he is. The same goes for Julia Roberts. She shared top billing in nearly half of her blockbusters. Besides, her numbers pale in comparison to the rest of the pack. Then there’s Tom Cruise who leads the field with 15 blockbusters. He’s shared screen time with some giants like Nicholson (A Few Good Men) and Dustin Hoffman (Rain Man), but has definitely proven to be a draw in most of his flicks. Hanks’ numbers are pretty impressive as well, but bottom line, Smith has done more in less time. It took Ford 31 years to pile up this many blockbusters. It took Cruise 20, Hanks 18 and Roberts, who easily could have been left off the list, 14. Will did it in 12 and at only 39, is far from done. He’s a sure shot at this point. It’s been seven years since he’s had a movie gross less than $100 million. The question is, if you had to pick any actor to carry your movie, who would it be? I never thought I’d wanna cast a rapper in a flick, but for me, Will Smith all day.

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  • Crash

    I Love Lauren!!!

    • DJ Daddy Mack

      You know what would be fucking fire? Having DJ Jazzy Jeff & Will Smith on the cover of XXL. That would get every Hip Hop head and Movie head jumping on that. 20 Years since He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper too? It would be great for Hip Hop since they won the first Grammy and all. OH FUCKING BOY. YA NEED TO GET ON IT ASAP. I KNOW YA HEAR ME.

      “Parents Just Don’t Understand”
      oh fucking boy!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Fuck ya youngings know about that.

      • chad bro chill

        why would it matter how quick will had tht many block busters isnt it more impressive to show longevity than be a fad

      • paychexx


    • Deez Nutz

      Harrison Ford=50 Cent
      Wil Smith=Lil Wayne
      Tom Cruise=Jay Z

    • one


  • Ya Boii





    • tha_Face

      Denzel is cool as has many great movies but can’t compare to Will’s “bankability” whereas Denzel’s last $100 mil film was Inside Man, great but not bankable

  • richml1992


  • the r

    the list for will is inaccurate. ali in 2001 flopped domestically.

    hancock sucked balls…not hating but stating an opinion

    • jackpot

      Notice, I only listed blockbusters the stars acted in. No commercial flops. No animated movies.

    • spencer

      thats why it aint on the list retard

  • ITO



  • Sweet James

    Will is the man!!!!!!!!!

  • makesmoves

    no doubt big willie gettin silly wit it. go after the billy man, i feel you. still love martin tho… much better than the fresh prince but his movies been lame!!! long live jay-z by the way now HE’S THE MAN

  • Rick

    You could have at least gave a linkback to theMovieblog ….. we know where you got the idea from.

  • te noh

    “The thing is he kinda cheats with the Star Wars franchise. Sure, Ian Solo was as cool as they come, but neither he, Mark Hamill, nor Chewbacca was the draw in that movie, so it should count when trying to establish how bankable he is.”

    If that’s the case, then take off “Independence Day” and the first “Men in Black” for Will Smith, as he was not the “draw” in the movie. But, you are totally right about one thing — “Ian Solo” was one bad muthafucka.

  • master cheef

    mark my words, will smith will be the first black president.

  • marz

    will smith is the man
    who would have thought?

  • dronkmunk

    And we care because ____________

    • Nigger…..There I Said It

      you care because you clicked on the link faggot

  • whatitdo

    Will’s the man but where does Denzel Washington and Samuel L Jackson rank

    • og bobby j

      please dont mention the movie whore sammy jackson….he made some high quality movies….but he will do any role….he cant make the cut because of 4 words: snakes on a plane. Best black actors…denzel, willie and morgan…all day.

      To headline my movie….i would look at daniel day lewis…that dude is a prime example of choosing good roles. Also, brad pitt draws crowds….cloony is aight too. I guess it depends on the role.

      • John Brown

        OG BOBBY J, I guess we gotta take out Will because of three words…WILD WILD WEST…

  • Incilin

    Are those numbers adjusted for inflation? I mean, joints like starwars are like 30 years old, so the numbers would be crazy different today.

    No lie, Smith is the king of the summer box office pop corn filck. Even when half his films on that list kinda suck (especially I, Robot and Wild Wild West)

  • T-BONE

    Its 8 Movies in A Row Dumb Ass (Including animated)
    Ali (2001) : $58,183,966 (wasnt a box office hit but critically aclaimed and nominated for an oscar)
    Men in Black II (2002): $192,404,579
    Bad Boys II (2003) : $138,396,624
    Shark Tale (2004) : $160,762,022
    I, Robot (2004) : $144,801,023
    Hitch (2005) : $177,575,142
    The Pursuit of Happyness (2006): $162,586,036
    I Am Legend (2007): $256,393,010
    Hancock (2008) : $107,321,000+
    Get Ya Facts Straight!

    • jackpot

      I know all about “Shark Tale” I’m just not counting animated movies.

  • Peru

    My Dream Movie Cast:

    Denzel Washington
    Will Smith
    Halle Berry
    Jada Pinkett Smith
    Martin Lawrence
    Mike Epps
    Queen Latifah
    Jamie Foxx
    Gabrielle Union
    LL Cool J
    Omar Epps
    Sana Lathan(Mis spelled)
    Morris Chestnut
    Samuel L. Jackson

    Director: Spike Lee

    The budget would be through the fucking rough and the movie would probably be like 3hrs, but it would be the greatest movie of all time!!!

    • dubbzz

      Take yo ass back to peru!

    • og bobby j

      peru…nigga you crazy.

      did you just say LL cool J is in your “dreamcast”? might as well cast DMX..

      A real dream cast would be:
      De Niro
      Al Pacino
      Joe Pesci
      Will Smith
      Daniel Day Lewis
      Tom Hanks
      Tome cruise
      Morgan Freeman

      Direction by either martin scorcese or quintin tarintino.

  • capitalpro

    star warz hit almost half a billion?!! wowzerz!!

  • Rob The Music Ed

    im just waiting on that next rap album! lol

  • Mean Greene

    Harrison Ford’s out of the running simply because over half of his movies were sequels to blockbusters while Big Willie consistently opens new franchises. Big difference.

    I think the crown is between Tom Hanks and Will but Will still has about another 15 years of leading man roles in him before he looks like somebody’s grandpops, so he’ll definitely be the king before long.



  • laShawn

    peru. ll cool in yo dreamcast???? nigga iz u crazzy.

    fuk blockbusters, i go for real talent any day. here it is:

    Samuel L Jackson
    John Travolta
    Morgan Freeman
    Al Pacino
    Robert DeNiro
    Denzel Washington
    Tom Hanks
    Leonardo DiCaprio
    Will Smith
    Jon Voight

  • producer James Moore

    Harrison Ford had a higher average gross, but Will Smith was the most consistent, no one on that list is even close to 70% of their movies being blockbusters, that means he knows how to chose the right scripts, and he knows how to deliver each time, so Will is the G.O.A.T., not to mention he’s Black, and a young Black, and a young Black Male, and a rapper on top of all that, so you kinda get extra credit for that

  • B

    this list is completely slanted because of inflation. Movie tickets are like $10 a piece or more, so you don’t have to sell nearly as many tickets to hit 100 mil. Some of those dudes like Cruise and Hanks were hittin a 100 mil plus in the 80′s when tickets were like $2.50. Imagine how many more movies would have hit 100 mil with the current prices. You gotta look at ticket sales for a real comparison.

  • Danny Myers

    B is right as fuck!!!

  • Benicio Del Thoro

    Morgan Freeman along with Mr. Poitier are the best black actors ever to be in Hollywood. Will Smith has duds. Bagger Vance is wack, I don’t care how many nominations he got. Also I am legend was wack. Anyone could have played that role.

    Tommy Lee Jones, Freeman, Bobby Milk, Al, Morgan and Sidney are the best actors ever.

    Meryl, Diane, Halle and Barbra Streisand are the best actresses.

  • Peru

    Shows how little you mutha fuckas know about casting, all you niggas need to think about a movie’s cast before you down mine. My cast wasn’t based on the most talented black actors, it was based on the ability to fit roles that work in a plot of a movie. Not every character is gonna be a major one, yes, I would put LL in the shit to play a minor role…he acts way better than he raps nowadays. To Dubbzz, bitch nigga, I’m from Chicago!!! OG Bobby whatever, LL is a way better actor than DMX, don’t insult me nigga!!! And I was keepin the shit all black if you didnt notice, FUCK all them white actors you niggas stay on pacino dick cuz he did scarface. Embrace Black Hollywood and stop hatin on your own people! FUCK Martin Scorcese and Quintin Tarintino, they have no versatility, they only do Gangsta and action Flicks…But I will say I slipped on Morgan Freeman, my bad!

    • og bobby j

      son…this isnt about black hollywood dummy….you said “dreamcast”.
      And just cause LL acts better then he raps doesnt make him good at either.
      Never seen Heat or Scent of a Woman? Pacino is nice

      Dont be a racist quiff….
      Go buy some tyler perry dvds and knock that “hey lover” joint in you whip on the way to you local blockbuster.

  • $ykotic

    “Big Willie” Smith.

    Came a long way from getting hot dogs and soda cups thrown at him on stage rapping.

    But Denzel is the G.O.A.T.

  • $ykotic

    Screw the box office part.

    Man makes money. Not the other way around.

    Mofo’s too busy looking at a dude’s pockets like a broad searching for a come up.

  • Peru

    I wasn’t being racist, I was stating “MY DREAM CAST”…notice I said “MY”…that means me, mine, not yours tampon eater!!! Al Pacino is one of the greatest actors of all time, I know this, yes I’ve seen Heat…as a matter of fact thanks, think I’ll watch that tonite, Val Kilmer was pretty good in that too…but anyway, if you noticed Will Smith is the ONLY BLACK GUY ON THE BLOCKBUSTER LIST!!! I just wanted to bring attention to the fact there are many GREAT BLACK ACTORS. Nobody on this site needs to recognize any white actor because the Academy does that every year, its called the OSCARS!!!

    P.S. LL may not be Sideny Potier(misspelled), but he is a decent actor in my opinion. In Too Deep was a pretty good role, as was Deep Blue Sea…

  • Peru

    Oh and by the looks of your dream cast, you’re either a dick eating fag or a sexist piece of shit cuz you dont have one woman on that whole fucking list…what a gay ass movie!!! You might as well direct it with Lil Wayne and take turns kissing Birdman between scenes…FAG BOY!!! Damn, same thing to LaShawn…ya”ll really love to see men on screen huh, LOL!!! And I’ll say MORGAN FREEMAN again for disrespecting him the 1st time.

    • og bobby j

      listen fuckboy…you lost all credibility when you said deep blue sea was a good movie….

      sexist nahh…i just dont think that many broads have given timeless performances….to me, julia roberts is as valuable to a movie as that showgirls broad…..

      its obvious your black and upset about it….after you watch heat…relax with a little LL playin in the backround while looking for you waiting to exhale dvd. Dreamgirls ass nigga

  • Pierzy

    After “I Am Legend,” I’d put Will in any flick. He even admits that he has the formula – summertime, special effects, etc…

  • 11KAP

    Will Smith is one of the best best black actors and role models today. You never see him as a villain in any of his movies, and that’s what separates him from many other actors who play both roles.

    • John Brown

      Actually a GREAT actor is one who can play a villian and a hero in a movie. Denzel, Samuel, DeNiro, Travolta, Freeman Cage, Nicholson, Pacino are great actors because they can make you root for the bad guy.

  • John Brown

    Ill pick QUALITY over QUANTITY…

    Oh and the one and only actor/actress that I will start a movie with is….MEGAN FOXX


  • Peru

    I’m gonna stop replying after this, cuz OJ Bobby whatever, you’re killing yourself…

    You are canceling yourself, I bet you bought Lil Wayne’s Album didnt you, just to see if he put any pictures of him and Birdman posing topless in the album artwork. I bet you got Lollipop set on replay…You wanna lick the rapper???

    And just so you know, I NEVER said Deep Blue Sea was a good movie, I said he played his role decently BITCH!

    Damn you suck at this blog battle shit, I really need to find something better to do with my life, LOL!!!

  • Darone

    I’m sorry guy that wrote the blog!! You forgot about 1 very important person whose Lifetime Gross is bigger than al those guys:Eddie Murphy! I know he hasn’t put out the best films, but he has put out the Biggest Genre Defining Blockbuster Films! Even Norbit did $90 Million!!! Forget whatever people think about him, he has the numbers to shut up anyone!!! I know people in this comment section are gonna hae retarded comments about him, however he is the largest Black Actor in terms of Box Office and he’s one of the most diverse and talented actors of our time. Other than his personal life, can you argue that? He has flops, but what GREAT actor hasn’t? Can you argue that? I’m sorry, can you intelligently argue that? Please try, and check the numbers: Lifetime Gross Total (33): $3,447,261,967