XXL user ATL took the words right out of my mouth yesterday. I couldn't wait to see the comments on Rick Ross' "This Is The Life" video when I posted it.

It was to be expected. Through 35 comments, the majority trashed the Miami rapper for being a fraud. "OFFICER ROSS YOU’RE FINISHED…NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR FROM AN UNCLE TOM SELLOUT LIKE YOU," we know posted while the Muffin Man chimed in, "Didn't Pig Ross get the memo that his career is over?" Ouch! Ross had better hope that Pig moniker doesn't stick. I wouldn't be surprised if only few watched the videos and most clicked just to tell Ross what a loser he is. I mean, it's not like the opinion of XXL users is the end all be all, but it's significant to some degree.

Throughout the week, I've been pondering with friends and colleagues: is Rick Ross' career over? As much as the hip-hop community distrusts law enforcement, Ross being a prison guard wasn't that big of a deal until he vehemently denied the allegations. The funny thing is, in his denial, he made it seem like only suckers would work as prison guards and later turn around to portray coke rappers. Well, I guess that makes Rick a...

In retrospect, there were just way too many reasons why Ross should have told the truth. Dude was only 19 when he got the job. Blame it on being a young man trying to find your way, Rick. And surely, he could have made it seem like he was one of the outside liaisons for inmates to get high. But he just won't budge. Even with The Smoking Gun publishing his work documents, Ross is sticking to his guns, denying he ever was on the other side of the law. This has to be the most damaging hip-hop-related fruckery in recent memory. When 50 Cent and Young Buck's conversation first leaked, things didn't look too bright for the Cashville rapper. But he has since rebounded with a series of solid tracks and joined forces with Game. People already forgot about the incident. Buck will be just fine. When debating Ross' fate, many bring up Weezy's success despite kissing Birdman. The thing is, Wayne was and still is in that zone where he can do no wrong. Dude could have been caught on tape and still would have sold silly. Plus Wayne never lied. Dude said, "yeah, I kissed my daddy, so what." Maybe folks respected his honesty to some point. Plus Wayne is just boning all types of chicks (Lauren London, Nivea, etc) you and me wouldn't mind spending the night with. Deep down, we all know he's not gay.

Bottom line is, put out some hot music and we'll forget all about it. Wayne did it. R. Kelly did it and it looks like Young Buck is doing it. The other good thing is that DJ Khaled and all these other dudes will probably back up Ross, so that can't hurt. If Ross is to come out with the dopest (pun intended) single ever, would you care that he's still talking about birds, or give him a pass because it's heat? What should be Ross' next move? Should he come clean? Lay low for a minute, or is his career over?