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  • 239allday

    Wow, one producer bites another producers shit. This has certainly never happened before. This is so rare. I’m appauled!!!

    • ThaRealBoiWonder

      What are you talkin about?? He took approx. 9 seconds from that song and just ran with it. It’s smart…

      • 239allday

        I agree buddy and you obviously can’t detect sarcasm.

  • the-K.I.D

    ur so late wit this its not even funny

  • napps126

    i like

  • diggsy

    CRAZY! I always thought they just chopped up Edwin Starr’s “War”.

  • TekNYk

    def. a better flip then this shit.

  • DJ Knox

    I agree with 239allday(as usual, no homo), a producer using/sapling another artist’s song…that’s truly unheard of. Do the pay ya’ll to do this?! If so, they should stop!!

  • Bang

    Thanks for the sample

  • florida_evans

    Lazy!Lazy!Lazy! 808 is not the answer!It’s shit like this…..

  • FLIP

    XXL commenters are fucking rediculous. The whole point of (formerly YN’s) break-a-day posts are to put people on to the original samples of songs. If you knew about it, oh well, if you didn’t, well, there you go. Yall act like the Gooch is trynna drop knowledge with these shits. Take it for what its worth and keep it moving…

  • Nic Diamonds

    Damn I be over thinking the shit out of producing. I’m trying to do beats for somebody right now and I think, ok I gotta find this or that rare ass sample from some Novaskosia folk music and then I hear this.