Give Yung Berg his stimulus back

It just so happens that Yung Berg’s baby’s mother reads black America’s finest news source, chain emails Media Take Out.

Last year, when that garbage “Hey Sexy Lady” was popping, she wrote to the site, talking about how she had to break up with him because he gave her chlamydia while she was pregnant, and now he’s thousands of dollars behind on child support.

She also pulls that shit Alana Wyatt, Mos Def’s estranged wife, likes to pull, hinting that Yung Berg put his shoe on her, without going into any real detail or producing a Polaroid of herself with a black eye.

I had something similar happen to me a while back. No, I didn’t give a pregnant woman chlamydia. I had some broad email me talking about how J-Kwon (remember him?) wasn’t taking care of his kids, and that he put his shoe on his baby’s mother down in Atlanta.

Actually, as I recall, it was the baby’s grandmother, i.e. his baby’s mother’s mother (I’m sorry Miss Jackson). But then it turned out that the baby might not have been his anyway. According to another email I received, the baby’s mother was something of a town bicycle here in the Lou.

But I digress.

The other day, as the controversy spread re: Yung Berg claiming he makes use of the paper bag test in his personal life, she wrote them again, to talk more shit about him and to update them on the state of his supposed child support negligence.

Most of it just comes off as the typical salt-throwing of a jealous beeyotch. She claims that, while he says he won’t do any girls darker than he is, he’s really sworn off black women altogether, because he finds them fat, ugly, and ghetto.

Which, I’ll note for the sake of black women’s collective self-esteem, isn’t true. Not all black women are fat, ugly and ghetto. (However, I don’t know that a woman can be fat and not be ugly, in a sense. Ha!)

Obviously, the idea is to turn Yung Berg’s natural fan base, i.e. young black girls who wouldn’t know from good music, even further against him, by making up some shit about him – just like those old rumors about Tommy Hilfiger from back in the day.

You get the idea that she’s really just upset that his trim selection has been upgraded now that he’s famous. Check the following emotional outburst.

When I met him he was living in his dad’s basement on the Southside of Chicago now all of a sudden he moves to California, gets a little money and he doesn’t date black women anymore? Get the f*ck out of here. We are the one’s who were with you when you were broke, the ones who held you down when nobody else would, the one’s who’s shoulder you cried on when things weren’t going your way. Now you degrade us? That is not a good look…

Um, yeah.

But I did think the final part was interesting. As a matter of follow-up to last year’s email, she reports that he still hasn’t been paying, and that his outstanding child support is now more than twice what it was last year. And since he’s a deadbeat dad, the IRS sent his stimulus check, which was only for $151, to her instead of him.

If that’s true, I’m not sure what to think. On the one hand, obviously it’s hilarious that Yung Berg is probably sitting around somewhere wondering when his stimulus check is finally gonna show up. But on the other hand, I don’t know if I like the idea that the government can send your stimulus check to your baby’s mother.

I’m not saying it’s alright for a man not to take care of his kids, if he has the means. I’m just saying. We don’t know Yung Berg’s financial situation. He might need that $151. And think about all of the brothers out there who could definitely use $151. Lest we forget, the government has programs and special cereals to make sure babies don’t starve. Grown-ass men? Not so much.

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  • ri067953

    Yo, WIC will get that trick some food and shit for da kid. They hand out milk, cheese and cereal in bulk to those hoe’s. I’ve eaten plenty of cereal while smoking a bleezy cuz these hoes’ got that shit in surplus like it’s 1999 and they waiting for Y2K.

  • Ike Turner

    Bol, you mean to tell me that short little shit on a stick can produce babies? Amazing!

  • giantstepp

    We don’t know Yung Berg’s financial situation. He might need that $151. And think about all of the brothers out there who could definitely use $151. LMAO!!

    You a fool for that one Bol. Shit, I could use 151.00 right about now my damn self, SERIOUSLY!

  • og bobby j

    Not sure…but cant you get locked up off not payin child support? Cant be runnin around wit bow wow singing bout sexy ladies without 5-0 coming to collect. If its true, and he is a deadbeat…then fuckem. But, sounds like some old spitful pussy trying to use her weak head game to hold onto the famed nut…

    • Capital G

      In New Jersey you can most definitely get locked up for not paying child support. The fuckin’ courts will suspend your license (that’s right, like one has anything to do with the other) and put out a bench warrant. So you chillin, minding your business, and the fuzz rolls up on you and you find yourself sitting in county jail over some missed payments. A man should have to take care of his seed in theory, but if he don’t want to…

  • giantstepp

    How many brothers out here could use 151.00 right about now?

  • allnice

    Typical bitching because she want some of that nigga money. Instead of getting a job or hustling, she trying to parasite this nigga. Then when she can’t parasite him good enough, she gonna throw shade at a nigga like people care.

    These hos bone so many niggaz there’s no telling who the real father of some kid is. I wouldn’t pay child support fuck that. Luckily, I have enough self respect to wear a jimmy hat and not fuck every hood bitch I see.

    There rap niggaz make me laugh man. All the money, movies, and what not can’t change a nigga mental. If you a stupid nigga that wife up ho bitches and trust what they say is true, then you stay like that forever. Young Berg probably still up in that giving her more ammo to shoot him down with.

  • Deez Nutz

    This blog is so last week…hey Bol…how about you talk about that shyt “Da Man” pulled by putting that racist azz cover on the New Yorker. Give it your spin from a hip hop perspective…(smdh at me giving this paid blogger ideas)

  • 239allday

    “You get the idea that she’s really just upset that his trim selection has been upgraded now that he’s famous”. -Bol

    Insinuating getting with white chicks is an upgrade. Many would agree but that was only an upgrade in high school for bragging rights.

    P.S. Child support is the fucking devil.

  • Casey

    Deez Nutz:

    Stfu. No one asked for your predictable ideas. Bol, DP, and I’m sure countless others have already posted the Obama cover on their own blogs. And it was a satire anyway. No one gives a damn what “hip-hop thinks” about the cover. Obama said it crossed the line. New Yorker sent the message they wanted to. Countless morons like you blew it out of the water. End of story.

  • Jason Murk

    I’m laughin at the fact that that nigga ACTUALLY GOT a stimulus check!

    I know good and damn well I’m not a baller, and I made about $102,000 last year. That was enough to knock me out of the stimulus check bracket. I ain’t get SHIT.

    So you’re telling me that this nigga with a GARGANTUAN, diamond studded, Optimus Prime medallion actually made LESS money than me? The nigga that was pushin a BENTLEY in his rap video QUALIFIED for a stimulus check? This is fuckin hilarious.

    He’s gonna be broke as fuck by next year if he ain’t broke now.

    • Bol

      That’s the thing. Why would the government send you a stimulus check, if you didn’t need to be stimulated?

  • AZ40

    “Lest we forget, the government has programs and special cereals to make sure babies don’t starve. Grown-ass men? Not so much”…

    Fuckin’ Hilarious

    Anyway that nigga shouldn’t be walkin’ round w/ rented autobots and decepticon pieces on his neck…I know niggas like TPain got ya’ll sounding like robots but damn


    i got 600 how come he only got 151 guess he not making much more than my lowly 45,000 a year. this year i am going hit 50g’s hahahahaha gotta love getting a cost of living increase then a nice raise.

  • Queens Boy

    ok first of all if you have a seed, pay child support!!! and yes you can get locked up for not paying up(insert miles’ davis criminal record here)but, if it ain’t his kid he should keep it pushin’

    Btw that stimulus check shit was funny

  • EReal

    The fact that you even have a drop about this guy is sofaking lame.

    Ur slippin Bol. You know you wanted to shit on black women in this post.