“Gin & Juice” Goes Country

I celebrated my b-day L.A. style, kicking it with some people’s out there (I see you Meka Soul). We hit up this restaurant (name not important) at City Walk (I couldn’t resist being
a tourist–at least for a day lol) and got approached by the “house band” who were taking requests, vehemently affirming that they could do any song.
Of course, we were skeptical that these two random white dudes with guitars could do anything that we wanted to hear but I guess we were wrong. We got
serenaded with an interesting rendition of–just peep the vid. And if you don’t know what song that is, you should be hog-tied and shot. Enjoy.–Soopa Starr

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  • Mike

    haha, good stuff

  • kf uk

    white dudes with guitars is hip hop as fuck.

    havent u ever seen dres bassist?

    isnt guitars exaktly what rekwon called RZA out over on the last wu album?

  • AZ40

    “We don’t love them hooes”, this shit is crazy, Snoop is gotta be a fuckin’ icon…I wonder if they know any Jay-Z


    Y`all can suck my dick!!!

  • John Brown

    Why GIN & JUICE though. I would had told them if they knew “HIT EM UP”…Now that I would be HIP HOP.

    ps. or maybe Busta’s “BREAY YA NECK”…

  • John Brown

    BTW, thanks for killing hip-hop…I bet now some A&R will see this video and sign these guys and they will put out a album…you should take atleast 20% though…

  • Neven

    this song was done years ago. I forget the band that turned it into country but one of bars back east use to play this every night…

    these boys performed it very well.

    • Dub Sac

      I believe it was Phish that did this a few years back. And Ben Folds has a cover of “Bitches Aint Shit” floating around somewhere.

      I can do a pretty mean cover of Wu’s “Older Gods” on the acoustic guitar.

      • daesonesb

        It wasnt phish that did that song. They got credited as the artist when you’d get the cover off kazaa, but it was actually some other band. Look into it… phish is on some hippy shit, lol

  • http://xxlmag.com Bol

    Where were you people 10 years ago?

  • giantstepp

    fcuk off Bol!

  • Vicious Seiger

    Scary very Scary, is this a sign of the apocalypse?

  • MI

    really–someone did a version of this like 10 years ago that was kinda popular, like someone at your office would play it for you or maybe you’d hear it a bar you didn’t really wanna be at. seriously.