5 Tips For Wayne To Go Triple Platinum

Shit, I gotta say I’m surprised. Peeped SoundScan this morning to see what Curtis and company did for their first week numbers and find Mr. Carter resting comfortably back on top of the charts with another 156,370 units, bringing the kid born Dwayne to almost 1.7 million sold in four weeks. I gotta give credit when it’s due. Congrats, Wayne, all your campaigning worked (Hopefully, the same can ring true for Barack, but I digress…)

Now, let’s be real, I wasn’t expecting G-Unit to top the charts this week (they came in at #4 with 101,802, respectable but a poor outing by 50’s standards) so that wasn’t that much of a surprise to me. It’s a solid album, yeah, but it’s more of a credibility project than a commercially viable project packed with radio singles. Even still, 50 is probably blowing a gasket over the 101K and thinking of some way to spin that number into some sort of victory (“Even when I lose I win,” according to his body spray commercial, right?).

The big shocker for me, though, was Wayne moving back into the #1 spot over Cold Play, who had knocked him off his perch the past two weeks. For Weezy to pass a commercial White rock band like Cold Play in his fourth week and their third is a bit of an accomplishment. This means that White kids are feeling Wayne more and more each day (even if it was just by a 7,000 margin). Although I’m NOT rushing to crown him Greatest Rapper Alive, he’s definitely the most popular by far. Wayne just went into a whole other echelon of money making potential with White America now taking note of him. I see endorsement deals, movies, more products of his own like that silly Wayne Champagne that’s coming (I’ll pass) in his future. I just hope he doesn’t fuck shit up with more arrests and that Styrofoam cup “problem.”

At this rate, though, Wayne will be double platinum in 2 or 3 weeks tops—a much faster rate than Kanye who crawled to the double up mark after having a similarly huge first week number last year. So if Wayne plays his cards right, he could potentially reach triple plat (I’d bet 2.4 or 2.5 when it’s all said and done, though). But I have a few suggestions for Mr. Carter to help keep his gravy train going.

1) Drop “Mrs. Officer” as a single. That shit is catchy as fuck, and you need to get some prime time Hollywood chick like Meagan Good or an R&B chick like Ciara to play the lead in the video. But don’t reveal her face until the end of the clip.

2) Drop “Comfortable” as a single. No way a rapper can sit on a record with Babyface and just keep it as an album cut. That record will get you on even more pop and contemporary radio stations and get people my mom’s age to take note of you and buy your shit.

3) Tour non-stop. Artists have to get back to working their projects, so hit the road hard and hit every city you can with a solid supporting cast of opening acts and then take the show international. More moola, baby.

4) Fuck a chop & screwed version of your album, drop the first AutoTuned version of your album in time for Christmas (Just to be even more different, do “Lollipop” with your regular voice). Be a leader not a follower; you gotta set the trends.

5) Continue the campaign for Tha Carter IV now. Your best marketing tool is your own fuckin mouth (pause!). You talk about shit enough people start believing it and anticipating it. Tha Carter III is a case in point. –ArmyAns (The Other Music Guy)


If Wayne does any of the above, remember you heard (well, read) it here first.

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  • westcoast mexican

    6) you should have put game on ur album & taken out t pain & maybe u would have sell more.

    i got the album, its ok

    • Deez Nutz

      I said the same thing (to myself) about Comfortable with Babyface should be a single when the joint first leaked back in November. That joint would kill radio…it might be a little too Comfortable for his image though

    • lol

      LMAO @ game being able to boost wayne’s sales…go cut my grass bitch

  • the r

    the fellatio continues…3 mill for wayne is a win for hip hop?…smh at you fucking robots….

  • avenger XL

    6)Pay major magazines like xxl to dick ride after you have energized your massive TRL and ignant ghetto ass following. Oh wait a minute he doesn’t have to pay cause XXL love taking industry dick ya’ll the super head of this rap shit. Remember good mags swallow.

  • jimmyjoints

    hey where’s bob the cocksucker editor?
    >100k. yup. 96,000. koch records numbers. hey bob the cocksucker editor, eat your heart (wallet?) out. rob the music editor = cocksucker.


    • Rob The Music Ed

      I guess hate is the new love huh?
      I was out to lunch, but thanks for the stan mail!

  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    Yeah, Wayne really needed you to tell him that he should release the two most radio friendly songs on his album. I mean, it’s like he went into the studio thinking “Hey a song with Babyface/Bobby Valentino might get a lot of airplay”

    But I gota admit the auto tune idea is actually pretty clever. I wonder what a record would sound like if he did that. I’d prolly check it out (ie, download it) just to see what it was like.

  • ri067953

    Yo, dropping “Comfortable” as a single is the worst thing he can do. That shit is horrible. Do you really think that middle age women will buy his shit just because Babyface is on one song? When was the last time Babyface was relevent on pop or even R&B radio?

    • ArmyAns (The Other Music Guy)

      And I mean this with the utmost respect… Just ask your mother… if she likes BabyFace then play the record for her to see what she thinks. THAT’S all I was saying. My moms messes with some BabyFace so why not mostly everybody else’s, right?

      I’m just saying the streets already have the album (downloaded or bought) if he wanna go triple he gonna need to reach those other folks

      • Rizob

        Exactly! on top of that, he kinda follows the same cadence that Beyonce used on one of her songs, so bitches (females) already relate to the song. “Comfortable” would really put him over the top, real talk.

  • Jason Murk

    nah fuck that he should just make a new single… and make it so that the only way you can get the song is to buy the album over again…

    He should come out with a double CD collectors edition of the carter 3 featuring some of the mixtape shit you might have missed and a few new songs.

  • laShawn

    man seriously who cares about lil wayne?? i never thought hip-hop would come to this but it has and now i dont even fuck wit the shitt on the billboard charts. all mainstream rappers are making music to sell sell sell. shitt aint about speaking the truth, inspirin niggas, shitts all about makin paper and thats where real hiphop died. xxl stop bein waynes weed carriers and focus more on underground hiphop. mainstream shitt is dead

    • Rizob

      nigga stop crying, Wayne was basically underground his whole career. You kno how many mixtapes he had to do to get to this point? Wayne has paid his dues bruh, We just like to see someone go from the bottom to the top like Wayne has done. congratulate the man…….

    • Rizob

      nigga stop crying. Wayne has been basically underground his whole career. You have any idea how many mixtapes this man has produced? Wayne has paid his dues bruh, he blew himself up, this is well deserved. The reason people like him so much is because he came from the bottom (underground) to the top. Congratulate the man…..

    • that guy

      stop bitching 98% of “underground” is trash. i hate lil wayne just as much as the next guy, but damn, at LEAST give props when its due. 1.7 mill album helps the artform interms of selling potential

  • Neven

    go on tour with coldplay, how could either of them lose

  • Maddolies

    He Should Release “3 Peat” As a single dat shit goes hard

  • geico lizard

    i agree with the carter 4 comments he needs to start dropping an album a year to keep the love going like jay z and ludacris would drop an album a year

  • http://www.myspace.com/adrenalinetruth Adrenaline the Truth

    a million sold, first week he went gold, how does he celebrate? work on the carter IV lol!


  • http://www.myspace.com/onemanprod oNEMAN PRODUCTIONS

    i would start working on that next album just to keep the same vibe going that he has before he loses it.

  • droopey

    I think ‘Comfortable’ is one of the best tracks on the album. If he drops that he’ll definately have some more females on his side, and if females are happy so are the males ya digg!

    Marketing bitches!

  • kingequality

    Its not a bad albulm its good for hiphop but why we always do the same thing over and over its like a fake ass popularity contest I love music period I aint gonna go cop your shit cuz everybody else did if its good music imma ride with you I could only listen to wayne for so long before his annoying ass voice starts wanted me to punch some body in the f?><* face He did pay his dues he’s been grinding for a long time I guess it a result of hardwork and he didnt have to hate on the next man to get his spot Its only one way to go once you reached the top and 2008 who really dropped anything worth copping so far on the hiphop scene shit I know i wasnt gonna go cop 3 six or piles or any of these other non emceeing sons of bitches

  • gutta

    ms officer definitely needs to be one of his next singles but comfortable not so much so…tell me what exactly hes talkin about on that record for one…two, hes pretty much yelling on the song. he would have to make some changes to it if hes gonna release it. i think overall depsite the sales people are disappointed with the record because the hype didnt match the quality of the album..most people have heard the songs before and for somebody to call themselves the “best rapper alive” the album in my opinion doesnt compare to jay, pac,or even a jeezy and t.i. record…mediocre but good album..carterII was better