School Wuz’ They Hustle…

A civil war for the soul of rap music has been brewing ever since UnKut Dot Com released the salvo asking readers to vote on the biggest hipster rap douchebags. What makes me laugh inside is how sensitive rap fans (and quiet as its kept, rappers) can be about their favorite shit.

The problem with the internets is that thoughts and opinions are transferred so quickly that no one gets a chance to process what is being said. Combine that with the perspective of a thirteen year old and you have all emotion with no understanding. I still love speaking to the little dunns though. They are the future and I am determined for the future not to be too ghey. A little ghey is fine. Too ghey, not so much.

My homeys, the Kidz In The Hall, were placed on the list of hipster rap douchebags and this has touched a nerve or two with their fans. I agree with them that they were on the scene rocking their vintage ‘Lo gear and their vintage I.T.’s before most of these other johnny come lately rap bands, but even KanYe had placed that steez back out front several years ago so they can’t claim that. The Kidz In The Hall find themselves grouped with the hipster rappers because that is what the music business media seeks to do. Artists have to labeled in order to be commodified.

That’s why M.I.A. and SantoGold find themselves being tagged as Hip-Hop acts. If Trip-Hop were still a viable (read: sellable) demographic then I’m sure that is where we would find those ladies. If backpack rap included younger artists then maybe that is where Kidz In The Hall would find themselves also. Instead of worrying about how the media defines them the Kidz should just continue to make that good music. At the end of the day that is what will sell your records.

The Kidz latest CD ‘The In Crowd’ is a significant step up from their Rawkus records debut. Naledge has improved his rhyme flow and his content. While Double O’s production is also on the rise. From their first CD I couldn’t help but listen to these cats and reminisce on shit like ’93 Til Infinity’ and with this next disk some early Clipse / Neptunes productions comes to mind. At least these dudes reflect on the best parts of instant vintage rap music. I have a track here with Naledge and Camp Lo. I fucks with this joint heavy. Nice drums and horns on the beat. Camp Lo goes in. ‘Nuff said.

I don’t mind the Kidz at all, but I hope their future joints really step from behind the shadows of the giants that influenced them. These are young dudes though. They have their whole careers in front of them to create their imprint in this rap shit. They will be around long after all these other hipster rap bands are back to working in the stockroom at IKEA. By that time there will be another demographic patrolling the rap scene, possibly Krip-Hop, or who knows what else. The main thing is that being a top-shelf hipster rap douchebag has worked wonders for Lupe and KanYe. It’s time for the Kidz In The Hall to make it work for them.

Shouts to Double O too for being a good sport and a funny dude.

‘Snob Hop’ (featuring Camp Lo)

‘Mr. Alladatshit’ (feat. Donnis & Chip Tha Ripper)

‘Love Hangover’ (feat. Estelle)

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  • $ykotic

    I don’t see the problem with diversity in music.
    So long as it is good.

  • 239allday

    Imma cosign Mr. Sunday. I’m not closed minded but I just don’t think wearin tight pants is what “cool kids” do. I actually take pride in being an ignorant down-south, dreadlocked, gold-toothed nigga. So excuse me while I bump some of that shoot em’ up bang bang gangsta shit. And I’m not being sarcastic!

  • IndyKid

    Chip Tha Ripper reppin OHIO!!!

  • Sinistah aka 7Body Sin

    i fuckz wit em, i stopped payin attention to labels and categories after i realized long ago that too many of these niggaz iz lying, and i ain’t da type to have a puppet-master, so that subliminal shit dont rock thanks to my sub-conscious stayin active 24/7ths……..

    but anywayz, props to them dudes, as a Jersey native myself, i seem to vibe well with alot of dudes from the Midwest on some music shit, props to Duck Down for snaggin em up, as long as they makin music true to themselves, why knock em?

    i havent seen them rock anything weird, they look like typical college students, who have more than t-shirts and jeans 4 times too big for their frames in their wardrobe…..

    stop lettin these categories influence your taste for music, theres only two kinds, good and bad, all that other shit is for trend-stats and sales projections, which is why the focus on quality disappeared for walkin billboards wit words on top of music…..

    in the words of the Underrated but Appreciated Omar Credle “Fuck Who I Offend”


  • 239allday

    Sinistah, I feel you on what you said but I think you are mistakin. I never let anything influence what I listen to. I just happen to not like the music that seems a little fruity to me. In no way was I talkin about Kidz n the hall, I actually like those niggas(no Homo). Before I copped the wayne album the last album I bought b4 that was the ghostface joint. So I’m not opposed to anything not southern. If you looked at my cd collection it’s evident. I Just think Hipster rap is gay.

  • JOVA

    The In Crowd >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Carter 3

    In fact Mr. Alladatshit > Any Carter 3 song

    Nice to see you back Mr.Sunday

    • nellz

      i dunno bout that…i bought both albums. Kidz in the Hall had a chance to have a classic album w/ all the guest spots…but failed. Naledge dumbed down his lyrics compared to the first joint…but his flow did improve…iono…i guess thats just my opinion

  • chad bro chill

    yea i have the in crowd its a decent cd a couple real good songs on it but what i liked most is that you can see developement from school waz my hustle and you can tell they got alot of potential and possible a very bright future

  • Marko-V

    You know why Kidz in the Hall are ill? Cuz they’re stickin to the winnin formula of one producer controlling the album. It’s not all over the place so it has a nice feel and balance to it. More rappers should be inclined to go back to that method. It makes for classic albums. They’re going to go far and show growth on each album if they don’t let the politics seperate them. Labels exist for the ignorant consumer who doesn’t yet know what to buy. Their music speaks for itself. On another note, can anyone give the proper definition of “Hipster Rap”.

  • 239allday

    Marko-v I definitely agree with you,I love the whole notion of having one producer. I never defined these niggas as hipster rap either. And the definition of hipster rap

    hipster rap: adj. n. gay, cocksucking movement.

  • the chancellor

    These cats are nice. Who cares what they wear as long as they drop science. Co-sign with marko-v. One producer people. Maybe two three, or four. Oh yeah and go in with the producer on some being in the same room shit. None of this e-mailing tracks back and forth cause they got to sip lean and fuckin hang out. One hunnid.

  • HERM

    Nice, Sunday. I just copped The In Crowd album yesterday matter’a fact. Yeah, their sound is on some ’93 shit. As far as “hipster rap” goes, I don’t give a flying shit if they are or not. If it’s good, I’ll listen. And they’re good.

  • the chancellor

    Not to mention, he is signed to one of the most important hip-hop labels not only to come out of nyc. Buckshot and Sean Price are street legends. I don’t even need to talk about rock and the rest. I would say that the in-crowd is one of the best overall albums to drop this year along with hnic pt. 2, 2 trill and rising down. Still more to come tho. One hunnid.

  • the chancellor

    I meant they. My fault folks.

  • squadwildin

    oh thanks billy for the link to that wale mixtape. straight fire. I don’t know why this dude aint blown up yet. best mixtape i’ve heard in 5 years.

  • Maddolies

    The Cool Kids Are Better But Yeh These Guys R Pretty Nice (No Homo)




    I can’t eff with any rapper that calls his/herself a “hipster.”

    That’s like saying Erykah Badu is “neo soul.” And that’s just wack.

  • RotterdamSoldier

    Yeah that ”snob hop” track is fire and it also got a lot of nice lines in it.

    ”Michaelangelo tongue i paint orgasms..”

    Now thats some slick shit right there.

  • LOL

    another problem with hipster rap , is that some artists are instantly ‘credible’ when they doesnt deserve to be. Theres as much SHIT HIPSTER HOT as there is shit ‘mainstream’ hiphop.