NEGRO PLEASE: Young Chris > Lil’ Wayne + Juelz Santana?

[Editor's Note: "Blogger's Note" has been taken over by Ron Mexico until further notice.]

“I feel like I’m up there with Lil’ Wayne and Juelz Santana, but I get overlooked. They starting to get it, though. There’s gonna be a whole lot of problems.” –Young Chris [of State Property fame],

Man, I remember when Young Chris was relevant.

Today’s installment of “Negroes Say The Darndest Things” isn’t all Christopher’s fault. While I always considered him lower on the SP depth chart than Beanie Sigel, Freeway and Peedi Crakk, the “Home of Philly” representative thinks he’s comparable to bosom buddies Lil’ Wayne and Juelz Santana.

Ironically, my favorite Chris verse comes from Jay-Z’s “Nigga Please.”

Come on. How are you gonna put yourself on Weezy’s level in any regard when you’re Beanie Sigel’s Memphis Bleek?

I alluded to the notion that today’s verbal miscue isn’t entirely Chrissy’s fault. It isn’t. Y’all niggas remember the days of Young Gun relevance when women like his mama age fucked him all kinda ways? He had niggas in his ear throwin all kinds of petrol in his tank. Before the crumble of the Diamond Cutters, Chris truly believed he was the heir apparent.

–At least that’s what Beans told him. Sigel will tell you anything if you’re buying the cheesesteaks.

“Oh, yeah… *chomp chomp* F’real. You definitely fuckin with Jay. *slurp* I’m fuckin with Jay and you fuckin with me, so… Yeah. *chomping and slurping* Yo, I asked for Swiss on my Philly, scrap. What happened?”

[Blogger’s Note: How Beans, the great Illadelphonic curator, overlooked Sandman, I don’t know. YEEEEEEAHHHH! CANNOOOOOONNNN!!!]

Being overlooked entails having available material to ignore.

What the fuck kind of “problems” could Chris be talking about anyway? Release date pushbacks? Label failing to provide gas money for the tour van?

Negro, please.

Whether it’s sales or flow, Chris ain’t dealing with Weezy. A Lil’ Wayne/Juelz Santana version of “Young Gunz” is far superior to Young Chris/Neef Buck.

A! Yeen’t B-in like them… You don’t C it like…

Ah, nevermind.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Even though what we do is wrong…

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  • Deez Nutz

    Ron Mexico officially>Bol

    Shaq skills>Young Miss…I mean Piss…I mean Chris

  • kirk

    Fasho I always like neef though State prop did have a great team but chris was never the next jay he had his own thing then he hopped on jay’s flow like all the dips hopped on cam’s

  • Deez Nutz

    Is Ron Mexico and Jackpot the same person or did Jackoff…i mean Jackpot gracefully bow out?

    Lil Romeo & Lil Mama>Young Chris

    • Ron Mexico

      we ain’t the same dude.

      jackpot just started a new staff blog. you should check it out.

      • FaMe

        I dead ass thought y’all were the same people. thanks for clearing that up lol

  • Mistah R.E.D.

    LMAO @ “Beanie Sigel’s Memphis Bleek”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But seriously… he IS better than Juelz…. seriously.

    • Rich-Porter

      I add to that, He been doing his thing. Outta 10 songs XXL posted 8 was hot. He need to build a buzz and get on the mixtape game harder… No Homo…

  • Incilin

    You know your flow aint shit when Kat Williams kills you on a track.

    • Ron Mexico

      chris got ate up by katt williams on a track?

      • Pierzy

        Yeah, they referred to Williams at “Money Mike.” He came back on a mixtape that was funny and hard at the same time…

        • Ron Mexico

          oh, yeah. now i remember.

          yep. he put they cocoa puffs on top of the friggidator… and now they ain’t even up there.

          he damn sure did eat they shit.

  • Pierzy

    Here in Philly heads know that Young Chris is just a weed carrier. Beanie gets props all over the city but his little crew (other than Free and maybe Peedi) get little attention.


    Have any of you ever even LISTENED to The Ygs first album Tough Luv? That album is solid from start to finish…

    • Ron Mexico

      it’s not terrible.

      definitely got a couple jawns.


        Exactly… He not Wayne but he is imo waaaay better than Juelz(does he actually stop and write that Aye Aye Aye shit he does)….

  • Worley

    It is time Ron Mexico got top billing on this site. We don’t want Bol fired. The no p*ssy getting suburb nigga perspective has its place. We don’t want Billy X. Sunday fired either. We need the old head wisdom.

    But dangsnabit Give Ron Mexico his due.

  • Queens Boy

    fuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccckkkkkkk young chris!!! one question: why would you want to be on the same level as lil wayne? smh dumb ass niggas…
    You should strive and hustle until you can be better than wayne not his equal.

  • LowEndofDaChi

    ROFL at 85% of this post

    Ron Mexico got ’08 sewn up on the blog tip

  • Shawty J

    Negro Please should replace Blogger’s Note for good. This just goes to show why.

  • jollyrench

    Young Chris was only relevant when he was on that wack Lil’ Wayne mixtape.

  • west philly’s finest

    Chris got potential but he sound to close to Jay ever set himself apart.

    • nellz

      ACTUALLY…Jay sounds like them philly niggas…i know u noticed the change in the flow when he started fuckin with them.

  • Ron Mexico

    i’m still not sure what being “up there with lil’ wayne and juelz” is supposed to entail.

    isn’t that like being “up there with the hornets and the clippers?”

    • Pierzy

      More like “being up there with the Sparks, Lynx and Mercury of the WNBA”

      • BORN

        I FEEL YOU!!!!

  • BORN

    “And We smoke that kush
    Yeah that kush
    And We ball like swoosh
    Yeah like swoosh
    Now how you like me now

    Buck sixty on the dash I’m a do two
    Captan crunch these niggas is froot loops
    Thats why your girl wanna f**k me and my group too
    And i’m a make her back it up like whoop whoop
    I’m the birdman jr. i gotta do coupes
    I hop up out dat muthaf_cka hollin “su-woop”
    Holligrove seventeen i’m from the zoo crew
    You would think every animal in the zoo loose
    f**k wit me.”


    “Yeah, yeah, it’s my year
    So, okay, okay, okay, y’all can’t fuck with me, no way
    Jose or Hector Camacho
    Tech blows and watch yo’ chest close and tacos
    Motherfucker I’m the best, I told y’all before
    I should y’all before, ey!”


  • Miami_Vice

    Honestly all them niggas are wack, G. The only Philly niggas I’m fucking with is: Gillie, SANDMAN, Ab-Liva … anything other than that is fucking retarded. Beanie’s overrated, Peace to Freeway, but I can’t listen to an entire album of his. The only one that survived the Roc era was Jay and that’s cause he’s dope.

    • Pierzy

      What about Black Thought? Don’t overlook him

  • spa

    Young Chris is mad slept on lyrically… go check “94 Bars” and hate on Chris’s flow and lyrics… His only problem is he can’t write a damn SONG for his life…

  • E-Fleezy

    young chris a much better mc than wayne and juelz.

  • poo

    again, ron mexico talkinga bout lil wayne.

  • J.B.

    Hey Deez, Ron been better than Bol. He was actually Bol before Bol was Bol (if that makes since). Back when SOHH used to run this web ish! Ron been a PROFESSIONAL HATER. I’m a MEXICAN TOO, welcome to the hatefilled world of Mexico City.