It’s Going To Be A Hot Summer…

Now back to our regularly scheduled program. Real Hip-Hop rap music. Real lyrics.

This is going to be one of the hottest summers evar.

Hard motherfuckin’ body.

Joell Ortiz – ‘Relax’

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  • Rizob

    Since Wayne is single handedly saving hip hop and proving rap musis is still viable and can still sell, maybe, just maybe, Joell Ortiz and any other “real”(read: New York) rapper will be get signed and be able to release a debut album. Lets keep our fingers crossed….. Ignorant ass nicca…….

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    Tip-toein’ around the ‘word quota’ … nice. You didn’t need to say much anyways as the J.O. track speaks volumes …

  • nerditry

    @Rizob : Saving rap music? Well then thank gawd that “Lollipop” is keeping up the level that KRS and Chuck D elevated the form to.

  • the chancellor

    Joell is nicer than a special ed teacher…

  • chad bro chill

    i wouldnt say lil wayne is saving hip hop hes really not tht great ill guv it to him hes reached the young fans nd the white community but joell is real nd so is joe budden im waiting for there albums


    I copped the Wale. Just started listening. Good to see Ortiz coming back around.

  • DJ Daddy Mack

    oh shit. Billy is back. YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! Billy>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Bol REAL TALK

  • Optimus Prime

    First off: good to have you back, second: this song is absolutely amazing. Third: where can I download it…. FO FREE!?!

  • Sinistah aka 7Body Sin

    this shit is str8 7:30 Prison Med Material……



    I’m gonna be fair. I’m still listening to Wale’s mixtape, but I’m not exceptionally suprised by what I hear, and to be honest, the flow is not very liquid. So give me a point of reference…

    Your favorite song on The Mixtape About Nothing?

  • the chancellor

    That roc boys freestyle was nasty!!!

    The Underwriter,
    Wale has better tapes ill admit but this one is just so smooth and understated, but you can’t possibly like that new wayne better than this or that new nas tape…if so that’s cool too…

    Wayne reminds me of the new york yankees. Where I’m from nooo one likes the yankees. Peace fo’ everybody!

  • 239allday

    To tell the truth, the last new york album I bought was the ghostface, big doe rehab.(yapp city my shit) But I’ll definitely be checkin for this here. Quit hatin the South.

  • Hold Tight The UK Garage And Grime… UK I Rep Thats Me When I Rhyme!

    Joell is a beast!


    Ok, I’m starting to dig it, but it’s a slow burn for me. Maybe because I’m southern.

    Who knows. But his flow is choppy at times. I do like his style, but I actually prefer Joell. Way more charisma and entertainment value. Ortiz needs to drop an ill mixtape now that they’re back in fashion.

    I’m not at all saying that Wale’s mixtape isn’t dope; it’s just not a classic. Funny – that’s what cats are saying about C3.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Wale’s Mixtape About Nothing isn’t a classic CD, but it is well executed and his rhyme style is official. I likes that track ‘Tha Crazy’.

    Joell is a better rapper than Wale, but Wale could be a better emcee. The idea is that when Joell puts the pen to the pad he is a beast, Wale can smash a freestyle like nobody’s business.

  • Hold Tight The UK Garage And Grime… UK I Rep Thats Me When I Rhyme!

    IMO Joell Ortiz >>>>>>> Wale

    Crooked I for a freestyle anyone?

  • Billy X. Sunday

    This track is so fire.